Franken to resign….sometime…..maybe???

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Judge Orders Arrest of Liberal Conspirator!!

A judge in Argentina has issued an arrest warrant for former president and now Senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina. Of course her arrest is contingent on her losing her immunity status as an Argentine legislator meaning she won’t likely be arrested until she’s out of office…..if ever. The arrest warrant is in connection to charges of treason for having allegedly aiding IRANIAN TERRORISTS!!

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner

A 500 page indictment alleges Kirchner engaged in a cover-up and that she agreed to help the government of Iran protect organizers of the 1994 bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) in exchange for favorable trading deals.  Kirchner even went so far as to sign a “memorandum of understanding” which included Iran as one of the parties investigating itself!!  During her tenure as President, Kirchner reportedly strove to all her nation with Iran and regional Leftist states such as Bolivia and Venezuela.  But that’s not all.  The prosecutor who prepared the charges and arrest warrant, Alberto Nisman, was conveniently found dead with a gunshot wound to the head and his death was deemed as “suicide.”  Isn’t it amazing how leftist governments have such good “luck”?

Argentina’s current president is a conservative named Mauricio Macri and those who want Kirchner arrested are hoping her day in court has come.  Judge Claudio Bonadio officially charged Kirchner with “treason against the nation” and “aggravated concealment of facts” earlier today.  She is also accused of betraying traditional and historical national interests by participating in a plan to “gain impunity for Iranian citizens accused in the terrorist attack  and to normalize relations between Iran and Argentina.”  The indictment further alleges Kirchner established “parallel unofficial channels of communications and negotiations” with the Iranians with the intent to plan the planned criminal objective.”  The charge of treason alone carries a minimum 10 year prison sentence.

The AMIA terror attack killed 85 people and was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists in the history of the Western Hemisphere at the time.  The now dead prosecutor Nisman found evidence tying the Iranian terrorists to the psychotic Iranian government and secured 6 Interpol alerts.  What that means is that Interpol saw enough of Nisman’s evidence to convince them to issue the alerts internationally so that evidence must have been convincing.  Nisman also alleged Kirchner and her leftist government negotiated with Interpol after the alerts were issued in an effort to get them to cancel the alerts in exchange for favorable oil deals.  Nisman also found evidence that Kirchner planned to put the blame for the terror attack on “right wing groups.” Continue reading

DOJ Issues Arrest Warrant for Steinle Killer!!

Perhaps you thought this was over but it’s not, apparently. I’m talking about the illegal alien and multiple felon named Jose Inez Garcia Zarate who was found innocent this past week in the murder of Kate Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco (aka: San Fran-freak-o as Michael Savage calls it).

Zarate shot Steinle dead and claimed it was an accident, however, he should have not been in possession of firearm to begin with as he has been convicted of multiple felonies in the USA in the past. He’s also been convicted of illegally entering the US multiple times since he was 15 years old. There is no deterrent for this guy not even his felony convictions. We keep deporting him and he keeps coming back illegally!

A jury in San Francisco found Zarate innocent of murder in the killing of Steinle but they found him guilty of felony possession of a firearm and it was reported he will be deported….AGAIN! San Francisco is a sanctuary city where local authorities refuse to cooperate with federal immigration laws. President Trump has threatened to cut off federal funding in these sanctuary cities as he well SHOULD.

Now the US Attorney in the Western District of Texas has issued a warrant for Zarate’s arrest. The warrant stems from Zarate violating his release conditions from a federal prison in 2015. In that year Zarate was convicted of entering the US illegally (again) and as doing so as a criminal and after having been deported numerous times prior to 2015. He was found guilty as charged and sentenced to 4 years in a federal prison plus 3 more years of supervised release in addition to being ordered deported….AGAIN! Continue reading

Conyers and Franken: Why Haven’t They Resigned?

Once again we see the double-sided system that has existed in this country for far too long. A system in which one set of laws applies to the masses and a completely different set exists for the powerful and the elites. “Equal justice under the law” is nothing more than a FARCE and MOCKERY!

Senator Conyers and Representative Franken both Democrats appear to have no intention of resigning from their public trust amid allegations of sexual misconduct which once again reflects that our rich and powerful in this nation think they are above the law. Nancy Pelosi and Church Shumer are busy defending both of these men when they SHOULD BE demanding their immediate resignations! What is happening is that the elites in DC are protecting their own. They are protecting their little “club.”

We need to DEMAND that both of these men resign as they have now shown they cannot be trusted. Voters in their states need to immediately move to recall them and remove them from office if they don’t.

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Moore Accusers Step Son Says She’s 100% LYING!!

Darrel Nelson is the stepson of the accuser of Judge Roy Moore, Beverly Young Nelson, and he says he’s 100% certain that she is lying about the alleged sexual assault committed on her by Moore several decades ago. In an interview with Breitbart News Nelson said “I know for a FACT that there is a lot that that woman does NOT tell the truth on.” In other words Nelson believes she has a history of lying!

Nelson also said that Beverly is NOT trustworthy and that he can see her making the entire incident up. Beverly, Nelson’s stepmother, has alleged that GOP Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore of Alabama sexually assaulted her outside a restaurant where she worked back in December of 1977. Nelson said he’s not close to his stepmother but that they are not adversaries either. He also added that he stays in regular contact with his father who has been married to his stepmother for the past 13 years.

