Who Runs America? It ain’t poor or working White People!!

Who REALLY runs this nation? Well it sure as hell isn’t poor or working White people! Take a look at the following stats:

1. America today has MORE wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on the planet.

2. The gap between RICH and everyone else in this country is WIDER than at any time since the 1920s!

3. The top 1/10th of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%.

4. An astounding 58% of all new income since the Wall Street crash has gone to the top 1%.

5. We have an overflow of millionaires and billionaires in this nation YET at the same time millions of not-rich Americans work longer hours and for LOWER wages!

6. America has one of the HIGHEST child poverty rates of any developed country on the planet!! And yet we are the richest nation on the planet?

These are pretty DISGUSTING statistics for a nation who prides itself for being the richest nation on earth and a fortress for social justice, equality, opportunity, freedom and democracy!!

And yet, these stats PROVE beyond doubt who is REALLY running things in this nation and who has been for MANY decades now. It’s time for a REALITY CHECK America! It’s time to identify the REAL OPPRESSORS in this nation!!

And solutions to all this:

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And the 2016 “Election” Continues………blah, blah, blah

So loud mouthed Trump and hysterical Clinton appear to be the frontrunners thus far and it’s looking more and more like they will indeed be the nominees for their respective parties. And once again we will find that America really has NO CHOICE as has been the case in past “elections” (read RACKET).

Trump has surprised everyone by getting as far as he has but I’m sure that if the TRUTH were known everything is going just as planned. Trump is an obvious corporatist and the poster boy for the 1%. This man eats out of a silver spoon and if you happen to be one of the working poor and you actually think he’s going to help you improve your lot….THINK AGAIN! Once in office, if elected, he will do everything for Corporate America and nothing for YOU. The man is a genius, however, or an excellent ACTOR as he does in fact have many supporters who are among the working poor who do think he’s actually going to lend them a hand as POTUS. That in itself is laughable IMO. He has a vested interest in Wall Street and the global Corporatist economy. How do you think he’s made so much dough?

And then there is Hilarious Clinton. I don’t know about you but this woman’s voice sends me up the wall. Can she actually talk or just yell all of the time? Hey, BTW, have you noticed the whole Benghazi Affair which got a sitting US Ambassador slaughtered in cold blood while she was Secretary of State has disappeared? Yeah it’s been nicely swept under that old dusty and moldy carpet. And her email problems as Sec of State? Why all that too is in process of being swept under that same only nasty carpet! Get a frickin clue America!!

Of course IF you are one of the FEW Americans who know what’s going on then you well know this election (as all others since JFK) is FIXED. The “corporate powers that be” have it all figured out and thus far it’s all working out perfectly. I predict Hillarious Clinton will be the next POTUS as bad as I don’t want her to be but, let’s face it, Trump is a bit too extreme for most even the “corporatist powers that be ” I suspect. Oh, of course, it will be a “close” election but in the end Hillarious will be sitting in the Oval Office. And then I can see her everyday on TV and the Internet as her screeching voice REALLY drives me up the wall. Oh boy!!

Getting back to Trump this man seems to know know limits to who he insults and alienates. In fact, he’s alienated almost everyone including his latest ACT of alienating the MSM, saying if elected he will make it easier for people to sue the press. Oh yeah, that’s how you score points Donald. But here’s the BEST response I’ve heard yet regarding Trump……….

A few days ago I read on Real Clear Politics that former Mexican el Presidente Vicente Fox said in and interview that Mexico is not going to pay for, and I quote, “his f*cking wall.” VIVA LA FOX!! It’s about time someone stand up to “the Donald.” Fox said that Trump can pay for the wall since he’s got so much money. LMAO. Someday Trump is going to find out that the whole world is NOT going to cater to him.

So America here we go again. A rigged election with two people who should NEVER be POTUS. What a JOKE! Hell, I’d rather have Obama for 4 more years. Oh and get this….the GOP is considering having Mitt Romney enter the race. WTF? Romney? Seriously? He’s worse than Clinton or Trump IMO.

