Trump’s Hypocrisy! Got a clue yet America??

He’s only been in the Crap House for 9 months but it seems like he’s been there for at least 4 years already.  Yes, I’m talking about our esteemed President Donald J. Trump and I don’t know about you but to me and many others he’s already a full-fledged nightmare that everyone is wishing would just go away.  Trump and his administration are a bit like living in the “Twilight Zone.”  For starters it should now be clear to everyone that Trump has problems working with people.  In fact, it appears he can’t work with people because he seems to have an attitude of “my way or no way.”  That attitude might work in the greed ridden halls of business but it doesn’t work when you are the leader of a country or in any other high political office.  Politics is an art and, specifically, it is an art of COMPROMISE.  The Democrats showed during 8 years of the Obama regime that they didn’t understand that little basic reality of politics and now the Republicans are showing that they don’t get it either!  And as for Trump?  The man doesn’t even know the meaning of the world “compromise” I assure you.

Trump is now going to bed with the Democrats because he can’t get anything done with his own party, the GOP, and that would be because of his attitude of “my way or no way.”  Like I said, Trump has problems working with other people.  Right off the bat he offended the GOP leadership in both the Senate and House to the point that all they wanted was to do anything and everything they could to screw him over and they’ve done just that for the past 9 months.  That’s why Trump’s agenda has gone nowhere!  So now he’s hopped in bed with the Democrats to get Obamacare axed and he’s going after GOP congressmen and senators who don’t support the latest version of “repeal and replace.”  Case in point….Trump is now going after Rand Paul for not supporting the latest version to screw the working poor out of affordable healthcare.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) over the past 9 months because he’s simply doing what he’s done for decades in the business world.  That is….Screwing people over!  That’s the way he’s gotten to where he is via his real estate business and investments, screwing people over, and he’s made a lot of enemies along the way who have not forgotten how they were screwed by him.  Trump is just continuing his typical M. O.  A number of his FORMER supporters, I saw a few days ago, burned their “MAGA” hats in a bonfire already because they are so frustrated and disappointed with him.  LOL guess they now realize just how Trump played them like a fiddle for the naive people they are.  But, again, get used to it because that is what Trump has done in the business world for decades now and in the near future he will continue to screw over his supporters IF and when he deems it to HIS advantage.  This man, this president, has no loyalty to anyone but himself, period! Continue reading


300 Scientists Demand US Leave UN!!

UN bugged

The most corrupt criminal org on the planet!  UN headquarters NYC!

300 scientists have signed a petition sent to President Trump asking him to pull the US out of the UN and the UN’s global warming campaign. The letter says, according to a story appearing in The Hill, that since 2009 the US and other governments have taken actions against global warming that are NOT SCIENTIFICALLY justified and that already have and will keep causing serious social and economic harm with NO environmental benefits.

In the letter the scientists point out that CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT and to the contrary there is clear evidence that it is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plant life. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for plants! Plants breath out oxygen as they breath in CO2. Without CO2 there would be no plant life on Earth!

This letter is just the most recent effort to get the US out of the corrupt criminal body known as the UN (United Nations) and to remove the organization from US soil. IF the US leaves the UN it would mean no more taxpayer money would be going to the UN. The US supplies about 22% of the UN’s budget which is more than any other nation. The scientists also said that contrary to what is put forth by global warming proponents CO2 does NOT cause the harm they allege.

President Trump has previously promised to remove the US from the UN. The report says climate discussions are POLITICAL DISCUSSION and NOT scientific discussions! In other words it’s a POLITICAL not an environmental agenda. In fact, some proponents have come right out and said global warming is not about science but about the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor nations via carbon taxes. Some have also said that the real agenda behind global warming is the demise of the US and capitalism and replacement with a Marxist economy and one world leftist government (read the UN)! So why are American taxpayers footing the bill for the UN? Kick their asses out of NYC, stop funding them, and let’s use the money saved to HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE! It is a well known FACT that the UN is nothing but a criminal and global drug running operation! It has strayed very far from what it was created to be originally!!

YOU can sign a petition to President Trump yourself urging him to get us out of the UN at: