Who is George Soros = Gyorgy Schwartz ???

Anyone who doubts the facts about George Soros should do their own research….especially anyone with children or grandchildren of all ages right through college graduation and beyond. It’…

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MSM and Fake News……anyone remember?

USSA_1The MSM is on a roll over so called “fake news” but it’s really much like the pot calling the kettle black I’m afraid. Anyone remember during the presidency of Bush 2 and shortly after 9/11 when Americans were told that Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”? In fact, it was the MSM who assured us, along with Bush 2, that there was no doubt Saddam had WMD! And this despite assertions by UN weapons inspectors that Iraq had no WMD.

Yes, it was none other than the Main Stream Media (MSM) that was behind this FAKE NEWS! And that little bit of FAKE NEWS has cost countless lives of American service men and women and is STILL costing lives not to mention the countless lives of Iraqi men, women, and children. This bit of MSM FAKE NEWS was not simply FAKE NEWS (outright LIE) but also turned out to be DEADLY! Yet, these charlatans would now have us believe that only they, and they alone, report the real news while alternative media sites report only “fake news.” Sorry but I’m not buying it! And frankly, this is but one example of the MSM putting out FAKE NEWS so you’d better not buy it either.

In fact, for a long time now Americans have been suspicious of the so called “news” put out by the MSM. Most Americans now see clearly that what the MSM actually puts out is POLITICAL PROPAGANDA in the SAME style as Pravda did under the Soviet regime during the Cold War. Ironically, the word “Pravda” in Russian means “truth” but there was very little truth ever reported by Pravda during the Soviet era! Further, under the Soviet regime Russians were only entitled to “official party news” of which Pravda was a part, being one of the “official” media of the Soviets. Now the American MSM is attempting to play the same game by claiming they, and only they, report truth! But the example of Saddam and his WMD fiasco along with many other examples proves beyond any doubt that the MSM cannot be trusted and does not report solely the truth.

What this move is to silence what the MSM calls “fake news” is a ploy to silence FREE SPEECH! Hey I might believe that UFOs are real but the MSM has claimed repeatedly they are not real. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is my belief that UFOs are real “fake news” OR is the MSM denial that they are real “fake news”? And just who gets to decide what is and is not fake news anyhow?

I don’t want to be indoctrinated and I want to retain my Constitutional right to freedom of speech. I also want to retain my human right to believe what I want to and not be told what to believe by some MSM political puppet! I’m 100% sure that the majority of Americans feel just as I do. Personally, I’ll listen at times to the MSM and also alternative media and then I WILL DECIDE what I believe is real or fake and, frankly, I don’t need some ass of a social engineer claiming to be a “journalist” tell me which is which. I’m perfectly capable of deciding for myself just as is EVERY OTHER AMERICAN!

If this nation is now going to “reign in” so called “fake news” then that reigning in MUST begin with the MAIN STREAM MEDIA who have a notorious reputation for putting out FAKE NEWS! So let’s clip their wings FIRST and then we’ll decide what to do with the alternative media IF anything!

Yes “fake news” can be dangerous and cause problems just as the LIE about WMD and Saddam has proven for over a decade now. And we have the MSM to thank for that as any REAL investigative reporting would have clearly shown that Saddam had no WMD. Think of all the lives of our service men and women that could have been spared had the MSM done some real investigative reporting into the Bush 2 administrations assertion that Iraq had WMD! Instead now what we have seems to be perpetual war that has gotten our nation and the West NOWHERE! In fact, the terrorists groups look to me bigger, better armed, and more organized than they were in 2001-2002!! And btw I couldn’t help but notice back then that after it was finally revealed that Saddam had no WMD the issue was rather quickly swept under that nasty old carpet and not a word was breathed about it again! What a SCAM!! And the MSM did Bush 2s BIDDING like the lackeys they are!!!!

I don’t need some self appointed, self righteous “journalist” telling me what is real and what is not real. I’ll decide for myself thank you very much! And I’m sure I echo the sentiments of MOST Americans and the MSM had better get a clue really fast if they want to continue to stay in business. In fact, that is exactly why the MSM is going after alternative media to shut them down for “fake news.” The MSM knows that they are losing readership and viewership quickly while the alternative media is gaining. And the MSM can’t stand that because it really cuts into the ratings of their “shows” (and yes they are shows and certainly not newscasts IMO). So now they are trying to force us to listen to them. Well is ISN’T GOING TO WORK because contrary to what the MSM thinks about Americans we are NOT the hillbilly rednecks they think we are!!

This “fake news” business is just ONE MORE attempt at turning our Republic into a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP period and the MSM fully seems to support that happening. What a bunch of disgusting slime!



Finally! Someone in this country has the balls to tell the MSM just what they think of them face-to-face!! And it’s none other than President-elect Donald Trump who did just that earlier today at Trump Tower in NYC.

Present at the meeting were MSM network execs and hosts from Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN (aka: Clinton News Network & Communist News Network).

President-elect Trump made no bones about it and pulled no punches telling MSM execs and hosts exactly what he thought of them and their network “news.” He began with CNN saying, “I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a LIAR and you should be ashamed!”. One network source said, “It (the meeting) was a f–king firing squad.” “The meeting was a total disaster,” said another also saying, “The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they’d get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down.”

Reportedly, the Trump lashing took place in one of Trump Tower’s big board rooms where 30-40 people were gathered. Trump reportedly repeatedly said, “We are in a room of LIARS, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.” I would have loved to have been a mouse in the corner watching these fireworks LMAO! He addressed everyone in the room calling them deceitful LIARS and dishonest. AMEN TO THAT!! Finally, someone tells these Commie Charlatans what MOST Americans have been thinking and saying for a long, long time!!! BRAVO!

Trump reportedly mentioned CNN’s Jeff Zucker by name saying everyone at CNN was a LIAR. And that wasn’t all as he continued to rag on CNN he called the entire network a network of LIARS.

Reportedly the reporters and execs were “stunned” by Trumps tongue lashing. Poor rich CRYBABY’S! Thought their shit didn’t stink and come today they find out from the President-elect just how much it does LOL. A Trump spokesman said the meeting “went well” LOL I bet it did 🙂 …..FOR TRUMP but NOT for the anchors and execs. Continue reading