Texas Prayer Room Under Attack by AG!

Liberty High School in Frisco, TX has a prayer room and has had that same prayer room since 2009. The room is available, according to school district officials, to “students of all walks of life” meaning it’s not just available to Christians, Muslims, Jews, or others but is available to ALL students of ANY faith OR no faith.

Since 2009 the prayer room has really not been an issue but now along comes Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton and it appears he’s wanting to stir the pot! Paxton is “concerned” that the prayer room may not be available to students of other faiths and in a letter issued Friday by Paxton to school officials he said any exclusion would be inconsistent with the 1st Amendment’s protection of religious freedom. Question is he doesn’t identify just who is being excluded! Christians? Muslims? Jews? Buddhists? Wiccans? Who?

Thus far it appears that students of NONE of these faiths has been excluded from using the prayer room so why is Paxton attempting to create controversy where there is NO controversy?

The Pastor of a large Baptist Church in Dallas said in an interview with “Fox & Friends” this morning that he has no problem with the room as long as students of various faiths have equal access to the prayer room. Democratic political consultant Mustafa Tameez, a Muslim America, said on the same program that Paxton is simply attempting to create controversy where one doesn’t exist. He pointed out that in airports there are prayer rooms so the High School prayer room is not only for Muslim students but is for anyone of any faith. Continue reading


ISIS Leader Tells Members to “Flee and Hide”! But I thought they were macho men?

BaghdadiSeems ISIS is finally showing its true colors for the COWARDS they are and have ALWAYS been. Their so called leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has instructed his “warriors” (read evolutionary throwback cold blooded psychotic killers and perverts) to blow themselves up or “flee and hide.” LMAO so much for the noble brave radical Muslim warrior!!

His message comes as Iraqi and coalition forces are preparing to take over the western half of the city of Mosul. Iraq already has taken the eastern part of the city. ISIS is on the verge of defeat and Baghdadi knows it. Hopefully, he will be one of those who blows himself up and the world will finally be rid of this madman!

I do wonder what has happened to all of ISIS’ bravado. I mean they tried to portray themselves as righteous brave man man holy warriors and now they are being told by their leader to run ways and hid and/or blow themselves up. But I thought God was on their side and they were invincible? Well I guess NOT after all. Frankly, I hope the world hunts these people down like the DOGS they are! It’s time for the civilized world to rid ourselves of SCUM like ISIS!!

The Lord Answers and Witches Conjure!

commentary by the Fiery Evangelist—-

Fiery EvangelistWell…well….well…it’s been awhile but I aint-a gone nowheres-a!!  And I’ve got something to say to the NATION for the Lord ALL POWERFUL has but this on my mind and in my heart!

This past November the Lord God Almighty-a answered-a the prayers of millions of Americans and Donald Trump became President of our nation-a! Glory! Glory! Glory! The Lord gave us a reprieve from the eight years of EVIL tyranny waged against every Bible Believing Christian under Barack Obama and his EVIL Communist agenda and policies! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that witch Hillary Clinton didn’t get into the White House! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!!

Now comes-a news our way that witches all around the country are conjuring spells on our President to bring him down. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be because these servants of Satan will do anything to prevent America from returning to a descent, GOD-FEARING nation!

Well hears what the end result is going to be-a! These servants of the pit can conjure all they want to but to no avail-a! The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WILL TRIUMPH IN THE END I assure you-a! GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!!

So let them conjure their spells and let them do their hocus pocus but all their efforts will NOT prevail-a! The LORD GOD-a has spoken by delivering Donald Trump into the presidency and NO POWER can stand against him because he is under the HAND OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Oh….oh…oh yea the powers of darkness are gathering against him because they are filled with great fear but they will be put asunder! The whole world-a will see God’s hand protecting the President and the LORD will guide him to restoring our nation and our people to decency, morality, and the traditional values that built this country and made this country great. YES he will Make America Great Again because the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY guides him!

