BRILLIANT! The Night Donald J. Trump Became POTUS

“He became President of the United States in that moment, period! That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics,” said Van Jones who was hosting the CNN coverage of President Trump’s speech to Congress last night. Van Jones was referring to the moment that the President paused to honor the widow of fallen Navy SEAL William Ryan Owen and Van Jones says THAT was the shining moment of the evening when Trump showed himself fully as POTUS.


President Donald J. Trump address the US Congress last night

Van Jones has been a rather outspoken critic of the President. Jones also said if Trump keeps doing what he did last night he’s looking at 8 years in the Oval Office. In fact, Trump’s address to Congress last night (NOT a State of the Union address btw) was nothing short of BRILLIANT! He garnered a global audience and set forth his plans by first describing the problems and then proposing solutions. And THAT is what the common folk want a President to be and do! Whoever came up with this strategy on the President’s staff is an absolute genius and I have a feeling it was Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist.

Anthony van Jones

      Anthony van Jones

Many thought that this morning would be filled with criticism regarding the Presidents speech last night but in FACT it is just the OPPOSITE. His speech is being well received and for the first time in a long time America has a President who is intelligent, deliberate, determined, courageous, and who HAS SOME CLASS! And that is what the American people want in their president! Enough of the SLACKERS! We want a president we can look up to and respect!

Trump also signaled that he is willing to compromise on things like Obamacare and Immigration and thus he showed America and the world that he is a TRUE statesman and politician because his willingness to compromise shows that he understands completely that governing is about COMPROMISE and NOT about “my way or no way.” I suspect that Trump may turn out to be one of our greatest POTUS in history. He’s like a breath of fresh air fanning across America and for the first time in a long, long time I feel that safe feeling knowing Trump is running things. No he’s NOT perfect but he sure as hell is a vast improvement over what we’ve had! This man is a LEADER and he’s stuck on America and THAT is going to make all the difference in the world. Hide and watch 🙂