Trump: Military…Transgenders are OUT!

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong but not so long ago I think President Trump made a statement saying that his posts on Twitter are “official presidential statements.”  Well today he made a MAJOR presidential announcement on his Twitter account regarding Transgenders and the military.  The president announced that Transgenders would no longer be allowed to serve in the US military and this statement has sent Twitter into a frenzy and Congress into a hissy 🙂

Via Twitter President Trump said:

“After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military.  Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.  Thank you.” Continue reading


Fatboy in NK and the USA

The Pillsbury Dough Boy who claims to rule North Korea (actually he terrorizes the North Koreans into submission) says if the US provokes him he’ll reduce America to ash.  Seriously?  Why hasn’t the CIA neutralized this POS yet? On his much promoted “Day of the Sun” celebration marking his families terrorist takeover of North Korea he test launched missiles as a part of the show and they all failed.  He recently test launched another missile and it too failed.  He is also now making threats against his real overlord Communist Red China which, frankly, is a smoke and mirror show!  He’s not about the bite the hand which might save his fat ass should the USA decide to lop a few of its own missiles his way.

Frankly, I think this inbred psycho is a lot of hot air and I’m 100% certain that should the US launch missiles his way or invade NK with boots on the ground Kim dumbass aka Fatboy will be the first to run and hide!  BTW how about that haircut hey?  LMAO!  Let me guess…’s called the “I put bowl on head and cut own hair” look?  LMAO this guy is a JOKE!


Oslo: “We Have Lost the City”; the Muslim Conquest of Europe

commentary by Monomakh ————

Leftists often have a disconnect when it comes to their envisioned Communist utopia and reality. Many are so driven by their vision of a human utopia that they do not consider the consequences of many of their actions. Such is the case in Oslo, Norway and throughout Europe in general today and it now is very clear that the Leftist desire to commit cultural suicide is in full swing and unstoppable.

The Leftist have achieved their goal of flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants from places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. What is now happening is that these immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into European society are turning major European cities into Third World slums! Oslo, Norway is a great example of this.

The rule of law is becoming increasingly ignored as these Muslim immigrants carry out their own “justice” and implement Islamic Law (Sharia). The Leftists call all this “multiculturalism” but what it really is is cultural suicide. These immigrants have absolutely no intention or desire whatsoever to assimilate into European society and, in fact, they detest European society and the European rule of law. The are NOT like Muslim immigrants in past times who assimilated into European culture! Instead, they wish to maintain their own Muslim culture and they expect European culture to conform to them! Some of these people hold some very radical Muslim views and they see Europe as a place of the infidels that must be converted to Islam or die. Instead of assimilating these people wish to impose their Islamic culture and beliefs on us and what is surprising in all of this is that European leaders seem inept to doing anything about it. Instead the Leftist European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcome more and more Muslim immigrants with ope arms. Merkel thinks she’s doing something good but what she is actually doing is facilitating the Islamic conquest of Europe! Continue reading

ISIS Leader Tells Members to “Flee and Hide”! But I thought they were macho men?

BaghdadiSeems ISIS is finally showing its true colors for the COWARDS they are and have ALWAYS been. Their so called leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has instructed his “warriors” (read evolutionary throwback cold blooded psychotic killers and perverts) to blow themselves up or “flee and hide.” LMAO so much for the noble brave radical Muslim warrior!!

His message comes as Iraqi and coalition forces are preparing to take over the western half of the city of Mosul. Iraq already has taken the eastern part of the city. ISIS is on the verge of defeat and Baghdadi knows it. Hopefully, he will be one of those who blows himself up and the world will finally be rid of this madman!

I do wonder what has happened to all of ISIS’ bravado. I mean they tried to portray themselves as righteous brave man man holy warriors and now they are being told by their leader to run ways and hid and/or blow themselves up. But I thought God was on their side and they were invincible? Well I guess NOT after all. Frankly, I hope the world hunts these people down like the DOGS they are! It’s time for the civilized world to rid ourselves of SCUM like ISIS!!

Trump Threatens Mexico with US Troops! Or is this more FAKE NEWS?

Reports surfaced today on several MSM sites claiming that President Trump has threatened Mexico with US troops if they don’t do something about their “bad hombres.” The Associated Press is also reporting the story (see link below).

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

According to the tale Trump told Pena-Nieto in a phone call last week to send US troops into Mexico if the Mexican military doesn’t do something about their “bad hombres down there.” This according to a transcript of that phone call by the AP and other MSM sources.

The WH has not yet responded about the story. The entire transcript was not released by an unknown “insider” but only an exert. Reportedly, Trump told the Mexican president that he thinks Mexican troops are afraid of these “bad hombres” but “our military is not!”. Allegedly, Trump went on to say “I just might send them (US forces) down there to take care of it.”

