Once Again the Attack on Christmas Begins!

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Every year about this time the attacks on Christmas and Christians begins and those attacks are usually waged against Christians by non-Christian leftists who hate everything Christian but this year there is a new twist in the attacks. A Catholic priest in Ireland named Desmond O’Donnell is urging Christians to give up the word “Christmas” and replace it with something else. WTF? Yes he’s a Catholic priest, no less!!

This priest’s suggested is not what you think at first because his complaint is that the holiday has been hijacked by “Santa and reindeer.” He said, “We’ve lost Christmas just like we lost Easter.” He said Christmas has been taken over as a secular holiday and the religious significance of the season has now been lost. “I am just trying to rescue the reality of Christmas for believers,” O’Donnell said.

Well Father O’Donnell is right. Christmas and every other holiday has…

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Gruesome Murder of Texas Border Agent

Illegal aliens killed a US Border Patrol agent in Texas a few days ago by hitting him with rocks in the head and then crushing his skull with rocks once he was down. His partner was also seriously injured in the attack.

Reportedly the agents were tracking a group of illegals. The agent killed was Rogelio Martinez. When his partner arrived on the scene he too was struck in the head with rocks by the illegals. Authorities are searching for the group of illegals who killed Martinez and so far have found nothing.

President Trump promised swift and just action against the killers. Meanwhile, the immigrant aunt of Martinez told reporters that she supports Trump’s border wall and said it must be built. She asked how many more agents must die before the wall is erected. Martinez’s father said that the wounds on Martinez’s head appeared to him to have been the result of an attack and not a fall, as some believe. Martinez’s aunt is a former illegal who holds a green card and his father born in Mexico is now a US citizen. Continue reading

Company Refuses to Deliver Packages in Paris “No Go Zone”

A package delivery service says they will no longer deliver package to a certain area in Paris due to dangers posed to their drivers by Muslim refugees living in the area. Last year 51 of the company’s drivers were attacked while delivering packages and the company says people will have to go to a designated location to get their packages. Since the influx of Mid Eastern refugees robberies have risen an astounding 40% in the area and across the entire country of France crime has increased 60%.

So much for the “religion of peace”………………………..

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Manson Dead! Now Rotting in Hell !!!


Thank God this POS is dead.and rotting in the shit bowels of Hell. It should have happened long ago after he ordered the murders of actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and several other people BUT the LIE-berals out in California just wouldn’t allow him to be executed. Instead he was handed a sentence of life in prison meaning the taxpayers had to support this POS for decades! Finally, he’s DEAD and rotting in hell which is exactly where he belongs!!

I may sound cruel and cold BUT it’s not as cruel and cold compared to what this POS did. He was beyond psychotic and demonic.

Rot in Hell you POS!!

Conversation with a Dreamer

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Yesterday I went to Walmart and on may way out I noticed a young man with a can in his hand asking for donations so I went over to him and dropped a few bucks in his can. He told me he was asking for donations so he could get food and have some spending money. He told me someone had stolen his ID and wallet and he was having a very hard time trying to get a new ID and work permit because he had no way of proving his identity. Without an ID and his work permit no one would hire him He was born in Mexico, he told me, and his parents brought him into the US when he was only 6 months old illegally.

During our conversation this young man who was dressed nicely and clean told me that he had only visited Mexico twice in…

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Moore Accusers Step Son Says She’s 100% LYING!!

Darrel Nelson is the stepson of the accuser of Judge Roy Moore, Beverly Young Nelson, and he says he’s 100% certain that she is lying about the alleged sexual assault committed on her by Moore several decades ago. In an interview with Breitbart News Nelson said “I know for a FACT that there is a lot that that woman does NOT tell the truth on.” In other words Nelson believes she has a history of lying!

Nelson also said that Beverly is NOT trustworthy and that he can see her making the entire incident up. Beverly, Nelson’s stepmother, has alleged that GOP Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore of Alabama sexually assaulted her outside a restaurant where she worked back in December of 1977. Nelson said he’s not close to his stepmother but that they are not adversaries either. He also added that he stays in regular contact with his father who has been married to his stepmother for the past 13 years.

Nelson has posted several videos on his Facebook in which he says his stepmother is a liar. He also suspicions that she or someone is getting paid for making the allegation and trying to run Moore out of the Senate race so his Democratic challenger can have a clear victory.

“There’s just a lot of details that don’t add up,” Nelson said. He went on to say, “Financially, I really believe that she is out for the money part. Somebody is paying somebody.” Nelson said his stepmother’s allegations are the first he’s ever heard of it and he would think that the family would have been told about the alleged rape before the media reported it. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: King to Resign, Crown Prince to take over!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Salman

Sources close to the royal family in Saudi Arabia have told the Daily Mail that King Salman plans to step now next week and raise his 32-year-old son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the throne. Over the past month the Crown Prince has been engaged in a power grab and he ordered the arrest of several members of the royal family and government officials charging them with corruption all of which was sanctioned by King Salman. He also sent troops to blockade Qatar and sent troops into Yemen after that country shot a missile into the Kingdom near the Riyadh airport. The Crown Prince has also suggested that the PM in Lebanon resign and even detained him during a visit to Saudi Arabia recently. In addition, the Crown Prince has made it no secret of his distaste for Iran and its radical Muslim clergy there. The Crown Prince also began to snip the power of his own conservative Muslim clergy in the Kingdom as he desires a return to a more moderate Islam.

At just 32 years old the Crown Prince once crowned King will assuredly be around for a long time as he would be one of the youngest monarchs in the Kingdom’s history. Over the course of the past few months it has become increasingly clear to the world that the Crown Prince is the man with the REAL power in Saudi Arabia. He has also been highly instrumental in transforming the Kingdom from its dependence on oil revenues to other industries including high-tech industries.

The high level source that spoke with reporters from the Daily Mail said once crowned the new king will turn his attention to Iran, a long-standing Saudi rival which means military action may be taken against the Ayatollah’s there. The source said, that the Crown Prince “is convinced that he has to hit Iran and Hezbollah. Contrary to the advice of the royal family elders.” The source also noted that the ruler in Kuwait believes the Crown Prince is a “raging bull.” We shall see 🙂 Continue reading