Company Refuses to Deliver Packages in Paris “No Go Zone”

A package delivery service says they will no longer deliver package to a certain area in Paris due to dangers posed to their drivers by Muslim refugees living in the area. Last year 51 of the company’s drivers were attacked while delivering packages and the company says people will have to go to a designated location to get their packages. Since the influx of Mid Eastern refugees robberies have risen an astounding 40% in the area and across the entire country of France crime has increased 60%.

So much for the “religion of peace”………………………..

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Manson Dead! Now Rotting in Hell !!!


Thank God this POS is dead.and rotting in the shit bowels of Hell. It should have happened long ago after he ordered the murders of actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and several other people BUT the LIE-berals out in California just wouldn’t allow him to be executed. Instead he was handed a sentence of life in prison meaning the taxpayers had to support this POS for decades! Finally, he’s DEAD and rotting in hell which is exactly where he belongs!!

I may sound cruel and cold BUT it’s not as cruel and cold compared to what this POS did. He was beyond psychotic and demonic.

Rot in Hell you POS!!

Moore Accusers Step Son Says She’s 100% LYING!!

Darrel Nelson is the stepson of the accuser of Judge Roy Moore, Beverly Young Nelson, and he says he’s 100% certain that she is lying about the alleged sexual assault committed on her by Moore several decades ago. In an interview with Breitbart News Nelson said “I know for a FACT that there is a lot that that woman does NOT tell the truth on.” In other words Nelson believes she has a history of lying!

Nelson also said that Beverly is NOT trustworthy and that he can see her making the entire incident up. Beverly, Nelson’s stepmother, has alleged that GOP Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore of Alabama sexually assaulted her outside a restaurant where she worked back in December of 1977. Nelson said he’s not close to his stepmother but that they are not adversaries either. He also added that he stays in regular contact with his father who has been married to his stepmother for the past 13 years.

Nelson has posted several videos on his Facebook in which he says his stepmother is a liar. He also suspicions that she or someone is getting paid for making the allegation and trying to run Moore out of the Senate race so his Democratic challenger can have a clear victory.

“There’s just a lot of details that don’t add up,” Nelson said. He went on to say, “Financially, I really believe that she is out for the money part. Somebody is paying somebody.” Nelson said his stepmother’s allegations are the first he’s ever heard of it and he would think that the family would have been told about the alleged rape before the media reported it. Continue reading

Manson About to Get His JUST Due?

New this morning has it that mass killer Charles Manson is in a California hospital barely clinging to his life and if things go well this POS will die today and finally get his just due! Sound heartless? YOU BET!

Charles Manson killed actress Sharon Tate, who was also pregnant, and several other people at Tate’s home in cold blood. Tate was repeatedly stabbed to death by the psychos that Manson commanded (he was a cult leader). His trial was a farce as he ended up being sentenced to prison for life even though he should have been put to death for his horrendous crimes.

Frankly, I do NOT feel sorry for this POS and when he does die I’m sure he’ll FINALLY pay for the murders. I hope this POS burns in Hell along with all of his “family” (as he called his cult). I suppose from some of the MSM reports that I’m supposed to feel sorry for him now or something but I DON’T! This shitass deserves to die and go to hell!! What he and his “family” did was beyond horrific and for decades now this POS has been living in a California prison living off our taxpayer money. Why do we keep POS like this alive? Oh that’s right….the death penalty is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Seriously? And those who are against the death penalty don’t think the crimes that this POS committed were not “cruel and unusual”? Funny how the victims fade into the woodwork why we keep the faces of these homicidal LUNATIC on the front page. Continue reading

Mexican Border Cops Killed US Tourists!!

The spin has been that two American tourists in a maroon pickup ran a checkpoint in the Mexican State of Coahuila located on the Texas-Mexico border and then the two opened fire on Mexican police who were chasing them. Mexican police returned fire and killed the two gunmen now identified as Demetrius Atkins and a Mexican national with legal residence status named Edgar Valdez Rodriguez. But this account, apparently, of what happened resulting in the death of the two American men is NOT FACTUAL.

The tale told by Mexican border police as to what led up to the incident has not held up to questioning and Mexican prosecutors have now obtained three arrest warrants for three Mexican officers involved in the incident. Two of the officers have now been arrested by Mexican state police and are being held in a prison in Coahuila. Authorities are searching for the third officer who is on the run. The two arrested are Felix Enrique Moreno Vasquez (aka: “La Pirana”) and Ivan Vladimir Martinez (aka: “El Hermano”).

In truth, it now appears that the two Americans were NOT armed at all so they could not have been shooting at Mexican border police and, further, they apparently did NOT run the checkpoint as alleged. What Mexican authorities believe is that these three border cops executed the two Americans in cold blood! Their motive remains unclear at this point. Continue reading

Lunatic With Gun Kills People in Texas Church!

Once again another lunatic with a gun has killed innocent people including children this time in a local Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas about 30 miles east of San Antonio. His name was Devin Patrick Kelley who is described by people who knew him as creepy, crazy, and a hater of religious people. Neighbors say he would shoot off his guns target practicing as “odd hours” namely at 10-11 pm at night. Targeting practicing in the country is not unusual but most people don’t do it in the midst of the night as it disturbs their neighbors.

The Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas where the mass shooting took place yesterday.

Those killed by Kelley in this EVIL act yesterday morning during church services range in age from 71 to 5 years old. Included among the dead are the pastor’s own daughter. So far what we’ve learned about this deranged killer is that he was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for “bad conduct.” He also apparently spend some time in prison for domestic violence and assault he committed against his wife and 11 month old child. Those who knew him also said he had a history of anger management problems. Ironically, he is said to have hated religious people YET he was a Vacation Bible School teacher at some point. So he knew God and then he turned against God.

So just how did this lunatic get a gun? That’s being investigated and at this point it is unknown but one theory being floated is that his conviction may not have yet been entered in the FBI/ATF criminal background check database which, btw, is grossly underfunded. Of course, he many have simply bought the gun from one of his buddies or fellow residents. Who knows.

So far we know that 26 INNOCENT and UNARMED people were killed and 20 more wounded by this nutsack with a gun. As for motive that is still unknown too and it is also not known if he had any ties to any leftist or terrorist groups (packs of lunatics with guns). Continue reading

Former DNC Chairwoman Spills the Beans on Hillary and Obama!!

BrazileAccording to former DNC interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee for POTUS was RIGGED! It appears the Clinton crime machine moved in and took over the DNC by establishing control over the party’s finances which were made bankrupt by Barack Obama.

Bernie Sanders never had a chance at the nomination IMO after reading the below editorial on Politico by Brazile. Brazile followed the money trail and found a lot of surprises along they way which, although not illegal, is certainly UNETHICAL.

Read the article and discover just what a complete SHAM our two party system is and discover just how REALLY corrupt out “public servants” really are! Of course I’m sure the DNC is not alone as I’m sure the RNC has done their fair share of unethical things too. The people in DC are all corrupt and our government no longer represents WE THE PEOPLE. That is no BEYOND CLEAR!

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