McConnell Will Have to Seat Moore if He Wins!

Despite all of the bravado talk coming from the lips of that incompetent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (aka: RINO) if Judge Roy Moore wins the Senate seat election in Alabama, McConnell will have to seat him. Despite his pretense that he is some kind of all-powerful banana republic dictator McConnell will have to follow the law and seat Moore.

This has now been confirmed by Senator Susan Collins R-ME who said according to the LAW McConnell will have no choice but to seat Moore if he wins the Alabama election. This comes amid growing comments by McConnell and his cohorts that they will push Moore out if he wins. Now keep in mind these are all REPUBLICANS and this is just one more reason why the Republican controlled Senate and House just can’t get anything done. They are too busy with in-fighting!

If you ask me McConnell should be run out on a rail as he’s proven his LACK of leadership skills more than once. He’s all talk and no action, frankly. Instead of working to unite Republicans in the Senate McConnell seems focused on dividing his own party in the Senate and DIVIDED it indeed is. I’m sure the Democrats are sitting back laughing hilariously at the stupidity and division in among Republicans who, frankly, are demonstrating CHILDISH behavior. No wonder Republican President Trump is so disgusted with Congress! All 100 Senators and all 435… Continue reading


Immigration Laws TRASHED…..again!!

Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives In yet another stroke of genius with the goal being the destruction of our nation and society the Obama Administration has made yet another not-so-brilliant decision regarding illegal immigration.

US Border Agents have been instructed to release detained illegal immigrants and to NO LONGER order them to appear at a deportation hearing! Essentially, that gives all detained and released illegals a free pass to stay in the US indefinitely. This information came during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration subcommittee and was given by US Agent Brandon Judd who is also President of the National Border Patrol Council.

“We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” Judd told the Subcommittee. He went on to say that the Border Patrol agents have been ordered to stand down and that the new Obama directive includes a directive stipulating that no released illegal is to be tracked by ICE.

Judd told the subcommittee that the new Obama directive is the result of the administration “embarrassment” that just over half of those illegals ordered to appear at a future deportation hearing after their release actually bother to show up at such hearing. Judd said this has resulted in extreme embarrassment for the Dept of Homeland Security which we might as well change to the Dept of Homeland IN-security! DHS, however, countered Judd’s testimony saying that the government continues to be strict on border security.

So basically what is happening here is that illegals are being arrested, detained, then released but not tracked which in effect gives them a “notice to disappear” as Judd told the subcommittee. Just what the hell kind of border security is this? Let’s face the truth here. THERE IS NO BORDER SECURITY! So why don’t we just defund ICE and the Border Patrol and save a bunch of taxpayer money. And while we’re at it why don’t we defund DHS which seems inept to do their job and has ever since its creation! I frankly don’t see why we should be spending money funding a bunch of government agencies that FAIL to do their job so why have them?

Of course this new policy applies to illegals who enter our country illegally but have no criminal history, you’ll note it says in the article linked below. WTF? Wait a minute!!!

These people enter our country ILLEGALLY and up until they cross the border they may have no criminal record BUT once they cross our border they BREAK THE LAW and HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD! So ABSOLUTELY EVERY ILLEGAL HAS A CRIMINAL RECORD if for no other reason than they entered the US illegally! Just who do these Obama hacks think they are fooling?

Another concern is that some of those entering the US illegally are “foot soldiers” for Mexican gangs such as MS13 and the notorious Mexican drug cartels.  And need I mention AGAIN all those discarded para-military uniforms with Arabic insignia on them that the border agents find FREQUENTLY?  And DHS is “concerned” about “domestic terrorism”?  Hell they’d better get concerned about WHO IS COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY!!  Obviously the REAL PROBLEM is that our government either cannot protect our borders OR has NO DESIRE to do so!  The American people should be OUTRAGED over all this especially since the FACT is it’s been going on since 9/11 2001.  What in the HELL IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE??????  Have we become a total nation of IDIOTS? MORONS?  Anyone who has ever taken a class in CIVICS knows that our government is supposed to be composed of PUBLIC SERVANTS not overlords and kings!  WE THE PEOPLE are the boss!  It’s time to start recalling and impeaching these entrenched career politicians and their agendas.  We all sit here thinking about how ignorant Chancellor Merkel of Germany is for letting millions of illegals from Syria into Germany yet we need to look at our OWN COUNTRY which is acting just as ignorant or more so!

What should scare the hell out of YOU is that we DON’T know WHO is coming into our country because we’ve strapped the US Border Patrol and made it impossible for them to do their jobs!!  That’s NOT national security.  That’s national IN-security and is beyond MORONIC!  Not to mention such policies are also DANGEROUS to US, all of US!

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IRS Wasted $11.6 Million in Taxpayer Money!

The IRS has wasted $11.6 million in taxpayer money by buying computer software it never used.  It’s all being blamed on poor record keeping and poor oversight.  Bull !!  Government officials seem to think that the American taxpayer is a bottomless money pit and that’s the fact of the matter!  People need to be FIRED at the IRS over this!

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US State Dept Missing 6 BILLION Dollars!

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So the Fiscal Times is reporting that the US State Dept is “missing” $6 billion over the past 6 years and it appears they’re trying to blame it all on shaby contractor records.  Fact is the office of Inspector General for the US State Dept has been vacant for the past 5 years also.  Where is the accountability?  Why was the office of IG left vacant for all those years? And it took the State Dept this long to realize they were missing $6 billion?  Sorry but I find that all REALLY hard to believe!

The State Dept isn’t the only one missing billions of taxpayer dollars either.  Fact is this is gross corruption in action.  Everyone at the State Dept ought to be FIRED including that worthless John Kerry.  And Hillary Clinton need to be forced to answer for the missing money since she was Sec or State for…

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