Senate Healthcare Bill Ready to Persecute the Poor!!

The US Senate has been secretly working on a bill to “reform” Obamacare and the reason it’s been all so secret is because these 100 lobbyists that work for corporate America and NOT the American people know that what is in their bill, if revealed to soon, would PISS OFF Americans especially the elderly and the poor!

Rumor has it that the Senate bill guts the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare meaning that millions of poor and working poor will soon have NO health insurance which will put us back to square 1 prior to the enactment of Obamacare! Of course there is also the House version of the bill which also includes an AGE TAX meaning that if you are over 50 years old or have a pre-existing condition the Health Insurance CRIMINAL Companies can charge you up to 5 times higher premiums!

BOTH bills are an absolute FARCE! Both bills are geared towards once again placing the burden and YOKE on the neck of the poor! But I expect nothing less from the Republicans who have a history of being for big business and NOT for the American people. Trump is CLEARLY a Corporatist even moreso that Obama was. He keeps saying the healthcare bill is going to be “really good.” I suppose if you are one of the shareholders in a healthcare insurance company or drug company then YES it is going to be a really good deal for YOU. But, if you happen to be among the MAJORITY of Americans who are poor or the working poor then either bill is going to be a disaster for YOU.

Obviously, both the Senate and House bills are designed to eliminate health insurance for the working poor and to suck as much money out of the rest of us as possible to satisfy the GREEDY insurance companies and the GREEDY politicians like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. American down on Main Street need to awaken to the now CLEAR FACT that our government does NOT work for We The People but for Wall Street exclusively! Every so often they throw us a crumb just to keep us from rising up. Continue reading

House Votes to Repeal and Replace Obamacare!

The House of Representatives finally approved a bill to repeal Obamacare (Affordable Care Act ACA) and replace it with the American Healthcare Act (AHA).  The measure now heads to the Senate.  If passed and signed by Trump in its current form the AHA would eliminate several Obamacare taxes including the individual mandate tax which is really a fine for not having health insurance.  It would also eliminate the Obamacare employer mandate tax (fine), the medicine cabinet tax, flexible spending account tax, the chronic care tax, and Obamacare’s 10% excise tax on tanning salons.  It would also eliminate the Obamacare health insurance tax and the 3.8% surtax on investment income.  Additionally, the AHA would eliminate the medical device tax and the tax on Rx drugs.  For more details on these possible tax eliminations see:


Ryancare Will Prey on Disabled!

It appears that Speaker Paul Ryan’s health insurance alternative to Obamacare will prey on some of our least powerful citizens, the disabled!  And that is nothing short of OUTRAGEOUS and, frankly, IMO warrants Ryan being removed from Congress via recall by his constituents!


Rather than giving states block grants for Medicaid, Ryan wants to put a cap on everyone on Medicaid and once one reaches that cap I guess you get no more medical care.  You know I cannot help but think that Ryan’s entire proposal is some kind of REALLY SICK JOKE!  Ryan has now proved to me that not only is he a RINO but he is also a PREDATOR! He should not withdraw his proposal and resign from office in disgrace.

Not only would such a cap negatively affect the disabled but it would also be traumatic to children and the elderly.  The Congressional Budget Office announced that 14 million Americans would lose healthcare under Ryan’s plan in 2018 and another 1 million would be forced to buy expensive health insurance.  Ryan’s plan is NOT THE RIGHT PLAN!  His is a plan that preys upon the disabled, children, the elderly, and the poor!  I am astounded that Paul Ryan even submitted something like this.  I thought he was a different kind of man.  One who actually cares for the less fortunate in our society.  I now see clearly HE IS NOT.

For more on this story see:



Ryan’s Obamacare Lite is a Corporatist Fleecing of America!

House Speaker Paul Ryan finally revealed his “ObamaCare Lite” aka the American Health Care Act and what an absolute FARCE it is. I can see why he held the bill in a secure location because what it is, is a “healthcare” bill that fleeces America and enriches the Insurance Corporations (read Corporatist). Frankly, at this point I think Congress should ax Obamacare and replace it with nothing because obviously the people in Congress are far to incompetent to come up with a sensible replacement!

It’s no secret that Speaker Paul Ryan is a RINO in much the same fashion of that other RINO known as Senator John McCain R-AZ. That explains the almost constant little smirk Ryan has on his face and he’s obviously smirking at We The People. Never thought I’d say this but I’d rather have Nancy Pelosi back as the House Speaker.

Ryan’s plan would increase penalties for not having health insurance for 63 days to an astounding 30% of your monthly premium! The Act would only serve to enrich the insurance companies and we shouldn’t expect anything different as the health insurance companies already own many in Congress! We like to think we have a “do nothing Congress” and when it comes to representing the American people WE DO. But, not when it comes to the corporations! That is who these WORTHLESS people in Congress represent and since President Trump wants to “drain the swamp” why doesn’t he start with Congress?

