Communist Arrested for Jewish Bomb Threats!

A disgraced former news reporter was arrested by the FBI today for allegedly making numerous bomb threats against Jewish organizations including schools and community centers around the nation. His name is Juan Thompson age 31 and an African American. He was arrested in St. Louis. Sources say he made at least 8 bomb threats and was cyberstalking his former white girlfriend. .

Thompson is a former reporter for the news org “Intercept.” He was fired after he was caught making up sources for his reports which included one concerning the case of white nationalist Dylann Roof of Charleston who murdered several African Americans in a church. Authorities say Thompson made the threats via phone calls and emails.

Thompson’s Twitter account promotes COMMUNIST and anti-Trump ideology. Thompson also complains about racism while working for his former employer and from his former white girlfriend. In that Tweet he also alleges that this ex-girlfriend sent out fake bomb threats and wants him “to be raped in jail.” In another Tweet he calls President Trump a “racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”  Thompson tweeted as recently as last week concerning the bomb threats received by Jewish orgs around the nation recently.  I think it safe to say Thompson may have some mental issues.



Do any of these people realize that they are WHITE?  Doubtful.  The ignorance is literally blinding.  This nation has gone way beyond stupid!  But, hey, these White Race Traitors have bought the Communist line hook, line, and sinker.

H/T Fox News. Listening to these College Stupids I weep for America’s future. I am not and do not feel guilty about being white.

via ‘Watters’ World’ investigates ‘white privilege’ campaign — Give Me Liberty

Is America a Fascist State?

by Viktor Sukov

A lot of hype and misinformation surrounded the past presidential election not to mention a good dose of “fake news.” All of this “fake news” is really nothing new as it used to be called “Propaganda.” Now that Donald Trump has been elected POTUS many Americans are trying to sort through the propaganda in an effort to find truth and one of the things some people are trying to figure out is if America is now a fascist state.

america-first1Fascism is a broad term and many people don’t even know what it means. So what is “fascism”? When we think of fascism we typically think of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis which was one sort of fascism but the fascism exposed by Italian dictator Mussolini was another sort of fascism and the fascism exposed by Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco was yet another sort of fascism. Here are some core tenets of fascism but keep in mind that not all fascists or fascist regimes embrace all of these tenets.

Nationalism is s big thing when it comes to fascism and what we are seeing now in America is the rise of “populism” which can be taken as a form of nationalism but this is only one tenet of fascism and it does not mean America is now a fascist state. Further, simply taking pride in one’s own country and/or ethnicity or culture can also be considered a form of nationalism but that doesn’t mean you are a fascist. Totalitarianism (dictatorship) is another tenet and fascists regimes who embrace this tenet most often have dictators such as German, Italy, Spain, and Argentina’s Juan Peron during WW2. The US does not have such a dictatorship. Our Constitution is still in tact even though it’s been badly battered for the past 8 years under the Communist Barack Obama (and yes I consider Obama to have been a Communist). Our democratic institutions remain in tact as well and the powers of the presidency remain limited so America does not have a totalitarian regime.

Anti-democratic ideology and a one party system are two more tenets of fascism that fascists may or may not embrace. Like I said, our democratic institutions remain in tact and America doesn’t have a one party system so, again, America has not embraced these two tenets of fascism. Another tenet of fascism is what is known as a “personality cult.” That is, the nation rallies around some prominent public figure usually the leader. Germany rallied around Hitler. Italy rallied around Mussolini. Spain around Franco and Argentina around Peron. Hitler ha a personality cult going on as did the others but to a lesser extend I think. In America it is rather difficult to rally around some public figure including the president. Yes, Trump supporters tend to rally around him and likely see him as a “savior” of our nation and that would be a sort of “personality cult” but many Americans do not feel this way about him. However, he does have a bit of a personality cult going on but nowhere near that seen with Hitler, Franco, or the others during WW2. Continue reading

“Unethical Amnesia”? No! It’s called “you can’t remember your LIES!”

commentary by Monomakh —–

The absolute bullshit that comes our of academia and “science” today never ceases to astound me.  These people are absolutely full of shit IMO!  Case in point?  Here’s the latest and it concerns PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP:

Soviet_4“Unethical amnesia” could explain some of Donald Trump’s forgetfulness” reads the headline on AOL News this morning.  The article notes that Trump made headlines this past week by “forgetting” a campaign promise.  On his “Thank you tour” Trump said in Indiana that he “forgot” he’d promised to save American jobs at the Carrier gas furnace factory in Ohio.  In fact, he said he “found out” about HIS promise only when he saw a Carrier employee talking about it on TV!  Trump went on to say, “And I never thought I made that promise.  Not with Carrier.  I made it for everybody else.  I didn’t make it really for Carrier.”  FACT CHECK is that Trump DID in FACT pledge to keep Carrier jobs in the US rather than letting them go to Mexico.  And, Trump made that pledge SEVERAL TIMES during his presidential campaign!  So why did Trump forget?

