Lunatic With Gun Kills People in Texas Church!

Once again another lunatic with a gun has killed innocent people including children this time in a local Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas about 30 miles east of San Antonio. His name was Devin Patrick Kelley who is described by people who knew him as creepy, crazy, and a hater of religious people. Neighbors say he would shoot off his guns target practicing as “odd hours” namely at 10-11 pm at night. Targeting practicing in the country is not unusual but most people don’t do it in the midst of the night as it disturbs their neighbors.

The Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas where the mass shooting took place yesterday.

Those killed by Kelley in this EVIL act yesterday morning during church services range in age from 71 to 5 years old. Included among the dead are the pastor’s own daughter. So far what we’ve learned about this deranged killer is that he was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for “bad conduct.” He also apparently spend some time in prison for domestic violence and assault he committed against his wife and 11 month old child. Those who knew him also said he had a history of anger management problems. Ironically, he is said to have hated religious people YET he was a Vacation Bible School teacher at some point. So he knew God and then he turned against God.

So just how did this lunatic get a gun? That’s being investigated and at this point it is unknown but one theory being floated is that his conviction may not have yet been entered in the FBI/ATF criminal background check database which, btw, is grossly underfunded. Of course, he many have simply bought the gun from one of his buddies or fellow residents. Who knows.

So far we know that 26 INNOCENT and UNARMED people were killed and 20 more wounded by this nutsack with a gun. As for motive that is still unknown too and it is also not known if he had any ties to any leftist or terrorist groups (packs of lunatics with guns). Continue reading


The Masculine Mystique: Comparing Trump and JFK


It’s no secret that the decline of the American MALE is a sure sign of the decline of American society in general and cause for alarm. We can clearly see this when we compare Trump to JFK in terms of masculinity and time frame. America is degenerating on every level and we’d better do something to stop it or our society is going to come to a crashing end, literally!


There is a great article on this very subject appearing in the National Review written by Steven Watts (see link below). It’s time the American male do something about HIMSELF! Get the hell our of mommy and daddy’s basement (u r 30 something now moron!), get a job, get married, be a MAN instead of a lifelong BOY, and for God’s sake please put on some pants!!

Read the excellent article by Steven Watts at:


VP of Venezuela Implicated in Drug and Terror Activity by USA!

President Trump today slapped sanctions against the Vice President of Venezuela Tareck el Aissami (hmmm….doesn’t sound like a Hispanic name to me) accusing him of playing a MAJOR role in illegal drug trafficking. US law enforcement officers have targeted the VP for years now over his alleged close ties to the nation’s biggest drug trafficker and a Middle Eastern militant (TERRORIST) group. Trump directed the US Treasury to freeze any and all assets within US reach of the VP.

Trump also slapped sanctions on Samark Lopez who is a wealth businessman in Venezuela and who is believed to be the VP’s front man. The VP has denied any criminal wrong doing in the past.

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Today’s sanctions prove two things. First, that the drug trafficking business reaches into the highest levels of several Latino governments. Allegations have been made in the past that even President Pena-Nieto is in on the action of one of Mexico’s drug cartels.

Secondly, the VP’s alleged close ties with a militant group int he Middle East is just more evidence that Venezuela is the delivery point for militants to get into the US illegally posing as Mexicans. It has been alleged in the past that militants from Middle Eastern countries are allowed into Venezuela where they are taught Hispanic tradition and Hispanic language so they can pretend to be Mexican nationals if they are caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

As for VP Tareck el Aissami and his name this is not a Hispanic name at all but it certainly is a Middle Eastern name. His full name is Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah. He is 42 years old and is said to have been born in El Vigia in the Venezuelan state of Merida. His father is named Zaidan el Amin el Aissami aka Carlos Zaidan who immigrated from Syria and who also supposedly was a military associate of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Zaidan even led a local Ba’athist Party in Venezuela! Ring a bell? That was the party of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein! The VP’s mother is an immigrant of Lebanese origins.

It has been allege that the VP has close ties to Hezbollah a Mid Eastern TERRORIST organization. It’s also been alleged that he provides passports for “terrorist organizations.”

Now I just said all this proves two things but let me add a THIRD thing it proves. That is that the TERRORISTS are at America’s backdoor closer than we think. They have and are in process of infiltrating Latino governments! They are using the money of the drug cartels for funding obviously. We’d better get serious about immigration and do somethings to protect ourselves as it may already be too late! Enough of the koom-bya already!! We are in DANGER more than we think!!!


RACE WAR Hits America!

NY PostA protest by Black Lives Matter in Dallas, TX turned into a bloody carnage yesterday as snipers shot 12 Dallas Police Officer killing 5. One suspect taken into custody said he planned to kill more cops and another said he wanted to kill white people. Three suspects have been arrested and the fourth one was killed by police. The demonstration began as a protest against two recent incidents of police shooting two black men, one in St Paul, MN and another in Louisiana earlier this week.

