Oslo: “We Have Lost the City”; the Muslim Conquest of Europe

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Leftists often have a disconnect when it comes to their envisioned Communist utopia and reality. Many are so driven by their vision of a human utopia that they do not consider the consequences of many of their actions. Such is the case in Oslo, Norway and throughout Europe in general today and it now is very clear that the Leftist desire to commit cultural suicide is in full swing and unstoppable.

The Leftist have achieved their goal of flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants from places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. What is now happening is that these immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into European society are turning major European cities into Third World slums! Oslo, Norway is a great example of this.

The rule of law is becoming increasingly ignored as these Muslim immigrants carry out their own “justice” and implement Islamic Law (Sharia). The Leftists call all this “multiculturalism” but what it really is is cultural suicide. These immigrants have absolutely no intention or desire whatsoever to assimilate into European society and, in fact, they detest European society and the European rule of law. The are NOT like Muslim immigrants in past times who assimilated into European culture! Instead, they wish to maintain their own Muslim culture and they expect European culture to conform to them! Some of these people hold some very radical Muslim views and they see Europe as a place of the infidels that must be converted to Islam or die. Instead of assimilating these people wish to impose their Islamic culture and beliefs on us and what is surprising in all of this is that European leaders seem inept to doing anything about it. Instead the Leftist European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcome more and more Muslim immigrants with ope arms. Merkel thinks she’s doing something good but what she is actually doing is facilitating the Islamic conquest of Europe! Continue reading

US and Canada: How did illegals get into US anyway?

Since President Trump issued his latest exec order pertaining to illegal immigrants people have been illegally crossing from the US into Canada. Many of those came from Africa and the Middle East and the US wants to know just how they got into the US anyway. Ahhh……HELLO! They walked into the US from Mexico most likely! Does the DHS have no clue that vast sections of he US border with Mexico consist of a barbed wire fence or no fence at all?

These people are classified at OTMs (Other Than Mexican) by the US border patrol and although media reports say the number isn’t large I suspect the MSM with their liberal agenda is downplaying the whole thing. Venezuela is KNOWN to allow Mid Eastern immigrants into their country, teach them how to speak Spanish, instruct them in Mexican culture, and then send them on their way to the US via Mexico.

FACT is this! We have a SERIOUS problem in this country as we have no idea who many of these people are or what their intentions are. Are they common folk looking for jobs and a better life OR are the terrorist soldiers? This isn’t just a matter of illegal immigration as it is also a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! The fact is Trump’s Wall should have been built a long time ago! It’s NOT the Hispanic people I’m worried about. It’s all of the OTMs that are of concern!!

Oh and btw you’ll notice in the source below that the newest PC BULLSHIT seems to be calling these people “asylum seekers.” LOL what a load of absolute SHIT!



Perez, Clinton, and the Democrats

A new poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University reveals 62% of Democrats hope the Party is DONE with Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. In other words MOST Democrats are now sick of Hillary Clinton and just want her to bow out and go away gracefully. I doubt she will however! She’s never going to be POTUS because people don’t trust her and don’t like her. And neither will her daughter!

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

That said, you may have heard that former Obama Admin Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected Chairman of the DNC a few days ago. Frankly, I think he’s a good pick as he tends not to be an over the top loudmouth. The guy DOES have some common sense which is something much needed in the DNC today.

Yesterday he appeared on “Meet the Press” and was speaking about President Trump’s order halting immigration from seven Muslim countries with ties to terrorism. Perez thinks Trump’s order is “ill advised and frankly racist….against Muslims.” I beg to disagree with Perez! There’s nothing racist about it as it is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! We have to begin somewhere when it comes to stopping terrorism and this is a start. This nation would be REALLY STUPID to just let anyone and everyone into our country which essentially is what we’ve been doing for the past 8 years under Obama’s leftist yoke!

I realize MOST of these people are wanting to get to the US to escape the violence and tyranny going on in such places as Syria, Somalia, and Libya but they need to be better vetted. This has nothing to do with discrimination. It has everything to do with common sense and taking precautions in an era of radical Muslim terrorism expanding everywhere. Trump’s halt to immigration from these seven countries is TEMPORARY and Obama did the same thing in the past. So what’s the big deal? I would hope Perez would see this but, apparently, he doesn’t.

I’ll tell you one thing, however. The Dems had better get their act together before the mid-term elections! They’d better start making appeals to young voters and America’s working poor. And one thing they seriously need to do before the next presidential election is get someone besides Hillary Clinton as their candidate! She has a likability problem and people do not trust her. There are people who would be much better than her! The DNC needs to get to work!!