Well leave it up to a Business Insider report to come up with an ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT explanation!  That opinion article refers to new social science research (what a load of CRAP) about what is being called “unethical amnesia.” And just what is that?  “Research” conducted by social science professors at Northwestern and Harvard Universities shows that some people have poor memories when they engage in dishonest behavior such as those who run for office and make campaign promises like Trump.  This research concluded that after a person engages in unethical behavior (ie:  LYING!) memories of their actions become more “obfuscated” over time because of the “psychological distress” (ie:  GUILT) and discomfort such misdeeds cause.  In other words, people who LIE tend to not be able to KEEP THEIR LIES STRAIGHT because they tell so many LIES they forget which lies they’ve told!  And we had to have a social science “research study” for this???  And the “cure” for this “unethical amnesia”?  The Northwestern and Harvard academics say the cure is  to “reflect.”  WTF?  Reflect?  Don’t you mean “try to remember what LIES you’ve told and to whom you’ve told them to”?

So is this a taste of what we’re going to get for the upcoming 4 years (and hopefully not any longer than that)?  The conservative press making up excuses for Trump?  (and YES I consider Business Insider a right wing Corporatist media).  The FACT is that Donald Trump made a lot of promises he knew he couldn’t keep during his campaign just as all other people running for office do.  His sole purpose was to get votes and get elected so he, like all other politicians, told people what he thought they wanted to hear.  He latched on to the far right winger agenda and played it like a fine tuned fiddle!  He simply told the right wingers what they wanted to hear and they fell of him lock, stock, and barrel.  But, NOW that he’s been elected there is a PROBLEM for all of you right wingers out there in never-never-land.

That right winger problem is Trump is appointing cabinet and staff officials to his administration that stand in DIRECT OPPOSITION to many of the positions he took during his campaign!  For example, this ExxonMobile CEO that (rumor says) he’s going to name as his Secretary of State does NOT support America becoming energy independent AND he has stated in the past that he SUPPORTS A CARBON TAX!  Those two items are directly opposed to what Trump said during his campaign as Trump specifically stated and tweeted that he was absolutely opposed to a carbon tax and that he absolutely supports America becoming energy independent.  So why is Trump appointing people that are at the opposite ends of his agenda?  “Unethical amnesia” perhaps?  LMAO!

Let me enlighten you and especially all you right wingers out there…………….

Donald Trump is a PLAYER AND ACTOR in case you haven’t noticed.  His “reality” TV hit “The Apprentice” was amazing and Trump played the role of “big boss man” absolutely perfectly.  But it was an ACT designed for TELEVISION!  In fact, all of these so called “reality shows” have little to nothing to do with REALITY at all.  Example:  I don’t know about you but if I were stuck on an island or deep in the wilderness and was trying to survive I’d be killing me some shit like rabbits, deer, wild boars, birds, fish, etc.  I’ll be damned if I would be sitting around eating rice and cockroaches!  Another example:  If I went hunting for Bigfoot and I got pics, DNA, and various sorts of physical evidence that the creature actually exists I’d make sure to PROVE IT beyond ANY doubt to the entire world using REAL SCIENCE so that its existence would be undeniable!  I’ll be damned if I’d be running to and fro unshaven and looking one of the Beverly Hillbillies looking at “evidence” (photos, blood, etc) gotten by other people and just walk away without taking possession of that evidence for testing!  Like I said.  There all of these “reality shows” have nothing to do with REALITY and that includes Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

