Saudi Crown Prince is a man to be reckoned with!

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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has several of his fellow princes and other high level officials under arrest and being held as prisoners at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. Now we are beginning to learn some of the details about those arrests. Most of them have been arrested for decades of corruption including bribery of foreign officials INCLUDING US officials. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

There are also allegations being made that Blackwater is being used by the Crown Prince to conduct security and interrogations of the prisoners but the private security company denies those allegation. Blackwater has changed its name to Academi. Reports are also surfacing that the Princes under arrest are being tortured, beaten, berated, and slapped around by whoever is conducting the interrogations in an effort to break them down and gain confessions. One form of torture being used, allegedly, is hanging the prisoners upside…

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Saudi Arabia: King to Resign, Crown Prince to take over!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Salman

Sources close to the royal family in Saudi Arabia have told the Daily Mail that King Salman plans to step now next week and raise his 32-year-old son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the throne. Over the past month the Crown Prince has been engaged in a power grab and he ordered the arrest of several members of the royal family and government officials charging them with corruption all of which was sanctioned by King Salman. He also sent troops to blockade Qatar and sent troops into Yemen after that country shot a missile into the Kingdom near the Riyadh airport. The Crown Prince has also suggested that the PM in Lebanon resign and even detained him during a visit to Saudi Arabia recently. In addition, the Crown Prince has made it no secret of his distaste for Iran and its radical Muslim clergy there. The Crown Prince also began to snip the power of his own conservative Muslim clergy in the Kingdom as he desires a return to a more moderate Islam.

At just 32 years old the Crown Prince once crowned King will assuredly be around for a long time as he would be one of the youngest monarchs in the Kingdom’s history. Over the course of the past few months it has become increasingly clear to the world that the Crown Prince is the man with the REAL power in Saudi Arabia. He has also been highly instrumental in transforming the Kingdom from its dependence on oil revenues to other industries including high-tech industries.

The high level source that spoke with reporters from the Daily Mail said once crowned the new king will turn his attention to Iran, a long-standing Saudi rival which means military action may be taken against the Ayatollah’s there. The source said, that the Crown Prince “is convinced that he has to hit Iran and Hezbollah. Contrary to the advice of the royal family elders.” The source also noted that the ruler in Kuwait believes the Crown Prince is a “raging bull.” We shall see 🙂 Continue reading

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Dem Victory in Alabama?

It is beginning to appear that the stage has been set for a Dem victory in the Alabama Senate race which was the plan all along I’m sure.  Thus far I’ve seen NO PROOF that Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed or raped any of the women accusing him of doing so in bygone days.  But, apparently proof has no significance in this affair as the allegations alone are enough to destroy a man.  And that’s exactly what is happening in the case of Moore.  The Dems have created doubt and suspicion around Moore and that was the goal.  The goal was never to prove that the allegations were true or not.  It’s an old DIRTY political game and it seems to be working well in this case.  And, the Dems are just not to blame here as all of the RINOS in the Senate and House have jumped on the bandwagon too (ie:  Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, et al).  The Dems can smell victory and control of the Senate I’m sure.  Too bad that they and the RINOS had to resort to dirty politics and I would say they should be ashamed but I don’t know one with any shame at all.  They are all shame-LESS!  Disgusting!!

US Taxpayer Money Used to Shut Up Accusers?

It now appears that sexual harassment up on Dung Hill has been somewhat widespread for a long time now  and not only that but the government has been using taxpayer money to shut the accusers up (read BRIBES).  In fact, that “hush money” (aka:  “shut your frickin’ mouth money) amounts to the tune of $15 million dollars!  US Congresswoman Jackie Speier D-CA spilled the beans during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.  Well we’ve always known that our “elected representatives” were corrupt and now we know they are PERVS too!  BTW anyone recall pedophile accusations made against several US Senators back in the late 70’s?  Several were accused of molesting their under age Pages.  It was news for a few days and then suddenly it was all swept under the carpet and as I recall not one Senator went to prison for child molestation!  Corrupt and Creepy!  That’s who represents us folks and we wonder why DC is so screwed up???  Read more at:

Saudi Crown Prince Wields the REAL Power!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

There’s a new prince in town and he’s got balls and guts!  He’s firmly set on what he wants to do and he’s not holding back at all.  In fact, he’s already thrown caution to the wind and neither the Saudi’s or other Middle Easterners quite know what to make of him and his MANLY boldness!

