“Unethical Amnesia”? No! It’s called “you can’t remember your LIES!”

commentary by Monomakh —–

The absolute bullshit that comes our of academia and “science” today never ceases to astound me.  These people are absolutely full of shit IMO!  Case in point?  Here’s the latest and it concerns PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP:

Soviet_4“Unethical amnesia” could explain some of Donald Trump’s forgetfulness” reads the headline on AOL News this morning.  The article notes that Trump made headlines this past week by “forgetting” a campaign promise.  On his “Thank you tour” Trump said in Indiana that he “forgot” he’d promised to save American jobs at the Carrier gas furnace factory in Ohio.  In fact, he said he “found out” about HIS promise only when he saw a Carrier employee talking about it on TV!  Trump went on to say, “And I never thought I made that promise.  Not with Carrier.  I made it for everybody else.  I didn’t make it really for Carrier.”  FACT CHECK is that Trump DID in FACT pledge to keep Carrier jobs in the US rather than letting them go to Mexico.  And, Trump made that pledge SEVERAL TIMES during his presidential campaign!  So why did Trump forget?

Well leave it up to a Business Insider report to come up with an ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT explanation!  That opinion article refers to new social science research (what a load of CRAP) about what is being called “unethical amnesia.” And just what is that?  “Research” conducted by social science professors at Northwestern and Harvard Universities shows that some people have poor memories when they engage in dishonest behavior such as those who run for office and make campaign promises like Trump.  This research concluded that after a person engages in unethical behavior (ie:  LYING!) memories of their actions become more “obfuscated” over time because of the “psychological distress” (ie:  GUILT) and discomfort such misdeeds cause.  In other words, people who LIE tend to not be able to KEEP THEIR LIES STRAIGHT because they tell so many LIES they forget which lies they’ve told!  And we had to have a social science “research study” for this???  And the “cure” for this “unethical amnesia”?  The Northwestern and Harvard academics say the cure is  to “reflect.”  WTF?  Reflect?  Don’t you mean “try to remember what LIES you’ve told and to whom you’ve told them to”?

So is this a taste of what we’re going to get for the upcoming 4 years (and hopefully not any longer than that)?  The conservative press making up excuses for Trump?  (and YES I consider Business Insider a right wing Corporatist media).  The FACT is that Donald Trump made a lot of promises he knew he couldn’t keep during his campaign just as all other people running for office do.  His sole purpose was to get votes and get elected so he, like all other politicians, told people what he thought they wanted to hear.  He latched on to the far right winger agenda and played it like a fine tuned fiddle!  He simply told the right wingers what they wanted to hear and they fell of him lock, stock, and barrel.  But, NOW that he’s been elected there is a PROBLEM for all of you right wingers out there in never-never-land.

That right winger problem is Trump is appointing cabinet and staff officials to his administration that stand in DIRECT OPPOSITION to many of the positions he took during his campaign!  For example, this ExxonMobile CEO that (rumor says) he’s going to name as his Secretary of State does NOT support America becoming energy independent AND he has stated in the past that he SUPPORTS A CARBON TAX!  Those two items are directly opposed to what Trump said during his campaign as Trump specifically stated and tweeted that he was absolutely opposed to a carbon tax and that he absolutely supports America becoming energy independent.  So why is Trump appointing people that are at the opposite ends of his agenda?  “Unethical amnesia” perhaps?  LMAO!

Let me enlighten you and especially all you right wingers out there…………….

