4 comments on “UK Reporter Got Phone Call BEFORE Killing of JFK!!

  1. Nobody knows what is true and what is not. There will be a lot of stuff coming out, and I wonder how much is fact, what has been re-written. Nobody will ever know the truth. Not even three or four hundred years from now.

  2. Another tidbit from the JFK files released LATE last night by the National Archives:

    Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald called the Soviet KGB about a month before JFK was killed. The KGB section he called was Department 13 which was the KGB section responsible for “sabotage and assassinations.”

    His reason for calling them according to the CIA that intercepted the call? To check with the Soviets as to whether or not anything had changed with his citizenship/immigration request! Excuse me but I’m a bit confused!! Why would the KGB be responsible for immigration? And why would its Dept 13 in charge of “sabotage and assassinations” handle immigration matters? One would think Oswald would have spoken with someone in the Soviet immigration office and NOT in the KGBs “sabotage and assassination” department! And, yet, the CIA concluded that Oswald wasn’t contacting them to get orders from them to kill JFK. LOL…seriously?

    Ok from now on anyone wanting to immigrate to or get citizenship in the USA should contact the Pentagon-Military Intelligence Department. Makes about as much sense doesn’t it??

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