I understand this from two points of few. First, why are our police shooting to kill ANYONE OF ANY COLOR? Why not shoot them in the leg, arm, or tase them? I think some of our police are a bit too trigger happy! You can stop someone from reaching for a gun by shooting them in the leg or arm. It doesn’t have to be a kill shot! No one can help but notice that MOST of the suspects are black males. Sorry but that’s a FACT! I can’t help but wonder just how much racism exists in our police departments and the case in Dallas is somewhat perplexing as they have a BLACK police chief. And then there is the matter of hiring police……….

Ex-military USED to make good police officers but I’m NOT so sure that is the case anymore. Vets are being hired and, sadly, SOME of those vets have mental issues due to their service in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Likely these people should have never been in the military as they weren’t cut out to be SOLDIERS. It takes a different kind of person to be a soldier ESPECIALLY in war! Some Americans just DON’T have what it takes to kill the enemy and forget about it or at least not let it bother them. War is UGLY BUSINESS! It’s not a video game or make-believe!! It is very real and very ugly. Horrible things are done in the midst of war that, sometimes, no human being in their right mind would ever think of doing. But, war has its own special place and rules and they do NOT conform to the rules of peace of civility.

The next thing I want to address is all of the growing hate in our nation especially along racial and political lines. This is a CLEAR sign that something is VERY WRONG in America! This is a clear sign that we are a nation in GROSS DECLINE bordering on the edge of anarchy and barbarism! We’ve seen this hate and anger grow across the country as the gap between rich and poor has consistently widened over the past decade at least. People do unthinkable things when they are hungry and/or have nothing.

Tensions along MANY LINES just not racial ones have been building in this nation for a long, long time now and we all knew that one day these tensions would explode in a very violent way. They exploded, in part, in Dallas, Texas yesterday. Instead of appeasing We The People (all of us no matter what our skin color) the powers that be have been appeasing themselves for decades now and this is the end result of that! No one wants to be enslaved! No one wants to be a serf! Everyone wants to be cared about and respected! No one wants to be discriminated against or hated! It doesn’t matter what the skin color is because the bottom line is we are all human beings and we all want these SAME things. Continue reading

Benghazi Report: Here’s What They Are Hiding

FACTS point to Benghazi’s use as a transfer hub to ship guns to ISIS by the USA.

Read the full report by Clifford Cunningham on at: Affair

Just more government corruption!  Just like Fast & Furious and the Iran-Contra CIA Drug Running Operation described by Col. Oliver North.  How much more corruption can we stand?


Eric RIPS Hillary over her HYPOCRISY!

Listen up all of you women and human rights activists! You MIGHT think Hillary Clinton in the WH is a dream come true BUT listen to what the son of Donald Trump, Eric, said on Hannity…………..

Eric Trump

Eric Trump

Eric Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being guilty of the “ultimate hypocrisy” in relation to the liberal positions she takes yet her foundation is supported by some of the most OPPRESSIVE REGIMES on the planet. The younger Trump told Hannity:

“How do you claim the mantle as a champion of women’s rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, religious freedom, as Hillary does (and then) take money from countries that execute gays and lesbians? That tell women how to dress, that tell women they can’t go to work or school unless a man approves….and never offer any criticism?” “It’s the ultimate hypocrisy.”

The younger Trump went on to say, “The country is fed up with this corruption. It’s crazy. I mean here’s somebody that between 2007 and 2014 made $150 million, all while being Secretary of State. How do you do that as a government employee?”

“You’re supposed to be looking out for the interests of the United States of America,” Trump continued, “Instead you’re profiting off of it.” He further noted that the Clinton Foundation has an extremely high expense ratios for what’s supposed to be an entity involved in charity work!

Saudi Arabia is a major supporter of Hillary. You know, our good old friend that Dumya loved to hold hands with their King as they walked down the paths at Camp David? FACT is Saudi Arabia might well be the MOST OPPRESSIVE regime in the Muslim World when it comes to women, gays, and lesbians. Women are seen as little LESS than personal PROPERTY and they are treated accordingly! They execute gays and lesbians often on the mere allegation that they are gay! How in the Hell can Hillary and Slick Willy’s foundation take money from these people? And need I mention the Saudi’s involvement in 9/11? The TERRORISTS who flew the planes into the WTC were all SAUDI citizens!

The young Trump is absolutely correct! Hillary Clinton is a HYPOCRITE! She speaks all the right words but the actions of her and her foundation prove otherwise!! And just how in the hell did she make so much money as Sec of State? Oh ya know…speaking fees, foundation donations, etc, etc, etc. FACT is Hillary Clinton is one of the Globalist Corporatists who are ruining this nation. As POTUS I assure you she will do anything and everything to promote and implement the agenda of the New World Order, the Globalists.