Donald Trump is a PLAYER AND ACTOR in case you haven’t noticed.  His “reality” TV hit “The Apprentice” was amazing and Trump played the role of “big boss man” absolutely perfectly.  But it was an ACT designed for TELEVISION!  In fact, all of these so called “reality shows” have little to nothing to do with REALITY at all.  Example:  I don’t know about you but if I were stuck on an island or deep in the wilderness and was trying to survive I’d be killing me some shit like rabbits, deer, wild boars, birds, fish, etc.  I’ll be damned if I would be sitting around eating rice and cockroaches!  Another example:  If I went hunting for Bigfoot and I got pics, DNA, and various sorts of physical evidence that the creature actually exists I’d make sure to PROVE IT beyond ANY doubt to the entire world using REAL SCIENCE so that its existence would be undeniable!  I’ll be damned if I’d be running to and fro unshaven and looking one of the Beverly Hillbillies looking at “evidence” (photos, blood, etc) gotten by other people and just walk away without taking possession of that evidence for testing!  Like I said.  There all of these “reality shows” have nothing to do with REALITY and that includes Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

I’ve personally always believed that a man or woman’s ACTIONS speak far louder than their words and in the case of our President-elect his recent actions in appointing his cabinet and staff are INCONSISTENT with his words spoken BY HIM during HIS campaign for POTUS.  That tells me HE LIED!  This guy isn’t even in office yet!  He’s appointing people that stand in direct opposition to his campaign rhetoric and promises and that tells me that in Trump’s mind running for POTUS was just another “reality show.”  Well guess what America?  LIFE ISN’T A FRICKIN REALITY SHOW!!  In MY opinion Donald Trump is already proving he’s a LIAR!  He’s already showing us just how well he played and conned us!  He’s already laughing at how stupid and foolish We The People have been AGAIN all the way to the Oval Office!! Continue reading


Who Runs America? It ain’t poor or working White People!!

Who REALLY runs this nation? Well it sure as hell isn’t poor or working White people! Take a look at the following stats:

1. America today has MORE wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on the planet.

2. The gap between RICH and everyone else in this country is WIDER than at any time since the 1920s!

3. The top 1/10th of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%.

4. An astounding 58% of all new income since the Wall Street crash has gone to the top 1%.

5. We have an overflow of millionaires and billionaires in this nation YET at the same time millions of not-rich Americans work longer hours and for LOWER wages!

6. America has one of the HIGHEST child poverty rates of any developed country on the planet!! And yet we are the richest nation on the planet?

These are pretty DISGUSTING statistics for a nation who prides itself for being the richest nation on earth and a fortress for social justice, equality, opportunity, freedom and democracy!!

And yet, these stats PROVE beyond doubt who is REALLY running things in this nation and who has been for MANY decades now. It’s time for a REALITY CHECK America! It’s time to identify the REAL OPPRESSORS in this nation!!

And solutions to all this:

Go to the following and read it….


America: A Time for Decision

Sometimes I like to just kick back and watch it all unravel without commentary. Just simply observing the fools and the foolish as they feel their way through the darkness of their own creation. That’s what I’ve been doing of late and I’ve had some deep thoughts about where this country is and where we seem to be going. Let me explain………..

banana republicThere comes a time in every society and every nation when a people’s must choose. Some call it a “crossroad” but I like to call it “A Time of Decision.” America is now in such a time. We are at a crossroad. We are at a time of decision. Here’s what I mean………

Regarding the upcoming 2016 Presidential race on one hand we have a man who is doing nothing short of playing on people’s fears, biases, and hatreds. He’s playing on our emotions and with grand results. That’s why this candidate has gotten further than anyone thought he would and that’s why he is now the leading candidate for the GOP and appears to have the nomination securely in hand. But is this the kind of person we want to lead our nation, our people?

True leaders and great leaders all have had one thing in common throughout the course of human history. That is, they have all sought to UNITE their people. That’s what truly great leaders do. They seek to unite their people not divide them. But, Trump is not attempting to unite the American people save for a selected group. Instead what he is actually doing is fostering DIVISION and that is a very BAD path for this nation to be on or follow. America is already riddled with division along every line from race to religion to gender to economics. Do we really need or want any more division? That is a question every one of us must now ask ourselves because the future of our nation and our people depends on our answer.  If we make the choice of division then we all must prepare ourselves for the end of America and the end to We The People because that road will only lead to our destruction.  This is something every American needs to seriously think about because on the road of division the end result is that our children and grandchildren have NO FUTURE…..at least not one that we would like to think of or have had ourselves.