My hope is that Tom Perez will be a voice of reason in the Democratic Party. A voice of common sense that will stand up for American workers and the poor. We shall see.  Finally, terrorism and the threat of terrorism is something we cannot afford to be stupid or lazy about.  We MUST be vigilant!  We MUST take precautionary measures!  We MUST do everything possible to protect ourselves!  If we don’t then we most certainly will pay the price in some very big ways.




US Military Will NOT Be Used as Deportation Force

DHS Secretary John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with their counterparts this week in Mexico City amid growing tensions over illegal immigration between the US and Mexico. Kelly told reporters that the US Military will NOT be employed as a deportation force and he also stated that there would be NO MASS DEPORTATIONS.

“Everything we do at DHS will be done legally and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the United States,” Kelly told reporters at the press conference in Mexico City. President Trump had earlier referred to the deportations as a “military operation” but WH Press Secretary Spicer told reporters the President used that term as an adjective. Spicer also told reporters that the National Guard would NOT be directed to conduct mass roundups of illegals inside the US. This was a reference by the Associated Press that Trump was considering using the National Guard for such an operation. “This is 100% NOT TRUE,” Spicer said. “It is false. It is irresponsible to be saying this.”

Rumors have spread like wildfires among illegal residents in the US lately including rumors of mass sweep and raids being carried out by DHS agents across the nation. DHS has said this is not true either and that there are NO mass raids or roundups going on in the US.

Tillerson and Kelly also met with Mexican President Enrigue Pena Nieto and several Mexican ministers including the Mexican Foreign Minister where trade and immigration were discussed.

Tensions have been mounting between Mexico and the US ever since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency last November. Trump wants to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico has already said repeatedly that they have no intention of paying for the wall. President Trump and his aides have floated many ideas on how to make Mexico pay for the wall including slapping a 20% import tax on all Mexican imports coming into the US. Mexico has protested against this possibility as well. Today the government called for bids from construction companies for building the wall. Plans and bids are due by the end of March and construction of the wall is set to begin in mid-April. The wall already exists in some place erected by previous administrations but was never completed due to costs and political opposition.

Not all of Trump’s wall will actually be a physical wall as large sections of it will actually be an electronic wall. This past week DHS Secretary John Kelly put out a directive to ICE and the US Border Patrol directing them to begin enforcing immigration laws thus removing the yoke Obama had placed around their necks. Obama’s controversial “catch and release” directive was also voided and illegals will not be arrested and jailed instead of being cited and released with a court appearance date. Hopefully, the directive put out by Kelly this weak also removes the absolutely ridiculous Obama directive put into action by his DHS Secretary and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano which directed Border Agents to initially fire BEAN BAG round at smugglers firing back with AR-15s or other high power weapons. That directive is what caused the death of USBP agent Brian Terry a few years ago. He was following the directive and firing bean bags at some human traffickers and drug runners he encountered in southern Arizona. They were firing live AR15’s at him and they killed him!

It’s Happening! Dawn of Trump’s Wall!!

Bids are currently being accepted and construction is set to begin by Mid-April.  Trump’s Wall is about to become a reality.  

The bidding process for a Southern Border Security Wall is officially announced. Bid duration ends March 20th 2017 for initial prototype, with pricing due March 24th – and anticipated award contracts Mid-April, 2017: BIGLY Details Here

via It Begins – Trump Administration DHS Posts “Bid Contract” For Southern Border Security Wall…. — The Last Refuge

The Modern Islamic Conquest of Spain

Two ways to conquer a country or region.  (1) Open War, (2) Massive immigration.  The Muslims finally figured out not only how to reconquer Spain but the whole of Europe via massive immigration.  I’m surprised the Spanish and European generals haven’t yet figured out what is happening.  Or do they have any REAL soldiers left?  Doubtful!  Get ready Spain!  This IS the 2nd Islamic Conquest and very soon the 2nd Emirate will be declared.  Franco is turning in his grave!  What in the hell is wrong with the Spaniards now????


Originally posted on Remember The 14 Words : ? 14,094 North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans invaded Spain in 2016, a figure nearly 4,000 larger than the Moorish army which invaded that country in 711 A.D., it has emerged. The 711 invasion led to an 800-year Muslim occupation of Iberia. Continued -? http://newobserveronline.com/spain-return-moorish-invasion/

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Rape of the West


The myth of open borders multiculturalism Kit Daniels | Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 22, 2017 German Merkel Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe has an obligation to take displaced people from Syria and Iraq, a strange comment considering that Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries won’t take in a single migrant: