Failed Assassination Attempt on Putin?

via Failed Assassination Attempt On Putin? Presidential Car Hit Head-On, Driver Killed – YouTube — PG.Chrys’ No Agenda Linkblog

via Failed Assassination Attempt On Putin? Presidential Car Hit Head-On, Driver Killed – YouTube — PG.Chrys’ No Agenda Linkblog —

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Cry Baby Pentagon Refuses to Share Intel with Russia on ISIS!!

Putin3You know that little spoiled rotten snot who if he doesn’t get his way he throws a temper tantrum? Well it appears that is what the US Pentagon is acting like nowadays along with the inept Obama Administration, its boss!

The Pentagon is refusing to share intel on ISIS with Russia unless Moscow changes its stance on Syrian President Assaud. In taking this stance Washington has rejected the Russian offer for cooperation in defeating the terrorist org ISIS, the Islamic State.

Since Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched his campaign against ISIS this past September Russia has been offering to share intel with the US and NATO in hopes Washington would reciprocate. However, the Pentagon is still refusing the offer saying they are NOT going to cooperate with Russia until the Russians change their position on Assaud’s future.

Russia has maintained the position that the Syrian people must be allowed to decide who their leader is or will be and not US imperialism! Further, Russia has consistently spoken out against Washington’s REGIME CHANGE strategy which as we all know how worked out so well —- NOT! Look at the shinning examples of this regime change in Libya which has been in chaos ever since Washington removed long time leader and dictator Moamar Khadafi a few years ago. There is now no central united government in Libya and al-Qaeda along with ISIS rules large chunks of LIbya. Things are not much better in Iraq which, if you recall, was tagged by Bush 2 to be transformed into a nation of “peace and democracy.” Iraq is in chaos and the same thing is now happening in Afghanistan.

The Obama Administration’s strategy in Syria has been one of foolishness! Washington wants Assaud removed and plans on making a deal with ISIS latter once they, ISIS, has removed Assaud. That’s outright crazy and stupid IMO! Since when do we negotiate with terrorist? Russia’s strategy is just the opposite. Russia plans on removing ISIS and leaving Assaud in power or at least leave his fate up to the Syrian people. ISIS is NOT trustworthy! They are not only Muslim religious extremists but they are also nothing but a pack of sex crazed, drug addicted mass killers! How on earth can the Obama Administration think that it can work a deal out with them at ANY point on ANY thing???

Russia has provided air support for the Syrian Army fighting against ISIS and it’s been helping Syria to recapture towns and territories taken by ISIS previously. The Obama Administration does not consider Assaud’s regime to be legitimate and they want him gone. But they consider ISIS legitimate??? WTF? Assaud is the elected president of Syria just as Egypt’s Morsi was elected leader only to be removed, imprisoned, and replaced by a military dictator who kisses the Pentagon’s ass! It appears Washington ONLY considers leaders legit if they kiss Washington’s ass!

The bottomline is this. Russia and Putin are set on eliminating ISIS while the US and Obama are set on eliminating Assaud. Washington is trying to force Russia into agreeing with the Washington strategy but Russia refuses. The result is that the Pentagon refuses to share intel on ISIS with Russia. Further, Russia has accused the US of NOT striking ISIS targets in its air campaign that is supposed to be targeting ISIS fighters and bases. Russia has alleged that the US is actually striking foes of ISIS which amounts to the Obama Administration consorting with the enemy!

Putin most likely does NOT need Washington’s intel on ISIS as he also has the help of Chinese intel. Putin is extending a hand of cooperation and Obama is refusing like some spoiled child not getting his way. The fact of the matter is that the Obama Administration is inept in terms of foreign policy, et al. I don’t call negotiating with the enemy ISIS foreign policy! I call it TREASON!! And frankly that IS what this administration is guilty of!!

Russia and Putin have the CORRECT GOAL and strategy. REMOVE ISIS! Then let the people of SYRIA decide who leads them. Once again the Obama Administration is on the WRONG side as they were in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. What Washington has done especially in Libya is create a nation in chaos and as bad as Khadafi or Saddam Hussein were the fact is they provided stability which seems to be something that Washington CANNOT provide in the Middle East any longer!

