McCain Says Leadership Better Under Obama

You might recall Arizona CAREER Senator John McCain at last weeks Senate hearing when former FBI director Comey appeared like the great White Knight in shining armor.  McCain was obviously lost throughout Comey’s testimony and, in fact, it appeared McCain didn’t even know why Comey was there.  He kept referring to the Clinton email scandal which is a separate investigation from Trump’s possible ties with Russia but McCain seemed not to know the difference.  Comey was actually there to testify in the possible Trump-Russia Affair and NOT the Clinton email scandal.  In a futile effort to save face as rumors began to swirl that McCain might have dementia, the Senator offered up the excuse that he’d stayed up late the night before watching the Diamondbacks game.

As if this fiasco wasn’t enough the Arizona Senator told The Guardian yesterday that he thinks leadership was better under Obama than it is under Trump.   Ironically, McCain lost the presidential election to Obama in 2008 and back then he had plenty to say about Obama’s poor leadership but now it appears he’s had a change of mind.  Of course, this is not surprising as McCain is well known for jumping ship and going the other way.  In fact, most people know beyond any doubt that McCain is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and has been for decades now.

It used to be that after a presidential election the government and the nation got behind the new POTUS in a show of solidarity and support, “one nation united.”  However, in today’s world the United States is anything BUT united. In fact, the USA is now very divided and we can thank Barack Hussein Obama for most of that.  Obama never missed one opportunity to drive the wedge deeper in this nation’s divisions!  Hailed as the “Great Uniter” Obama actually turned out to be one of the most divisive presidents in American history if not THE most divisive. Continue reading

What Game is Comey Playing?

I’ve been watching now former FBI director Comey ever since the Clinton email scandal began and I see some things I want to point out about him.  First he announced that the FBI had conducted an investigation into Clinton’s emails and found nothing illegal.  And then his next move was to announce that Clinton was still being investigated and new emails had been found just days before the presidential election.  When he made this announcement the opposition LOUDLY accused him of attempting to influence the presidential election and, frankly, I believe they were absolutely RIGHT!  That’ is EXACTLY what Comey was trying to do and he did it!

I’ve seen plenty of self righteous people like Comey.  You know the type.  No matter what they do they think they do nothing wrong.  Prior to his testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey told reporters that he had agreed to testify for the good of America, so the public would know.  Know what?  And I’m still wondering this after his testimony btw. Continue reading

Comey Delivered a Nothing-Burger!!

Before I begin allow me to suggest to the Senate that the next time there is an event like Comey’s testimony yesterday before the Intelligence Committee that they sell tickets and popcorn.  You know…like they do at the circus because that’s exactly what his testimony was yesterday.  A CIRCUS!  All designed for public entertainment and consumption and nothing more.  The drama queen Comey said NOTHING significant other than he admitted to being a “leaker” having leaked FBI memos to a friend whom he asked to get them to a reporter in hopes a special counsel would be appointed.  The only surprising thing yesterday is when Comey implicated HIMSELF!  What a frickin’ circus!!  Prior to his testimony all we heard was how this was “bigger than Watergate” and so I was expecting some MAJOR revelations from the former FBI director.  But what we got instead was a drama queen act tied with an “honest Abe” act.  And, indeed, that is what most of Comey’s testimony was yesterday….AN ACT!

Comey vindicated Trump yet implicated himself and I’m not quite sure what that is all about or why Comey would implicate himself in leaking FBI memos to a friend.  Ironically, when Trump discovered leaks coming out of the WH a few months ago it was Comey he asked to investigate the leaks and prosecute the leakers.  Now it turns out that Comey himself was one of those leakers!  How ironic is that?  And now should anyone decide to prosecute Comey for the leaks we have an admission which means his fate will be sealed.  What a fool!!

Trump’s lawyer intends on filing a complaint against Comey with the US Dept of Justice Inspector General’s office as he well should.  Trump seems surprised that Comey was one of the leakers and apparently he had no clue prior to yesterday when Comey admitted such.   Continue reading

Comey Clears Trump BUT Implicates HIMSELF!

Today’s SHOW by former FBI director Comey was nothing short of drama and intrigue…..ah wait….it was a FLOP! The leftist were sitting on pins and needles waiting for Comey to say something that would implicate President Trump in the Russian Affair but instead Comey vindicated the President which surprised everyone. That sent the leftists into a tail spin but Comey wasn’t finished yet!

