Once Again MEN are the ENEMY!!

commentary by Monomakh…………..

The MSM just can’t give the story a rest and each new day there is some other male of fame being accused of sexual harassment now. In short, the ongoing attack on males is endless and the MSM is using all of this to drive home the message that males are BAD. Ah yes….we are all sexual perverts and sexual harassers. Bad and vile creatures who should have been killed at birth, no doubt. And the way the MSM portrays it ALL males are BAD!!

Well folks that just ain’t so!! Surprise!!! In fact, MOST MEN TO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL harassment. And MOST men do not commit rape!! In fact, MOST men respect women and the last thing they want to do is to offend them. But, you’d never know it from the way the MSM is portraying it all now.

This all got into the limelight when women began making accusations against Hollywood Produce Harvey Weinstein. Sadly, SOME people have a tendency to generalize and that is what some have now done as they work overtime to paint all men as bad, evil, sexually driven, degenerates even though it’s NOT so. It’s been well know for decades that some of the people out in Hollywood are dirty pervs and in order to get them to make you famous you have to screw them. That’s no secret! And the same goes for politics. If you want to “be somebody” then you have to give sex to the powers that be otherwise you stay a nobody. SICK game but that’s the reality behind the pervs that entertain and rule over us!

I have the feeling that the MSM coverage of the sexual harassment is morphing into yet another attack on all males and on everything male. Once again I see the “all males must be feminized” routine starting to be played. The message is that anything having to do with MASCULINITY is bad and males should be like little boys (not men) and must be made to be feminine and ashamed of their own sexuality and masculinity. In short, all MEN should perpetually dwell in SHAME even though they haven’t done anything to deserve that shame. Of course, that’s the goal of the lesbian feminists who have blamed men for anything and everything.

SOME men sexually harass women. SOME men rape women. SOME men are pervs. But I can say the same about SOME WOMEN too! The keyword is SOME not all. It’s important we remember that and it’s also HIGHLY important that men who do these things are NOT MASCULINE at all because they are PERVERTS! Masculine men do not harass others either sexually or in any other way because they RESPECT other people. Masculine men are Continue reading


Manson About to Get His JUST Due?

New this morning has it that mass killer Charles Manson is in a California hospital barely clinging to his life and if things go well this POS will die today and finally get his just due! Sound heartless? YOU BET!

Charles Manson killed actress Sharon Tate, who was also pregnant, and several other people at Tate’s home in cold blood. Tate was repeatedly stabbed to death by the psychos that Manson commanded (he was a cult leader). His trial was a farce as he ended up being sentenced to prison for life even though he should have been put to death for his horrendous crimes.

Frankly, I do NOT feel sorry for this POS and when he does die I’m sure he’ll FINALLY pay for the murders. I hope this POS burns in Hell along with all of his “family” (as he called his cult). I suppose from some of the MSM reports that I’m supposed to feel sorry for him now or something but I DON’T! This shitass deserves to die and go to hell!! What he and his “family” did was beyond horrific and for decades now this POS has been living in a California prison living off our taxpayer money. Why do we keep POS like this alive? Oh that’s right….the death penalty is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Seriously? And those who are against the death penalty don’t think the crimes that this POS committed were not “cruel and unusual”? Funny how the victims fade into the woodwork why we keep the faces of these homicidal LUNATIC on the front page. Continue reading

McConnell Will Have to Seat Moore if He Wins!

Despite all of the bravado talk coming from the lips of that incompetent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (aka: RINO) if Judge Roy Moore wins the Senate seat election in Alabama, McConnell will have to seat him. Despite his pretense that he is some kind of all-powerful banana republic dictator McConnell will have to follow the law and seat Moore.

This has now been confirmed by Senator Susan Collins R-ME who said according to the LAW McConnell will have no choice but to seat Moore if he wins the Alabama election. This comes amid growing comments by McConnell and his cohorts that they will push Moore out if he wins. Now keep in mind these are all REPUBLICANS and this is just one more reason why the Republican controlled Senate and House just can’t get anything done. They are too busy with in-fighting!

If you ask me McConnell should be run out on a rail as he’s proven his LACK of leadership skills more than once. He’s all talk and no action, frankly. Instead of working to unite Republicans in the Senate McConnell seems focused on dividing his own party in the Senate and DIVIDED it indeed is. I’m sure the Democrats are sitting back laughing hilariously at the stupidity and division in among Republicans who, frankly, are demonstrating CHILDISH behavior. No wonder Republican President Trump is so disgusted with Congress! All 100 Senators and all 435… Continue reading

New Shorts……

Dem Victory in Alabama?

It is beginning to appear that the stage has been set for a Dem victory in the Alabama Senate race which was the plan all along I’m sure.  Thus far I’ve seen NO PROOF that Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed or raped any of the women accusing him of doing so in bygone days.  But, apparently proof has no significance in this affair as the allegations alone are enough to destroy a man.  And that’s exactly what is happening in the case of Moore.  The Dems have created doubt and suspicion around Moore and that was the goal.  The goal was never to prove that the allegations were true or not.  It’s an old DIRTY political game and it seems to be working well in this case.  And, the Dems are just not to blame here as all of the RINOS in the Senate and House have jumped on the bandwagon too (ie:  Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, et al).  The Dems can smell victory and control of the Senate I’m sure.  Too bad that they and the RINOS had to resort to dirty politics and I would say they should be ashamed but I don’t know one with any shame at all.  They are all shame-LESS!  Disgusting!!

US Taxpayer Money Used to Shut Up Accusers?

