Mexican Border Cops Killed US Tourists!!

The spin has been that two American tourists in a maroon pickup ran a checkpoint in the Mexican State of Coahuila located on the Texas-Mexico border and then the two opened fire on Mexican police who were chasing them. Mexican police returned fire and killed the two gunmen now identified as Demetrius Atkins and a Mexican national with legal residence status named Edgar Valdez Rodriguez. But this account, apparently, of what happened resulting in the death of the two American men is NOT FACTUAL.

The tale told by Mexican border police as to what led up to the incident has not held up to questioning and Mexican prosecutors have now obtained three arrest warrants for three Mexican officers involved in the incident. Two of the officers have now been arrested by Mexican state police and are being held in a prison in Coahuila. Authorities are searching for the third officer who is on the run. The two arrested are Felix Enrique Moreno Vasquez (aka: “La Pirana”) and Ivan Vladimir Martinez (aka: “El Hermano”).

In truth, it now appears that the two Americans were NOT armed at all so they could not have been shooting at Mexican border police and, further, they apparently did NOT run the checkpoint as alleged. What Mexican authorities believe is that these three border cops executed the two Americans in cold blood! Their motive remains unclear at this point. Continue reading


Trump’s Hypocrisy! Got a clue yet America??

He’s only been in the Crap House for 9 months but it seems like he’s been there for at least 4 years already.  Yes, I’m talking about our esteemed President Donald J. Trump and I don’t know about you but to me and many others he’s already a full-fledged nightmare that everyone is wishing would just go away.  Trump and his administration are a bit like living in the “Twilight Zone.”  For starters it should now be clear to everyone that Trump has problems working with people.  In fact, it appears he can’t work with people because he seems to have an attitude of “my way or no way.”  That attitude might work in the greed ridden halls of business but it doesn’t work when you are the leader of a country or in any other high political office.  Politics is an art and, specifically, it is an art of COMPROMISE.  The Democrats showed during 8 years of the Obama regime that they didn’t understand that little basic reality of politics and now the Republicans are showing that they don’t get it either!  And as for Trump?  The man doesn’t even know the meaning of the world “compromise” I assure you.

Trump is now going to bed with the Democrats because he can’t get anything done with his own party, the GOP, and that would be because of his attitude of “my way or no way.”  Like I said, Trump has problems working with other people.  Right off the bat he offended the GOP leadership in both the Senate and House to the point that all they wanted was to do anything and everything they could to screw him over and they’ve done just that for the past 9 months.  That’s why Trump’s agenda has gone nowhere!  So now he’s hopped in bed with the Democrats to get Obamacare axed and he’s going after GOP congressmen and senators who don’t support the latest version of “repeal and replace.”  Case in point….Trump is now going after Rand Paul for not supporting the latest version to screw the working poor out of affordable healthcare.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) over the past 9 months because he’s simply doing what he’s done for decades in the business world.  That is….Screwing people over!  That’s the way he’s gotten to where he is via his real estate business and investments, screwing people over, and he’s made a lot of enemies along the way who have not forgotten how they were screwed by him.  Trump is just continuing his typical M. O.  A number of his FORMER supporters, I saw a few days ago, burned their “MAGA” hats in a bonfire already because they are so frustrated and disappointed with him.  LOL guess they now realize just how Trump played them like a fiddle for the naive people they are.  But, again, get used to it because that is what Trump has done in the business world for decades now and in the near future he will continue to screw over his supporters IF and when he deems it to HIS advantage.  This man, this president, has no loyalty to anyone but himself, period! Continue reading

Dictator Trump Mussolini Kicks DACA Can to Worthless US Congress!!

And so it appears that the reincarnation of the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini now exists in the person of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America…………somehow…………….

Trump continuing his quest to destroy all things done by his predecessor Barack H. Obama has now turned to eliminating DACA which was a program designed for children of illegals in the US so they could stay in our country. As of yesterday that security for these youth is now gone!  So I take it that as of yesterday the US now punished the CHILDREN of criminals for crimes committed by their parents?  So the very next murder that happens I suspect that the children of the killer will be arrested and charged with homicide along with the killer parent.  Somewhere there is logic in this kind of thinking, at least, in the DERANGED mind of Donald J. Trump.  Sorry but I have no concluded after being in the WH for about 9 months that this President is unstable and very possibly even PSYCHOTIC!  Just like Benito Mussolini was!!