On the other end we have Hillary Clinton.  I don’t like her.  Never have.  Her voice makes me cringe!  I don’t agree with a lot of her ideas either.  I see her as a Corporatist who is attempting to sit in the Oval Office so she can make all things nice for her corporate backers.  But, then again, Trump is a corporatist too.  I hope you seriously don’t believe he’s for all of us “little guys and gals.”  He’s not!  Both candidates have more pesos than any of us will every accumulate in our lifetimes combined.  Neither one comes from Main Street.  Both come from that Golden Street where they’ve been fed with silver spoons owned by the Fascist corporatist!

I’m 99.9% certain that the election in November is going to come down to Trump and Clinton and when that time comes I’ll have to go for Clinton in an effort of choosing the less of two evils, sadly.  Why?  Because I think Clinton is not bent on division of our people like Trump is and I see Trump as a loose cannon while Clinton is likely more receptive to the will of the voters.  I don’t like either one but if it comes down to these two I’ll have no choice but to go for Clinton.  Trump will bring this nation to disaster, at least, for all of us poor working folks living down on Main Street.

The candidate I’ve been supporting is Senator Bernie Sanders but in terms of delegates Clinton is far ahead of him so it looks like he is not going to be the nominee, unfortunately.  I agree with almost everything he says, not all but most, and I think he’d be a dynamic President who would actually return power to We The People to a large degree. But, there’s that old scary word associated with him….”Socialist”……and that drums up visions of Stalin and the USSR in America’s head even still after the end of the Cold War.  Fact is Sanders is a Democratic Socialist who believes in DEMOCRACY not dictatorship.  I’m not so sure I can say the same about the other two candidates because I see them as Fascists and history shows that Fascists love dictatorships.

And so here we are.  At the point of decision.  And very soon we will vote and put Trump or Clinton into the White House.  Do we make the choice of bigotry, hatred, and anger?  Or do we make the choice that is more mellow?  Will we decide to engage in the “blame game” blaming illegal immigrants for our nations woes and getting into a war with Mexico over some stupid, stupid wall?  Or do we make the other choice of forgetting the whole wall thingy and, perhaps, realize that illegals are NOT the source of our woes but the Fascist corporatist sure as hell are!

I find it ironic that all of these company owners and rich people who are so against illegal immigration are the SAME PEOPLE who HIRE illegal immigrants to do their landscaping, fix their limos, and do their laundry!  That just truly astounds me in terms of their HYPOCRISY.  They want to blame the illegals YET they are the very people who give them jobs!  The ignorance and hypocrisy in this nation is blinding!

I don’t know what our decision is going to be come November.  Trump says if he doesn’t get the nomination there will be riots in the streets.  Hey….haven’t we heard that line before?  Why we sure have!  It was back when the corporate bailouts (aka:  the Sacking of the US Treasury) happened and when they threatened Congress that if the bailouts weren’t passed there would be riots in the streets of America the very next day.  Hmmm…seems Trump is using the same line.  Wonder how much stock he owns in Goldman Sachs or AIG……just askin’.

Frankly, I don’t trust Trump at all and I don’t trust Clinton all that much either.  I think either one is going to just screw this country up even more.  But, like I said, I guess it’s going to come down to choosing the lesser of two evils. Trump the Corporatist or Clinton the Corporatist.  What a hell of a choice!  So I’m sitting back just watching it all and having some deep thoughts about the whole charade.  Sometimes it’s all rather comical but most of the time it’s frightening as hell.  Frightening because I see our country, our people sinking ever-deeper into an abyss of darkness from which very soon there will be NO ESCAPE.  What sad, sad days we live in America.  What sad, sad days…..




Clinton, Sanders, and Aliens….oh my!!

