Iran Nuke Deal…Obama Sold US Down the RIVER!!

Remember that little secret agreement Obama made with the Iranians way back when? And recall that details of that little secret deal were never spoken of? Well now the NY Post is exposing some of what was in Obama’s deal and it appears that Obama sold not only Israel down the river but also the whole of Europe and the USA!

Read the article below and you’ll understand perfectly why Iran is acting like a badass! Thanks Barry O! You should be charged with TREASON for this secret deal!!

NY Post article on Secret Iran Deal and Obama:


Saudi’s Support Trump in Iran Issue

Tens of thousands of Saudis are expressing their support for President Trump via Twitter in connection to his strong stance against the rogue radical Muslim nation of Iran which just happens to be the biggest sponsor of terrorism….well kinda. Saudi Arabia itself is either tied with Iran for that “honor” or running a close second IMO!

I don’t know why we haven’t done something about Saudi Arabia long ago either as they not only sponsor terrorism (ie: the 9/11 hijackers were from there) but also brutally persecute Christians, gays, and women. Their human rights record is beyond barbaric yet it is ignored by the West who is constantly shouting about human rights abuses in other nations.

Here’s an example….I just read an article yesterday about how in Saudi Arabia now women are NOT allowed to go into Starbucks and the MSM showed a picture of a Starbucks completely filled with male customers and not one woman in the place. Women can’t drive, can’t go to Starbucks, can’t expose themselves, can’t do anything! And if you happen to be gay or Christians watch out! They’ll behead you in a heartbeat no questions ask and no proof need either in many cases. Of course Iran carries out similar atrocities against its people as well.

I’m sure the Saudis are hoping that the US military will take out Iran which will really be “eliminating the competition” so Saudi Arabia can be THE chief sponsor of terror around the world! We no longer need their oil and they know it and so do we yet we play like we do. WHY? Why not tell the ruthless regime in Saudi Arabia to take a frickin HIKE? The ONLY reason the Saudis are expressing support for Trump on his stance against Iran is they are hoping the US will remove the Ayatollahs in Tehran so the Saudis won’t have to.

Despite Trumps rhetoric the Ayatollahs aren’t backing down. Trump slapped more sanctions against Iran last week after they fired a missile capable of carrying nukes and Tehran’s response was to fire another one! The head Ayatollah has now publicly said Iran is not afraid of Trump or the US and threatened to attack its enemies within minutes (read…Israel). If indeed Iran has nukes, and I think they do already, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will be smoke before our forces step on foot on Iranian soil. Trump had better think about that one.

Don’t get me wrong. I DETEST the Ayatollahs and the absolute oppressive regime they’ve been imposing on the people of Iran since the fall of the Shah back in the late 1970s! The regime of the Ayatollahs is nothing short of nightmarish and frankly I see NOTHING religious nor holy about their abuses! This regime should have been removed by ANY means long ago! I DO hope that is what Trump does at some point so the Iranian people can be free and live under humane circumstances as they deserve to. And next ought to be Saudi Arabia!


EXPOSED: 30,000 Slaughtered by Iran Regime!!

Back in July of 1988 the Iranian regime and its ruling Ayatollahs slaughtered 30,000 “political prisoners” and then attempted to cover it up out of fear of global outrage.  At least one of the Ayatollahs on the “Death Committee” objected to the mass killings but they were carried out anyway.  Now an audio recording of that objection has surfaced as the world learns of just one more atrocity carried out by the Killer Ayatollahs that rule Iran still today! And btw those clerics serving on the death committee that ordered the slaughter of these 30,000 people are STILL serving on that committee today!  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN IRAN!  The regime is still the murdering lunatic extremist bunch of thugs that it’s always been!!  And Obama cut a deal with them?  Iran is on the verge of gaining nukes?  This regime needs to be taken out!  Instead of concerning themselves with the recent election perhaps the CIA needs to do what they so graciously done before and foster a mass revolution inside Iran against these lunatic killer Ayatollahs!

Hear the audio for yourself at:

The Iranian people are being terrorized and persecuted by their own extremist government and they don’t deserve it! It’s time for Iranians to stand up and fight back and it’s time for the civilized world to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the killer regime in Iran instead of placating and trying to appease them!  Neither works with the insane and that is EXACTLY what the Ayatollah’s are.  INSANE!!


Trump Names Marine General as Sec of Defense!

President-elect Donald Trump today announced he is appointing retired US Marine Corp General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense. FINALLY A REAL MAN AND REAL SOLIDER IS GOING TO HEAD THE US MILITARY instead of the WEAK WILLED SISSIES that have been heading (destroying) it under Obama!!

Marine General James "Mad Dog" Mattis

 Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis

General Mattis is a tough talking retired Marine Corp General who famously led the US invasion of Iraq back in 2003. You might recall that under the leadership of “Mad Dog” Mattis US forces trekked across Iraq virtually unopposed and very quickly right into the heart of Baghdad. Mattis was leading, at that time, the 1st Marine Corp Division. Mattis is well known for his tough talking style and for his reputation among his fellow generals as a “blunt military strategist.”

Back in San Diego in 2005 Gen. Mattis during a panel discussion let it be known that he enjoyed brawling and “killing the enemy in war.” Mattis is also the former commander of the US Central Command which covers the Mid East region and when it comes to that rogue state led by crazed Ayatollah’s called Iran, Mattis is considered a hardliner. In fact, when it comes to Iran, Mattis is said to have a rather confrontational tone which, of course, the Obama Administration frowned upon. That would be because the Obama Administration does not like strong will SOLDIERS but prefers SISSY soldiers instead that are weak-willed, coware, and simply do what they are told by the politicians.

Mattis is, indeed, rather outspoken when it comes to Iran and a few other rogue (read KNOWN terrorist sponsoring) nations. He once made the accusation that Iran’s top leadership was involved in an assassination plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US at a restaurant in Washington DC.

Mattis was born in 1950 and has received the Bronze Star Medal and the Legion of Merit medal. He was Supreme Allied Commander from 2007-2009 until Obama got rid of him. He is known for his stance on Iran’s nuclear development which he strongly and loudly opposes. Some of his colleagues consider him a “Warrior Monk” meaning he ponders deeply military strategy and is famous for telling Marines that the most important 6 inches on the battlefield is between their ears!

Mattis’ appointment will have to be confirmed by the Senate. He has been retired for 3 years and would need to waiver from the Senate from a 1947 law that stipulates a 7 year waiting period before such appointments. However, both the Senate and House will be dominated by Republican come January and his confirmation is highly likely.

One of the things I have opposed is the Obama Administration’s getting rid of seasoned generals and replacing them with weak-willed pawns! As far as I’m concerned Obama has done everything he can to weaken the US Military! Hopefully, Mattis can and will change all that. We need to take a hard line with Iran and some other nations because these nations are growingly DANGEROUS! Iran has said more than once that when it develops nukes they are going to take Israel off the face of the map and I have no doubt they will at least try to do just that. In that even we CANNOT have someone leading the Pentagon or White House that is an indecisive and gutless coward. Iran is going to have to be dealt with one way or the other period! Better sooner than later in my thinking.

Personally, I think Trump has made a good pick in Mattis. SCORE = 1. Now we’ll see whom he picks of the other cabinet positions.