3 comments on “Once Again MEN are the ENEMY!!

  1. I don’t know if it is entirely accurate. I recall three female supervisors who routinely entered the male locker room. I never really cared. I figured they were eyeballing the younger cops. In recent times, almost with regularity, we all read of female teachers who prey/treat, young male students. When I was in school, the female teachers were all around seventy years old. In fact, one teacher who was around her late thirties, we considered an “old woman”. Today, if a female is not collecting social security pension, I consider her a “Babe in the Woods”. Everything is subject to one’s perspective. With males suddenly in the news for conduct unbecoming with females, I know there are numerous cases involving females who sexually harass males, but the males keep quiet. Decades ago, when the City was considering having female cops partner up, with males, in patrol cars, my wife, always said females can do the job and should be in patrol cars. Then it started. Divorce rates soared. Problems at home for numerous reasons. One night I returned home and my wife said that I smelled like perfume. I told her that I had a new partner, a woman. My wife suddenly went nuts. The shoe was on the other foot. Incidentally, the partnership was broken up, because the woman was a street fighter, and we got mixed up in all kinds of fights on the street. She was good. A fighter. She partnered up, with another male, while I was sent to plainclothes assignment. I became a gold shield detective, and she stayed on patrol. Until the time that I retired, every now and then, my wife would ask about her. I had to set my wife straight about things more than once, and defended the former female partner, who, was a very hard worker. Through it all, my wife’s perspective, changed because she saw things from a pro-woman view until, I got partnered with the female, despite my protests, but the female cop, earned her spurs, as far as I am concerned to this date.

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