I watched the Democratic debate the other night in Las Vegas, NV and I’ve listened to all of the hogwash about how Hilarious Clinton “won” the debate.  Did she really?  Seems to me she spent a lot of time flip-flopping and trying to rewrite history and btw just how did she get a look at the super-secretive Obamatrade (TTP) deal not being a member of Congress, a sitting US Senator, or Obama administration secretary?

Clinton said when she was Secretary of State she hoped the TTP would be the “gold standard” but that the final deal doesn’t meet her expectations.  How does she know?  Did she slip into that dark secret room in the basement of the US Capitol for a sneak peek?  Did someone slip her a photo copy of the agreement for her review?  Does she have x-ray vision?  The WH press secretary was asked this yesterday and he beat around the bush as usual saying he wondered how Clinton knew what was in the agreement himself.  He then went on to say the agreement will be made public soon and, thus, avoiding the question as is typical of this administration.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

When it comes to Hillary Clinton (aka:  Hilarious) I like what radical journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin said as reported on “Russia Today.”  He first pointed out that the Dem debate showed the world just how far removed from the rank and file the leadership of the Dem Party really is considering most Democrats are non-white yet all of the candidates are white.  He then goes on to say that Clinton represents the “establishment” of the Dem Party and she comes out of the Democratic Leadership Council which pulled the party significantly to the right in the early 1990s.  I couldn’t agree more and I might add SHE IS A CORPORATIST just like all those rich Republicans running for POTUS!!

Maupin goes on to say that Senator Bernie Sanders represents something much closer to what the average Democratic activist thinks and he is putting forth a message “laced with populism, calling out the rich and powerful.”  And as for his being a self-proclaimed Democratic SOCIALIST?  Maupin says labels have become less important than ideas.

I like what Sanders had to say about Clinton’s emails regarding the Benghazi Affair when she was Sec of State.  Sanders said people are sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails” and want to talk about substantive issues!  LOL I couldn’t agree more.  I’m ready to PUKE if I hear one more word about her ignorant emails!!  FACT is (and get a clue Hilarious) in this 2016 POTUS race people are SICK of the politics of personalities and we DO want substantive debate and ideas that matter!!  Enough of the Hollywood glamour BULLSHIT already!

In other news the 2nd annual Fear Poll was released yesterday by Chapman University and at the top of the list of things American’s most fear is GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION.  In this poll 1541 adults were polled on 88 different fear options across a variety of subjects.  Results show that 58% of those polled fear government corruption more than anything else.  Well America guess what?  Your fears have been realized!  Our government is so corrupt now that it’s beyond repair!  Your elected reps no longer represent you but corporate America and interests!  Did you see any of those Wall Street Boyz and Galz go to jail over the bailouts?  You won’t!

The Chapman U Poll also revealed that many Americans believe Aliens once visited the Earth long ago as well.  Long ago?  Aren’t they still visiting????

Returning to America’s main fear (government corruption) that’s most likely how Clinton seems to know what’s in the Obamatrade agreement.  She was either allowed to see and read it OR a sitting member of Congress, the Senate, or the Obama administration told her what was in it….even though it’s supposedly SECRET for now.  Ah yes, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back.  That seems to be the way Washington operates today just like in ancient Rome!  And that ancient Roman corruption, in part, led to the downfall of the most powerful empire in human history.  I suspect the end result for America will be the same!

Now….about those ALIEN VISITORS………………………………..



Can Sanders Win?

Andy Borowitz writing in The New Yorker says Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders can’t win the 2016 election because his record of integrity disqualifies him from the White House.  He says there is a key feature in American politics that makes a person of integrity “ineligible for the White House.”  Borowitz points out that the US political system has installed several “safeguards” over the past decades to keep someone with independence and backbone OUT of the WH!  Further, due to Sanders’ failure to become a member of either of the two major US political parties (Sanders is an Independent and avowed Democratic Socialist) has excluded him from the “network of cronyism and backroom deals which is required in our system to be elected.  Additionally, Sanders is also disqualified from being POTUS because he is not beholden to major corporate interests or investment banks.  In other words, in order to get elected in this nation today you must be CORRUPT, SLEAZY, and the puppet of major corporations and/or banks!  If you are none of these things then you’ll never occupy the WH.

