Further Elaboration on Trump’s Firing of the Head of the FBI…..

Now that I have some time (finally) I want to expand my assessment and commentary centering around President Trump’s abrupt firing yesterday of FBI Director James Comey and a few other little items about Trump that are really beginning to bother me ūüôā

Let me start with this…yesterday when Trump issued his letter informing Comey he was fired Comey was in LA delivering a speech to some of his agents. ¬†From what I hear initially Comey say the bi-line on a new channel playing on a TV in the room and took it as a joke. ¬†To his surprise it was not a joke and it was confirmed to him that Trump had indeed fired him. ¬†Comey, I assume, was devastated and had to even ask permission to fly back to DC on the FBI jet he flew to LA on! ¬†Frankly, I think this was a pretty shitty way of firing Comey. ¬†Trump should have showed some professionalism instead of acting out of emotion as most teens do and waited until Comey got back to DC and summoned him to the White House for a face to face meeting and, thus, inform him that he was terminated. ¬†But, as has now become clear after 4 months of his presidency as exhibited by his obsessive presence on Twitter, Trump doesn’t do things the professional way. ¬†Instead it now appears to me that Trump acts out of emotion, off the cuff, and that is a very bad thing for a POTUS to conduct business. ¬†That tactic might have worked for him in the real estate business but it likely doesn’t work in government. ¬†I’m absolutely certain we have not heard the last of Comey yet.

Of course the “excuse” is connected to Comey’s testimony before Congress last week in which he “allegedly” lied about the Clinton emails and the allegation that Comey, according today to the White House, threw a “stick of dynamite” into the Justice Department during a press conference he used to clear Hillary Rodham Clinton. ¬†Further, a WH spokesman alleged that Comey had committed “atrocities” as the Trump Administration stepped up the war of words against the now ex-FBI chief. ¬†Just what “atrocities” were they??? ¬†It’s easy to make allegations but you’d better have some damned good proof! ¬†Additionally, at a meeting today between Trump and Henry Kissinger the President said Comey was not doing a good job “very simply.” ¬†That aside I can’t help but wonder just why Trump is meeting with that old warmonger Neocon Henry Kissinger to begin with! ¬†It appears to me that Trump is now showing his true colors as the Corporatist Neocon he is and has always been! ¬†YES America you were FOOLED again and played like IDIOTS again in the last election!! Continue reading

Kelly: Obama Running a Shadow Govt to Undermine Trump!!

US Representative Mike Kelly R-PA today alleged that former POTUS Barack Obama stayed in Washington DC to run a shadow government aimed at undermining current POTUS Donald Trump! Recall that originally Obama and his clan planned to retire in Hawaii, then Chicago, and then DC. Recently Obama moved former Chief Adviser Valerie Jarrett into his DC residence for some odd reason and now we appear to know why. Is Obama playing the role of shadow POTUS? A sort of “Anti-pope” role?

Obama said that he was going to stay in DC until his daughter graduates. Kelly speaking about Obama said he is only in DC for one reason and that is to undercut Trump’s agenda every way he can. So what’s new? Obama has spent the past 8 years undercutting America any way he can. He’s a natural born subversive! Continue reading

Bannon: Corporatist MSM Opposed to Economic Nationalist Agenda of Pres. Trump!

Speaking to the CPAC conference yesterday Chief WH Strategist Steve Bannon delivered a powerhouse message to gathered conservatives and his main message was that the MSM’s daily war on President Trump will continue unabated but the Trump administration will continue forward.

“[The President] is going to continue to press his agenda as economic conditions get better, as JOBS get better, and they (the MSM) are going to continue to fight. If you think they (the MSM] are going to give you your country back without a fight you are mistaken. Every day, it is going to be a fight,” Bannon said at the conference yesterday. Regarding the MSM continuous onslaught against Trump, Bannon said, “The CORPORATIST, GLOBALIST media is adamantly opposed to an economic NATIONALIST agenda like Donald Trump has.”

In fact, this Corporatist, Globalist media is a very small number of companies. For example 90% of America’s media is controlled by only 6 corporations! Back in 1983 about 50 companies controlled the media. So what has happened since then is that this power has now been concentrated in the hands of a small group! And just who are these companies? Take a look…..

1. Comcast
2. Walt Disney Company
3. 21st Century Fox
4. Time Warner

The Progressive media has been indoctrinated well and they are required to follow a certain Progressive agenda as well and conform to the narratives put forth by these companies. Further, the MSM has been brainwashed into believing the are superior to the average American and that they are on a mission to make the world a better place. They’ve been told they possess a moral superiority. Nevermind the drug use and freaking sex many in the MSM secretly engage in!

