Oslo: “We Have Lost the City”; the Muslim Conquest of Europe

commentary by Monomakh ————

Leftists often have a disconnect when it comes to their envisioned Communist utopia and reality. Many are so driven by their vision of a human utopia that they do not consider the consequences of many of their actions. Such is the case in Oslo, Norway and throughout Europe in general today and it now is very clear that the Leftist desire to commit cultural suicide is in full swing and unstoppable.

The Leftist have achieved their goal of flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants from places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. What is now happening is that these immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into European society are turning major European cities into Third World slums! Oslo, Norway is a great example of this.

The rule of law is becoming increasingly ignored as these Muslim immigrants carry out their own “justice” and implement Islamic Law (Sharia). The Leftists call all this “multiculturalism” but what it really is is cultural suicide. These immigrants have absolutely no intention or desire whatsoever to assimilate into European society and, in fact, they detest European society and the European rule of law. The are NOT like Muslim immigrants in past times who assimilated into European culture! Instead, they wish to maintain their own Muslim culture and they expect European culture to conform to them! Some of these people hold some very radical Muslim views and they see Europe as a place of the infidels that must be converted to Islam or die. Instead of assimilating these people wish to impose their Islamic culture and beliefs on us and what is surprising in all of this is that European leaders seem inept to doing anything about it. Instead the Leftist European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcome more and more Muslim immigrants with ope arms. Merkel thinks she’s doing something good but what she is actually doing is facilitating the Islamic conquest of Europe! Continue reading

US Military Will NOT Be Used as Deportation Force

DHS Secretary John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with their counterparts this week in Mexico City amid growing tensions over illegal immigration between the US and Mexico. Kelly told reporters that the US Military will NOT be employed as a deportation force and he also stated that there would be NO MASS DEPORTATIONS.

“Everything we do at DHS will be done legally and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the United States,” Kelly told reporters at the press conference in Mexico City. President Trump had earlier referred to the deportations as a “military operation” but WH Press Secretary Spicer told reporters the President used that term as an adjective. Spicer also told reporters that the National Guard would NOT be directed to conduct mass roundups of illegals inside the US. This was a reference by the Associated Press that Trump was considering using the National Guard for such an operation. “This is 100% NOT TRUE,” Spicer said. “It is false. It is irresponsible to be saying this.”

Rumors have spread like wildfires among illegal residents in the US lately including rumors of mass sweep and raids being carried out by DHS agents across the nation. DHS has said this is not true either and that there are NO mass raids or roundups going on in the US.

Tillerson and Kelly also met with Mexican President Enrigue Pena Nieto and several Mexican ministers including the Mexican Foreign Minister where trade and immigration were discussed.

Tensions have been mounting between Mexico and the US ever since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency last November. Trump wants to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico has already said repeatedly that they have no intention of paying for the wall. President Trump and his aides have floated many ideas on how to make Mexico pay for the wall including slapping a 20% import tax on all Mexican imports coming into the US. Mexico has protested against this possibility as well. Today the government called for bids from construction companies for building the wall. Plans and bids are due by the end of March and construction of the wall is set to begin in mid-April. The wall already exists in some place erected by previous administrations but was never completed due to costs and political opposition.

Not all of Trump’s wall will actually be a physical wall as large sections of it will actually be an electronic wall. This past week DHS Secretary John Kelly put out a directive to ICE and the US Border Patrol directing them to begin enforcing immigration laws thus removing the yoke Obama had placed around their necks. Obama’s controversial “catch and release” directive was also voided and illegals will not be arrested and jailed instead of being cited and released with a court appearance date. Hopefully, the directive put out by Kelly this weak also removes the absolutely ridiculous Obama directive put into action by his DHS Secretary and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano which directed Border Agents to initially fire BEAN BAG round at smugglers firing back with AR-15s or other high power weapons. That directive is what caused the death of USBP agent Brian Terry a few years ago. He was following the directive and firing bean bags at some human traffickers and drug runners he encountered in southern Arizona. They were firing live AR15’s at him and they killed him!


commentary by Monomakh —

The mistaken belief that male and female brains are the same is a nice Utopian idea but the scientific facts and findings DO NOT support the notion. In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies done that prove how the prenatal testosterone affects the developing male brain in the womb. A recent study published their results in the scientific journal “Nature” and that study found testosterone in the womb alters the “programming” of neural stem cells responsible for growth of the brain and gender differences.