So I’d advise all of you to go out and purchase some really good (high price end) ear plugs because once Hillarious is elected president we are all going to need them. Obviously, she can’t just talk. She YELLS! And her hubbie? I’m sure he’ll have more “encounters” in the White House just like when he was POTUS. Hey I’ve got an idea….why don’t we just change the name to the WHORE HOUSE? And while we’re at it we can change the name of that building where those 535 do-nothings dwell and call it DUNG HILL. No more PC!! Let’s call the bullshit….BULLSHIT America!!

Consumers SHUT UP or Else!!

Corporate America has a better gig going than the Mafia ever thought of.  Companies are increasingly worried about bad reviews consumers post online on such sites as Yelp and, basically, the message from Corporate America is “Shut up or else!”.  If that’s not intimidation what is?

Most people don’t read the Terms of Service when they go to a website or sign a document.  Most just check the box saying they agree without even knowing what the Terms of Service are or say.  What you need to be aware of is that in many of those TOS there is a Non-Disparagement Clause and if you agree to the TOS then you give up your right to criticize the business publicly!  If you violate this TOS and criticize a company publicly then you could be hit with thousands of dollars in penalties for bad mouthing the company online or anywhere else.  It’s the old “muzzle approach” of INTIMIDATION designed to SHUT YOU UP when you are unhappy with a company’s service or product.  It comes from the same mold as the Mafia sending around their hitman to intimidate you a bit so you SHUT UP. You shouldn’t be surprised, however, as Corporate America and its Corporatist THUGS operate this way routinely.  Screw you rights!  All they want is your MONEY and if you bad mouth them they put the screws to you just like the Mafia!

The watchdog group called Public Citizen says companies use these “unjust terms to bully dissatisfied customers into silence.”  Intimidation…bullying….SAME means used by THUGS!!  Enters now that WORTHLESS and INCOMPETENT body known as the US Congress……………………

A bipartisan group in that not-so-august body is proposing a federal law that will end this Corporatist intimidation and THUGGERY and restore the right to free speech to consumers.  The proposed law is called the CONSUMER REVIEW FREEDOM ACT and it spawns from a similar law passed and signed in California last year.  If approved by Congress the new law would make it illegal for companies to threaten consumers or seek enforcement of the TOS or to penalize consumers for badmouthing companies.

Hold your breath America until that WORTHLESS body of Corporatist LACKEY’S known as Congress passes this law.  I’m sure that Corporate America will threaten and intimidate our elected public servants into making sure this Act never sees the light of day on the floor as Congress no longer represents the American people but only their Corporate overlords and owners!

Frankly, I think it’s time American consumers start biting back at these Corporatist DOGS!  One of the easiest things to do is to STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES!  That will Corporations up quickly and if not then they’ll soon be OUT OF BUSINESS!  American consumers have POWER so USE IT!  Enough of the Corporate Mafia already!  Fact is MOST OF THEIR products are SHIT and most of their services are sub-standard.  Why?  Because these THUGS think the American consumer (YOU) are IDIOTS and they laugh behind our backs like you wouldn’t believe!

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Predatory Drug Makers USA

US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt) recently commented on American drug makers and how they are gouging US consumers.  Comparing drug prices in the US to other countries Sanders pointed out that Americans pay the highest prices in the world for medications.  Sanders also noted that the top 3 drug makers in the US made a combined $45 billion dollar profit last year.  That’s astounding to say the least.  And Sanders also pointed out that these drug makers spent more on sales and marketing than they did on research and development.

Sanders made his comments on the US Senate floor saying that the US is the only major nation on earth that does not regulate prescription drug prices in one form or another and he described this as “an unmitigated disaster.”  As we noted in a post on this site a few days ago Americans consume over 80% of the world’s legal drugs proving once again that America is the primary market for drug consumption, legal AND illegal.