The clincher came when Comey implicated HIMSELF by telling the Senate Intel Committee that as director of the FBI he had a lead network set up and he actually used it to release memos about his meetings with Trump to the media.

So let me get this straight….. the President upset of leaks in his administration asked the then director of the FBI to investigate the leaks and identify who was responsible for the leaks YET the then FBI director himself (Comey) was one of the leakers!! Continue reading

Why Doesn’t Hillary Just SHUT UP already???

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

Fake news!  Russian plotting in the 2016 elections?  Common people don’t understand her!  Common people are ignorant!  Lies, lies, and more lies!  Her words/comments were taken out of context!  People on Facebook posted rumors and lies about her!

These are just some of the excuses Hillary Clinton has been using since November 2016 to explain why she lost the Presidential Election.  Here we are SEVEN MONTHS LATER and she is STILL whining about loosing!  Boy talk about a BAD SPORT!!  I figure Hillary has now blamed just about anything and everything but the REAL reason why she lost the election.  HERSELF!!

First of all she has a “likability problem.”  People just DON’T like her!  It could be her attitude or the air around her but she seems to have always had a “likability problem.”  Maybe it’s her mouth?

Hillary needs to GET OVER IT ALREADY!  She LOST and it is over.  Trump is POTUS and after what I saw and heard last week you’d all better be ready to have him around for the next EIGHT YEARS!  You read that right!  I said 8 years!  How’s that?  Because last week Bloomberg News printed an article claiming Trump is “assured” 8 years in the White House and then late last week it was reported that since Trump was elected the Stock Market has been hitting all time highs.  That means the rich on Wall Street are now even RICHER thanks to “the Donald.”   Continue reading

Federal worker busted for leaking top-secret NSA docs on Russian hacking…

You know this is actually laughable! Reality Winner? Seriously? That’s her name? Sorry but I DON’T believe it! Why didn’t they just name her Reality Show Winner? This is an absolute SHAM once again playing the American public for idiots!! And if this isn’t another sham for public consumption then they are not telling her real name. Something IS amiss here and I’m not buying it! And I must say I find it absolutely ironic (NOT) that President Trump was a Reality Show Star/Winner prior to entering the White House so and I’m pretty sure he sees his role as POTUS as just another “Reality Show.”

How much more ridiculous is this all going to get before the American sheeple stand up and call those who lord over us on their crap? This nation has gone to hell in a handbasket period!! It is now comical! We are the laughing stock of the entire civilized world AND uncivilized world! Trump needs to return to his Reality Winner/Star “career.” All 535 CLOWNS sitting (and I mean sitting because that is about all they do) in Congress need to go! They are a joke! They do nothing but draw huge salaries and name bridges after themselves.

Let me guess….the next “leaker” will have some idiotic name like “Dancing Danny With the Stars”? What a JOKE!!

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Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.27.36 AM

A 25-year-old Federal contractor was charged Monday with leaking a top secretNSA report — detailing how Russian military hackers targeted US voting systems just days before the election.

The highly classified intelligence document, published Monday by The Intercept, describes how Russia managed to infiltrate America’s voting infrastructure using a spear-phishing email scheme that targeted local government officials and employees.

It claims the calculated cyberattack may have even been more far-reaching and devious than previously thought.

The report is believed to be the most detailed US government account of Russia’s interference to date.It was allegedly provided to the Intercept by 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, of Augusta, who appeared in court Monday after being arrested at her home over the weekend.

She was charged with removing and mailing classified materials to a news outlet, DOJ officials said.

“Releasing classified material without authorization threatens our nation’s security and undermines public faith…

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Europe Gives Up on America!

I think overall Trumps overseas visit last week was a success. At least in some respects. But, in other respects it may not have been so successful. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is essentially the most powerful of European leaders and Trump’s comments at a meeting of NATO last week seem not to have gone over so well with other. Today Merkel told her people that Europe must now rely on themselves instead of foreign allies. She did not mention Trump directly but the implication was clear. Merkel is now ready to chart her own course despite NATO and despite Trump.

Let us not forget that Merkel is the one primarily responsible for the huge influx of refugees from the Middle East. In some areas of Europe these people have now basically taken over! And Merkel wants MORE refugees from the Mid East brought into Europe. One must as why? What is her plan? If it is the demise of Europe and European culture then surely she’s on the right path to achieve that! Continue reading