This is being reported by the MSM as an “official transcript” of the phone call “leaked” by a person with access to the official transcript of that call. Of course this mystery person gave it to the AP on condition of anonymity. So I guess if ANY of this is true then Trump has got a TRAITOR in his midst that he’d better uncover very soon!

trump1Interestingly, the Mexican media site Aristegui Noticias published a similar account today of that phone call based on a story by one of their journalists named Dolia Estevez. That report claims Trump humiliated Pena-Neito during the confrontational phone call that was suppose to be aimed at patching things up over their recent conflict over Trump’s Wall and the cancellation of a trip on yesterday by Pena-Nieto to Washington DC.

The Mexican foreign ministry denies the account saying it is based on “absolute falsehoods.” The ministry clarified by saying its statement applies to the AP account of the phone call but said nothing about the Mexican press account. The ministry’s statement said, “The assertions you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it. The tone was constructive and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the team will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive from Mexico and for the United States.”

So is this just one more bit of FAKE NEWS (aka: Propaganda) being put out against Trump by the liberal Communist MSM? I can’t help but notice Obama hasn’t been out of the WH for a month yet and he’s already flapping his mouth about Trump’s immigration order. Does he ever quite talking? Most past POTUS have simply bowed out and been silent allowing the new administration to do their thing but NOT Obama for some reason. They did it out of RESPECT for the new president but I guess Obama has NONE.

One thing the Trump administration DID do today and it is FACTUAL is they warned Iran about their nuclear weapons test last week in violation of UN sanctions.  I don’t think we need to worry about Mexico and their “bad hombres” as we have a few of our own lol.  I think what we REALLY need to worry about is IRAN having nuclear weapons which I am sure they will use to turn Israel into an inferno and, in fact, they have threatened multiple times to do just that!  Now why isn’t IRAN the headline instead of the US Troops/Mexico PROPAGANDA????? yellow-journalism_1

Now with this off my chest please allow me to release some of my own fake news…………….of course you understand I only tell you this on condition of anonymity, right?  OK here it is……  Libyan President Momar Khadafi today told President Trump that he absolutely hates US milk and that if the US doesn’t stop sending US milk to Libya he will sent Libyan troops to Washington to take care of Trump and his “bad hombres.”

Ahhhh….what’s that?  Oh yeah…Khadafi is dead!   Sorry I forgot!  Ahhh maybe he was speaking from the grave…yeah…yeah…that’s the ticket.  Khadafi was speaking from the grave.  Oh well 🙂

In all seriousness, however, I STRONGLY suspect either this story is FAKE NEWS or somebody in the Trump administration that is causing trouble for Trump and trying to escalate the US-Mexico ongoing disagreement over the border wall.  Frankly, I’m passing this “leak” off as a bunch of BULLSHIT!

For more details on this story see:

We Pardon Traitors Don’t We?

banana republicPresident Barack Obama is in his last gasp as POTUS scurrying to and fro creating as much mayhem as he possibly can in the final moments of his tenure in that old public housing relic known as the White House aka Crap House. And what would one expect? Come Friday at high noon he’s no longer POTUS so he and his staff are in a rush! He named several sports stars to various administrative positions today and also named Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice to the Board of Trustees for an infamous arts center. But his most controversial move made today involves Obama’s decision to commute the majority of the prison sentence for Chelsea Manning formerly Bradley Manning and the GOP is outraged!!

Manning was convicted of ESPIONAGE and other charges back in 2013 after stealing secret documents from a government computer system while working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq and leaked them to Wikileaks in 2010. Thus, he betrayed America and committed espionage in this position while serving in the US Army! Manning was caught, arrested, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to federal prison for his act of treason. Now along come Obama and commutes most of his prison sentence! Further, while in prison Manning underwent a sex change from a male to a female and the formerly Bradley is now known as Chelsea.

Manning was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment and has served 7 years at Ft Leavenworth. As a result of Obama’s commutation Manning will now be set free in 5 months on May 17 of this year!

Speaker Paul Ryan blasted today’s decision calling it “outrageous” noting Manning’s treachery put American lives at risk and exposed some of our nation’s most sensitive secrets. “President Obama now leaves in place a dangerous precedent that those who compromise our national security won’t be held accountable for their crimes,” Ryan said in a public statement.

US Senator Tom Cotton who is a veteran noted that when he was leading US soldiers in Afghanistan, Private Manning “was undermining us by leaking thousands of documents to Wikileaks.” Cotton went on to say in a public statement, “I don’t understand why the president would feel special compassion for someone who endangered the lives of our troops, diplomats, intelligence officers, and allies. We ought not treat a traitor like a martyr.” Well Senator Cotton not only is Manning a TRAITOR but so is the man who pardoned him today BARACK OBAMA!!! Traitors stick together don’t you know? Besides Obama has himself done anything and everything he can to weaken the US and our military so this is just one final gasp giving life to his own TREASON!

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee said the commutation is a “grave mistake.” He said his fear is that it will encourage further acts of espionage and undermine military discipline. “It also devalues the courage of real whistleblowers who have used proper channels to hold our government accountable,” McCain said. “It is sad, yet perhaps fitting commentary on President Obama’s failed national security policies,” he continued, “that he would commute the sentence of an individual that endangered the lives of American troops” and others. McCain branded Wikileaks as a “virulently anti-American organization” and called it a “tool of Russia.”

