El Exorcismo de Mejico! — The Exorcism of Mexico!

With all of the violence, murder, death, and drug running I guess people grow desperate and conclude that anything is worth a try to rid their fair country of such evils.  And that, apparently, is what Mexico has concluded and in the latest bid to rid their country of such evils they’ve resorted to a NATIONAL EXORCISM!

demon1The question is can an entire nation become infested with demons?  Some say yes while others think the notion is ridiculous but for people like Catholic Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniquez, the Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara, the suspicion that an entire nation can become invested with demons is NO JOKE.  Seems the Archbishop Emeritus conducted a national exorcism behind closed doors last month which is the first ever in Mexico’s history, apparently. But the Archbishop Emeritus was not alone.  He was assisted by Archbishop Jesus Carlos Cabrero of San Luis Potosi along with a small group of priests and lay people.  And assisting in the national exorcism was Father Jose Antonio Fortea who is a Spanish demonologist and exorcist.

The national exorcism of Mexico took place on the 20th of last month (May) in a cathedral in Mexico and it was not published beforehand in order to avoid any misguided interpretations about the ritual.  Fr Fortea believes that the more sin increases in a country, the more it leaves people “open” to demonic temptation.  He also noted the increase of witchcraft and Satanism in the country which he believes opens the door for dark forces to manifest in the world. Fr Fortea is not the first to before a mass exorcism.  St Francis once exorcised the entire Italian city of Arezzo.  He cautioned that things in Mexico will not change right away and he noted one exorcism does not drive out all demons in a country.

Now before you go to thinking this is all poppy-cock, think again.  I’ve seen plenty of people in my life that I’m pretty sure have been possessed by something, but an entire nation?  And Mexico the 2nd largest Catholic country on the planet?  Frankly, I’ve never considered it but I know one thing and that is this………..

MOST of the time when we go lookin’ for demons…….

we need NOT look any further than the HUMAN RACE!!

Humans are capable of doing horrendous things and we see these things committed by human beings daily in our news.  Are these people possessed?  Maybe but that’s a topic for another later post perhaps.

I see this Exorcismo Magno as one more act of desperation of the Mexican people, frankly, to rid their country of the crime, violence, drug cartels, and corruption that runs all the way from the local dog catcher up to the high offices of the federal government.  The Mexican people, like many other people in many other countries, are tired of the SOS, greed, and government corruption that today seems to permeate our institutions on a massive and unprecedented scale in every land.  When people grow desperate they’ll resort to just about anything.   Even Exorcismo Magno!

Corruption in Mexico is well known.  It runs from the local level all the way to the federal level.  But, it you think Mexico is the only country with such distinction you couldn’t be more WRONG!  Almost every other nation on this planet is in the same boat!  Sadly, we are increasingly living in a Fascist Corporatist World, in which, the international corporations literally OWN our governments and they use them to do THEIR bidding.  And the people? I believe the general attitude in that circle is “to hell with the people!”

Honestly, in reading about the Exorcismo Magno in Mexico I’d say what we may be in need of is a PLANETARY EXORCISM!!  Hey it can’t hurt can it?

We may be living in an increasingly Fascist Corporatist World but we are also increasingly living in a world in which the common working man and woman have had ENOUGH!  We down here on Main Street on on to the game the Corporatists are playing.  It’s called the Game of Unbridled GREED!  And, sadly, we down here on Main Street know that WE are the ones paying the ultimate price for that diabolical game!!  Civil unrest and public outcry are mounting and I believe that is a GOOD THING.  People need to speak out!  People need to expose the corruption and evil that is going on!  We The People of Planet Earth DO NOT want to live in a consumer driven, greed ridden, Fascist Corporatist global empire…PERIOD!!!!!

So I started out reading about the exorcism of Mexico as a skeptic taking it all tongue and cheek.  But now?  I’m not so skeptical, frankly.  What if the Exorcismo Magno works?  Even if just a little.  Even if it begins to break that YOKE that has been put around the necks of the common people by the Corporatists!!  And that’s what’s important isn’t it? Being FREE!  Free from being the pawns of the Corporatists whose only goal in life appears to be to amass massive amounts of money at our expense no matter what the cost for us down here on Main Street.  Free from their unbridled and, frankly, purely EVIL GREED that has, in fact, ALREADY driven them INSANE.  Most people I know DO NOT want to live in a world in which humanity is reduced to mere consumer machines.  MOST people I know want to live in a world or REAL HUMANITY, in which, EVERYONE is valued and respected as HUMAN BEINGS first and foremost.

So I end up glad that the clerics in Mexico performed a national exorcism and I encourage them to GO BIGGER.  Do a GLOBAL EXORCISM because it sure as hell can’t hurt!  Now, where’s that damned holy water I got yesterday?





MASSIVE discovery of Dinosaur Soft Tissue with Red Blood Cells! Impossible says science BUT the evidence is there for all to see!

Here is the mold.  Fit into it or you shall be exiled and ridiculed without mercy!  That is the true law of science today for the most part.  We have certain acceptable theories (guesses) and as long as you keep things within the perimeters of those theories you are esteemed by your collegues.  But discover or uncover something that doesn’t fit into that acceptable mold and you’re OUT!  The prevailing mold is one of “force the facts to fit into the acceptable theory.”  But, isn’t Science suppose to be following the evidence WHEREVER it might lead despite it not fitting into the acceptable mold?

dino1What we have around today that is being pawned off as “science” is what I call “Junk science.”  Half baked theories void of any logic or common sense and some so fantastical that they defy imagination.  All this is why when I hear something from science I am skeptical.  I’ve always been highly skeptical when scientist claim that some remains or artifact is zillions upon zillions of years old.  In fact I’ve found most of their dating laughable!

Human beings like to try to fit everything into a nice little box.  It makes us feel like know-it-alls and we like that feeling because it makes us feel safe and secure in the world.  But when we come across something that doesn’t fit into our nice little box we either ignore it or panic because it upsets our nice little image of the world as safe, fuzzy, and a happy place.  God forbid we not feel warm and fuzzy all the time! Continue reading