Borowitz’s article also points out that Sanders has alienated the super rich and is unable to raise the $1 billion required for a successful presidential campaign.  Sanders has consistently attacked the super rich demanding they be forced to pay their fair share of taxes and he’s consistently called for a redistribution of income as well as more labor unions and tighter banking rules.  Apparently, the present US political system has been set up over the past few decades to keep people like Bernie Sanders OUT of the presidency and, sadly, that system seems to work perfectly.

Read Borowitz’s full article here:


Sanders et al yesterday proposed a bill in the Senate to make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions.  That’s sure to not go over well with the Corporatist.  Corporate profits are at an all time high right now and, in contrast, worker wages are at an all time LOW.  And that’s just the way the Corporatist want it.  American workers have been exploited to the peak!  The last thing Corporatist want is an organized and unionized workforce in America because that would mean an average of 27% higher wages for them and a similar decline in corporate profits.

Read the full article on this at:


The sad fact is this nation will never have a president of integrity like Sanders because the current political system is so corrupt it is beyond repair and it has now been designed to keep people like Sanders out of the presidency.  Sadly, these facts only prove what many of us already believe, that is, We The People no longer elect our public servants.  Corporate and Banking America do!  And it further proves that our elected representatives no longer in fact represent WE The People but WALL STREET!!  But here’s the saddest thing of all. All this proves beyond any doubt that America has now gone down into the CESSPOOL even moreso than most of us thought!  If Bernie Sanders does manage to get elected as POTUS it would not only be a political miracle but a BLESSING for Americans and the world.  That is, it would be a victory for the common folk, we who struggle daily on Main Street.  And TAT IS EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN before our great nation and people are sent down the cesspool even further!!



Davis is at it again! And America’s fastrack to Anarchy!!

When she got out of jail after being jailed for contempt of court by a US federal judge, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis said she did not want to be the the limelight.  She said all she wanted to do is work and be with her family.  Actions always speak louder than words and in Davis’ case it now is clear that she DOES want the limelight and wants to do far more than work and be with her family.  In fact, it now appears she wants to be a fundamentalist martyr.

She’s been altering marriage licenses in her county since getting out of jail for contempt, again.  She also, reportedly, has been using her old tricks such as the lame copy machine down excuse even though she agreed not to interfere in the issuing of gay marriage licenses when she was let out of jail.  Davis was ordered to issue the licenses to gay couples and that federal court order was upheld by the SCOTUS.  Davis is in violation, again.  You can read more about this at:


My original point in the Davis matter is that she is a public official sworn to uphold the law but she has chosen not to do so as demonstrated by her own actions.  But wait!  There is NO LAW!  As Britius pointed out the SCOTUS cannot make law as only the legislative branch (Congress) is empowered by our Constitution to make law.  The job of the courts is NOT to dictate law but to interpret law that has already been enacted by the legislative branch of government.  That’s part of our system of “checks and balances” that our Constitution set up.  Continue reading

Trump Steals the SHOW!!






Last night saw the first of the GOP debates and without question it was frontrunner and real estate mogul Donald Trump who stole the SHOW.  And what a SHOW it was indeed!  All designed for your consumption and entertainment with a few features “borrowed” from Trumps own past reality shows.  Oh yes, Trump was obviously the CEO of the debate and he made sure everyone watching new it right from the beginning.  And the rest of the GOP candidates?  Why they are just Trumps lackeys!  At least that’s the image Trump was trying to portray.

It all began when Trump became the only candidate to not say that if he didn’t get the nomination he wouldn’t wage his own independent campaign.  That move right from the start set the stage for Trump and made him stick out gaining the audience’s attention and it worked.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly hit Trump on his past comments about women saying Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton believes Trump to be a part of the war on women.  Trump shot back in an effort to justify his lack of political correctness and added an insulting comment about Rosie O’Donnell in process.  Frankly, about the only thing Trump said that I agreed with is that this country is in big trouble and that this country doesn’t have time for political correctness.  Absolutely!