In days gone by those convicted of espionage and treason would have been executed if found guilty which is fitting for any and all TRAITORS in my opinion! But nowadays we simply slap them on the hands and tell them not to do it again and send them on their way.

Barack Obama lauds himself endlessly as we all know because in his own mind he thinks he’s really been a fantastic POTUS. But the reality is that Barack Obama has done very little as POTUS other than make every effort he can to use back doors when he doesn’t get his way and to weaken the US any way he can. As far as Black America is concerned this first Black president has done absolutely NOTHING! He hasn’t worked to improve the lives of black Americans and, in fact, has done everything he can to promote disunity in this country! Obama has now joined the ranks of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and some other self-proclaimed civil rights leaders who have done NOTHING to really help the plight of Black America! These people EXPLOIT black America! They enrich themselves! Barack Obama is a multimillionaire as is Al Sharpton et al. Meanwhile, black America continues to suffer all the way around!!

I would say Obama ought to be ashamed of himself but Obama has no shame and never has. He is, in fact, possibly the most egotistical man to every occupy the Crap House in my opinion! Of course, Donald Trump has a pretty big ego too and he may even outdo Obama’s ego! Time will tell.  Well 3 days from now we can all say bye-bye to Obama’s BANANA REPUBLIC and “hello” to Trump’s CORPORATIST FASCIST REICH!

In Search of Hans Kammler…..

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler was in charge of Hitler’s advanced weapons from 1944 onward including the Me-262 jets, V-2 rockets, and more exotic weaponry. After WW2 he “disappeared” as in off the face of the planet! No one is quite sure just what happened to him but neither he nor his remains have ever been found anywhere on the planet. Theories about what happened to him range from suicide to escaping to Argentina, hiding out at a secret Nazi base in Antarctica, to using the Nazi Bell to get to another planet.  Some theories suggest that he may have been part of the US Operation Paperclick which brought Nazi scientists to the US after the war such as Werner von Braun.  I’ll address these theories later but for now let’s take a look at just who Kammler was.

Kammler was a long-time Nazi.  He rose through the ranks and ended up in the Office of

SS Gen Hans Kammler

SS Gen Hans Kammler

Economics and Administration (WVHA) of the SS.  In that position he was placed in charge of designing and constructing concentration camps and, indeed, that’s how he first came to the attention of Hitler and Goering.  Kammler had hand drawn plans for an extermination camp and those plans were shown to Hitler and Goering who ordered him to build it.  And he did.  Kammler was a university educated engineer and he joined the SS in 1942.  He was placed in charge of designing extermination camps including gas chambers and crematoria.  He later became a deputy of Oswald Pohl in the WVHA which oversaw the administration of the death camps.  Following the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 Kammler was put in charge of overseeing the demolition of the ghetto in retaliation toward the Jewish people there for their uprising.

Kammler was also put in charge of constructing facilities for various Nazi secret weapons projects which included manufacturing plants and test stands for the Messerschmitt Me 262 and V-2.  After the allies bombed Peenemunde, Kammler was given the task of moving this weapons production plant underground.  The facility then became known as the Mittewerk plant which also contained a concentration camp complex for housing slave labor used for production and construction.  Kammler also designed and constructed the facilities at Jonastal and Riesengebirge used for nuclear weapons research and the facility at Ebenee used to develop a reported V-2 being modified into an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) which would have been able to reach the United States.

In 1945 Hitler put Kammler in charge of all missile projects and a month later he was placed in charge of all Nazi aerospace programs as well.  Kammler was one of the main players who made the Holocaust possible and he was also one of the main players who made Nazi Super-weapons possible.  Kammler was also the man who designed and oversaw the construction of the massive gas chambers at the Nazi death camp known as Auschwitz.

One might say Kammler was the SS version of Albert Speer!  Kammler was known to be a somewhat ruthless and



highly ambitious man eager to get to the center of Nazi power.  He was along with Himmler (chief of the SS) when Himmler visited Auschwitz in 1942.  He was the man who explained to the SS Chief how the death camp would be expanded and how gas chambers at neighboring camps would also be expanded.  It was perhaps during that visit that Kammler learned rather quickly that Himmler was not a man who liked to be bothered by difficulties but one who wanted “positive and optimistic” reports.  In April of 1945 Hitler considered making Kammler head of the Luftwaffe (Nazi air force) but there was one problem.  By 24 April 1945 SS General Hans Kammler had already disappeared and was nowhere to be found!!

Kammler had a reputation among the scientists working under him for being somewhat ruthless, to say the least.  Nazi rocket scientists like Werner von Braun were thrilled when Kammler disappeared but they worried that Kammler might be up to something sinister.  They even thought at one point Kammler was going to have them all executed  so they wouldn’t be captured by Allied Forces!  Let’s face it….the Nazi scientists feared Kammler and they knew well how evil he could be! Continue reading