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pope Says No Muslim Terrorism Exists! Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

I thought Pope Francis had some common sense an intelligence but now I see he does not as it appears he’s now been infected with that mental disorder that seems to infect so many libs. It is now obvious that this pope can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy and perhaps he should now go the way of his predecessor Pope Benedict and abdicate as he is clearly an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church and Christians worldwide. Here’s what I’m talking about.

pope-francis1Yesterday in a speech to a global meeting of Populist Movements the Pope denied that Islamic terrorism exists but he asserted the ecological crisis is real. WTF? Well climate change seems to be an ongoing phenomena on planet Earth as there is no time in history or prehistory that I can find in which the climate was not changing! Oh yes climate change IS real and has been real since Day 1!!

Here’s what the Pope said. “Christian terrorism does not exist. Jewish terrorism does not exist and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist!” Man talk about living in a state of denial of reality. What in the hell is wrong with this pope? I bet if you ask the Palestinians they’ll tell you Jewish terrorism is real and I bet others will tell you in some parts of the world Christian terrorism is real too. And I’m pretty sure Muslim terrorism is real as evidenced by 9/11, the Benghazi Attack in Libya, ISIS, the attacks in France, the slaughter in Florida…….need I go on?

Perhaps the Pope got his words mixed up? Maybe he meant that not all Christians, Jews, or Muslims are terrorists? I’m pretty sure MOST people are aware of that, however. BUT if that is what he meant then why didn’t he just say so?

But the pope wasn’t finished yet because he added, “No people is (are) criminal or drug trafficking (drug traffickers) or violent.” Sorry but I had to put some corrections in parenthesis as what the pope said doesn’t make sense. No people are criminal? Can he tell that to the woman who was raped and see what she might have to say about that? Can he tell that to the family of the US Border Agent Brian Terry who was killed by Mexican drug runners in cold blood and see what they might have to say about that? Can he tell that to the many people in Mexico who have had their relatives killed by the drug cartels in cold blood? And violence? Hey pope just look around at any place on the planet today and you’ll fin ample evidence of VIOLENCE! What in the hell is this pope talking about? Did he take all of his medications yesterday? Perhaps he had a bit too much?

In his speech yesterday (as he’s suggested in the past) Francis said terrorism is primarily the result of economic inequalities rather than religious beliefs. “The poor,” he said, “and the poorer peoples are accused of violence yet, without equal opportunities, the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and will eventually explode.” Has Francis been secluded in a cave for the past 20 years or what? Excuse me but as far as the radical Muslims are concerned the violence they commit has EVERYTHING to do with RELIGION! They consider the West as the “Great Satan” to be annihilated by any means necessary in the name of Allah! They see Christianity as a religion of INFIDELS and summarily kill Christians all the time by any means available INCLUDING CRUCIFIXION! Not to mention beheading!! Oh yes, MOST of the Islamic terrorism is based on RELIGION so I don’t know where this pope is coming from with this absolute DENIAL OF REALITY! In fact, if I didn’t know better I’d say this pope is cowering down to radical Islam!!! Continue reading

Is America a Fascist State?

by Viktor Sukov

A lot of hype and misinformation surrounded the past presidential election not to mention a good dose of “fake news.” All of this “fake news” is really nothing new as it used to be called “Propaganda.” Now that Donald Trump has been elected POTUS many Americans are trying to sort through the propaganda in an effort to find truth and one of the things some people are trying to figure out is if America is now a fascist state.

america-first1Fascism is a broad term and many people don’t even know what it means. So what is “fascism”? When we think of fascism we typically think of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis which was one sort of fascism but the fascism exposed by Italian dictator Mussolini was another sort of fascism and the fascism exposed by Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco was yet another sort of fascism. Here are some core tenets of fascism but keep in mind that not all fascists or fascist regimes embrace all of these tenets.