But, then, Trump shot his mouth off again and this time it was about Mexican and Mexico.  In the past Trump has made several comments alleging Mexico is sending criminals across the border into the US because our leaders are stupid and deceived about the Mexican government.  The “stupid and deceived” I might agree with but I highly doubt the Mexican government is sending known criminals to the US.  The Mexican drug cartels are already here as America (read Americans) are the big market for illegal drugs yet Trump didn’t say a word about that fact.  It’s just not Mexicans and other Latinos coming across our southern border as the US Border Patrol finds DAILY thrown away military style uniforms from Middle Eastern countries on our side of the border meaning we have terrorists crossing the southern border pretending to be Mexican.  Yet, again, Trump said nothing about that either.  In fact, what Trump said is that we need a wall stretching across the border to keep the Mexicans out!  A wall?  As in Berlin Wall Mr Trump?  I’m sure it will have razor wire on top and towers manned by guards with machine guns and big spot lights, right?  Oh and I assume the standing order in those towers will be “shoot on sight” isn’t that correct Mr Trump?

GOP candidate who was part of the debate, Senator Rand Paul, pretty much hit Trump on the head when Paul commented saying of Trump, “He buys and sells politicians of all strips.  He’s already hedging his bet on the Clintons.”  You’re absolutely right Rand as Trump is one of the 1% who has mega-bucks thus making him part of the PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION in this country!  The REAL PROBLEM in this country isn’t that our leaders are naive and stupid but that they are bought, paid for, and outright OWNED by corporate America and the global corporations and they no longer represent We The People but he corporations instead.   Can you say CORRUPTION America???

Trump has given money to Hillary Clinton in the past and, in fact, Trump has supported various other candidates in the past who hold opposite views of what Trump is spouting today with all of his “ultra-conservative” rhetoric. Makes one want to say, “Will the real Donald Trump please stand up.”

Now let us also keep in mind that Trump made his BILLIONS mostly in real estate.  Consider for a moment just who the SLAVE LABOR is in the real estate industry.  You know, the people who do all of the landscaping and much of the tile laying and construction work on just bought properties for minimum wage or below.  Why it is the MEXICANS!  Oh it’s one of those “jobs” that Americans don’t want, or so we are told.  I’d be interested to know just how many Mexicans and other illegals work or have worked for Trump on one of his properties.  I betting several because Americans just don’t want those kind of jobs, right?  So if Trump gets elected and builds his Berlin Wall whose he going to use for America’s SLAVE CLASS?  I’m sure he’ll find someone as America has ALWAYS had its slave class.  First was the Blacks, then it was the Chinese immigrants, and today it is the Hispanic immigrants.  Will America’s slave class please step forward so we know who you are?

Getting back to the MONEY TRAIL (which most often is where TRUTH lies) Trump defended his donations to the Clintons saying he gave to her foundations and that he donated to politicians for “BUSINESS FAVORS.”  He said that demonstrates that our political system is “broken.”  Excuse me?  This man gives money in order to get “business favors” in return making him part of the PROBLEM in this country and somehow we are supposed to believe that suddenly he’s now part of the solution when the fact is he’s been part of the problem which is the ownership of our politicians?  And he really expects Main Street America to buy that shit LOL?  I think it safe to conclude that not only does Trump think our politicians are stupid and deceived but that everyday Americans are REALLY stupid and EASILY deceived.