Right now Obamacare via the IRS imposes penalties based on income for people who don’t have health insurance for more than 3 months. Ryan’s plan bases that penalty on your monthly premium which are typically adjusted by age which translates to Ryan’s plan being cheaper for younger people and far more expensive for older Americans. And it is older Americans who need health insurance the most. People on FIXED INCOMES! Continue reading

Even MORE Fake News? Obamacare Replacement Almost Done!

According to the Washington Post President-elect Trump said in a weekend interview that he’s nearing completion of a replacement plan for Obamacare and the goal is “insurance for everyone.” He also said he’d force the drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

Now this is new info because the news has been that Congress is going to gut Obamacare and the Trump administration would come up with a replacement plan “later.” But, now, suddenly WALLAH!! Trump says his replacement plan is almost complete!

So which is it? Does Trump have a replacement plan for Obamacare or not? Well your guess is as good as mine frankly. Why are we getting two different stories? Personally, I think it is the MSM pushing the FAKE NEWS!


In other matters, Trump says he wants more press in the WH press room an this seems to be alarming the corporate media as apparently bloggers may be included! Well of course it is alarming the corporate MSM because they know bloggers won’t submit to their “talking point” bullshit and just may report the REAL news instead of the PC bullshit the MSM typically reports! Besides, bloggers and other press will disrupt the MSM attempts at social engineering!

I say GOOD! I hope Trump includes a whole slew of new media and an ARMY OF BLOGGERS in the WH press corp!! It’s high time the MSM be dethroned!!!


Trump and Ryan Ready to AXE Obamacare!

Incoming POTUS Donald Trump is about to make good on one campaign promise along with Speaker Paul Ryan and that is to axe the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare without any clear replacement on the table. The defunding of the healthcare act could come as soon as the end of this month or early next month.

obamacareTrump has said that there will be a replacement but as of now there is NONE in site! Speaker Ryan says Congress wants to defund Obamacare and put a new plan into action at the same time. However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Obamacare needs to be axed first and then a replacement put in. So in other words here’s the DEAL…..Congress is going to gut Obamacare by defunding it and whenever the Republicans get around to it they’ll try putting in a replacement plan. I would not hold my breath if I were you for that to happen as you will likely be really blue before such a replacement plan is put into action!

Congress could just as easily expand Medicare to everyone but they aren’t going to do that either because the mega-profit health insurers won’t be making billions in PROFIT every quarter! With no clear replacement in sight that tells me there is going to be NO replacement so get ready to GET SICK AGAIN AMERICA! Of course, Congress could take note of the FACT that when it was enacted into law President Obama said the Affordable Healthcare Act was NOT set in concrete but was a starting point to which improvements could be made as needed. Everyone seems to be ignoring that point and the mood up on DUNG HILL seems to be one of just wanting to dismantle anything and everything that the Obama Administration has achieved over the past 8 years. Is that wise? Likely NOT! Not everything Obama and his youthful cronies has done is bad.

So get ready America! Trump and his Republican hordes are about to return us to the past where millions of Americans will have no health insurance. Now if you happen to find the need to go to the ER after they gut Obamacare you might want to take some food and a sleeping bag as once again the waiting rooms will be overflowing with uninsured people seeking emergency or urgent care! You haven’t forgotten that already have you America? Ah yes…..a simple trip to the ER or Urgent Care and waiting HOURS to see the doc! I can hardly wait! Nothing like camping out in the ER, right?

I might mention that Donald Trump is one of those guys known as “big talkers” which typically carry out LITTLE ACTION. He has NO PLAN for the replacement of Obamacare and claiming that he’ll come up with one “later” as I’ve heard him say is just a way of passing the buck! Trump has little intention of replacing Obamacare. He’s 100% a Corporatist and he’s padded his cabinet with like-minded Corporatists. These people are all about the Corporation and, frankly, couldn’t give a shit about YOU, your children, your grandchildren, or the WORKING POOR (read SERFS because this IS how these Corporatists view YOU!). The ONLY thing that matters to a Corporatist is PROFIT and there is no profit to be made in giving people free healthcare! But, hey…..if you insist go ahead and hold your breathe waiting for Trump, Ryan, and McConnell to come up with a replacement plan. Meanwhile I’ll just dial 911 for ya cuz you’re going to need ’em. 🙂

Oh and one other thing America………………

Maybe you should have listened to Senator Bernie Sanders a bit closer concerning his frequent rants about how the 1% control 99% of the wealth in this country because as of this past November’s election YOU but that 1% in FIRM control. Why you handed them this country on a gold gilded platter an even the Corporatists were shocked by YOU ignorance! Now it is these Fascist Corporatist that are REALLY going to be running things! You’ll find out this is so the very next day after Trump’s assumption of power on Jan 20. But, alas, it will be too late as the American electors dirty deed is already done!