Gender feminists allege that a child is born as a “blank slat” at birth and that it’s perceptions are formed by society and parents as the child grows up. In psychology this is known as the “Blank Slate Theory” or “Tabula Rasa” developed by John Locke a philosopher who postulate that the human brain is empty at birth. It can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Supporters of this theory typically use results of a 2015 study which claimed that it is impossible to tell males and females apart in terms of the brain. However, when this study was reanalyzed they discovered male and female brains COULD be identified with a 77% accuracy rate in terms of differences! In yet another study last years researchers used a large sample population along with higher neuro-imaging and participants were able to identify the sex of the brain with 93% accuracy.

Other studies have repeatedly shown that there are differences between males and females in a wide range of cognitive domains including mental rotation, verbal fluency, etc.

Many advocates of transgender rights ignore these studies and claim there is no difference between males and females in terms of the brain but that claim has repeatedly NOT been supported by numerous scientific studies that has shown beyond doubt that differences do exist. No matter how much one wishes to believe there are no differences and that one is born with the mind being a “blank slate” the science does not support the notion and, in fact, proves that just the opposite is true.

In relation to this issue I wish to also address the issue of youth undergoing transgender therapy. How young are we talking here? Does anyone know? I asked this because a few days ago someone told me that children as young as 5 can undergo transgender therapy if the parents are agreeable. If this is so then I must ask the question….Does a 5 year old have the mental capacity to make the decision to alter their gender? Does a 10 year old? Does a 14 year old? I’m sorry but children DO NOT have the same mental capacity and ability to understand as adults! And what happens when that 5 year old enters their teens and resents being altered? What then? Whose fault is it?

Supporters of this like to say that we are each “assigned” a gender when we are born by a doctor upon delivery but it doesn’t mean that’s what we are. Say what? I’m pretty sure if you are born with a penis you are born a male and if with a vagina then a female! This hearkens back to the idea that some people of one sex are born in the wrong sex body. Frankly, I’m not so sure about that.

I can certainly see why some people on this planet view the West including America as nations of “infidels” because in their minds we are opening and proudly fighting against the natural. Somehow in our own minds we think it is all ok but is it? Really? One thing I know is that every time humans try to defy nature no matter how long it takes NATURE typically comes out as the WINNER and humans as the LOSERS. I have a strong suspicion that this will also be the case here.

If a young person is a young adult and have the ability to make an informed decision to change their gender then go for it. But children, especially small children, I think is just plain wrong. Changing one’s gender is not something to be taken lightly and it must be taken seriously. It must be an informed adult decision in my opinion.

Of course I know some of you out there are thinking I just don’t understand the surrounding issues over all this such as bullying. Yes, bullying can be a very cruel thing for youths and children and I have no doubt about that. However, when I went to school our parents solution to a bully was to teach us to KICK HIS ASS! And that is exactly what many of us did and guess what? The bully wasn’t so big and bad after that! Maybe we need to go back to that because bullies seem not to have any respect for rules and laws but only respect it when someone stands up to them and kicks their ass!! Then MOST bullies leave you alone.

We live in a lost society in America and I have no doubt that someday, somehow we are all going to pay the price in some very big ways. On a society level we have made some very poor choices. Life is about choices and with those choices come consequences good or bad. Contrary to what we might think we ALWAYS pay the consequences sooner or later.

There are some things that must be adult choices and decisions.  Some things that most children do not have the mental capacity to decide.  We should look closely at this difference in adult/child capacity and perhaps make other choices.



EXPOSED: 30,000 Slaughtered by Iran Regime!!

Back in July of 1988 the Iranian regime and its ruling Ayatollahs slaughtered 30,000 “political prisoners” and then attempted to cover it up out of fear of global outrage.  At least one of the Ayatollahs on the “Death Committee” objected to the mass killings but they were carried out anyway.  Now an audio recording of that objection has surfaced as the world learns of just one more atrocity carried out by the Killer Ayatollahs that rule Iran still today! And btw those clerics serving on the death committee that ordered the slaughter of these 30,000 people are STILL serving on that committee today!  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN IRAN!  The regime is still the murdering lunatic extremist bunch of thugs that it’s always been!!  And Obama cut a deal with them?  Iran is on the verge of gaining nukes?  This regime needs to be taken out!  Instead of concerning themselves with the recent election perhaps the CIA needs to do what they so graciously done before and foster a mass revolution inside Iran against these lunatic killer Ayatollahs!

