McConnell Will Have to Seat Moore if He Wins!

Despite all of the bravado talk coming from the lips of that incompetent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (aka: RINO) if Judge Roy Moore wins the Senate seat election in Alabama, McConnell will have to seat him. Despite his pretense that he is some kind of all-powerful banana republic dictator McConnell will have to follow the law and seat Moore.

This has now been confirmed by Senator Susan Collins R-ME who said according to the LAW McConnell will have no choice but to seat Moore if he wins the Alabama election. This comes amid growing comments by McConnell and his cohorts that they will push Moore out if he wins. Now keep in mind these are all REPUBLICANS and this is just one more reason why the Republican controlled Senate and House just can’t get anything done. They are too busy with in-fighting!

If you ask me McConnell should be run out on a rail as he’s proven his LACK of leadership skills more than once. He’s all talk and no action, frankly. Instead of working to unite Republicans in the Senate McConnell seems focused on dividing his own party in the Senate and DIVIDED it indeed is. I’m sure the Democrats are sitting back laughing hilariously at the stupidity and division in among Republicans who, frankly, are demonstrating CHILDISH behavior. No wonder Republican President Trump is so disgusted with Congress! All 100 Senators and all 435… Continue reading


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Dem Victory in Alabama?

It is beginning to appear that the stage has been set for a Dem victory in the Alabama Senate race which was the plan all along I’m sure.  Thus far I’ve seen NO PROOF that Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed or raped any of the women accusing him of doing so in bygone days.  But, apparently proof has no significance in this affair as the allegations alone are enough to destroy a man.  And that’s exactly what is happening in the case of Moore.  The Dems have created doubt and suspicion around Moore and that was the goal.  The goal was never to prove that the allegations were true or not.  It’s an old DIRTY political game and it seems to be working well in this case.  And, the Dems are just not to blame here as all of the RINOS in the Senate and House have jumped on the bandwagon too (ie:  Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, et al).  The Dems can smell victory and control of the Senate I’m sure.  Too bad that they and the RINOS had to resort to dirty politics and I would say they should be ashamed but I don’t know one with any shame at all.  They are all shame-LESS!  Disgusting!!

US Taxpayer Money Used to Shut Up Accusers?

It now appears that sexual harassment up on Dung Hill has been somewhat widespread for a long time now  and not only that but the government has been using taxpayer money to shut the accusers up (read BRIBES).  In fact, that “hush money” (aka:  “shut your frickin’ mouth money) amounts to the tune of $15 million dollars!  US Congresswoman Jackie Speier D-CA spilled the beans during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.  Well we’ve always known that our “elected representatives” were corrupt and now we know they are PERVS too!  BTW anyone recall pedophile accusations made against several US Senators back in the late 70’s?  Several were accused of molesting their under age Pages.  It was news for a few days and then suddenly it was all swept under the carpet and as I recall not one Senator went to prison for child molestation!  Corrupt and Creepy!  That’s who represents us folks and we wonder why DC is so screwed up???  Read more at:

Saudi Crown Prince Wields the REAL Power!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

There’s a new prince in town and he’s got balls and guts!  He’s firmly set on what he wants to do and he’s not holding back at all.  In fact, he’s already thrown caution to the wind and neither the Saudi’s or other Middle Easterners quite know what to make of him and his MANLY boldness!

His name is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and he’s got the tacit backing of his father the Saudi King. He’s the 32 year old Saudi Crown Prince soon to be King of Saudi Arabia but he’s not waiting to assume the throne to gain power as he is already being recognized as the most powerful ruler and man in the Middle East AND a man to be reckoned with.  In just a few short weeks he’s achieved this power beginning with his order to arrest no less than 11 Saudi princes from his own royal family for corruption.  He also ordered the arrest of more than 200 Saudi businessmen elites for corruption.  And he hasn’t stopped there as he’s also now taking away power for Saudi Arabia’s powerful Muslim clerics!

The Crown Prince has gone even further as he’s ordered blockaded Qatar and accused radical Iran of “acts of war” against the Kingdom. He’s also encouraging the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister and even detained him on a recent visit to Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince has also sent soldiers into Yemen to fight what he believes is Iranian-backed factions who recently launched a missile aimed at Riyadh.  Of course, American officials are worried that the young MANLY Crown Prince is destabilizing the region but that’s always the case when a leader refuses to fit into the America feminized-male mold!  You’d think that these “officials” would get a clue and electing leaders with BALLS seems to now be the global norm.  Examples:  Trump in the USA, the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, and Austria’s newly elected young PM Sebastian Kurz.  Yes, the world is tired of the weak willed, limp handed style leaders that America so loves to see and glorify!!