Once again we must ask what is Washington thinking?  OR are they even thinking at all?


Vladimir Putin: From Manly Man to……calendar boy???

Commentary by Monomakh —-

A new 2016 calendar is out for sale in Russia featuring President Vladimir Putin in a variety of poses some shirtless. Each page of the calendar also has a thought for the month from Putin. Once again Russia portrays Putin as not only a strong leader but a MANLY leader unafraid of and very comfortable with his masculinity UNLIKE the metrosexual UNMANLY leaders we have in the USA! I won’t mention any names but I assume you can figure out who they are 🙂


The calendar is selling off the shelves and that is to be expected as Putin remains very popular with Russians. So why is Putin so popular with Russians? Over the course of the past 15 years Putin has held power in one position or the other either as President or Prime Minister. He has a support rating of about 85% almost consistently.

Putin portrays the image of an intelligent and strong Russian male and Russians like that as they are not all nice and fuzzy with the American concept of “manhood” which is somewhere between wimp and bringing out the woman inside of them. In Russia traditional and historical male values still fly high and males are expected to be strong, competitive, decisive, and masculine. They are also expected to be proud of their masculinity not ashamed as seems to be the case in America where males are bashed and degraded beyond any reasonable limit.

Russians also like the way in which Putin stands up to the world especially the metrosexual USA! His resent military campaign in Syria against ISIS is a good example. Putin decided to go it alone and started bombing the hell out of ISIS while exposing the truth about the half-ass effort of the USA and NATO against ISIS. Being the MAN he is Putin launched Russian airstrikes against ISIS targeting where it would hurt ISIS the most and he shrugs off Western criticism of his military campaign.

One thing Russians like, admire, and respect both traditionally and historically are STRONG men and STRONG and decisive leaders. Russians don’t have much respect for the weak male or weak leaders. In Russia leaders who have achieved the most have always been strong, decisive, charismatic, MANLY men. However, I must note too that Russians love strong women leaders such as Catherine the Great and others. Russians love STRENGTH and Putin exhibits that strength perfectly.

America needs to take a lesson from Russia. ENOUGH of the weakling metrosexualism already! It’s time America elect a REAL MAN as POTUS or a REAL WOMAN! It’s time to get rid of the WIMPS! We need a strong and decisive leader cut from the same mold as Putin now more than ever!!


Turkey AGAIN!! Now involved in Drug Running!!

TurkeyIs there no end to NATO member nation Turkey’s antics? I’m beginning to think Turkey’s hands are dirty than a rat in the sewer! Let me recap Turkish news of late…..

First we learn Turkey has been buying ISIS oil and providing a corridor for ISIS to sell oil to other nations (some in Europe). Then we learn that Turkey is the place where Sarin gas was imported from Libya and moved on to ISIS. And need I mention that Turkey has been claiming to be bombing ISIS targets BUT IN FACT they have been bombing KURD targets not ISIS targets! And please allow me to mention Turkey’s downing of a Russian war jet claiming the jet was in Turkish airspace and was warned off several times even though the EVIDENCE says otherwise!

As if this isn’t enough dirty laundry for Turkey now comes news that Turkey is a pipeline of HEROIN! Reportedly, opium is brought into Turkey from the Afghanistan opium fields and turned into heroin in Turkey which, in turn, exports it to Europe where it is sold and I’m sure TURKEY makes a nice profit!

Consorting with the enemy, aiding the enemy, helping to produce weapons of mass destruction, wholesale slaughter of the Kurds, providing air cover for ISIS the enemy, lying about the downing of a Russian fighter, and now drug running. Seems to me Turkey has it’s paws in a little bit of everything that is illegal and backstabbing! And yet, NATO and the US continue to defend Turkey as being as innocent as the driven snow? Are they blind, stupid, or BOTH?

The accumulating evidence now suggests strongly that Turkey is a corrupt NATO partner that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be trusted. Turkey has already betrayed the NATO Alliance and, frankly, should be booted out ASAP. But, NATO will not do so as it considers Turkey a strategic point and some control is better than no control.

