Trump and the Russia Affair….the big nothingburger!

Commentary & Opinion by Monomakh —

Isn’t it amazing that the Congress of Ryan and McConnell can’t do ANYTHING?  These incompetents haven’t passed one significant peace of legislation since day One.  I don’t know about you but I’m really starting to wonder just what in the hell we are paying them for.  In fact, I’m starting to think maybe we shouldn’t even have a Congress at all.  I mean, why bother since they don’t do anything but sit and collect fat paychecks anyway.

Oh but wait…they’ve busied themselves with chasing PHANTOMS!  You know….as in….GHOSTS!  Yes that’s right! Our present GOP controlled Congress is chasing the phantom known as the “Russian Affair” which they’ve been chasing after since the very day Trump took office back in February and thus far they’ve found a great big NOTHING!  And chances are they will find NOTHING either.

The Senate Intelligence Committee and Special Investigator Mueller chasing after this big nothingburger is a complete WASTE of taxpayer money!  But I’m not surprised at all as the present Congress seems to do nothing better.  Instead of doing something to benefit the nation and our people this Congress is BENT on the big nothingburger.  And for some odd reason we are supposed to think they are actually doing something LMAO.  Hell they can’t even repeal and replace Obamacare for God’s sake!  And Trump has called upon them to repeal Obamacare and replace it later but they can’t even do that! Continue reading

Can’t get Trump so now they are going after Jr.!!

I ask this again.  Is there no end to the anger and insanity of the leftists?  I thought the revelations about CNN contriving the Trump-Russian affair settled the matter but now the NYT has come out with an attack on Donald Trump Jr over his meeting with a Russian lawyer ALLEGEDLY connected to the Kremlin even though that lawyer has come out and said she is NOT connected to the Kremlin nor did she represent Moscow!  Despite all their ongoing efforts to come up with or contrive DIRT on President Trump it is beginning to appear he’s squeaky clean. So instead of dropping the issue the Leftists and their MSM are going after his son Donald Jr.  Why don’t they just give up?  They lost the 2016 election!  It’s o-v-e-r!!  Hillary LOST and even if Trump leaves office at any point she is NOT going to become POTUS so get over it already!!

One thing many of us have seen clearly over the course of the past year and especially over the past 6 months is just how DIVIDED America is thanks to 8 years under that “Great Divider” known as Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soreto, and various other aliases.  He did a great job at dividing America along racial, economic, political, and ever other line he possibly could and he’s not finished yet because he’s out there again on the political trail from what I understand.  I’m sure his hero the late Saul Alinsky would be proud of him.  Alinsky?  Yeah you know the lunatic who wrote “Rules for Radicals” and dedicated it to Lucifer in the opening pages! Continue reading

And the saga continues………….

Heads rolled this past week at CNN over FAKE NEWS involving President Trump and the Russia scandal. Seems it’s all fake news (propaganda) designed to unseat the POTUS conjured up by CNN. Since then CNN and the president have been battling on Twitter including the president releasing a video in which he is seen beating up an individual with the CNN logo covering his face.

Additionally, a CNN producer was filmed commenting that American voters are as “stupid as shit” and that ignited yet another firestorm. Also, the Trump administration has requested voter names and info from various states claiming they want to expose voter fraud in the last election. Trump maintains he won not only the electoral college vote but also the popular vote. However, statistics say Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Continue reading

Senate Healthcare Bill Ready to Persecute the Poor!!

The US Senate has been secretly working on a bill to “reform” Obamacare and the reason it’s been all so secret is because these 100 lobbyists that work for corporate America and NOT the American people know that what is in their bill, if revealed to soon, would PISS OFF Americans especially the elderly and the poor!

Rumor has it that the Senate bill guts the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare meaning that millions of poor and working poor will soon have NO health insurance which will put us back to square 1 prior to the enactment of Obamacare! Of course there is also the House version of the bill which also includes an AGE TAX meaning that if you are over 50 years old or have a pre-existing condition the Health Insurance CRIMINAL Companies can charge you up to 5 times higher premiums!