Hear the audio for yourself at:


The Iranian people are being terrorized and persecuted by their own extremist government and they don’t deserve it! It’s time for Iranians to stand up and fight back and it’s time for the civilized world to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the killer regime in Iran instead of placating and trying to appease them!  Neither works with the insane and that is EXACTLY what the Ayatollah’s are.  INSANE!!


“Unethical Amnesia”? No! It’s called “you can’t remember your LIES!”

commentary by Monomakh —–

The absolute bullshit that comes our of academia and “science” today never ceases to astound me.  These people are absolutely full of shit IMO!  Case in point?  Here’s the latest and it concerns PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP:

Soviet_4“Unethical amnesia” could explain some of Donald Trump’s forgetfulness” reads the headline on AOL News this morning.  The article notes that Trump made headlines this past week by “forgetting” a campaign promise.  On his “Thank you tour” Trump said in Indiana that he “forgot” he’d promised to save American jobs at the Carrier gas furnace factory in Ohio.  In fact, he said he “found out” about HIS promise only when he saw a Carrier employee talking about it on TV!  Trump went on to say, “And I never thought I made that promise.  Not with Carrier.  I made it for everybody else.  I didn’t make it really for Carrier.”  FACT CHECK is that Trump DID in FACT pledge to keep Carrier jobs in the US rather than letting them go to Mexico.  And, Trump made that pledge SEVERAL TIMES during his presidential campaign!  So why did Trump forget?

Well leave it up to a Business Insider report to come up with an ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT explanation!  That opinion article refers to new social science research (what a load of CRAP) about what is being called “unethical amnesia.” And just what is that?  “Research” conducted by social science professors at Northwestern and Harvard Universities shows that some people have poor memories when they engage in dishonest behavior such as those who run for office and make campaign promises like Trump.  This research concluded that after a person engages in unethical behavior (ie:  LYING!) memories of their actions become more “obfuscated” over time because of the “psychological distress” (ie:  GUILT) and discomfort such misdeeds cause.  In other words, people who LIE tend to not be able to KEEP THEIR LIES STRAIGHT because they tell so many LIES they forget which lies they’ve told!  And we had to have a social science “research study” for this???  And the “cure” for this “unethical amnesia”?  The Northwestern and Harvard academics say the cure is  to “reflect.”  WTF?  Reflect?  Don’t you mean “try to remember what LIES you’ve told and to whom you’ve told them to”?

So is this a taste of what we’re going to get for the upcoming 4 years (and hopefully not any longer than that)?  The conservative press making up excuses for Trump?  (and YES I consider Business Insider a right wing Corporatist media).  The FACT is that Donald Trump made a lot of promises he knew he couldn’t keep during his campaign just as all other people running for office do.  His sole purpose was to get votes and get elected so he, like all other politicians, told people what he thought they wanted to hear.  He latched on to the far right winger agenda and played it like a fine tuned fiddle!  He simply told the right wingers what they wanted to hear and they fell of him lock, stock, and barrel.  But, NOW that he’s been elected there is a PROBLEM for all of you right wingers out there in never-never-land.

That right winger problem is Trump is appointing cabinet and staff officials to his administration that stand in DIRECT OPPOSITION to many of the positions he took during his campaign!  For example, this ExxonMobile CEO that (rumor says) he’s going to name as his Secretary of State does NOT support America becoming energy independent AND he has stated in the past that he SUPPORTS A CARBON TAX!  Those two items are directly opposed to what Trump said during his campaign as Trump specifically stated and tweeted that he was absolutely opposed to a carbon tax and that he absolutely supports America becoming energy independent.  So why is Trump appointing people that are at the opposite ends of his agenda?  “Unethical amnesia” perhaps?  LMAO!

Let me enlighten you and especially all you right wingers out there…………….