Senator Sanders said nationwide spending on legal drugs increased more than 12% last year and he noted that that increase was more than double the rise of overall medical costs.  Sanders also said that 35 million Americans did not fill a prescription last year because they could not afford it.  Presumably their insurance wouldn’t pay for it either.  For instance, one middle aged man we talked to did not fill a prescription for nail fungus a few months ago because his insurance wouldn’t pay for it and the out of pocket cost was….get this…..$800.00!  Another man we spoke with did not have an eye drop prescription filled for the same reason and his out of pocket cost would have been almost $80.00.

Sanders is advocating a new approach to RX drugs in the US and says America needs leadership that will stand up to the drug makers and “tell them loudly and clearly that they will no longer be able to rip off the American people.”  Sanders and colleague Rep Elijah Cummings (D-Md) have introduced the Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015 which would authorize the Secretary of DHS to negotiate drug prices for better prices under private Medicare drug plans.  It also includes tougher penalties for drug makers that commit fraud and bans the current practice of brand name drug makers paying competitors to keep lower cost generic drugs off the market.  The legislation would also allow the US to import drugs from Canada and require drug makers to report how much money they spent on research and development and how much they get in federal benefits.

The sad fact is that many medications cost the drug makers less than $1 to make yet they turn around and sell the same pill for an astounding $10 per pill.  The drug makers are making an average of a 300% profit on these medications and their greed is far past being simply out of control.  Last year drug makers in the US made bigger profits than the oil companies and that’s beyond shocking.

Somewhere along the line the unbridled GREED in this nation must be reigned in not only in the RX drug industry but all other economic sectors and industries.  For their part Americans can STOP buying the products they believe are outrageous price-wise.  In other words BOYCOTT the products and in short time the drug makers and others will get the point once they see their astounding profits sink dramatically.  And don’t buy the garbage put out by the drug makers that you “need” the drug.  Chances are YOU DON’T!  And please educate yourselves about the side effects as I really don’t think you want to exchange arthritis for heart failure do you?  The drug makers don’t give a damn about your health.  All they care about is PROFIT and, sadly, the same can be said for many LEGAL DRUG DEALERS in this nation, aka YOUR doctor!

Wake up America!  Enough is Enough!




Davis is at it again! And America’s fastrack to Anarchy!!

When she got out of jail after being jailed for contempt of court by a US federal judge, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis said she did not want to be the the limelight.  She said all she wanted to do is work and be with her family.  Actions always speak louder than words and in Davis’ case it now is clear that she DOES want the limelight and wants to do far more than work and be with her family.  In fact, it now appears she wants to be a fundamentalist martyr.

She’s been altering marriage licenses in her county since getting out of jail for contempt, again.  She also, reportedly, has been using her old tricks such as the lame copy machine down excuse even though she agreed not to interfere in the issuing of gay marriage licenses when she was let out of jail.  Davis was ordered to issue the licenses to gay couples and that federal court order was upheld by the SCOTUS.  Davis is in violation, again.  You can read more about this at:


My original point in the Davis matter is that she is a public official sworn to uphold the law but she has chosen not to do so as demonstrated by her own actions.  But wait!  There is NO LAW!  As Britius pointed out the SCOTUS cannot make law as only the legislative branch (Congress) is empowered by our Constitution to make law.  The job of the courts is NOT to dictate law but to interpret law that has already been enacted by the legislative branch of government.  That’s part of our system of “checks and balances” that our Constitution set up.  Continue reading

America Becoming 3rd World Nation!

I’m sure most of you have noticed the bit by bit move in the grocery store of paying more for less.  Food packages are getting smaller but the price is getting higher and if you are like me when you go grocery shopping a few words echo through your mind on almost every item.  RIP OFF!!  Remember when President Obama said, “Americans can do with less”?  Well that was a warning sign to the brighter ones among us, apparently, because he meant it.  Right after he made that comment I began to notice food packages shrinking and prices going higher.  He was warning us but, sadly, most of us paid no attention.

Paying more for less is just the latest peg (read RIP OFF!) by corporate America to stick it to YOU the consumer!  Of course the Corporatist offer many reasons as to why this is happening but what it all boils down to is good old GREED.  And, sadly, GREED seems to be the newest National Anthem of America.  But that’s not all…..

