3 comments on “Concealed Carry Bill to Hit House Floor Tomorrow!

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    What about the “Refuse to Issue” states such as New York, and California? What about the Constitutional Carry states where now, permits will be required, and confiscation, will be only an election in the making, because sooner or later, the wrong people will be elected.

    • Yeap! A trojan horse? Is the plan REALLY to move towards more gun control and eventually disarming the US citizen? The Communist Leftist psychotics want our guns and they are still bright enough to figure out going door to door would be suicide. So they have to devise trojan horse plans. And once Americans have been disarmed it will be goodbye America and Freedom and hello Communism and Slavery!

      We have come to the point now that no once in our government can be trusted as they are all traitors and leftists in sheep clothing. It’s all just an act. What an absolute farce our nation has become!!

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