4 comments on “Austria Bar Owners Fight Back and Germans Realize Something is VERY WRONG

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    I have seen Muslims in bars and I have seen Hasidic Jews in bars. Both tend to migrate into the topless bars. The Muslims were trying to pick up dates, and the Hasidics said there was a holiday, Purim (?), where they drink to elevate their view of the world (?). I was answering a 911 call from the bars at the time due to fights inside. The Muslims that I saw, were enjoying a beer, and in the other location, four Jews, one beer. I joked to them, “Hey, you guys need a couple of straws?”, they didn’t understand the joke. Bottom line, they are men, and sought something that they are normally not presented with.
    I also saw an Italian who was literally carried outside, beyond drunk, and somebody called 911 about “a body” in the gutter. Then there was a bar where the girls got naked, and rode on a motorcycle hugging the rider while crowds cheered, “Viya!”. That was at 2 a.m., and noise complaints of motorcycles drag racing. I was the sergeant and had to keep a dour expression on my face because the cops were cheering, “Viya!”. They stopped cheering when I showed up. The bartenders knew who I was and their faces turned sour. My driver didn’t know what to put on his facial expression, looking at the scene and looking at me. Everything quiet, job was officially, “Unfounded – Gone on Arrival”. Muslims, Jews, Hispanic, cops, they all let off a little bit of steam every now and then. Austria, great beer. But they probably do not want to harm their regular trade.

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