What Would Jesus Do?

Commentary by— the Fiery Evangelist

I’ve been thinking about religion a lot lately and specifically about Christianity. I’ve been wondering what in the hell is wrong with Christians today. Why don’t they stand up and fight back? Why to they turn a blind eye to their brethren being slaughters by radical Muslims in places like Syria, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan et al? Why do they not protest LOUDLY against the indoctrination in our public schools into Islam, Satanism, and everything else EXCEPT Christianity? Why don’t Christians stand up for their beliefs and faith instead of acting like COWARDS and being silent? Why don’t Christians take a stand for BIBLICAL morals and values instead of turning the other cheek when presented with any old SICKO perverted value that goes directly against their faith?

In times gone by our churches used to be Fortresses for the Faithful in which generations of the faithful were raised up to become Christian SOLDIERS so they could engage in the “good fight” for the glory of Christ. And our pastors used to be like commanding generals pointing us in the right direction in our ongoing battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Notice I said USED TO BE? That’s because today our churches are little more than nice social clubs and hospitals for the spiritually wounded and fearful and our pastors are little more than nurse maids!

I think MOST Christians have LOST their direction and forgotten their MISSION. I think MANY have been conned by the very false teachers and lying prophets that Christ warned us about! I think some have given into a LYING gospel of the world and forgotten the GOSPEL taught by Christ and the Apostles. In short, there’s no doubt in my mind that we are living today in the Great Apostasy as foretold in the New Testament when MOST people have turned away and against God in favor of the trinkets and dust collectors of the world. And for many their faith is no longer even lukewarm because, honestly, their faith is DEAD! Continue reading


GOP Turns on Judge Roy Moore!

One of the cornerstones of our Republic is that one is “innocent until proven guilty” but it appears that the GOP powers that be adhere to a different standard, that being, one is “guilty until proven innocent.” Ironically, the concept of “guilty until proven innocent” is a cornerstone of dictatorships and Communist states not Democratic Republics so it seems that the GOP has a few things confused. I mean, after all, they are constantly talking about our “just” system and our “Republic” but I guess when it comes down to it all of their talk is just empty words.

What I’m referring to is the sexual allegations made yesterday against Judge Roy Moore who is running on the GOP ticket for the Senate in Alabama. More is the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and you might remember him for his staunch stance on his refusal to remove the 10 Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building not so long ago. Moore is a staunch conservative, former prosecutor, and a proud Christian. And I suspect, strongly, that it is the last item I mentioned that has the GOP up in arms behind the scenes. After all, Christians seem to be taboo in our “anything goes no mattter how SICK it is” society! Continue reading

Trump Wages WAR Against America’s Working Poor…that’s YOU!!

I want to address two things in this post. First is Puerto Rico and second is the Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare). Let me begin with Puerto Rico. Yesterday the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz accused Trump of “genocide” in relation to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico following a massive hurricane that devastated the US territory a few weeks ago. Notice Puerto Rico is a US TERRITORY and NOT some foreign country? Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane hit and now the infrastructure is completely devastated making life almost impossible on the island. Trumps response has left a lot to be desired and yesterday after Congress (yes they actually did something) passed a bill granting more funding for disaster relief his response was tweeting that “we can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever.” WTF? What in the hell was that tweet all about? No one expects FEMA to stay in Puerto Rico forever and, frankly, his statement (yes he has said all of his tweets are OFFICIAL presidential statements) was inappropriate. So what does Trump plan to do? Leave the people of Puerto Rico to fend for themselves and be content with the US territory sinking into a Third World State?

I like what US Representative Luis V. Gutierrez D-Ill said yesterday. He said,, “I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE!”. I think Gutierrez hit the nail on the head because HATE is the problem here with Trump! I knew during his presidential campaign 2016 when the KKK and Neo-Nazis came out quickly supporting Trump that something was amiss and his slow response to condemn the riots in Charlottesville involving Neo-Nazis demonstrating there only added more proof that Trump IS A RACIST! This plus all of his rhetoric about Mexico and his beloved Berlin-style SOVIET wall he wants to build is all proof that this president does NOT see himself as President of all Americans especially Hispanic and Minority Americans! How much more proof do we need that Trump is a hardcore┬áRACIST? Add atop all of this his recent move to suspend DACA which threatens to deport Hispanic youth that were brought to America illegally by their parents crossing our border illegally and you’ve got plenty of evidence that Trump is a RACIST.

Continue reading

Globalism and the Demise of Christendom


Globalists all over the planet are presently engaged in a childish temper tantrum over the election of the outsider Donald Trump put into the American presidency. These “citizens of the world” have suddenly found themselves confronted by a man who is a Nationalist and who adheres to the tenet of “America First.” Never in their wildest dreams did they think such a Nationalist could ever occupy the Oval Office for, surely they thought, the progressive movement in the US was coming along rather successfully and better than anyone could have imagined. But, as Trump entered the Oval Office and as the prime globalist Barack Obama made his exit it became clear that the agenda of globalism had NOT progressed in America as far as the progressives around the world thought. Thus the temper tantrums!

The globalists promote an ideology of political correctness and multiculturalism. Their plan is to integrate all of the various cultures on planet Earth via demographic change (real immigration legal or not). But Trump is also throwing a wrench into this beloved globalist change by banning immigration from KNOWN nations who support terrorism and the globalist do not like that one bit. In fact, it seems that Trump knows the globalist agenda well and is attempting to do everything he can to insure that it does NOT take firm root in America as it already has in Europe.

Another part of the globalist agenda is to bring down Christianity by any and every means because the globalists know that along with the American male, American pride, and American independence that Christianity is an obstacle to the full implementation of their global agenda of Communism! They know that should Christianity remain strong in the West their envisioned “Koom ba ya” paradise will never fully exist. And so, one of the goals of globalism is the wholesale destruction of Christendom or, at least, the demise of it so that it is reduced to a minor religion. And we find an excellent example of the globalist assault on Christianity in France today!

Historically and traditionally France has been a bastion of Christendom. France had man powerful Christian kings in the past. France often aligned itself with the Popes during times of conflict and France led the Crusades in the Middle East against the Muslims. France is one of the nations that has historically been the vanguard and defender of Christendom but today this is all changing as France more and more abandons that role and casts the Church and Christ aside! Continue reading