8 comments on “Welcome to the SHUTDOWN SHOW America!!!

  1. ————-UPDATE————-

    10:15 pm —- The Senate has begun voting!! It’s 12:15 AM…better late than never. Hope they all got some FOOOOD! “Feed me…feed me…feed me….” OMG LOL 🙂

    The bill to keep the gov open must get at least 60 votes out of 100 Senators and right now that seems highly unlikely…………………..

    Not only are these people juvenile, unprofessional, and void of any dignity whatsoever but they also obviously are NOT timely either. The longer this goes on the more of an absolute embarrassment they are to the United States of America. And We The People can’t do any better than this when we vote for these clowns????


    10:25 pm —- tick tock…tick….tock….the clock is ticking…..the votes are being cast (finally). Oh the SUSPENSE! Oh the DRAMA! Holy shithole Batman what will the outcome be?????


    10:42 pm —- so I’m sitting here watching the Senate floor on live broadcast and all I’m seeing is a bunch of milling around and socializing! Why are these people NOT taking care of business? Obviously, they think they are in the Senate Chamber to socialize and, most likely, they’re talking about FOOD since that seems their primary concern!! Some of them are joking around it appears with each other like children in a school yard complete with little taps on the shoulders and big smiles. And what is this??? Why it’s NANCY PELOSI. WTF? She’s NOT a US Senator! She belongs in the House of Representatives as she is the House Minority Leader so why is she on the Senate floor??? Oooops now the camera has cut away from her. Guess they weren’t supposed to be filming Pelosi LOL.

    It does NOT appear to me they are voting at all. Most are socializing in small groups with hands in pockets and joking around. Two have their fat asses parked on desks in the chamber! WTF? These people (all of them Dem and Rep alike) are an absolute SHAME to America!! Amateur and child minded and these are the people we elected to represent us???? OMG

    No wonder nothing gets done in Congress. And the guy presiding over this fiasco in place of Pence is just sitting in his chair with his fat gut poking out looking all around as if he’s searching for gold or something! Or maybe he’s looking for UFOs?

  2. Almost an hour later and the Senate has NOT even began voting at 10 pm as they said they would!! More socializing and milling around. ASTOUNDING!! These people are playing the Drama Card for all they can get!!!

  3. Young Senate pages are sitting on the floor near the front of the chamber with hands in laps and folded. You mean these poor youth don’t even get a chair to sit on??? Ah yes that’s right…they are mere lackeys and don’t deserve a chair to sit on. AH! Let them eat cake!!!

  4. 11 pm —- ok so I guess technically the vote is still open with some senators already having voted and other not. Wow! Talk about disorganized! These people are LOST!! Sen Tammy Baldwin D-WI voted for the shutdown and her opponent in her re-eleciton bid is already attacking and blaming her for a gov shutdown. She’s got a new name and it’s “Shutdown Tammy” LMAO……………..

    Apparently the voting is still open but Senators do NOT have enough votes and the SHUTDOWN is going to happen anytime now!!

    • And finally let me be clear…..whose fault is this shutdown? Dems and Reps BOTH in the Senate ALL OF THEM!! Our elected reps are incompetent…completely. We (America) are once AGAIN the JOKE of the world. I cannot believe this ONCE GREAT nation has sunk so low!

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