Arizona STILL Doing Its Best to PERSECUTE the Working Poor!!

The Arizona Supreme Court is due to hear a case today filed by State Republicans over the Medicaid expansion put into place by former Az Governor Jan Brewer that gives healthcare to low income families and individuals.  It was put into place by Gov Brewer when Obamacare was passed into law and Arizona’s Republicans have been up in arms ever since!  That’s NOT surprising because, frankly, Arizona has a notorious reputation for trying any way they can to increase the burden on poor and working poor families and individuals in the state.  Of course, Arizona also has a notorious reputation for being unwilling to recognize such statesmen as the former Dr Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez too.  The state only recognized the MLK holiday when concerts and conventions began cancelling events in Arizona in protest of the state’s refusal to honor MLK.  Once Arizona legislators figured out how much MONEY would be lost they changed their toon rather quickly and recognized the MLK holiday.  A similar scenario revolved around the late migrant worker rights advocate Caesar Chavez.  The state reluctantly created a special day to honor him in the same tone with MLK.  Arizona should be ashamed but the state government in Phoenix is far from being so. Continue reading


Trump Wages WAR Against America’s Working Poor…that’s YOU!!

I want to address two things in this post. First is Puerto Rico and second is the Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare). Let me begin with Puerto Rico. Yesterday the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz accused Trump of “genocide” in relation to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico following a massive hurricane that devastated the US territory a few weeks ago. Notice Puerto Rico is a US TERRITORY and NOT some foreign country? Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane hit and now the infrastructure is completely devastated making life almost impossible on the island. Trumps response has left a lot to be desired and yesterday after Congress (yes they actually did something) passed a bill granting more funding for disaster relief his response was tweeting that “we can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever.” WTF? What in the hell was that tweet all about? No one expects FEMA to stay in Puerto Rico forever and, frankly, his statement (yes he has said all of his tweets are OFFICIAL presidential statements) was inappropriate. So what does Trump plan to do? Leave the people of Puerto Rico to fend for themselves and be content with the US territory sinking into a Third World State?

I like what US Representative Luis V. Gutierrez D-Ill said yesterday. He said,, “I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE!”. I think Gutierrez hit the nail on the head because HATE is the problem here with Trump! I knew during his presidential campaign 2016 when the KKK and Neo-Nazis came out quickly supporting Trump that something was amiss and his slow response to condemn the riots in Charlottesville involving Neo-Nazis demonstrating there only added more proof that Trump IS A RACIST! This plus all of his rhetoric about Mexico and his beloved Berlin-style SOVIET wall he wants to build is all proof that this president does NOT see himself as President of all Americans especially Hispanic and Minority Americans! How much more proof do we need that Trump is a hardcore RACIST? Add atop all of this his recent move to suspend DACA which threatens to deport Hispanic youth that were brought to America illegally by their parents crossing our border illegally and you’ve got plenty of evidence that Trump is a RACIST.

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Trump’s Hypocrisy! Got a clue yet America??

He’s only been in the Crap House for 9 months but it seems like he’s been there for at least 4 years already.  Yes, I’m talking about our esteemed President Donald J. Trump and I don’t know about you but to me and many others he’s already a full-fledged nightmare that everyone is wishing would just go away.  Trump and his administration are a bit like living in the “Twilight Zone.”  For starters it should now be clear to everyone that Trump has problems working with people.  In fact, it appears he can’t work with people because he seems to have an attitude of “my way or no way.”  That attitude might work in the greed ridden halls of business but it doesn’t work when you are the leader of a country or in any other high political office.  Politics is an art and, specifically, it is an art of COMPROMISE.  The Democrats showed during 8 years of the Obama regime that they didn’t understand that little basic reality of politics and now the Republicans are showing that they don’t get it either!  And as for Trump?  The man doesn’t even know the meaning of the world “compromise” I assure you.

Trump is now going to bed with the Democrats because he can’t get anything done with his own party, the GOP, and that would be because of his attitude of “my way or no way.”  Like I said, Trump has problems working with other people.  Right off the bat he offended the GOP leadership in both the Senate and House to the point that all they wanted was to do anything and everything they could to screw him over and they’ve done just that for the past 9 months.  That’s why Trump’s agenda has gone nowhere!  So now he’s hopped in bed with the Democrats to get Obamacare axed and he’s going after GOP congressmen and senators who don’t support the latest version of “repeal and replace.”  Case in point….Trump is now going after Rand Paul for not supporting the latest version to screw the working poor out of affordable healthcare.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) over the past 9 months because he’s simply doing what he’s done for decades in the business world.  That is….Screwing people over!  That’s the way he’s gotten to where he is via his real estate business and investments, screwing people over, and he’s made a lot of enemies along the way who have not forgotten how they were screwed by him.  Trump is just continuing his typical M. O.  A number of his FORMER supporters, I saw a few days ago, burned their “MAGA” hats in a bonfire already because they are so frustrated and disappointed with him.  LOL guess they now realize just how Trump played them like a fiddle for the naive people they are.  But, again, get used to it because that is what Trump has done in the business world for decades now and in the near future he will continue to screw over his supporters IF and when he deems it to HIS advantage.  This man, this president, has no loyalty to anyone but himself, period! Continue reading

Senate Healthcare Bill Ready to Persecute the Poor!!

