Bring Back the Mooch!!

We want Anthony Scaramucci BACK!! The Trump administration needs some excitement and someone like the Mooch to set things straight. And while he’s at it he can bring in Rahm Emmanuel so he can once again have his little “talks” in the WH shower-gym room…..naked!!

Anthony Scarramucci

Scaramucci and Rahm would make a great team! Two gangsta’s in the WH not putting up with any crap! Two dudes that would definitely put an end to the leaks! Two guys who could very well “explain” to the leakers and anyone else for that matter to shut their PIE HOLES if they know what’s good for them! Yeah! A regular MAFIOSO! And just think how quiet that FAT BOY in North Korea might quickly become!!

Come on Trump! Get this team together and let’s see some ACTION!!!


Seriously, this morning Scaramucci was spotted coming out of the Trump Hotel in DC and he began speaking about his future.  He refused to say if he told Trump “bye bye” but he did have some words for Gen Kelly, the new WH Chief of Staff.  (see link below)

Hmmm….I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Scaramucci yet :O



2 responses to “Bring Back the Mooch!!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    But unfortunately, he is pro-gun control, and therefore unsuitable.
    He would, make people piss their DC pants, but his gun control track record leaves me saying, SO LONG, SUCKER!

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