His name is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and he’s got the tacit backing of his father the Saudi King. He’s the 32 year old Saudi Crown Prince soon to be King of Saudi Arabia but he’s not waiting to assume the throne to gain power as he is already being recognized as the most powerful ruler and man in the Middle East AND a man to be reckoned with.  In just a few short weeks he’s achieved this power beginning with his order to arrest no less than 11 Saudi princes from his own royal family for corruption.  He also ordered the arrest of more than 200 Saudi businessmen elites for corruption.  And he hasn’t stopped there as he’s also now taking away power for Saudi Arabia’s powerful Muslim clerics!

The Crown Prince has gone even further as he’s ordered blockaded Qatar and accused radical Iran of “acts of war” against the Kingdom. He’s also encouraging the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister and even detained him on a recent visit to Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince has also sent soldiers into Yemen to fight what he believes is Iranian-backed factions who recently launched a missile aimed at Riyadh.  Of course, American officials are worried that the young MANLY Crown Prince is destabilizing the region but that’s always the case when a leader refuses to fit into the America feminized-male mold!  You’d think that these “officials” would get a clue and electing leaders with BALLS seems to now be the global norm.  Examples:  Trump in the USA, the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, and Austria’s newly elected young PM Sebastian Kurz.  Yes, the world is tired of the weak willed, limp handed style leaders that America so loves to see and glorify!!

Frankly, I’m glad to see a REAL MAN taking control in the Middle East as he just may achieve some things that America and Europe have not been able to achieve.  

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Saudi’s Support Trump in Iran Issue

Tens of thousands of Saudis are expressing their support for President Trump via Twitter in connection to his strong stance against the rogue radical Muslim nation of Iran which just happens to be the biggest sponsor of terrorism….well kinda. Saudi Arabia itself is either tied with Iran for that “honor” or running a close second IMO!

I don’t know why we haven’t done something about Saudi Arabia long ago either as they not only sponsor terrorism (ie: the 9/11 hijackers were from there) but also brutally persecute Christians, gays, and women. Their human rights record is beyond barbaric yet it is ignored by the West who is constantly shouting about human rights abuses in other nations.

Here’s an example….I just read an article yesterday about how in Saudi Arabia now women are NOT allowed to go into Starbucks and the MSM showed a picture of a Starbucks completely filled with male customers and not one woman in the place. Women can’t drive, can’t go to Starbucks, can’t expose themselves, can’t do anything! And if you happen to be gay or Christians watch out! They’ll behead you in a heartbeat no questions ask and no proof need either in many cases. Of course Iran carries out similar atrocities against its people as well.

I’m sure the Saudis are hoping that the US military will take out Iran which will really be “eliminating the competition” so Saudi Arabia can be THE chief sponsor of terror around the world! We no longer need their oil and they know it and so do we yet we play like we do. WHY? Why not tell the ruthless regime in Saudi Arabia to take a frickin HIKE? The ONLY reason the Saudis are expressing support for Trump on his stance against Iran is they are hoping the US will remove the Ayatollahs in Tehran so the Saudis won’t have to.

Despite Trumps rhetoric the Ayatollahs aren’t backing down. Trump slapped more sanctions against Iran last week after they fired a missile capable of carrying nukes and Tehran’s response was to fire another one! The head Ayatollah has now publicly said Iran is not afraid of Trump or the US and threatened to attack its enemies within minutes (read…Israel). If indeed Iran has nukes, and I think they do already, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will be smoke before our forces step on foot on Iranian soil. Trump had better think about that one.

Don’t get me wrong. I DETEST the Ayatollahs and the absolute oppressive regime they’ve been imposing on the people of Iran since the fall of the Shah back in the late 1970s! The regime of the Ayatollahs is nothing short of nightmarish and frankly I see NOTHING religious nor holy about their abuses! This regime should have been removed by ANY means long ago! I DO hope that is what Trump does at some point so the Iranian people can be free and live under humane circumstances as they deserve to. And next ought to be Saudi Arabia!