Oh but wait………Trump says he acting with compassion.  Seriously?  To remove the security that of these youth who were brought to America through no fault of their own, attended American schools, served in the US military, graduated from US universities, and who work in AMERICAN jobs is NOT compassionate at all.  In fact, it is downright evil and noncompassionate!  MOST of these youth have NEVER been to Mexico or Central America and don’t even speak Spanish.  Why?  Because they are AMERICANS!

Before you spout off the standard Trump defense put yourself in their shoes.  Imagine having known nothing but America and now being threatened with deportation to some sewage pile in Mexico City simply because when you were 6 months old your parents illegally came into the US.  Since your beginning you’ve considered yourself to be an American and now suddenly you realize you are not.  And now you don’t know what is going to happen to you, your future, or YOUR children!  That is BEYOND HORRIFIC!!  And Donald Trump should be absolutely ashamed of himself!!  But I’m sure he’s not because just like Mussolini I’m sure Trump thinks he can do no wrong.

Trump has only been in office for about 9 months and, frankly, it seems like he’s been in office for far longer than that.  He and his presidency are quickly turning out to be a nightmare for MANY Americans.  This man is unstable and Vice President Pence along with Congress need to act now to remove him from office on ground that he is insane.  And HE IS!!

Just what in the hell is Trump trying to do?  Put us back to pre-1960s conditions complete with separate bathrooms and all non-white forced to ride in the back of the bus?  WTF is this man thinking?  He’s not uniting anyone but he sure is dividing everyone in ways none of us could have imagined.  This president only in office for 9 months is already a FAILURE!!  What he SHOULD HAVE DONE is to keep DACA in place and/or make all of these youth US citizens effective immediately.  They ARE Americans!

Trump and his cronies are playing a very dangerous game.  Since Day One RACISM has been very apparent with this president.  Oh yes, he has the token Black Man in his cabinet serving as HUD Secretary and the best thing that Dr Ben Carson could do is RESIGN immediately in protest and on LIVE TV!!  How Carson can serve in this racist Nazi regime is beyond me.  Trump is dividing the American people along racial lines and that is very dangerous. Something is going to give and this nation is going to find itself in the midst of an armed and bloody revolution llike the world has never seen before.  It’s coming!  The writing is all over the wall now!  Only a FOOL now believes such a thing can’t happen in the good-ole-boy-USA!!

For the past 9 months I’ve tried really hard to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but I can no longer do so.  He’s now shown his true colors as a Nazi Corporatist and racist.  He hasn’t done ANYTHING original because he’s spent the past 9 months involved in some sort of psychotic obsession bent on destroying everything accomplished by President Obama.  He hasn’t accomplished one solitary campaign promise!  There is something WRONG with this man and Americans had better wake up before he rips this nation apart in ways we DON’T want to even imagine!

Shame on you Donald Trump!!  BAD decision!

PS- LMAO does Trump actually think that the current Congress is going to do anything about DACA?  For at least the past decade now these 535 members have done absolutely NOTHING and I’m still trying to figure out why we are even paying these LOSERS!!  Congress isn’t going to do anything to save DACA.  They will twiddle their thumbs as usual, whine (which they are pros at), and make up all sorts of excuses for their inaction and INCOMPETENCE!

Border Patrol Directed to Enforce Immigration Laws! Catch and Release Policy Ended!!

The Trump Administration is working on a new Executive Order as a revision to his first order regarding the travel ban from terror supporting countries. The new order is said to continue to bar refugees from terror hotspots and bolster enforcement in the US of current immigration laws. The new order will effectively nullify a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opposing the first order.

border1The new order is said to temporarily ban refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya (as the previous one did) and it should be noted that these countries are the SAME SELECTED BY OBAMA’s recommendations. The new order will allow Green Card holders from 7 nations to travel in and out of the US. People in transit with Visas will not be detained and sent home. Refugees claiming religious persecution such as Christians under genocide in the above noted countries will NOT receive special consideration. The White House said the new order should be expected by the end of this week.