Whether you realize it or not or whether you want to realize it or not America is quickly joining the ranks of THIRD WORLD NATIONS.  The unbridled greed we see reigning over this nation today is taking its toll and, as to be expected, the biggest toll is being felt by America’s WORKING poor.

Not that US Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders needs anymore statistics to back up his claims that this nation is moving towards disaster that will make the Great Depression look minor in comparison but, it seems now that a growing number of WORKING Americans are living on $2 or less per day.  How’s that possible?  Try living on $2 per day and find out firsthand!

Since 1996 the number of Americans who struggle to live on $2 per day or less has doubled and that works out to be about 1.5 million families and 3 million children.  This is according to a new book released yesterday from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt entitled “$2.00 a Day Living on Almost Nothing in America.”

What living on $2 per day or less amounts to is ULTRA-POVERTY and this threshold is not arbitrary as it is used by the World Bank to measure the scale of global poverty in developed nations.  What this book reveals is a shocking trend in America today and that trend is that the working poor are moving from poverty to ultra-poverty!  And this is the most developed Capitalist nation on the planet?  How’s this possible?

The first thing you need to realize is that these families are WORKING.  They aren’t sitting at home taking a free ride on welfare.  The other thing you need to realize is that their slide into poverty and then into ultra-poverty is the result of a failure of the labor market and our social welfare safety net.  And you can include the personal circumstances of these families also.   Continue reading

MLK — A Time to Break Silence

On 4 April 1967 Dr Martin Luther King gave his first major public address regarding the war in Vietnam.  The address was delivered to laity and clergy at Riverside Church in NYC.  Sadly, he delivered this address only one year prior to his assassination.  In the address, commonly known as “Beyond Vietnam,” Dr King spoke out harshly against the war.  Many civil rights leaders at the time condemned him for his comments as they thought his comments would hurt their cause.  His words angered President Lyndon B. Johnson at the time to the point that Johnson revoked an invitation to the White House for Dr King.  MLK once said, “The calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak.  We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but WE MUST SPEAK.”

MLKDr King began his address by pointing to statements made by an organization of clergy and laymen concerned about the war.  He referenced one statement in particular which said, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”  Dr King said that time had come for us in relation to the war in Vietnam but it is just as applicable today in light of the present state of our nation.  The silence of the masses of Americans has come to betrayal!  No longer can we afford to be silent as we watch the Corporatist pillage our nation economically and in terms of basic human rights!  We The People MUST break our silence and SPEAK OUT in an effort to end this wholesale destruction of our nation and our society for the sake of PROFIT for the FEW!  Many of us wish to THINK we are “patriotic” but just how patriotic is it to be silent when you sit and watch the destruction of America and American society?  That’s NOT patriotic at all.  That’s BETRAYAL!  And that is exactly what Dr King was talking about because that is what many Americans were doing in the days of the Vietnam War.

Dr King went on to say that the mission to speak out is a “most difficult one.”  He said, “Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy…”.  Sadly, in America today we have an increasing system of Corporatism in which and through which government that is suppose to represent the people is used, instead, to do the bidding of the corporations.  Government policy is becoming more and more bent towards the corporations and less and less towards the common American living on Main Street.  We all know this because it is a truth within us that eats at us many times but, yet, we are reluctant to speak out, stand up, and oppose just as Dr King pointed out.  He went on to note that the human spirit does not move without “great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought…”.  Again, his words rang true and still ring true today.  We Americans have become a reluctant people.  A people perhaps with too much comfort and certainly a people with far too much apathy.  Instead, conformist thought is embraced because we have deemed it too risky, too difficult, to speak out and oppose the greedy Corporatists who now own and control our nation.  Sadly, conformism has never gotten a people anywhere worthy.  In fact, conformism has usually ended with the end of a people and the end of a nation.  Our spirits have been dulled and even quenched by our entertainments and we have become far to concerned about our cell phones and to less concerned about the plight of our fellow human being and our children! Is it any wonder Americans are so apathetic and lethargic to the issues that REALLY matter?  Not really.   Continue reading