“Unethical Amnesia”? No! It’s called “you can’t remember your LIES!”

commentary by Monomakh —–

The absolute bullshit that comes our of academia and “science” today never ceases to astound me.  These people are absolutely full of shit IMO!  Case in point?  Here’s the latest and it concerns PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP:

Soviet_4“Unethical amnesia” could explain some of Donald Trump’s forgetfulness” reads the headline on AOL News this morning.  The article notes that Trump made headlines this past week by “forgetting” a campaign promise.  On his “Thank you tour” Trump said in Indiana that he “forgot” he’d promised to save American jobs at the Carrier gas furnace factory in Ohio.  In fact, he said he “found out” about HIS promise only when he saw a Carrier employee talking about it on TV!  Trump went on to say, “And I never thought I made that promise.  Not with Carrier.  I made it for everybody else.  I didn’t make it really for Carrier.”  FACT CHECK is that Trump DID in FACT pledge to keep Carrier jobs in the US rather than letting them go to Mexico.  And, Trump made that pledge SEVERAL TIMES during his presidential campaign!  So why did Trump forget?

Well leave it up to a Business Insider report to come up with an ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT explanation!  That opinion article refers to new social science research (what a load of CRAP) about what is being called “unethical amnesia.” And just what is that?  “Research” conducted by social science professors at Northwestern and Harvard Universities shows that some people have poor memories when they engage in dishonest behavior such as those who run for office and make campaign promises like Trump.  This research concluded that after a person engages in unethical behavior (ie:  LYING!) memories of their actions become more “obfuscated” over time because of the “psychological distress” (ie:  GUILT) and discomfort such misdeeds cause.  In other words, people who LIE tend to not be able to KEEP THEIR LIES STRAIGHT because they tell so many LIES they forget which lies they’ve told!  And we had to have a social science “research study” for this???  And the “cure” for this “unethical amnesia”?  The Northwestern and Harvard academics say the cure is  to “reflect.”  WTF?  Reflect?  Don’t you mean “try to remember what LIES you’ve told and to whom you’ve told them to”?

So is this a taste of what we’re going to get for the upcoming 4 years (and hopefully not any longer than that)?  The conservative press making up excuses for Trump?  (and YES I consider Business Insider a right wing Corporatist media).  The FACT is that Donald Trump made a lot of promises he knew he couldn’t keep during his campaign just as all other people running for office do.  His sole purpose was to get votes and get elected so he, like all other politicians, told people what he thought they wanted to hear.  He latched on to the far right winger agenda and played it like a fine tuned fiddle!  He simply told the right wingers what they wanted to hear and they fell of him lock, stock, and barrel.  But, NOW that he’s been elected there is a PROBLEM for all of you right wingers out there in never-never-land.

That right winger problem is Trump is appointing cabinet and staff officials to his administration that stand in DIRECT OPPOSITION to many of the positions he took during his campaign!  For example, this ExxonMobile CEO that (rumor says) he’s going to name as his Secretary of State does NOT support America becoming energy independent AND he has stated in the past that he SUPPORTS A CARBON TAX!  Those two items are directly opposed to what Trump said during his campaign as Trump specifically stated and tweeted that he was absolutely opposed to a carbon tax and that he absolutely supports America becoming energy independent.  So why is Trump appointing people that are at the opposite ends of his agenda?  “Unethical amnesia” perhaps?  LMAO!

Let me enlighten you and especially all you right wingers out there…………….

Donald Trump is a PLAYER AND ACTOR in case you haven’t noticed.  His “reality” TV hit “The Apprentice” was amazing and Trump played the role of “big boss man” absolutely perfectly.  But it was an ACT designed for TELEVISION!  In fact, all of these so called “reality shows” have little to nothing to do with REALITY at all.  Example:  I don’t know about you but if I were stuck on an island or deep in the wilderness and was trying to survive I’d be killing me some shit like rabbits, deer, wild boars, birds, fish, etc.  I’ll be damned if I would be sitting around eating rice and cockroaches!  Another example:  If I went hunting for Bigfoot and I got pics, DNA, and various sorts of physical evidence that the creature actually exists I’d make sure to PROVE IT beyond ANY doubt to the entire world using REAL SCIENCE so that its existence would be undeniable!  I’ll be damned if I’d be running to and fro unshaven and looking one of the Beverly Hillbillies looking at “evidence” (photos, blood, etc) gotten by other people and just walk away without taking possession of that evidence for testing!  Like I said.  There all of these “reality shows” have nothing to do with REALITY and that includes Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

I’ve personally always believed that a man or woman’s ACTIONS speak far louder than their words and in the case of our President-elect his recent actions in appointing his cabinet and staff are INCONSISTENT with his words spoken BY HIM during HIS campaign for POTUS.  That tells me HE LIED!  This guy isn’t even in office yet!  He’s appointing people that stand in direct opposition to his campaign rhetoric and promises and that tells me that in Trump’s mind running for POTUS was just another “reality show.”  Well guess what America?  LIFE ISN’T A FRICKIN REALITY SHOW!!  In MY opinion Donald Trump is already proving he’s a LIAR!  He’s already showing us just how well he played and conned us!  He’s already laughing at how stupid and foolish We The People have been AGAIN all the way to the Oval Office!! Continue reading