The latest revelation concerning Turkey’s involvement in the heroin trade comes from Russia’s anti-drug chief, Viktor Ivanov. The illegal drug is reportedly produced in secret Turkish labs for distribution in both Europe and Russia and I’m sure the US is getting its share too. Reportedly, the opium route goes from Afghanistan to Iran and into Turkey. The secret labs are reportedly well equipped and produce high quality heroin.

Not to be lost out of the mix is ISIS also. The drug trafficking has enabled ISIS to boost its numbers 4-fold since 2014. Ivanov pointed out a correlation between the rise in number of ISIS fighters and the increased drug trafficking. Ivanov estimates ISIS’ profit from this drug trade to be around $200-500 million annually!

Turkey is DIRTY! And NATO turns the other way pretending not to see! It’s long been known by some that Turkey was a major corridor for the global drug trade and now Russia has confirmed it. Turkey CANNOT be TRUSTED! It’s not only US politicians that are corrupt but it is also politicians in ALL OTHER COUNTRIES on the planet. Let’s face it, the leaders of humanity have become corrupt! Our conflicts are not about regime change, freedom, or democracy but are about protecting the global drug trade! That’s why our nations act like mafia bosses instead of real nations! I find Turkey’s behavior and involvement in these matters deplorable! But even more deplorable I find NATO and the US response to Turkey even worse!

Finally, I guess all of those allegations made by Western soldiers that the real War on Terror in Afghanistan is NOT about taking out the Taliban or al-Qaeda but is about protecting the opium fields is TRUE and just got confirmed!  Thank you Russia!!

Now just how does this drug running operation jive with Islam anyhow?


How the American CIA Created al-Qaeda

Report & Commentary by : Monomakh

Rurik4We’d like to think that terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda formed spontaneously as an effort by radical Muslims to spread a global Caliphate. At least that seems to be the line of bullshit that the powers that be would like for you to believe. But, the FACT of the matter is that the American Central Intelligence Agency created what has come to be known as al-Qaeda long ago in an effort to cause a Muslim invasion of the Soviet Union AND as an effort to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War!

Back in the 1970s the king of Afghanistan (yes it use  King Mohammad Zahir Shah was overthrown and a Soviet Republic was established.  This prompted the CIA to form and organize a resistance force which would fight against the Afghan government and the Soviets in Afghanistan.  In essence this force of jihadist fighters, referred to as the Mujaheddin, formed by the American CIA would give birth to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and it would morph into what we have today as the most threatening terrorist group on the planet called the Islamic State or ISIS.  But this “jihadist movement” actually began even before this.

Afghan RebelsAccording to an article written by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen published at (see link below) a formerly TOP SECRET CIA bulletin dated 4 December 1952 the CIA embarked on a mission to foment nationalism among the Uzbek tribes in Afghanistan.  The CIA hoped that this nationalism would spill over into the Uzbek Soviet Republic which was then part of the USSR.  The hope was to destabilize the USSR and that hope has continued into today with the hope now being it will destabilize the Russian Federation.

Contained within the bulletin is a reference to a band of Afghan Uzbeks that were being secretly supported by the CIA. The first reference to this group in the bulletin is redacted but the second reference is NOT redacted for some odd reason.  The CIA referred to this Afghan Uzbek group as the “Mogul Band.”  It was reported to have “considerable strength” in northern Afghanistan at the time.  The hope of the CIA was to reunite this group in Afghanistan with their fellow tribesmen in Soviet Uzbekistan.  Further, it was also reported that the Afghan Uzbeks attempted to gain support from Shi’a Hazara tribal leaders in northern Afghanistan.

What is very clear from the bulletin and other sources is that the American CIA was VERY ACTIVE and involved in antagonizing the Afghan Uzbeks against the Soviets.  The reference to the “Mogul Band” is the earliest example of the CIA using external Muslim forces against the USSR/Russians.

Eventually, the CIA plan worked as it did create an Uzbek force to fight against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War and thereafter.  As I said earlier, these Mujaheddin gave birth to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS!

The CIA bulletin states that the “Mogul Band” had “considerable strength” in northern Afghanistan.  This bulletin was the first credible report that the Mujaheddin existed.  Prior to that there were only rumors of its existence, apparently. The bulletin goes on to say that economic and political discontent in northern Afghanistan would “favor the activities of the Band.”  Thus, the report says, the Afghan government might “deal carefully” with the resistance force out of fear of “antagonizing the USSR.”