I’ve personally always believed that a man or woman’s ACTIONS speak far louder than their words and in the case of our President-elect his recent actions in appointing his cabinet and staff are INCONSISTENT with his words spoken BY HIM during HIS campaign for POTUS.  That tells me HE LIED!  This guy isn’t even in office yet!  He’s appointing people that stand in direct opposition to his campaign rhetoric and promises and that tells me that in Trump’s mind running for POTUS was just another “reality show.”  Well guess what America?  LIFE ISN’T A FRICKIN REALITY SHOW!!  In MY opinion Donald Trump is already proving he’s a LIAR!  He’s already showing us just how well he played and conned us!  He’s already laughing at how stupid and foolish We The People have been AGAIN all the way to the Oval Office!! Continue reading

End of the Obama Era

Political Commentary by Viktor Sukov

The end of the Obama era is now drawing to a close and all I can say is Thank God for that. The past 8 years of his presidency have been a complete disaster for our country, for our people, and for the entire world. And Thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election as we would have 4 more years of Obama’s “doctrines” which are a joke to say the least.

No!  No!  I won't go!  This is my public housing home and they'll have to drag me out!  Why am I being forced out of the WH???

In the past 8 years we’ve seen our country reduced to almost a third world nation economically. We’ve seen attempt after attempt by the Obama administration to reduce the most sophisticated and powerful military on the planet to rubble. We’ve been played like fools and we’ve been repeatedly lied to that make one’s head swim. Instead of being a great unifier Barack Obama has turned out to be the Great Divider and he and his administration have divided our nation in ways that were once unimaginable. When it comes to Black Americans, Barack Obama hasn’t done one damned thing for them over the past 8 years and the fact is Black Americans are no better than off than they were 8 years ago and possibly even worse off. That’s a really sad legacy for America’s first “black” POTUS (remember he’s half black and half white).

Obama’s signature piece accomplishment has been the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare. He touted it as something that would reduce the high costs of medical care and assured us that for the first time in American history healthcare would be affordable to all. Not long ago people got their notices from their health insurance providers and those notices sent most people into a state of SHOCK as they were informed their monthly premiums were going up over 100%! Affordable? It now appears there is NOTHING AFFORDABLE about Obamacare. Continue reading

Kain Says Whites Must Become Minority!

Commentary by Monomakh:

Broom-Hilda’s running mate Tim Cane told a Black congregation in New Orleans that Whites must become a minority so they can properly atone for racism and oppression suffered by Blacks.  In other words Whites must take on White Guilt over slavery, racism, along with anything and everything else even though at the height of slavery in this country only 1.4% of whites actually had Black slaves.  Ignore the fact that WHITES were VICTIMS for far longer of the brutal Barbary Slave Trade and forget that long before Blacks were American slaves MANY Europeans and Arabs were enslaved by conquering nations and treated less than animals for hundreds of years!  Since we are talking history then it would behoove Clinton and Kain to get the history straight don’t you think?

I’ve never owned a slave so I don’t see why I should feel guilty.  Further, my great great grandfather did own a couple of slaves and one killed him with an axe one day!  Should I feel guilty over that?

Kain’s comments are just one more attempt to inflame RACE WARFARE and DIVIDE this nation even more than Barack Obama has done!  REAL LEADERS unite their people because they seem themselves and the leaders of ALL PEOPLE in their nation.  Wannabe AMATEURS do NOT unite their people they divide them and that is exactly what Obama has done for the past 8 years and Clinton and Kain hope to do for 4 more.

And let’s talk history a bit further.  Did all of you BLACK AMERICANS know that the Ku Klux Klan was founded and supported by Democrats?  You need to take a real close look at what the Dems have done for you in the past 100 years which is mostly NOTHING!  The ghetto is still the ghetto and instead of doing something about the ghetto and helping Blacks get ahead all the Dems have done is blame White people which has gotten you NOWHERE.  In fact, NOWHERE seems to be the motto of the Democratic Party!  Get a frickin clue brother!!

So why are the Dems so intent on dividing us?  Because it’s an old strategy of divide and conquer.  As long as they can keep us divided we won’t pay any attention to the HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS routinely committed by Democrats in ALL levels of government across this nation.  Both Kain and Clinton are RICH WHITE PEOPLE who are the very people some Blacks claim to hate so why would they vote for them?  Somehow that doesn’t make any sense at all.  If you are Black living in the ghetto and thinking Clinton-Kain are going to help improve your life think again!  THEY AREN’T and they have NO true desire to!  In fact, they want to keep you in the GHETTO SLAVERY you are in which is a new form of slavery!  Think about it!