Trump is a showman.  That’s obvious from his TV reality series in the past and today.  It’s all SHOW for public consumption to put him in the White House and once (if) that happens let me assure you the politician buying for “business favors” will skyrocket.  Trump is Wall Streets man but he isn’t America’s man!  What he’s doing is playing the role (Trump is a pretty good actor btw) of Mr Ultra-conservative appealing to all those ultra-conservatives out there that would like to throw our country back into the 1800s and screw progress!  He’s also playing on people’s fears and that tends to work amazingly well with many people as, in fact, they are afraid of their own shadows just as SHEEPLE should be.  He admitted last night that he gave donations to politicians with the expectation of getting “business favors” in return.  That, in my opinion, is an admission from Trump himself that he IS part of the problem not the solution.  How much more blunt could he be?  But that wasn’t all.  Trump also said that most of the GOP candidates on stage last night were people he’d donated to also!  Boy if that wasn’t the clincher in this debate what was!  That’s right all you other GOP candidates.  Remember who gave you the pesos and who owns you!!

Let us not take Trump lightly.  He leads in the polls outpacing Jeb Bush by 10 points even though Bush is the clear favorite of the GOP mafia!  He outpaces Scott Walker by 12 points and in polling all of the other candidates are in the single digits.  Trump MIGHT grab the nomination and that would be a nightmare IMO especially for MEXICANS whom he claims he has political support from BUT which I HIGHLY DOUBT to be so!

Marco Rubio, another GOP candidate, during the debate defended himself when hit with accusations that he just wasn’t experienced enough to be POTUS saying this election “had better be about the future, not the past.”  Amen to that!  And let’s not forget that our current POTUS was inexperienced when he came into office about 8 years ago.  So Rubio wouldn’t be the first.  BTW isn’t he Cuban?  Hmmm…Hispanic……………wonder what Trump thinks of Rubio?

Senator Rand Paul got a bunch of applause during the debate when he commented that he wants government to collect more records on terrorists and less records on law-abiding Americans.  Candidate NJ Governor Chris Christie shot back calling Paul’s comment “ridiculous” and asking “How are you supposed to know?”  That is, just how are you suppose to know who’s a terrorist and who’s not I assume Christie meant.  Obviously, someone needs to enlighten Christie as he didn’t get the memo pointing out that the real terrorists are not Mid Eastern fanatics but Grandma Moses in the wheel chair!  Good god Christie!  Where have you been?  In a New Jersey cave or something?

Bottomline is this.  Last nights GOP debate was the biggest crock of shit I’ve seen in a long time!  It was like watching one of Trumps reality shows which, honestly, I hate.  It was clearly all fakery and produced for the sheeple in America which is exactly what the GOP thinks of Americans down here on Main Street.  IMO this was far from being a real debate and it was nothing more than yet another Hollywood production designed for your entertainment.  And that is what it was.  Entertainment and nothing more IMO.  What a sham!!  I didn’t buy it and I hope you didn’t either.

Fact is this nation is in BIG trouble but I didn’t see one candidate in the debates last night that I’d put my faith in to do something about it.  In fact, at the end of the debate I was left with a gut wrenching feeling hoping (praying) that NONE of these people make into the White House because if they do we are going to be in bigger trouble than we are now.

And now allow me to close with the candidate I opened with.  It’s none other than the infamous, shouting, great actor Donald Trump.  In the past he’s made comments about women such as referring to them as, and I quote, “FAT PIGS.”  He’s also referred to women as “DOGS” and “DISGUSTING ANIMALS” on Twitter.  WTF???  Hey Trump! Wasn’t your mother a woman?  And weren’t your wives also?

And now Trump holds nothing back making Hispanics, specifically “Mexicans,” public enemy numero uno!  Oh yes, they are the cause of all of our woes in this country.  Forget the political corruption and the buying of politicians for “business favors” in return.  And forget how corporate America loves to rip off Americans and play us all for FOOLS. Oh and let’s not forget how 1% of the 1% in this nation hold 99% of the wealth either!!

Trump, in my OPINION, is a racist bigot and egotistical woman hater!!  And that is the bottomline for me when it come to Donald Trump!  He puts on a good show but IF this man was ever put in the White House it would be the WORST DISASTER this nation ever had.