The CIA screwed up when it firstly redacted the name of its Afghan Uzbek resistance group and then later named it by forgetting to redact it.  And, the bulletin also reveals something else!  That is that the CIA’s little private Uzbek army of Jihadists actually began long, long before the Soviet-Afghan war!  It all began in the early days of the Cold War in what was then a neutral Kingdom of Afghanistan!  And that harkens back to the last days of the Truman presidency!

So it appears that the CIA has been involved in the Jihadist movement for decades now and that ought to enrage every American.  The “Jihadist Movement” all began as a CIA operation as part of the Cold War and then morphed into an effort to drive the Soviets from Afghanistan.  What the CIA failed to anticipate was the appeal of radical Islam (Jihadism) to some Muslims!  This CIA operation spun out of control and grew larger than the CIA could have ever anticipated.  Essentially, the CIA lit a spark of Islamic radicalism and that spark has turned into a raging wildfire since the 1950s!  Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic State (ISIS) have their roots in a CIA OPERATION!!  That is OUTRAGEOUS!!  So, when you want to blame Muslims for their radicalism perhaps you should consider the HISTORICAL FACTS which point DIRECTLY to the CIA!  Jihadism (TERRORISM) began with a CIA OPERATION in Afghanistan long ago!!  And look around at what that little operation has morphed into today.  Obviously, NO ONE at the CIA at the time or since has considered the long-term ramifications of this operation!  Perhaps if they had we would not have the terrorism we see today in the world.  The CIA should be held ACCOUNTABLE for this!  However, more importantly, the question is HOW DO WE STOP THIS from morphing into something even WORSE than ISIS?

Finally just a note.  The term “Mujahideen” or “Mujaddin” is a plural term of “Mujahid” which is a term used for one engaged in Islamic Jihad.  I think we can safely say that that term has transformed into what we call it all today, “Jihadism” or, plainly, “Muslim Terrorism.”

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Putin Exposes the TRUTH!

Putin3The conflict between Russia and Turkey is heating up as is the new Cold War between Russia and the United States.  Why?  Because Russia’s Vladimir Putin revealed the truth during the recent G20 conference.  What truth?  Putin let it be known that Turkey has been aiding and abetting ISIS.  Apparently, Turkey has been buying oil from ISIS and ISIS has a nice little operation going via truck convoys shipping oil into Turkey.  Further, even though Turkey claims they are an active part of the war against ISIS the FACT is Turkey has been bombing the Kurds rather than ISIS.  Turkey has been playing a cat and mouse game using a smoke screen and Putin has exposed that smoke screen for all the world to view and Turkey doesn’t like it one bit!

We’ve all been wondering just how ISIS got so much money and military hardware so quickly.  Now we know!  Turkey has not only been aiding and abetting ISIS but they’ve also been financing ISIS.  Turkey is using its military armaments to kill the Kurds and has apparently been protecting ISIS even providing the TERRORISTS with air cover.  But Turkey is not alone.  Saudi Arabia, America’s “good friend” has also apparently been aiding and abetting ISIS financially if not in other ways.  It’s been proven time and time again that the Saudi’s CANNOT be trusted yet the American administration continues to trust them for some insane reason.  Saudi Arabia is NOT our friend and I’ve said that many times.

Putin says there are many more Western and NATO nations that have been supporting ISIS in arms and money and those nations fear that Putin will expose them like he did Turkey.  Meanwhile, the Turks shot down a Russian war jet allegedly over Turkish airspace instead of escorting it out of their airspace which is CLEARLY a warning to Vladimir Putin to keep his mouth SHUT!  And now Turkey’s president has warned Putin not to “play with fire.”  What’s that mean?  I suspect it means TURKEY has some very CLOSE ties to TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS around the world all of which have sleeper cells in various nations including inside Russia!  And so do the Saudis and the Iranians among other Muslim states!

The TRUTH has now been revealed and we have Putin to thank for exposing the truth.  I long suspected ISIS was being helped and financed by some country or countries and Putin has now proved my suspicions absolutely right!  The WEST has actually been helping ISIS and that explains fully why President Obama made the statement not so long ago that the “war on terror” was “over.”  What he obviously meant was that war was over because we are not aiding and abetting ISIS and other terror orgs!  That is DISGUSTING!  That is TREASON!!!