Frankly, I’m glad to see a REAL MAN taking control in the Middle East as he just may achieve some things that America and Europe have not been able to achieve.  

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Waste Water Being Distributed in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico (“Rich Port” in Spanish) is not a US state but it is a US territory and the people there are US citizens.  It has a population of about 3.4 million people.  The US invaded the island during the Spanish-American War in 1898 and as an outcome of that war Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the USA along with the Philippines and the island of Guam.  This was part of the Treaty of Paris and a part of that treaty also forced Spain to give up Cuba but it didn’t give Cuba to the US.  The island was originally inhabited by the Taino people who are an indigenous people of the Caribbean.  When the island was claimed for the Kingdom of Castile (Spain) in 1493 by Christopher Columbus the Spanish colonial government began to transform the island population and culture.  Waves of African slaves were brought onto the island along with Canarians (people from the Canary Islands) and Spanish settlers.  What the eventual result was, was the development of a distinctive Creole Hispanic culture and language that combined elements of Native American, African, and Spanish (Iberian) culture and language.

Recently, the US territory of Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane and this has only added to the ongoing problems the island has been facing.  Prior to the destruction by the hurricane Puerto Rico was bankrupt and many people on the island were living in poverty.  The US territory has ZERO electoral votes and in order for a Puerto Rican to vote in a US presidential election primaries they must have a residence on the US mainland.  This despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are considered “natural born US citizens.” Continue reading

Trump Wages WAR Against America’s Working Poor…that’s YOU!!

I want to address two things in this post. First is Puerto Rico and second is the Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare). Let me begin with Puerto Rico. Yesterday the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz accused Trump of “genocide” in relation to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico following a massive hurricane that devastated the US territory a few weeks ago. Notice Puerto Rico is a US TERRITORY and NOT some foreign country? Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane hit and now the infrastructure is completely devastated making life almost impossible on the island. Trumps response has left a lot to be desired and yesterday after Congress (yes they actually did something) passed a bill granting more funding for disaster relief his response was tweeting that “we can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever.” WTF? What in the hell was that tweet all about? No one expects FEMA to stay in Puerto Rico forever and, frankly, his statement (yes he has said all of his tweets are OFFICIAL presidential statements) was inappropriate. So what does Trump plan to do? Leave the people of Puerto Rico to fend for themselves and be content with the US territory sinking into a Third World State?

I like what US Representative Luis V. Gutierrez D-Ill said yesterday. He said,, “I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE!”. I think Gutierrez hit the nail on the head because HATE is the problem here with Trump! I knew during his presidential campaign 2016 when the KKK and Neo-Nazis came out quickly supporting Trump that something was amiss and his slow response to condemn the riots in Charlottesville involving Neo-Nazis demonstrating there only added more proof that Trump IS A RACIST! This plus all of his rhetoric about Mexico and his beloved Berlin-style SOVIET wall he wants to build is all proof that this president does NOT see himself as President of all Americans especially Hispanic and Minority Americans! How much more proof do we need that Trump is a hardcore RACIST? Add atop all of this his recent move to suspend DACA which threatens to deport Hispanic youth that were brought to America illegally by their parents crossing our border illegally and you’ve got plenty of evidence that Trump is a RACIST.

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North Korea is a Demonic Regime!

Perhaps you have noticed that the terrorist or the oppressor is ALWAYS the victim?  Well that is the role that the terrorist regime in North Korea is now playing in regards to the young American they released recently named Otto Warmbler.  Otto was a 22 year old American college student visiting the rogue nation.  While there he was accused of stealing a propaganda poster inside his hotel room and he was arrested for it.  He was taken to one of many North Korean puppet courts, found guilty, pleaded for mercy but to no avail, and was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.  Now keep in mind this was for stealing a POSTER!

Otto was returned to the US as an act of “mercy” by North Korea and he died this past June.  Warmbler’s parents appeared today on Fox & Friend and on CNN and they had plenty to say about North Korea’s terrorist regime.  They believe that their son was brutally tortured by the North Koreans and they likely are absolutely right as the NK regime is known to employ torture liberally and operates numerous prison camps throughout the country that use torture.

As Otto was being flown back home to the USA his parents hoped that he could be rehabilitated and his life could go on normally but they were disappointed quickly because when Otto came home he was blind, deaf, and screaming in pain!  What they discovered along with their doctors that what the NK had claimed about Otto was most definitely NOT true!  And just what was that?  NK authorities claimed Otto had been treated humanely and had not been tortured.  The claimed that Otto had slipped into a coma after suffering from a bout with botulism and taking A (meaning one) sleeping pill for which he was given “proper medical attention.”  Yet Otto’s physical state did NOT support anything claimed by the North Korean regime! Continue reading

N. Korea vs USA: It’s like listening to two children

I don’t know about you but there are some things that I expect from a leader and one of those things is that they have some measure of DIGNITY.  I also expect a leader to have some measure of SELF CONTROL being careful what they say and whom they say it too.  In other words, I expect a leader to think BEFORE they speak.  Listening to President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un, however, reflects NONE of my expectations of a leader and, in fact, it’s like listening to two squabbling children!  The situation between Trump and Kim has now been reduced to name calling and, frankly, this is what I would LEAST expect not only from two national leaders but supposedly ADULT men!  BOTH are acting like children now and it’s embarrassing to see a POTUS engaging in such juvenile activity.