Nationalism is s big thing when it comes to fascism and what we are seeing now in America is the rise of “populism” which can be taken as a form of nationalism but this is only one tenet of fascism and it does not mean America is now a fascist state. Further, simply taking pride in one’s own country and/or ethnicity or culture can also be considered a form of nationalism but that doesn’t mean you are a fascist. Totalitarianism (dictatorship) is another tenet and fascists regimes who embrace this tenet most often have dictators such as German, Italy, Spain, and Argentina’s Juan Peron during WW2. The US does not have such a dictatorship. Our Constitution is still in tact even though it’s been badly battered for the past 8 years under the Communist Barack Obama (and yes I consider Obama to have been a Communist). Our democratic institutions remain in tact as well and the powers of the presidency remain limited so America does not have a totalitarian regime.

Anti-democratic ideology and a one party system are two more tenets of fascism that fascists may or may not embrace. Like I said, our democratic institutions remain in tact and America doesn’t have a one party system so, again, America has not embraced these two tenets of fascism. Another tenet of fascism is what is known as a “personality cult.” That is, the nation rallies around some prominent public figure usually the leader. Germany rallied around Hitler. Italy rallied around Mussolini. Spain around Franco and Argentina around Peron. Hitler ha a personality cult going on as did the others but to a lesser extend I think. In America it is rather difficult to rally around some public figure including the president. Yes, Trump supporters tend to rally around him and likely see him as a “savior” of our nation and that would be a sort of “personality cult” but many Americans do not feel this way about him. However, he does have a bit of a personality cult going on but nowhere near that seen with Hitler, Franco, or the others during WW2. Continue reading

A Neo-Nazi is Born and Revenge is on the way!

Originally posted on Kafir Crusaders: Typical cowardly behaviour by members of the ‘religion of peace’. They think they are some kind of hard men picking on people only when the odds are in their favour. Pack attacking teenagers or an old man who they outnumber.Or cracking random females for no apparent reason other than boosting…

via Video: 8 Islamothugs Savagely Pack Attack White Teenager In Manchester — Brittius

King Donald? Dawn of the Trump Dynasty!

Editorial by Monomakh:

Rurik4I’ve been watching President-elect Donald Trump very closely lately and I am truly beginning to wonder if Trump fancies himself some sort of king or even emperor instead of a President. I mean, look at where he lives (Trump Tower) and how opulent his living quarters are. Gold and marble are everywhere and, frankly, the place makes the White House and Buckingham Palace look like ghettos. I can understand why Trump doesn’t want to live in the White House but remain in Trump Tower instead. After all, who in the hell wants to downgrade to the ghetto White House, right?

And then there is his family whom Trump appears to think should be very involved in his reign….oh I mean “administration”….and I can’t help but wonder just what qualifies them for such a role. I don’t see where any of them have any kind of experience in politics or government at all. In fact, I don’t see where Emperor Donald has any experience in government or politics at all for hat matter!

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner

For example, Trump reportedly believes that his son-in-law Jared Kushner could help bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Seriously? Does Kushner have some sort of experience or training in negotiating international peace agreements that we don’t know about? From what I gather the only reason Trump thinks this is due to the fact that his son-in-law Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. And that qualifies him as an expert peace negotiator in the Palestinian conflict??? How’s that? I don’t see anywhere where Kushner has experience as a professional diplomat. Just because Kushner happens to be Trump’s son-in-law does NOT qualify him for anything and especially in terms of trying to negotiate peace between the Palestinians and Israel and, in fact, history has proven over and over again that dispatching amateurs to deal with such situations most often ends in absolute disaster.

So just who is this Jared Kushner that Trump is hailing as beyond magnificent?

Kushner was born in 1981 meaning he is presently 35 years old. He is characterized as an American businessman, investor, and “political operative.” He is the primary owner in Kushner Properties which is a real estate holding and development company and also in Observer Media which publishes the New York Observer, a weekly newspaper publication in NYC. His father is the American real estate investor Charles Kushner and he is the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. During Trump’s campaign for the WH Kushner was a senior adviser and some say it was Kushner who actually ran the campaign. He was also the author of Trump’s digital media strategy.


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