No Deal Reached, Off the Fiscal Cliff

With no deal reached between republicans and democrats in Congress off the cliff we go!  The fiscal cliff that is.  Lawmakers have been unable to reach any kind of agreement when it comes to the debt ceiling, spending cuts, and taxes.  Starting tomorrow the tax cuts we have will be at an end and automatic spending cuts will take effect.

President Obama wants the rich to pay higher taxes and Congressional republicans don’t.  Surprise!  Frankly, it’s about time the rich start paying their fair share but as we all know the GOP has a long and dishonorable history of protecting the rich and big business.  Of course Congressional republicans are blaming Obama for their failure to reach a deal in the nic of time.  Honestly the entire lot has been acting like spoiled rotten children if you ask me.  They all seem to want it their way or none and the drama has even been complete with temper tantrums at times.  When I look at Congress with their lowest approval rating in history it’s hard for me to fathom these people actually represent us.  Frightening in fact!  They are like children spoiled rotten by their bad habit of spending the people’s money freely and without accountablity.

Congress also failed to vote on the Farm Bill (read Corporate Welfare) so dairy farm subsidies are now scheduled to end tomorrow and forcasters warn milk will be going up to $7 pre gallon as a result.  I for one will not be buying it at that price.  Why is it that CORPORATE WELFARE is ok and individual welfare is not?  Because that’s the way the Corporatists fleece the US taxpayer!

So off the cliff we go as one big happy family.  We’ll see what happens when we hit rock bottom.  Stay tuned.


Murder at Sandy Hook: What Are the Real Causes?

What happened in Newtown, CT this past Friday is nothing short of horrific.  At least 20 children were murdered in cold blood ranging in ages from 6 to 10 along with 6 adults and the shooter who committed suicide inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Twenty-Seven people snuffed out in the twinkling of an eye!  Now everyone is asking “why?”.  Everyone is searching for answers.  Everyone is shocked.  But why should we be so shocked?  Why should we search for answers when the obvious answer is staring us all right in the face?

Almost every mass shooting in America in the past 20 years has one common shared element.  That common element is that the shooter(s) can be directly linked to psychiatric medications!  Sadly we as a nation and as a society do not seem to like this answer.  It’s almost as if we as a society and nation are rejecting this FACT in some lame effort to protect Big Pharma and the FAILED mental health system in this country.  There is where we should really be asking the question “why?”.

In American society there are numerous contradictions.  We are a nation that truly is double minded.  We are a society that spouts one thing yet does the opposite and that alone makes us a society and nation of hypocrites!  Sadly, one of those contradictions involves the horrific events at Sandy Hook this past week.  Many of the parents who are outraged and horrified by the mass shootings are the SAME parents who let their children watch violent TV movies and play violent video games!  They are the very same parents who allow this simulated violence to play the role of “babysitter” to their children because they are just too busy to spend quality time with their children themselves.  And more than that is this.  These are the same parents who will not question the violence being put out by Hollywood and the video game industry who consistently reject the notion that they have any hand in creating or shaping the violent society we now live in.  Yet, all of the violent video games and movies can be directly traced to these shooters in almost every case! Continue reading

The Cost of Our Fascist Corporatist Economy

“Obama and his West Wing band of Bolsheviks
have a master plan to strangle the US economy.”

The above quote I ran across earlier today in Reuters. I’m not sure who it is from but it got me to thinking. Is it Obama with the plan to strangle the American economy or is it the corporations who have that plan? Or is a a combination of both? I do believe Obama is just another corporatist pawn so my vote is for both. But it’s not simply Obama or the present day CEOs with such a plan. This plan has been being carried out for decades now. Call it “economic slow kill” if you wish. And this is especially true when it comes to American jobs.

Jobs used to be plentiful in the US. In fact they used to be so plentiful that if you wanted a job or if you wanted to change jobs all you had to do was go out and get one. But that doesn’t hold true any longer thanks to the GREED of the Fascist Corporatists who now rule over this country and its economy. Today if you have a job you’re lucky and you stay with a job you don’t like simply because it pays the bills and there are no other jobs available. The days of American prosperity seem to be over…as in forever.

I came across an article by “Michael” today on “The Economic Collapse” blog that is very good. There are some significant things posted in that post that I want to address concerning the decline of the American worker.

In 1969, 95% of all working men ages 25-54 had a job.

