Trump Threatens Mexico with US Troops! Or is this more FAKE NEWS?

Reports surfaced today on several MSM sites claiming that President Trump has threatened Mexico with US troops if they don’t do something about their “bad hombres.” The Associated Press is also reporting the story (see link below).

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

According to the tale Trump told Pena-Nieto in a phone call last week to send US troops into Mexico if the Mexican military doesn’t do something about their “bad hombres down there.” This according to a transcript of that phone call by the AP and other MSM sources.

The WH has not yet responded about the story. The entire transcript was not released by an unknown “insider” but only an exert. Reportedly, Trump told the Mexican president that he thinks Mexican troops are afraid of these “bad hombres” but “our military is not!”. Allegedly, Trump went on to say “I just might send them (US forces) down there to take care of it.”

This is being reported by the MSM as an “official transcript” of the phone call “leaked” by a person with access to the official transcript of that call. Of course this mystery person gave it to the AP on condition of anonymity. So I guess if ANY of this is true then Trump has got a TRAITOR in his midst that he’d better uncover very soon!

trump1Interestingly, the Mexican media site Aristegui Noticias published a similar account today of that phone call based on a story by one of their journalists named Dolia Estevez. That report claims Trump humiliated Pena-Neito during the confrontational phone call that was suppose to be aimed at patching things up over their recent conflict over Trump’s Wall and the cancellation of a trip on yesterday by Pena-Nieto to Washington DC.

The Mexican foreign ministry denies the account saying it is based on “absolute falsehoods.” The ministry clarified by saying its statement applies to the AP account of the phone call but said nothing about the Mexican press account. The ministry’s statement said, “The assertions you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it. The tone was constructive and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the team will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive from Mexico and for the United States.”

So is this just one more bit of FAKE NEWS (aka: Propaganda) being put out against Trump by the liberal Communist MSM? I can’t help but notice Obama hasn’t been out of the WH for a month yet and he’s already flapping his mouth about Trump’s immigration order. Does he ever quite talking? Most past POTUS have simply bowed out and been silent allowing the new administration to do their thing but NOT Obama for some reason. They did it out of RESPECT for the new president but I guess Obama has NONE.

One thing the Trump administration DID do today and it is FACTUAL is they warned Iran about their nuclear weapons test last week in violation of UN sanctions.  I don’t think we need to worry about Mexico and their “bad hombres” as we have a few of our own lol.  I think what we REALLY need to worry about is IRAN having nuclear weapons which I am sure they will use to turn Israel into an inferno and, in fact, they have threatened multiple times to do just that!  Now why isn’t IRAN the headline instead of the US Troops/Mexico PROPAGANDA????? yellow-journalism_1

Now with this off my chest please allow me to release some of my own fake news…………….of course you understand I only tell you this on condition of anonymity, right?  OK here it is……  Libyan President Momar Khadafi today told President Trump that he absolutely hates US milk and that if the US doesn’t stop sending US milk to Libya he will sent Libyan troops to Washington to take care of Trump and his “bad hombres.”

Ahhhh….what’s that?  Oh yeah…Khadafi is dead!   Sorry I forgot!  Ahhh maybe he was speaking from the grave…yeah…yeah…that’s the ticket.  Khadafi was speaking from the grave.  Oh well 🙂

In all seriousness, however, I STRONGLY suspect either this story is FAKE NEWS or somebody in the Trump administration that is causing trouble for Trump and trying to escalate the US-Mexico ongoing disagreement over the border wall.  Frankly, I’m passing this “leak” off as a bunch of BULLSHIT!

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End of the Obama Era

Political Commentary by Viktor Sukov

The end of the Obama era is now drawing to a close and all I can say is Thank God for that. The past 8 years of his presidency have been a complete disaster for our country, for our people, and for the entire world. And Thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election as we would have 4 more years of Obama’s “doctrines” which are a joke to say the least.

No!  No!  I won't go!  This is my public housing home and they'll have to drag me out!  Why am I being forced out of the WH???

In the past 8 years we’ve seen our country reduced to almost a third world nation economically. We’ve seen attempt after attempt by the Obama administration to reduce the most sophisticated and powerful military on the planet to rubble. We’ve been played like fools and we’ve been repeatedly lied to that make one’s head swim. Instead of being a great unifier Barack Obama has turned out to be the Great Divider and he and his administration have divided our nation in ways that were once unimaginable. When it comes to Black Americans, Barack Obama hasn’t done one damned thing for them over the past 8 years and the fact is Black Americans are no better than off than they were 8 years ago and possibly even worse off. That’s a really sad legacy for America’s first “black” POTUS (remember he’s half black and half white).

Obama’s signature piece accomplishment has been the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare. He touted it as something that would reduce the high costs of medical care and assured us that for the first time in American history healthcare would be affordable to all. Not long ago people got their notices from their health insurance providers and those notices sent most people into a state of SHOCK as they were informed their monthly premiums were going up over 100%! Affordable? It now appears there is NOTHING AFFORDABLE about Obamacare. Continue reading

Official Daily Comrade News USSA! No. 1



Official USSA News for Comrades hosted by Propaganda Officer Sergei Dobrynin & Igor the Thug:


Your Host Propaganda Officer Sergei Dobrynin

Welcome dear AmeriKan comrades to today’s official state daily news!  By reading ONLY the official state news you are one step ahead of your other comrades because you are complying already with the new dictatorship and declaration of the Union of Soviet Socialist AmeriKa.  Once this nation is completely a Soviet State you may be able to teach your neighbors and fellow comrades how to comply with State Directives and you may also be able to inform them of how the State deals with those who do not comply.  If that is not enough please let us know so we can send Igor over to them for a “visit.”  Igor take a bow Comrade……

Igor the Thug

 Igor the Thug

“Take Bow?  Take THIS traitor comrades!”



In new and improved USSA every comrade has obligation to help protect the STATE from traitors and subversives! This is why it is so important for comrades to keep eye on neighbors and report suspicious activity even if you have to make a bit of it up!  Not to worry comrades!  No comrade will be harmed once we arrive at neighbors house for small “visit.”  And please to ignore sounds of screaming and bangs coming from neighbors house.  Comrades CANNOT TRUST neighbors!  They might be spy!  They might be counter-revolutionary neo-con or conservative!  Such comrades must be dealt with quickly and is no better way to deal with such subversives than sending them to “re-education camps” for retraining.  So RAT OUT YOUR NEIGHBORS comrades for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and remember…..If you don’t…..YOUR CHILDREN WILL rat YOU out when they return to State School. Continue reading