What we are witnessing right now is a growing tension between Russia, Turkey, the West, America, and various other Muslim states.  What we are witnessing right now is the lead-up to WORLD WAR 3!  The tension that is building over ISIS and Syria is going to come to a breaking point and that point may well have already been reached with Turkey’s downing of the Russian fighter jet.  The world is now closer to world war than ever before in my estimation.

NATO has now PROVEN beyond any doubt that it is a pack of backstabbing, lip-service paying, CHARLATANS with no loyalty to allies whatsoever!  It’s a pack of HORNETS!  It only APPEARS to be the Western Alliance but it is far from that and should be DISSOLVED IMMEDIATELY because it now appears that NATO is nothing more than a CRIMINAL CARTEL just like the United Nations!

America and the world lost thousands of innocent lives on September 11, 2001 with the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City.  Does anyone remember that because apparently Western governments including the US have forgotten that fateful day.  For Western governments to now be aiding and abetting the terrorist demonic org known as ISIS or the Islamic State is a slap in the face to EVERY victim of 9/11.  And it is also a slap in the face to every victim of the Paris attacks a few weeks ago!  How dare these governments who proclaim democracy and liberty assist ISIS in secret!!  They can proclaim liberty and democracy all they want but their words mean nothing!  These governments are TREASONOUS!

And ISIS?  This is a RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that is bent on wholesale human slaughter period!  They kill Christians, fellow Muslims, AND their own members!  ISIS is MURDER INC!  They just murdered one of their poster girls for her attempt to exit the org!  They enslave women and use them as SEX SLAVES for their fighters!  Those women who refuse to be sex slaves are KILLED!  ISIS members have killed Christians by crucifying them ( a horrible and slow way to die btw), cutting out their hearts, and EATING THEIR HEARTS!!!  They have gone from town to town in Syria and Iraq slaughtering fellow MUSLIMS without mercy or without even thinking about it twice!  ISIS, in fact, has KILLED MORE MUSLIMS than any other group yet they maintain they are Muslims!  What ISIS really is is a pack of ABSOLUTE INFIDELS in every sense of the word!!!  And these are the people Western-NATO nations have been aiding and abetting????

We now live in a world which is steeped in BARBARISM!  A world in which NO ONE can be TRUSTED and in which EVERY LEADERS word must now be automatically assumed as a LIE!  A world of FAKE compassion and concern!  A world of FAKE remorse and FAKE values which mean NOTHING!

Here’s what you not only need to know but what you had better WAKE UP TO QUICKLY!

The breaking point is coming and when the world reaches that point all hell is going to break loose!  We are going to see war and civil chaos like none of us wish to even think about!  We are going to see MASS DEATH on a scale that most of us cannot even imagine and don’t want to imagine!  We are now closer to Global Thermo Nuclear War than at any time during the old Cold War in my estimation and THAT is DANGEROUS!!!  But what did we think the end result would be of our TWO FACED actions?  What did we think was going to be the end of us all with our allowing TRAITORS TO RULE OVER US?  Just how utterly IGNORANT have we been???  I have a bad feeling we are soon to find out!  The US and NATO destabilized the Middle East via the removal of Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, and Moammar Qadafi.  We opened up a hornet’s nest!  Too bad we took no heed to the old wisdom of sometimes it being better to take the lesser of two evils.  NOW we’ve got a much worse evil in the Mid East than Qadafi, Hussein, or Mubarak ever posed.



Turkey Lying about Russian War Jets!

According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts we know that Turkey is lying about the circumstances that caused their air force to shoot down a Russian jet for three reasons. And we also now know that Turkey, a member of NATO, has been financing ISIS and buying ISIS oil!! But, Turkey is not the only nation financing ISIS. America’s “good friend” Saudi Arabia is too and so are some other NATO and Western countries.

Read this informative and common sense report by Roberts at:

And it also appears that NATO member TURKEY has been actually DEFENDING the Islamic State and not bombing them at all!!

For more on this see:

The evidence now suggests that NATO nation Turkey is a TRAITOR!!