Donald Trump is a PLAYER AND ACTOR in case you haven’t noticed.  His “reality” TV hit “The Apprentice” was amazing and Trump played the role of “big boss man” absolutely perfectly.  But it was an ACT designed for TELEVISION!  In fact, all of these so called “reality shows” have little to nothing to do with REALITY at all.  Example:  I don’t know about you but if I were stuck on an island or deep in the wilderness and was trying to survive I’d be killing me some shit like rabbits, deer, wild boars, birds, fish, etc.  I’ll be damned if I would be sitting around eating rice and cockroaches!  Another example:  If I went hunting for Bigfoot and I got pics, DNA, and various sorts of physical evidence that the creature actually exists I’d make sure to PROVE IT beyond ANY doubt to the entire world using REAL SCIENCE so that its existence would be undeniable!  I’ll be damned if I’d be running to and fro unshaven and looking one of the Beverly Hillbillies looking at “evidence” (photos, blood, etc) gotten by other people and just walk away without taking possession of that evidence for testing!  Like I said.  There all of these “reality shows” have nothing to do with REALITY and that includes Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

I’ve personally always believed that a man or woman’s ACTIONS speak far louder than their words and in the case of our President-elect his recent actions in appointing his cabinet and staff are INCONSISTENT with his words spoken BY HIM during HIS campaign for POTUS.  That tells me HE LIED!  This guy isn’t even in office yet!  He’s appointing people that stand in direct opposition to his campaign rhetoric and promises and that tells me that in Trump’s mind running for POTUS was just another “reality show.”  Well guess what America?  LIFE ISN’T A FRICKIN REALITY SHOW!!  In MY opinion Donald Trump is already proving he’s a LIAR!  He’s already showing us just how well he played and conned us!  He’s already laughing at how stupid and foolish We The People have been AGAIN all the way to the Oval Office!! Continue reading

End of the Obama Era

Political Commentary by Viktor Sukov

The end of the Obama era is now drawing to a close and all I can say is Thank God for that. The past 8 years of his presidency have been a complete disaster for our country, for our people, and for the entire world. And Thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election as we would have 4 more years of Obama’s “doctrines” which are a joke to say the least.

No!  No!  I won't go!  This is my public housing home and they'll have to drag me out!  Why am I being forced out of the WH???

In the past 8 years we’ve seen our country reduced to almost a third world nation economically. We’ve seen attempt after attempt by the Obama administration to reduce the most sophisticated and powerful military on the planet to rubble. We’ve been played like fools and we’ve been repeatedly lied to that make one’s head swim. Instead of being a great unifier Barack Obama has turned out to be the Great Divider and he and his administration have divided our nation in ways that were once unimaginable. When it comes to Black Americans, Barack Obama hasn’t done one damned thing for them over the past 8 years and the fact is Black Americans are no better than off than they were 8 years ago and possibly even worse off. That’s a really sad legacy for America’s first “black” POTUS (remember he’s half black and half white).

Obama’s signature piece accomplishment has been the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare. He touted it as something that would reduce the high costs of medical care and assured us that for the first time in American history healthcare would be affordable to all. Not long ago people got their notices from their health insurance providers and those notices sent most people into a state of SHOCK as they were informed their monthly premiums were going up over 100%! Affordable? It now appears there is NOTHING AFFORDABLE about Obamacare. Continue reading

Dethrone of the MSM

The MSM has been riding high for the past 8 years since the election of Barack Obama back in 2008. What they’ve failed to realize is that Obama and his administration played them for the past 8 years pretty much like a fiddle. He took them and molded them into something akin to the old Soviet Pravda, in fact! But, that is soon to change vastly and, in fact, it is already changing with the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House.

detronedOf course you’ve heard about the new debate over “fake news” and the MSM is now grasping at straws as they want censorship of alternative news sites claiming these sites regularly put out “fake news.” However a quick fact check reveals that it is apparently the MSM that puts out MOST of the FAKE news and NOT the alternative media! Case in point, the biggest FAKE NEWS put out by the MSM was that Donald Trump had no possibility at all of winning the White House. And then when he did win no one was more surprised than the MSM apparently. In fact, they’re still gasping over his win! SHOCK! The American people didn’t follow the American MSM Pravda party line or talking points! That put a real burr in the asses of the MSM no doubt.

