3 comments on “Trump Wages WAR Against America’s Working Poor…that’s YOU!!

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    The mayor of San Juan, is a complete Marxist asshole. She is corrupt to the core. The PR governor stopped short and let the US Government do whatever is necessary, but he needs to stand up like a Man, and overrule the mayor. Puerto Ricans are US citizens by birth and are our people. Even the NYC mayor says there is money for Middle East refugees but not Puerto Ricans to be housed. Answer is, do not accept Middle Eastern refugees because the PR refugees are our people, and that, is plain and simple. Benito Trumpilini, did what was reasonable and prudent however, agencies such as FEMA have a notorious reputation for not helping. I know, because I was in SuperStorm Sandy and FEMA twice, offered me a 12 ounce bottle of water, that I told them where they could shove it. I never collected a penny off of the FEMA claim, just a lot of double talk, and dead ended. It’s not the president, IT’S FEMA, that is the problem and FEMA will, make things worse, then add the San Juan mayor’s corruption. If San Juan does not want the aid, have National Guard load ships and send everything back, especially the money that the mayor wants to get hold of.

    • I’ve heard that a lot from people especially many from the Gulf Oil Spill. FEMA seems to be a problem and badly in need of being fixed. So why doesn’t Trump fix it? Perhaps he could spend more time fixing FEMA and less time trying to dismantle anything and everything Obama did. And perhaps he can work on that completely worthless body of 535 losers we call “Congress” to actually do their jobs instead of doing nothing but collecting big FAT paychecks from the US taxpayers. After all, both chambers are made up of his fellow Republicans.

      As for the mayor of San Juan being corrupt I don’t know but if she is then she fits right in with the Washington DC crowd as they are also corrupt starting with Trumpilini and going on down to your local dog catcher. Let’s face it. Something is systemically WRONG in America and we all know it. Do we continue to ignore it and pretend it just ain’t so or do We The People grow some balls and do something about it? What we are seeing is the demise of America and no one does anything because we have this belief that we can’t do anything. Oh yes we can! And we can begin by recalling our local, county, state, and federal “representatives” and replacing them with people who are not bribed by the international corporations and bankers. And we can START holding our elected officials RESPONSIBLE for their actions AND inactions instead of ignoring the whole mess.

      America has come to this place of near disaster thanks to We The People. We have a civic DUTY to hold our elected officials accountable! Sadly, most Americans seem not to know that.

      • The only way to fix FEMA, is to DISBAND it. Completely worthless and totally useless.
        Stupidity in DC will go on, because Trump said one thing, but surrounded himself with all the problem people. Nothing will change, and I am at a point in my life where I am too old to do anything about it. It’s up to younger people.

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