Time to prove to these MSM morons that they are NOT morally superior!  The MSM pushes a message bent on the wholesale DESTRUCTION of the American nation and American society!  They need to be put out of business now and President Trump is doing just that.

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The Coming Trump SHOWDOWN! Pick one…..

trump-caesarHe’s NOT your average POTUS! He’s not politically correct in the least! He’s used to getting his way or no way! He’s not about to kiss ANYONE’S ass….no not in the slightest! He’s using Twitter as his Homeland Secretary to manage the masses! And he seems to like to set things up for a SHOWDOWN!! Oh the DRAMA! Oh the SUSPENSE! Oh…..oh my!!

Of course I’m talking about President Donald Trump and right now it appears to me that he’s got a 3-way SHOWDOWN going on. First up is the now infamous border wall which has pissed some people off so bad they’re about to bust out of their shorts. I foresee mass demonstrations once construction actually starts along with sabotage, sit ins, and protesters chaining themselves to the wall as it’s being constructed.


Second up is that touchy issue of the immigration ban. He pissed a lot of people off all over the planet with that little Imperial Edict didn’t he? Why if I didn’t know better I’d say Trump fancies himself as some sort of resurrected Roman CAESAR. Ruler of the Known World! Trumpius the Mighty! Hail Caesar!! Well a federal judge in Seattle appointed by Bush as stopped that order in its tracks but Caesar assures us he will appeal the decision and his ban will proceed forward. Of course there have already been protests galore around the world over this little move and I’m sure they will continue along with law suits and even MORE federal judges issuing injunctions and rulings on the ban. I mean after all we all know that if you look long enough you can find a federal judge that will rule in your favor in just about ANYTHING, right? Oh and that little matter of terrorists trying to enter the US from Syria, Libya, Somalia, or Iran? Ha! Who in the hell really cares about national security anywho, no? Continue reading

Trump Guts TPP!

In his first Monday in the Oval Office President Trump signed an Executive Order gutting the Trans Pacific Partnership one of Obama’s signature pieces. The trade agreement was never passed by Congress. “Great things for the American worker,” the President said as he signed the order claiming it would have greatly damaged US manufacturing.


Trump also met with several US business leaders today and pledged to slash regulations and cut corporate taxes and warned them he would take decisive actions on trade deals like the TPP that he feels are unfair to American workers. Trump also said those US companies who have chosen to outsource American jobs to foreign countries will pay a very high price in terms of a border tax.


Trump expressed he’d like to cut corporate taxes to the 15-20% range down from the present 35% to spur jobs and expansion of US business. Business leaders told him today that reducing regulations is key and Trump promised to ax many of the regulations imposed by the Obama administration on American businesses. “We think we can cut regulations by 75%,” Trump told the gathered business leaders today.

Well something’s got to give because for the past 8 years government regulations have been strangling American businesses so I’d say this is a step in the RIGHT direction!



Anonymous Issue Stark Warning to Trump!

“This isn’t the 80’s longer. Information doesn’t vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next 4 years.”

“Trump has financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.”

“The United States has committed ritual suicide by electing Trump.”

The above tweets have been issue over the past few days by the collective hacker group known as “Anonymous.” The group appears to be ready to release sordid information against the President-elect but thus far has provided NO EVIDENCE to back up any of its claims.

Anonymous has previously pledge to take down Trump long before the November 2016 election but didn’t. In March of last year the group released Trump’s personal phone number but that information, it was later determined, was already publicly available!

Well all I have to say is this……………….

Igor the Thug: "Move along Comrade America! Nothing to see here!!

Igor the Thug: “Move along Comrade American! No thing to see here!!

Und der subversives will be sorry once Der F√ľhrer Trump unleashes his ire upon them! Der F√ľhrer will not be threatened nor mocked! Der F√ľhrer Trump has every intention of erecting a Corporatist Fascist State in AmeriKa und nothing will stop his glorious plans!! He will purge the planet of his foes! He will be honored and revered in every household! He will make Adolf look like school boy! Is now dawn of 4th Reich!!

And some advise……learn to do the goose step and follow orders if you don’t want the soon to be unleashed American Gestapo bounding down your door in the midst of the dark night!

AND BY THE WAY didn’t Wikileaks founder Julian Assange say he would turn himself over to US authorities if Obama commuted the sentence of Pvt Bradley Manning (now known as Chelsea)? ¬†Well Obama has done just that so when is Assange turning himself in???????????????? ¬†Thought we had a DEAL?