Trump is the reflection of a long and ongoing problem in the United States and that problem is that we just can’t find a REAL leader in this nation nowadays.  Sorry but the last election pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump was nothing short of an absolute FARCE!  They were our two choices and any potential dignified candidate was weeded out in the primaries, sadly.  There were a few candidates that I think would have been far more worthy of the Oval Office than either Clinton or Trump such as Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Marco Rubio, or Sen Bernie Sanders and I’ll include Dr Ben Carson as well in the “worthy” group.  But Trump and Clinton?  What a sad statement that made to the world as neither one of them have any dignity and neither one of them ever thinks before they speak.  Both have a bad habit of just mouthing off without even thinking about what they are saying or whom they are saying it to and in Trumps position now as POTUS that can be very dangerous.  International politics can be risky and explosive and that is why a sitting POTUS should be careful what they say either by voice OR via Twitter.

Trump is NOT scoring any points with MOST Americans by his continued rants on Twitter or by engaging in a name calling circus with Kim.  In fact, BOTH leaders are looking like absolute juveniles now and their behavior over the past week has made BOTH nations the laughing stock of the entire realm of international politics. Problem is BOTH of these men tend to have explosive personalities and BOTH tend to react without thinking and in terms of war than could be dangerous and disastrous!

I don’t know about you but I expect something MORE and BETTER from a POTUS.  I expect him/her to act like and ADULT with intelligence, caution, forethought, and rationalism.  Instead what we have is a president who spouts off quickly and emotionally with no forethought, now caution, no rationalism, and apparently no intelligence either.  This kind of behavior is going to get our nation in trouble somewhere along the line if not North Korea then somewhere else.  And, further, I frankly can’t believe that this is how an ADULT man conducts his “foreign policy.” This is absolutely insane!


Trump’s Hypocrisy! Got a clue yet America??

He’s only been in the Crap House for 9 months but it seems like he’s been there for at least 4 years already.  Yes, I’m talking about our esteemed President Donald J. Trump and I don’t know about you but to me and many others he’s already a full-fledged nightmare that everyone is wishing would just go away.  Trump and his administration are a bit like living in the “Twilight Zone.”  For starters it should now be clear to everyone that Trump has problems working with people.  In fact, it appears he can’t work with people because he seems to have an attitude of “my way or no way.”  That attitude might work in the greed ridden halls of business but it doesn’t work when you are the leader of a country or in any other high political office.  Politics is an art and, specifically, it is an art of COMPROMISE.  The Democrats showed during 8 years of the Obama regime that they didn’t understand that little basic reality of politics and now the Republicans are showing that they don’t get it either!  And as for Trump?  The man doesn’t even know the meaning of the world “compromise” I assure you.

Trump is now going to bed with the Democrats because he can’t get anything done with his own party, the GOP, and that would be because of his attitude of “my way or no way.”  Like I said, Trump has problems working with other people.  Right off the bat he offended the GOP leadership in both the Senate and House to the point that all they wanted was to do anything and everything they could to screw him over and they’ve done just that for the past 9 months.  That’s why Trump’s agenda has gone nowhere!  So now he’s hopped in bed with the Democrats to get Obamacare axed and he’s going after GOP congressmen and senators who don’t support the latest version of “repeal and replace.”  Case in point….Trump is now going after Rand Paul for not supporting the latest version to screw the working poor out of affordable healthcare.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) over the past 9 months because he’s simply doing what he’s done for decades in the business world.  That is….Screwing people over!  That’s the way he’s gotten to where he is via his real estate business and investments, screwing people over, and he’s made a lot of enemies along the way who have not forgotten how they were screwed by him.  Trump is just continuing his typical M. O.  A number of his FORMER supporters, I saw a few days ago, burned their “MAGA” hats in a bonfire already because they are so frustrated and disappointed with him.  LOL guess they now realize just how Trump played them like a fiddle for the naive people they are.  But, again, get used to it because that is what Trump has done in the business world for decades now and in the near future he will continue to screw over his supporters IF and when he deems it to HIS advantage.  This man, this president, has no loyalty to anyone but himself, period! Continue reading