In another development Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly today removed the “handcuffs” from the US Border Patrol put on them by the Obama administration in the form of “catch and release” and other restrictions.

In a directive issued by Kelly today he lifted MOST of the restrictions placed on the USBP by Obama and he ordered Border Agents to expand their efforts to enforce laws against illegal border crossers. The directive was in the form of a memo.

Obama’s “catch and release” policy is legally known as the “Priority Enforcement Program” (PEP) which Obama put into place in November of 2014. The directive leaves Obama’s policy in place pertaining to children brought to the US illegally by their parents (known as Dreamers). In his directive Kelly said, “Except as specifically noted above the department no longer will exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement.” He also said, “Department personnel should take enforcement actions in accordance with applicable law.” Continue reading

VP of Venezuela Implicated in Drug and Terror Activity by USA!

President Trump today slapped sanctions against the Vice President of Venezuela Tareck el Aissami (hmmm….doesn’t sound like a Hispanic name to me) accusing him of playing a MAJOR role in illegal drug trafficking. US law enforcement officers have targeted the VP for years now over his alleged close ties to the nation’s biggest drug trafficker and a Middle Eastern militant (TERRORIST) group. Trump directed the US Treasury to freeze any and all assets within US reach of the VP.

Trump also slapped sanctions on Samark Lopez who is a wealth businessman in Venezuela and who is believed to be the VP’s front man. The VP has denied any criminal wrong doing in the past.

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Today’s sanctions prove two things. First, that the drug trafficking business reaches into the highest levels of several Latino governments. Allegations have been made in the past that even President Pena-Nieto is in on the action of one of Mexico’s drug cartels.

Secondly, the VP’s alleged close ties with a militant group int he Middle East is just more evidence that Venezuela is the delivery point for militants to get into the US illegally posing as Mexicans. It has been alleged in the past that militants from Middle Eastern countries are allowed into Venezuela where they are taught Hispanic tradition and Hispanic language so they can pretend to be Mexican nationals if they are caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

As for VP Tareck el Aissami and his name this is not a Hispanic name at all but it certainly is a Middle Eastern name. His full name is Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah. He is 42 years old and is said to have been born in El Vigia in the Venezuelan state of Merida. His father is named Zaidan el Amin el Aissami aka Carlos Zaidan who immigrated from Syria and who also supposedly was a military associate of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Zaidan even led a local Ba’athist Party in Venezuela! Ring a bell? That was the party of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein! The VP’s mother is an immigrant of Lebanese origins.

It has been allege that the VP has close ties to Hezbollah a Mid Eastern TERRORIST organization. It’s also been alleged that he provides passports for “terrorist organizations.”

Now I just said all this proves two things but let me add a THIRD thing it proves. That is that the TERRORISTS are at America’s backdoor closer than we think. They have and are in process of infiltrating Latino governments! They are using the money of the drug cartels for funding obviously. We’d better get serious about immigration and do somethings to protect ourselves as it may already be too late! Enough of the koom-bya already!! We are in DANGER more than we think!!!


Trump Threatens Mexico with US Troops! Or is this more FAKE NEWS?

Reports surfaced today on several MSM sites claiming that President Trump has threatened Mexico with US troops if they don’t do something about their “bad hombres.” The Associated Press is also reporting the story (see link below).

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

According to the tale Trump told Pena-Nieto in a phone call last week to send US troops into Mexico if the Mexican military doesn’t do something about their “bad hombres down there.” This according to a transcript of that phone call by the AP and other MSM sources.

The WH has not yet responded about the story. The entire transcript was not released by an unknown “insider” but only an exert. Reportedly, Trump told the Mexican president that he thinks Mexican troops are afraid of these “bad hombres” but “our military is not!”. Allegedly, Trump went on to say “I just might send them (US forces) down there to take care of it.”