And then there is the matter of this weeks revelations in a new book by a former Secret Service agent who was assigned to guard the Clinton’s. According to him the Clinton WH was a den of cocaine abuse and a few other little items! And Hillary apparently has a temper that quickly goes into uncontrolled RAGE, according to this author/agent. Seriously? Do we want the leader of the free world to go off in a snap for no to little reason?

What Hillary Clinton does is pay LIP SERVICE to the masses but her actions and those of her foundation say DIFFERENT. IF she really supported women, gay, and lesbian rights then she would NOT be taking money from such OPPRESSIVE AND BARBARIC states as Saudi Arabia period! And I’m not even going to get into the Benghazi Affair and the Congressional report released this week as it is CLEAR Hillary was INCOMPETENT as SOS and STILL is! Her LACK of action got the sitting US Ambassador in Libya DEAD! Then she spun a LIE about some little known YouTube video causing the riots in Libya prior to Ambassador Stevens being killed when IN FACT she KNEW it was a TERRORIST attack and NOT a civil demonstration at all.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Hillary is NOT the answer to ANYTHING except the dreams of the FASCIST Corporatists!


Eric Trump Takes Down Hillary Clinton – ‘Ultimate …’

Turkey AGAIN!! Now involved in Drug Running!!

TurkeyIs there no end to NATO member nation Turkey’s antics? I’m beginning to think Turkey’s hands are dirty than a rat in the sewer! Let me recap Turkish news of late…..

First we learn Turkey has been buying ISIS oil and providing a corridor for ISIS to sell oil to other nations (some in Europe). Then we learn that Turkey is the place where Sarin gas was imported from Libya and moved on to ISIS. And need I mention that Turkey has been claiming to be bombing ISIS targets BUT IN FACT they have been bombing KURD targets not ISIS targets! And please allow me to mention Turkey’s downing of a Russian war jet claiming the jet was in Turkish airspace and was warned off several times even though the EVIDENCE says otherwise!

As if this isn’t enough dirty laundry for Turkey now comes news that Turkey is a pipeline of HEROIN! Reportedly, opium is brought into Turkey from the Afghanistan opium fields and turned into heroin in Turkey which, in turn, exports it to Europe where it is sold and I’m sure TURKEY makes a nice profit!

Consorting with the enemy, aiding the enemy, helping to produce weapons of mass destruction, wholesale slaughter of the Kurds, providing air cover for ISIS the enemy, lying about the downing of a Russian fighter, and now drug running. Seems to me Turkey has it’s paws in a little bit of everything that is illegal and backstabbing! And yet, NATO and the US continue to defend Turkey as being as innocent as the driven snow? Are they blind, stupid, or BOTH?

The accumulating evidence now suggests strongly that Turkey is a corrupt NATO partner that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be trusted. Turkey has already betrayed the NATO Alliance and, frankly, should be booted out ASAP. But, NATO will not do so as it considers Turkey a strategic point and some control is better than no control.

The latest revelation concerning Turkey’s involvement in the heroin trade comes from Russia’s anti-drug chief, Viktor Ivanov. The illegal drug is reportedly produced in secret Turkish labs for distribution in both Europe and Russia and I’m sure the US is getting its share too. Reportedly, the opium route goes from Afghanistan to Iran and into Turkey. The secret labs are reportedly well equipped and produce high quality heroin.

Not to be lost out of the mix is ISIS also. The drug trafficking has enabled ISIS to boost its numbers 4-fold since 2014. Ivanov pointed out a correlation between the rise in number of ISIS fighters and the increased drug trafficking. Ivanov estimates ISIS’ profit from this drug trade to be around $200-500 million annually!

Turkey is DIRTY! And NATO turns the other way pretending not to see! It’s long been known by some that Turkey was a major corridor for the global drug trade and now Russia has confirmed it. Turkey CANNOT be TRUSTED! It’s not only US politicians that are corrupt but it is also politicians in ALL OTHER COUNTRIES on the planet. Let’s face it, the leaders of humanity have become corrupt! Our conflicts are not about regime change, freedom, or democracy but are about protecting the global drug trade! That’s why our nations act like mafia bosses instead of real nations! I find Turkey’s behavior and involvement in these matters deplorable! But even more deplorable I find NATO and the US response to Turkey even worse!

Finally, I guess all of those allegations made by Western soldiers that the real War on Terror in Afghanistan is NOT about taking out the Taliban or al-Qaeda but is about protecting the opium fields is TRUE and just got confirmed!  Thank you Russia!!

Now just how does this drug running operation jive with Islam anyhow?