The US Senate has been secretly working on a bill to “reform” Obamacare and the reason it’s been all so secret is because these 100 lobbyists that work for corporate America and NOT the American people know that what is in their bill, if revealed to soon, would PISS OFF Americans especially the elderly and the poor!

Rumor has it that the Senate bill guts the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare meaning that millions of poor and working poor will soon have NO health insurance which will put us back to square 1 prior to the enactment of Obamacare! Of course there is also the House version of the bill which also includes an AGE TAX meaning that if you are over 50 years old or have a pre-existing condition the Health Insurance CRIMINAL Companies can charge you up to 5 times higher premiums!

BOTH bills are an absolute FARCE! Both bills are geared towards once again placing the burden and YOKE on the neck of the poor! But I expect nothing less from the Republicans who have a history of being for big business and NOT for the American people. Trump is CLEARLY a Corporatist even moreso that Obama was. He keeps saying the healthcare bill is going to be “really good.” I suppose if you are one of the shareholders in a healthcare insurance company or drug company then YES it is going to be a really good deal for YOU. But, if you happen to be among the MAJORITY of Americans who are poor or the working poor then either bill is going to be a disaster for YOU.

Obviously, both the Senate and House bills are designed to eliminate health insurance for the working poor and to suck as much money out of the rest of us as possible to satisfy the GREEDY insurance companies and the GREEDY politicians like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. American down on Main Street need to awaken to the now CLEAR FACT that our government does NOT work for We The People but for Wall Street exclusively! Every so often they throw us a crumb just to keep us from rising up. Continue reading

House Votes to Repeal and Replace Obamacare!

The House of Representatives finally approved a bill to repeal Obamacare (Affordable Care Act ACA) and replace it with the American Healthcare Act (AHA).  The measure now heads to the Senate.  If passed and signed by Trump in its current form the AHA would eliminate several Obamacare taxes including the individual mandate tax which is really a fine for not having health insurance.  It would also eliminate the Obamacare employer mandate tax (fine), the medicine cabinet tax, flexible spending account tax, the chronic care tax, and Obamacare’s 10% excise tax on tanning salons.  It would also eliminate the Obamacare health insurance tax and the 3.8% surtax on investment income.  Additionally, the AHA would eliminate the medical device tax and the tax on Rx drugs.  For more details on these possible tax eliminations see:


Ryancare Will Prey on Disabled!

It appears that Speaker Paul Ryan’s health insurance alternative to Obamacare will prey on some of our least powerful citizens, the disabled!  And that is nothing short of OUTRAGEOUS and, frankly, IMO warrants Ryan being removed from Congress via recall by his constituents!


Rather than giving states block grants for Medicaid, Ryan wants to put a cap on everyone on Medicaid and once one reaches that cap I guess you get no more medical care.  You know I cannot help but think that Ryan’s entire proposal is some kind of REALLY SICK JOKE!  Ryan has now proved to me that not only is he a RINO but he is also a PREDATOR! He should not withdraw his proposal and resign from office in disgrace.

Not only would such a cap negatively affect the disabled but it would also be traumatic to children and the elderly.  The Congressional Budget Office announced that 14 million Americans would lose healthcare under Ryan’s plan in 2018 and another 1 million would be forced to buy expensive health insurance.  Ryan’s plan is NOT THE RIGHT PLAN!  His is a plan that preys upon the disabled, children, the elderly, and the poor!  I am astounded that Paul Ryan even submitted something like this.  I thought he was a different kind of man.  One who actually cares for the less fortunate in our society.  I now see clearly HE IS NOT.

For more on this story see:



Ryan’s Obamacare Lite is a Corporatist Fleecing of America!

House Speaker Paul Ryan finally revealed his “ObamaCare Lite” aka the American Health Care Act and what an absolute FARCE it is. I can see why he held the bill in a secure location because what it is, is a “healthcare” bill that fleeces America and enriches the Insurance Corporations (read Corporatist). Frankly, at this point I think Congress should ax Obamacare and replace it with nothing because obviously the people in Congress are far to incompetent to come up with a sensible replacement!

It’s no secret that Speaker Paul Ryan is a RINO in much the same fashion of that other RINO known as Senator John McCain R-AZ. That explains the almost constant little smirk Ryan has on his face and he’s obviously smirking at We The People. Never thought I’d say this but I’d rather have Nancy Pelosi back as the House Speaker.

Ryan’s plan would increase penalties for not having health insurance for 63 days to an astounding 30% of your monthly premium! The Act would only serve to enrich the insurance companies and we shouldn’t expect anything different as the health insurance companies already own many in Congress! We like to think we have a “do nothing Congress” and when it comes to representing the American people WE DO. But, not when it comes to the corporations! That is who these WORTHLESS people in Congress represent and since President Trump wants to “drain the swamp” why doesn’t he start with Congress?

Right now Obamacare via the IRS imposes penalties based on income for people who don’t have health insurance for more than 3 months. Ryan’s plan bases that penalty on your monthly premium which are typically adjusted by age which translates to Ryan’s plan being cheaper for younger people and far more expensive for older Americans. And it is older Americans who need health insurance the most. People on FIXED INCOMES! Continue reading