Trump’s Hypocrisy! Got a clue yet America??

He’s only been in the Crap House for 9 months but it seems like he’s been there for at least 4 years already.  Yes, I’m talking about our esteemed President Donald J. Trump and I don’t know about you but to me and many others he’s already a full-fledged nightmare that everyone is wishing would just go away.  Trump and his administration are a bit like living in the “Twilight Zone.”  For starters it should now be clear to everyone that Trump has problems working with people.  In fact, it appears he can’t work with people because he seems to have an attitude of “my way or no way.”  That attitude might work in the greed ridden halls of business but it doesn’t work when you are the leader of a country or in any other high political office.  Politics is an art and, specifically, it is an art of COMPROMISE.  The Democrats showed during 8 years of the Obama regime that they didn’t understand that little basic reality of politics and now the Republicans are showing that they don’t get it either!  And as for Trump?  The man doesn’t even know the meaning of the world “compromise” I assure you.

Trump is now going to bed with the Democrats because he can’t get anything done with his own party, the GOP, and that would be because of his attitude of “my way or no way.”  Like I said, Trump has problems working with other people.  Right off the bat he offended the GOP leadership in both the Senate and House to the point that all they wanted was to do anything and everything they could to screw him over and they’ve done just that for the past 9 months.  That’s why Trump’s agenda has gone nowhere!  So now he’s hopped in bed with the Democrats to get Obamacare axed and he’s going after GOP congressmen and senators who don’t support the latest version of “repeal and replace.”  Case in point….Trump is now going after Rand Paul for not supporting the latest version to screw the working poor out of affordable healthcare.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) over the past 9 months because he’s simply doing what he’s done for decades in the business world.  That is….Screwing people over!  That’s the way he’s gotten to where he is via his real estate business and investments, screwing people over, and he’s made a lot of enemies along the way who have not forgotten how they were screwed by him.  Trump is just continuing his typical M. O.  A number of his FORMER supporters, I saw a few days ago, burned their “MAGA” hats in a bonfire already because they are so frustrated and disappointed with him.  LOL guess they now realize just how Trump played them like a fiddle for the naive people they are.  But, again, get used to it because that is what Trump has done in the business world for decades now and in the near future he will continue to screw over his supporters IF and when he deems it to HIS advantage.  This man, this president, has no loyalty to anyone but himself, period! Continue reading


Some things just make you wonder……..hmmmmm





And perhaps one of the most bizarre and even frightening things I found was this quote……..

If you believe in reincarnation here a little fact.  Facist Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini was killed by his own people on 28 April 1945.  US President Donald Trump was born 14 June 1946 which is only 14 months after Mussolini’s demise!  And Trump has been caught red handed quoting Mussolini!  Trump tweeted ““it is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep” This is a quote from Mussolini which Meet the Press confronted him on (see link below):



Time for a Purge!

Commentary by Monomakh………..

It is no secret that the Communists Marxists are well entrenched in Washington and that they have been for a long while now. They are in the halls of government, education, and the media and they are opposing President Trump at every turn sometimes openly and other times covertly. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this president is a president surrounded by enemies and he’d better do something about them quickly.

Rurik4I suggest President Donald Trump wage a purge beginning with the Communist staffers in the White House and moving right down the ladder from there. He and those staffers loyal to him should immediately start identifying who these treasonous Communist staffers are and fire them for insubordination immediately. And if any of them are worthy of criminal charges he should not hesitate one minute to have those staffers arrested and jailed. He should then replace them with people loyal to him and his agenda.

President Trump should then wage this purge throughout the entire government bureaucracy using the same means to rid government of these Communist traitors. This is the only way the American people are going to have their government back. However, the BIGGEST move should initially be against the Jew traitor known as George Soros! This man should be declared an Enemy of the State due to his many subversive and treasonous moves against our republic and his funding of radical Communists groups bent on destroying our republic. Soros collaborated with the Nazi SS as a boy growing up in Hungary. He identified Jewish people to the Nazi SS even though he and his family were Jews themselves! His family changed their surname during that time to cover up the fact that they were also Jews. Soros was born a traitor, has always been a traitor, and will always be a traitor. Trump need to call him on the carpet and make him account for his treasonous activities and jail him and anyone else associated with him in carrying out his crimes against the United States!


Trump then should turn to our colleges that are literally overflowing with Communist patsy’s who have spent decades now indoctrinating our youth in the finer points of Leninism and Marxism while pillaging the pillars of our republic. These professors need to be put on the unemployment line immediately! They think themselves highly intelligent but in fact they are absolutely IGNORANT as they seem to know everything about Communism and Marxism EXCEPT the fact that what typically happens is that the Communists use college professors as “useful idiots” to do their bidding and once the Communists are fully in control they then execute the “useful idiots.” These professors are nothing short of being Enemies of the State and treasonous traitors just like Soros! Continue reading

Is America a Fascist State?

by Viktor Sukov

A lot of hype and misinformation surrounded the past presidential election not to mention a good dose of “fake news.” All of this “fake news” is really nothing new as it used to be called “Propaganda.” Now that Donald Trump has been elected POTUS many Americans are trying to sort through the propaganda in an effort to find truth and one of the things some people are trying to figure out is if America is now a fascist state.

america-first1Fascism is a broad term and many people don’t even know what it means. So what is “fascism”? When we think of fascism we typically think of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis which was one sort of fascism but the fascism exposed by Italian dictator Mussolini was another sort of fascism and the fascism exposed by Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco was yet another sort of fascism. Here are some core tenets of fascism but keep in mind that not all fascists or fascist regimes embrace all of these tenets.

Nationalism is s big thing when it comes to fascism and what we are seeing now in America is the rise of “populism” which can be taken as a form of nationalism but this is only one tenet of fascism and it does not mean America is now a fascist state. Further, simply taking pride in one’s own country and/or ethnicity or culture can also be considered a form of nationalism but that doesn’t mean you are a fascist. Totalitarianism (dictatorship) is another tenet and fascists regimes who embrace this tenet most often have dictators such as German, Italy, Spain, and Argentina’s Juan Peron during WW2. The US does not have such a dictatorship. Our Constitution is still in tact even though it’s been badly battered for the past 8 years under the Communist Barack Obama (and yes I consider Obama to have been a Communist). Our democratic institutions remain in tact as well and the powers of the presidency remain limited so America does not have a totalitarian regime.

Anti-democratic ideology and a one party system are two more tenets of fascism that fascists may or may not embrace. Like I said, our democratic institutions remain in tact and America doesn’t have a one party system so, again, America has not embraced these two tenets of fascism. Another tenet of fascism is what is known as a “personality cult.” That is, the nation rallies around some prominent public figure usually the leader. Germany rallied around Hitler. Italy rallied around Mussolini. Spain around Franco and Argentina around Peron. Hitler ha a personality cult going on as did the others but to a lesser extend I think. In America it is rather difficult to rally around some public figure including the president. Yes, Trump supporters tend to rally around him and likely see him as a “savior” of our nation and that would be a sort of “personality cult” but many Americans do not feel this way about him. However, he does have a bit of a personality cult going on but nowhere near that seen with Hitler, Franco, or the others during WW2. Continue reading