BOTH bills are an absolute FARCE! Both bills are geared towards once again placing the burden and YOKE on the neck of the poor! But I expect nothing less from the Republicans who have a history of being for big business and NOT for the American people. Trump is CLEARLY a Corporatist even moreso that Obama was. He keeps saying the healthcare bill is going to be “really good.” I suppose if you are one of the shareholders in a healthcare insurance company or drug company then YES it is going to be a really good deal for YOU. But, if you happen to be among the MAJORITY of Americans who are poor or the working poor then either bill is going to be a disaster for YOU.

Obviously, both the Senate and House bills are designed to eliminate health insurance for the working poor and to suck as much money out of the rest of us as possible to satisfy the GREEDY insurance companies and the GREEDY politicians like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. American down on Main Street need to awaken to the now CLEAR FACT that our government does NOT work for We The People but for Wall Street exclusively! Every so often they throw us a crumb just to keep us from rising up. Continue reading

URGENT:The MSM will not report this.Share pls

Not surprising at all that 300 Obama refugees are under FBI investigation related to possible terrorist activities in the US.  Obama opened the gates and let the Trojan Horse in so now it is just a matter of time before disaster dawns just like what we see in Europe.  This is an INVASION by radical Islam to conquer the West and judging from what I see going on in Europe so far their little plan (official or not) is working wonderfully!  Let’s face the TRUTH!  Multiculturalism does NOT work!!!!  You’d think Europe would have figured that out already but no dice!  And America?  I hope we don’t have to experience what Europe has but I’m not holding much faith in that because the MINORITY leftists in this nation have got MOST Americans fooled!!

Source: URGENT:The MSM will not report this.Share pls

When does the Trump Melodrama end?

He has now been in the oval office for almost 5 months and during the course of those 5 months Donald Trump has basically not done a lot.  His agenda that he preached as a candidate is largely stalled in a Republican controlled Congress that doesn’t support his agenda.  Of course, to be fair, I must point out that since Trump took office the stock market has been up and the unemployment rate has gone down and these two things ARE significant for the economy.  But, mostly what we’ve gotten from Trump over the past 5 months is much more melodrama more than anything else and, frankly, it’s getting a little old.

His rants on Twitter are unwise to say the least and last week he said that what he says on Twitter ARE official statements from the POTUS.  I can see Twitter as being part of the new world order of doing things where a president communicates directly with the people and, thus, bypasses the MSM (which is likely a good idea since they are blatantly anti-Trump) but he needs to be a bit more careful what he says on Twitter as there are ramifications.   Continue reading

Investigative Report I: Government Accountability Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Over the course of the next few (or more) weeks I’m going to be looking into government accountability and corruption from an investigative journalist point of view.  These posts will appear under their own headline “Investigative Report” beginning with this post here.  Before I begin, however, let’s lay out of few facts.  🙂

Corruption in government today is at an all time high.  This corruption exists from the lowest levels (city) to the highest levels (federal).  Somehow we have become a nation in which our so called “public servants” mistakenly believe themselves to be aristocrats rather than “public servants” and they waste no time at all spending PUBLIC monies on THEIR little pet projects, most of which are designed to honor their own egos and have little to nothing to do with serving the general public!  Oh yes, in today’s GREEDY American society it’s all about stroking our own egos.

When the founders of this nation originated the Constitution and Bill of Rights the intention was that common folk would serve in government and then return to their private lives but this, in recent years, has not been the case at all.  Instead what we have today are politicians (public servants) who have made their public service into a career! This is why we have people in the United States Senate, for example, serving for 40 years or more!  Well, public service was never intended to be a career and this is why TERM LIMITS at ALL LEVELS of government are so important and need to be enacted across the board from the lowest to the highest levels of government.  So called “Career Politicians” have a tendency to become “too comfortable” and they also have a tendency to become CORRUPT.  They start out serving the people but they end up serving special interests and somewhere along the line you will usually find a money trail (read BRIBERY)! Continue reading