It now appears that sexual harassment up on Dung Hill has been somewhat widespread for a long time now  and not only that but the government has been using taxpayer money to shut the accusers up (read BRIBES).  In fact, that “hush money” (aka:  “shut your frickin’ mouth money) amounts to the tune of $15 million dollars!  US Congresswoman Jackie Speier D-CA spilled the beans during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.  Well we’ve always known that our “elected representatives” were corrupt and now we know they are PERVS too!  BTW anyone recall pedophile accusations made against several US Senators back in the late 70’s?  Several were accused of molesting their under age Pages.  It was news for a few days and then suddenly it was all swept under the carpet and as I recall not one Senator went to prison for child molestation!  Corrupt and Creepy!  That’s who represents us folks and we wonder why DC is so screwed up???  Read more at:


Saudi Crown Prince Wields the REAL Power!!

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

There’s a new prince in town and he’s got balls and guts!  He’s firmly set on what he wants to do and he’s not holding back at all.  In fact, he’s already thrown caution to the wind and neither the Saudi’s or other Middle Easterners quite know what to make of him and his MANLY boldness!

His name is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and he’s got the tacit backing of his father the Saudi King. He’s the 32 year old Saudi Crown Prince soon to be King of Saudi Arabia but he’s not waiting to assume the throne to gain power as he is already being recognized as the most powerful ruler and man in the Middle East AND a man to be reckoned with.  In just a few short weeks he’s achieved this power beginning with his order to arrest no less than 11 Saudi princes from his own royal family for corruption.  He also ordered the arrest of more than 200 Saudi businessmen elites for corruption.  And he hasn’t stopped there as he’s also now taking away power for Saudi Arabia’s powerful Muslim clerics!

The Crown Prince has gone even further as he’s ordered blockaded Qatar and accused radical Iran of “acts of war” against the Kingdom. He’s also encouraging the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister and even detained him on a recent visit to Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince has also sent soldiers into Yemen to fight what he believes is Iranian-backed factions who recently launched a missile aimed at Riyadh.  Of course, American officials are worried that the young MANLY Crown Prince is destabilizing the region but that’s always the case when a leader refuses to fit into the America feminized-male mold!  You’d think that these “officials” would get a clue and electing leaders with BALLS seems to now be the global norm.  Examples:  Trump in the USA, the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, and Austria’s newly elected young PM Sebastian Kurz.  Yes, the world is tired of the weak willed, limp handed style leaders that America so loves to see and glorify!!

Frankly, I’m glad to see a REAL MAN taking control in the Middle East as he just may achieve some things that America and Europe have not been able to achieve.  

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At Last – Clinton Foundation Gets Investigated

All I can say is that it’s about time!! Now IF they do their job properly I’m sure the DOJ will find nothing short of a hornet’s nest.


What goes around, comes around. The Washington Post has reported that the Department of Justice has instructed the US Attorney’s Office to investigate the controversial sale of a uranium group to Russia during the presidency of Barack Obama and the role of the Clinton Foundation. The Obama administration approved the deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a much of the American uranium sources. It turns out that the FBI had gathered significant evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering to get the deal in the USA. According to a letter released on Monday, Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions instructed the prosecutors to consider, inter alia, the appointment of a special investigator and an extension of the investigation.

The list of topics to be investigated includes the handling of the FBI investigation of…

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World Revolts Against the Liberal Agenda!

commentary by Monomakh—

I knew this was coming and now with each passing day we are seeing more and more people rejecting the plan of the global Communists and their multinational agenda. That agenda seeks to rob white people of their history and heritage and portray them as all bad and no good. That is the agenda being pushed in the US and also in Europe. In Europe the most recent assault by the liberal left has been the mass immigration of millions of Muslims, mostly young males, that have turned MANY neighbors into “no go zones.” Young men who have NO desire to assimilate into European culture and young Muslim men who only seek to force Europeans to assimilate to THEIR culture.

We’ve seen demonstrations in Germany, Sweden, France and other parts of Europe over this very issue. Hungary has outright rejected taking in any more of these young Muslim males. Austria elected an alt-right and very young leader last week who is assured to stand against the mass immigration as well. In Germany the far right is gaining popularity and votes despite the fact that Chancellor Angela Merkel has been leading the charge demanding more and more young Muslim males be allowed into Europe. I suspect she will not finish her term even though she was barely re-elected recently. Continue reading

What Would Jesus Do?

Commentary by— the Fiery Evangelist

I’ve been thinking about religion a lot lately and specifically about Christianity. I’ve been wondering what in the hell is wrong with Christians today. Why don’t they stand up and fight back? Why to they turn a blind eye to their brethren being slaughters by radical Muslims in places like Syria, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan et al? Why do they not protest LOUDLY against the indoctrination in our public schools into Islam, Satanism, and everything else EXCEPT Christianity? Why don’t Christians stand up for their beliefs and faith instead of acting like COWARDS and being silent? Why don’t Christians take a stand for BIBLICAL morals and values instead of turning the other cheek when presented with any old SICKO perverted value that goes directly against their faith?

In times gone by our churches used to be Fortresses for the Faithful in which generations of the faithful were raised up to become Christian SOLDIERS so they could engage in the “good fight” for the glory of Christ. And our pastors used to be like commanding generals pointing us in the right direction in our ongoing battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Notice I said USED TO BE? That’s because today our churches are little more than nice social clubs and hospitals for the spiritually wounded and fearful and our pastors are little more than nurse maids!

I think MOST Christians have LOST their direction and forgotten their MISSION. I think MANY have been conned by the very false teachers and lying prophets that Christ warned us about! I think some have given into a LYING gospel of the world and forgotten the GOSPEL taught by Christ and the Apostles. In short, there’s no doubt in my mind that we are living today in the Great Apostasy as foretold in the New Testament when MOST people have turned away and against God in favor of the trinkets and dust collectors of the world. And for many their faith is no longer even lukewarm because, honestly, their faith is DEAD! Continue reading