In a futile attempt to remain on the throne that Obama put them on 8 years ago the MSM is now searching desperately for ways to salvage themselves. Radical solutions are now being called for as public trust in the MSM hits a record LOW. Case in point, a Yahoo columnist thinks he has a sure fired way to keep the MSM on their little thrones. His suggestion? Indoctrinate children in school so that they ONLY place their confidence if the MSM and not alternative media sites! Hopefully, President Trump will do something about the education system that really doesn’t educate our children anymore but indoctrinate them with Lie-beral lies very well it seems!

Yahoo columnist Matt Bal came up with this idea saying that our children need to be “taught” how to “consume” news and Obama himself echoed that same thinking yesterday during an interview. Bal wants to have “media literacy” in our schools that would teach our children to discern “trustworthy” sources of news and information. In other words, what this idea is comes right out of the old Soviet playbook in which Soviet children were “taught” (read indoctrinated and brainwashed) to “discern” information and news. In fact, they were taught to not believe anything that didn’t come out of Pravda and other “official” Soviet media! Seems Bal has missed the point completely, however. How about the MSM returning to JOURNALISM instead of the attempts at social engineering they’ve been engaging in for the past 8 plus years? How about a return to being reporters instead of overly opinionated commentators? And as for public education how about returning to EDUCATION instead of continuing the gross brainwashing and indoctrination that has been happening in our schools and universities for far too long now? How about teaching our kids SKILLS that will get them JOBS and careers? And how about teaching them how to read, do mathematics, and how to write the English language? Now there’s a novel idea, no?

The MSM at present is beside itself over the latest move by President-elect Trump for having phone conversations with various world leaders including the President of Taiwan saying that Trump is risking the “wrath of China.” F— CHINA!! Since when does the fortress of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY cater to a bunch of COMMUNISTS who have a consistent and undeniable record of human rights abuses? Oh wait, that started 8 years ago with the coming of the “savior” Obama too! FACT is Trump is the President-elect of the USA and he can damn well talk to whomever he wants whether the MSM likes it or approves of it or not so GET USED TO IT!

In yet another demonstration of FAKE NEWS Politico says Obama created an “economic boom” that the lucky Trump will inherit LMAO! WTF? What Obama has created is an economy that is in shambles! Unemployment has hit all time highs under his watch and the Obama Administration’s idea of “good paying jobs” seems to be McDonald’s. WTF? Sorry but McDonald’s does NOT offer good paying jobs period! What Trump will inherit is Obama’s created RECESSION with over 95 million Americans OUT of the workforce! And he’ll also inherit the $20 trillion-dollar debt Obama created! In short, Trump is inheriting a complete DISASTER when it come to the US economy!

As if this were not enough Trump is also inheriting a US military that has been deballed by the Obama Administration and a “foreign policy” (or lack thereof) that has destabilized the Middle East in ways that we couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago! Trump is going to be the “clean up boy” thanks to 8 years of Obama.

When dealing with over inflated egos it is hard when one begins to realize that their stint on the throne is endangered. It’s a real blow to the big egos! Not to mention that come January 20th the MSM will likely NOT get their “talking points” memo (read Official Party Line Propaganda) and the MSM just might have to resort back to JOURNALISM and INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING God forbid! They thought they had the American people well indoctrinated but last month they got the surprise of their lives and discovered We The People are NOT buying their social engineering BULLSHIT! Now that right there just smacks all those big egos right off their thrones doesn’t it? Sure does!

Frankly, I’m glad to see the dethroning of the MSM beginning.  For too long now the MSM has assumed that the American people and voter is dumber than a doorknob and over the course of the past 8 years they’ve consistently demoralized the American people on Main Street.  They’ve consistently attempted to manipulate us in the past 8 years plus and they’ve done everything they possibly could to divide us and make us hate each other.  Further, they’ve turned the relationship between us and our police into an adversarial relationship that has resulted in a number of lives being lost on BOTH sides!  Of course, during the whole time they’ve claimed that they are “fair and balanced” but the FACT is they’ve been anything BUT fair and balanced over the past 8 years!  We The People are not as stupid as the MSM thinks and btw we DON’T need our schools teaching our children how to “discern” information and news as we do a fine job of that already AT HOME!  I can hardly wait for Trump to confront the MSM as he promised he would during his campaign.  I can hardly wait for him to tell the MSM to pack their shit and get the hell out!  Now that is really going to deflate their overblown egos isn’t it?  LMAO 🙂