Where are the REAL LEADERS in this FUCKED UP NATION?  Yeah you read that right!  Be they Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Purple or whatever!  WHERE ARE THEY and WHY in the HELL can’t this nation have someone, ANYONE, better than Clinton and Trump and Obama???  These rich assholes are the bottom of the SHIT barrel IMO!  They aren’t leaders at all.  They are CON ARTISTS….RICH WHITE CON ARTISTS in fact!  The ONLY thing they give one shit of a care about is maintaining the divisions between the American people so THEY can continue to get rich, cover their own asses, and HIDE their high crimes and misdemeanors cuz they all know when we do unite their asses are GRASS!  Think about that one too!!

REAL LEADERS DON’T SEEK TO DIVIDE THEIR PEOPLE.  THEIR GOAL IS TO UNITE THEM!  THIS IS NOT WHAT CLINTON, KAIN, OR TRUMP ARE DOING.  Instead they are only dividing this nation and its people even MORE!  And that, my friends, is a complete LOAD OF COW SHIT!

BTW I’m not voting for Trump or Broom-Hilda/Kain.  I’m going to vote for my local dog catcher who just happens to be 100% BLACK but who is always trying to bring people together….UNITED on various issues!!  HE’S A REAL LEADER!

Stick up up your a*** Tim Kain and Broom-Hilda!


Hillary’s VP: Whites Must Become a “Minority” to Atone For Racism

Security Without Freedom is SLAVERY!

security_1Esteemed Polish Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman has some things to say about the global situation today and the growing fear among humanity. He says that upheaval across the globe is symptomatic of the diffusion of fear. Bauman says people across Europe are on edge as migration and economic uncertainties continue to grow. He notes that the political landscape is changing as there is a growing feeling that the old social structures and paradigms no longer work. So they are being replaced or challenged by the masses. And the SAME thing is happening in the USA! A serious divide is growing along race and economics says Bauman.

Bauman has written extensively about the modern age and what it is doing to the masses across the globe. He coined the phrase “liquid fear” which he has defined as a tangible feeling of generalized anxiety that we see everywhere on the planet today. He says that the problem with “liquid fear” is you don’t know where it will strike from unlike specific fear and danger which you know.

In an in-depth interview with Al Jazeera, Bauman said that humanity is “walking on a minefield.” He went on to say that there are “no solid structures around us on which we can rely, in which we can invest our hopes and expectations.” He notes that even the world’s most powerful governments can no longer deliver on their promises and this only adds to the fear and growing anxiety we all feel.

“ON EVERY LEVEL OF HUMAN LIFE, YOU HAVE THE SAME SITUATION. UNCERTAINTY,” Bauman says.  He told Al Jazeera that today humanity is living in a “state of continuous uncertainty, which makes us afraid.”  He points out that there are two crucial values that are vital to human life and those are Security and Freedom.  Both are absolutely necessary to human existence he says.

“SECURITY WITHOUT FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” Bauman pointed out, and “Freedom without Security is complete CHAOS where you are LOST, ABANDONED, and you don’t know what to do.”  Today people find themselves “uneasy, lost, incapable of acting with certainty, with assurance.”  He thinks what we see happening all over the world today is the “turning of the pendulum.”  He notes that he believes people want politicians who assert “Give me the power and I will take responsibility for your future.”  In other words, people all over the planet today are looking for a magical SAVIOR!!

“People are looking for MAGIC in leadership,” he says, but notes that is a waste of time!  He also referred to the growing refugee problem in Europe and millions of refugees are flooding into Europe to escape war-torn nations in the Middle East such as Syria.  He specifically notes that these REFUGEES are NOT people who are hungry without bread or water BUT that they are people who only yesterday were proud of their homes, their social positions, and often were very well-educated and well off financially.  But now they are refugees and they “embody all of our FEARS.”  They embody our own fears of losing everything and he says that makes our own anxiety and fears grow and he says in his estimation the “SHOCK is only BEGINNING.”

This generalized anxiety is not something new in my opinion because I think it’s been around for a long time.  We felt it back in the late 70s for sure and since that time I think it has festered and grown.  Humanity has been uneasy or anxious for a long time now!  That anxiety is nonspecific meaning we can’t quite put our finger on it when it comes to identifying the source of our anxiety.  ANXIETY IS UNSPECIFIC FEAR!  That perhaps is the worst kind of fear there is. Continue reading