That’s not so anymore and you can thank the greedy Corporatists for that as they’ve put all their jobs overseas where they can pay workers slave wages like in China. Today, as the post points out, there are millions of workers that cannot find a job and that are out of work. Some of them for months or years have been out of work. Others are working in low pay service jobs like McDonalds or Walmart because those are the only jobs available. As stated in the post jobs in America have gone from good jobs to bad jobs to no jobs. The post states, “We are witnesing the tragic downfall of the American worker…”. Continue reading

Who Pays the Price When Government Has No Budget? YOU DO!

by Bolivar Rojas—

Why does the US government have no budget? Why haven’t they had one for the past 3 years now? How are department and agency heads controlling their spending? How are they giving people raises? How are they accounting for their overhead and costs? That’s impossible to do without a budget. I find it astounding that for the past 3 years the federal government has been running without a budget but I expect nothing less of the Fascist Corporatists who are now running our government!

When you take a serious look at how the government spends taxpayer money they garnish from the working classes of America it’s no surprise that this nation is in such dire fiscal disaster! Imagine if the federal government was a business. How long do you think they’d be in business without a budget to operate on? Not long as any business I know of that didn’t have a budget is currently OUT OF BUSINESS.

This not having a budget for an astounding 3 years is a bit too much to stomach personally. It just proves over and over again that our government is now run by fascist corporatists who have NO regard for the people of this country NOR do they have any sense of responsibility! Of course the real question is how the American voters can allow this to go on unabated. Government will NOT be responsible unless the voters keep them responsible and demand they be responsible or remove them from office post haste. To allow the federal government to run with no budget invites fiscal irresponsiblity and corruption within government and that is exactly what is happening. Yet no one is more surprised by this than the American voter????

Responsible governments have budgets EVERY year. Responsible leaders have budgets in place EVERY year. We do not have responsible government or responsible leaders in this country anymore. If we did then there would be a federal budget in place yearly! Continue reading

Senate to Defeat UN Disabilities Treaty!

“Ratifying the convention in the Senate would reaffirm America’s position as the global leader on disability rights and better position us to encourage progress toward inclusion, equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self sufficiency for persons with disabilities worldwide.” (US President Barack Obama 12/4/2012)

President Obama made the above statement concerning the UN Disabilities Treaty that is now expected to fail in the Senate thanks to the GOP opposition to it who claims it would give up US sovereignty and threaten home schooling. In fact the treaty says nothing about surrendering national sovereignty nor does it threaten home schooling in any way!

In fact the UN Treaty is a rather simple and straightforward way do actually do a lot of good in the world by employing the American Disabilities Act as a shining example for the rest of the world concerning people with disabilities. But the GOP does not like this treaty and is currently engaged in a lot of fear mongering now to defeat its ratification in the US Senate. They’ve chosen, once again, to show the hateful fact of their neocon bigotry and lack of compassion for the disadvantaged. Continue reading

Riots in Mexico City as New El Presidente is Sworn In

Yesterday was El Presidente inauguration day in Mexico and it became a day marked by protests, riots, and violence as newly “elected” Enrique Pena Nieto was installed into office.  At least 8 people were injured and 65 detained by police in clashes with protestors.  Most of the protests took place near the national congress building in Mexico City where Pena-Nieto was being sworn into office as the new Mexican El Presidente.  Some of the protestors attempted to march into Zocalo Square outside the National Palace where the president was scheduled to make his first public speech to the nation but were kept from doing so by police.  The crowd threw bottles and rocks at police who responded by firing tear gas into the protestors crowd.  Numerous businesses and windows were damaged as a result.

Young Mexican protestors are upset by the “election” of Pena-Nieto who is a member of the PRI party that was put out of power years ago and has a notorious reputation for corruptions and injustice.  They say that he bribed his way into being elected by giving people food and money to vote for him.  Protestors say that it’s the same old PRI tactics being used only with new and younger faces and once again the Mexican people will suffer under the corrupt PRI leadership as they did before.

Mexican politics is very corrupt as are politics in the US and much of the rest of the world.  People in Mexico and throughout Latin America want democratic representation, equality, and justice.  They are tired of being played like fools!  They want their voices heard in the halls of government and they want their human rights ensured.  They know the PRI will not do these things and that their plight and injustice will now grow worse.

IF Enrique Pena Nieto had any morals he’d confess to bribery and resign immediately.  But he is not going to do that and his party, the PRI, is not going to let him do that.  Neither he nor the PRI have any real morals and it is the working Mexican man and woman who will once again pay the price for the corruption and inhumanity of the PRI.  Great and far reaching changes are badly needed in Mexico and throughout Latin America today.  Changes that truly will bring about justice and equality and prosperity for all and not simply the select few.  Pena-Nieto has made all sorts of promises but I would not hold my breath waiting for him or the PRI to live up to those promises!  It’s all empty talk!  The Mexican People deserve BETTER than Pena-Nieto and the PRI.  It’s time for BIG CHANGES in Mexico amigos!