Nelson has posted several videos on his Facebook in which he says his stepmother is a liar. He also suspicions that she or someone is getting paid for making the allegation and trying to run Moore out of the Senate race so his Democratic challenger can have a clear victory.

“There’s just a lot of details that don’t add up,” Nelson said. He went on to say, “Financially, I really believe that she is out for the money part. Somebody is paying somebody.” Nelson said his stepmother’s allegations are the first he’s ever heard of it and he would think that the family would have been told about the alleged rape before the media reported it. Continue reading

McConnell Will Have to Seat Moore if He Wins!

Despite all of the bravado talk coming from the lips of that incompetent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (aka: RINO) if Judge Roy Moore wins the Senate seat election in Alabama, McConnell will have to seat him. Despite his pretense that he is some kind of all-powerful banana republic dictator McConnell will have to follow the law and seat Moore.

This has now been confirmed by Senator Susan Collins R-ME who said according to the LAW McConnell will have no choice but to seat Moore if he wins the Alabama election. This comes amid growing comments by McConnell and his cohorts that they will push Moore out if he wins. Now keep in mind these are all REPUBLICANS and this is just one more reason why the Republican controlled Senate and House just can’t get anything done. They are too busy with in-fighting!

If you ask me McConnell should be run out on a rail as he’s proven his LACK of leadership skills more than once. He’s all talk and no action, frankly. Instead of working to unite Republicans in the Senate McConnell seems focused on dividing his own party in the Senate and DIVIDED it indeed is. I’m sure the Democrats are sitting back laughing hilariously at the stupidity and division in among Republicans who, frankly, are demonstrating CHILDISH behavior. No wonder Republican President Trump is so disgusted with Congress! All 100 Senators and all 435… Continue reading

New Shorts……

Dem Victory in Alabama?

It is beginning to appear that the stage has been set for a Dem victory in the Alabama Senate race which was the plan all along I’m sure.  Thus far I’ve seen NO PROOF that Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed or raped any of the women accusing him of doing so in bygone days.  But, apparently proof has no significance in this affair as the allegations alone are enough to destroy a man.  And that’s exactly what is happening in the case of Moore.  The Dems have created doubt and suspicion around Moore and that was the goal.  The goal was never to prove that the allegations were true or not.  It’s an old DIRTY political game and it seems to be working well in this case.  And, the Dems are just not to blame here as all of the RINOS in the Senate and House have jumped on the bandwagon too (ie:  Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, et al).  The Dems can smell victory and control of the Senate I’m sure.  Too bad that they and the RINOS had to resort to dirty politics and I would say they should be ashamed but I don’t know one with any shame at all.  They are all shame-LESS!  Disgusting!!

US Taxpayer Money Used to Shut Up Accusers?

It now appears that sexual harassment up on Dung Hill has been somewhat widespread for a long time now  and not only that but the government has been using taxpayer money to shut the accusers up (read BRIBES).  In fact, that “hush money” (aka:  “shut your frickin’ mouth money) amounts to the tune of $15 million dollars!  US Congresswoman Jackie Speier D-CA spilled the beans during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.  Well we’ve always known that our “elected representatives” were corrupt and now we know they are PERVS too!  BTW anyone recall pedophile accusations made against several US Senators back in the late 70’s?  Several were accused of molesting their under age Pages.  It was news for a few days and then suddenly it was all swept under the carpet and as I recall not one Senator went to prison for child molestation!  Corrupt and Creepy!  That’s who represents us folks and we wonder why DC is so screwed up???  Read more at:

Saudi Crown Prince Wields the REAL Power!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

There’s a new prince in town and he’s got balls and guts!  He’s firmly set on what he wants to do and he’s not holding back at all.  In fact, he’s already thrown caution to the wind and neither the Saudi’s or other Middle Easterners quite know what to make of him and his MANLY boldness!

His name is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and he’s got the tacit backing of his father the Saudi King. He’s the 32 year old Saudi Crown Prince soon to be King of Saudi Arabia but he’s not waiting to assume the throne to gain power as he is already being recognized as the most powerful ruler and man in the Middle East AND a man to be reckoned with.  In just a few short weeks he’s achieved this power beginning with his order to arrest no less than 11 Saudi princes from his own royal family for corruption.  He also ordered the arrest of more than 200 Saudi businessmen elites for corruption.  And he hasn’t stopped there as he’s also now taking away power for Saudi Arabia’s powerful Muslim clerics!

The Crown Prince has gone even further as he’s ordered blockaded Qatar and accused radical Iran of “acts of war” against the Kingdom. He’s also encouraging the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister and even detained him on a recent visit to Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince has also sent soldiers into Yemen to fight what he believes is Iranian-backed factions who recently launched a missile aimed at Riyadh.  Of course, American officials are worried that the young MANLY Crown Prince is destabilizing the region but that’s always the case when a leader refuses to fit into the America feminized-male mold!  You’d think that these “officials” would get a clue and electing leaders with BALLS seems to now be the global norm.  Examples:  Trump in the USA, the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, and Austria’s newly elected young PM Sebastian Kurz.  Yes, the world is tired of the weak willed, limp handed style leaders that America so loves to see and glorify!!

Frankly, I’m glad to see a REAL MAN taking control in the Middle East as he just may achieve some things that America and Europe have not been able to achieve.  

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