This is being reported by the MSM as an “official transcript” of the phone call “leaked” by a person with access to the official transcript of that call. Of course this mystery person gave it to the AP on condition of anonymity. So I guess if ANY of this is true then Trump has got a TRAITOR in his midst that he’d better uncover very soon!

trump1Interestingly, the Mexican media site Aristegui Noticias published a similar account today of that phone call based on a story by one of their journalists named Dolia Estevez. That report claims Trump humiliated Pena-Neito during the confrontational phone call that was suppose to be aimed at patching things up over their recent conflict over Trump’s Wall and the cancellation of a trip on yesterday by Pena-Nieto to Washington DC.

The Mexican foreign ministry denies the account saying it is based on “absolute falsehoods.” The ministry clarified by saying its statement applies to the AP account of the phone call but said nothing about the Mexican press account. The ministry’s statement said, “The assertions you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it. The tone was constructive and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the team will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive from Mexico and for the United States.”

So is this just one more bit of FAKE NEWS (aka: Propaganda) being put out against Trump by the liberal Communist MSM? I can’t help but notice Obama hasn’t been out of the WH for a month yet and he’s already flapping his mouth about Trump’s immigration order. Does he ever quite talking? Most past POTUS have simply bowed out and been silent allowing the new administration to do their thing but NOT Obama for some reason. They did it out of RESPECT for the new president but I guess Obama has NONE.

One thing the Trump administration DID do today and it is FACTUAL is they warned Iran about their nuclear weapons test last week in violation of UN sanctions.  I don’t think we need to worry about Mexico and their “bad hombres” as we have a few of our own lol.  I think what we REALLY need to worry about is IRAN having nuclear weapons which I am sure they will use to turn Israel into an inferno and, in fact, they have threatened multiple times to do just that!  Now why isn’t IRAN the headline instead of the US Troops/Mexico PROPAGANDA????? yellow-journalism_1

Now with this off my chest please allow me to release some of my own fake news…………….of course you understand I only tell you this on condition of anonymity, right?  OK here it is……  Libyan President Momar Khadafi today told President Trump that he absolutely hates US milk and that if the US doesn’t stop sending US milk to Libya he will sent Libyan troops to Washington to take care of Trump and his “bad hombres.”

Ahhhh….what’s that?  Oh yeah…Khadafi is dead!   Sorry I forgot!  Ahhh maybe he was speaking from the grave…yeah…yeah…that’s the ticket.  Khadafi was speaking from the grave.  Oh well 🙂

In all seriousness, however, I STRONGLY suspect either this story is FAKE NEWS or somebody in the Trump administration that is causing trouble for Trump and trying to escalate the US-Mexico ongoing disagreement over the border wall.  Frankly, I’m passing this “leak” off as a bunch of BULLSHIT!

For more details on this story see:

Immigration: One Bad Apple

commentary by Monomakh —– 

There’s an old saying that says it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. That seems to be an appropriate metaphor for the current immigration crisis America is facing now. MOST immigrants from around the world and Rurik4refugees want to come to America and be Americans. They come here with high hope in anticipation of better lives and more freedoms. MOST are law-abiding and most become productive people. However, there are a FEW who do none of these things and who come to America wishing to contribute to the destruction of our society and our country. For example, some immigrants come from Latin America with the sole purpose of spreading the tentacles of the drug cartels they work for. There goal is to spread the influence and TERROR of the cartels. A FEW come to America with committing terrorist acts and some even get as far as carrying them out. Most of these rejects come from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and other Middle Eastern states. These nations were included in Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from these nations. However, I’m dumbfounded that the ban does not include people from Saudi Arabia as the 9/11 terrorists were from that nation and that nation is KNOWN to finance GLOBAL TERRORISM!

There comes a point when a nation and a people must take actions to defend themselves. MANY Americans just can’t fathom the idea that SOME people DON’T like us, don’t want to live like us, and want us DEAD…..ALL OF US! Well it is true! There are people out there that would like nothing better than to see the destruction of our country and the wholesale slaughter of our people and Americans had better wake up BEFORE that happens!

America has always been a welcoming nation to the immigrant….in times gone by! But, sadly, that doesn’t fly in today’s world! People have changed since those days and not for the better and not only in America but all over the world. Continue reading