Marco Rubio’s Speech Makes GOP Crowd ROAR

National Hispanic leader and US Senator Marco Rubio delivered a fantastic speech last night to the GOP convention in Tampa Bay, Florida warming up the crowd to the appearance of candidate Mitt Romney. Rubio is a GOP favorite and he’s the son of two Cuban immigrant parents. On numerous occasions the crowd broke out in loud cheers as Rubio spoke.

His speech cast him in the mold of a national Hispanic leader and success story which he surely is. He also kept the focus of his speech on President Obama and his failed record and disappointed American public. Rubio told the crowd, “Our problem with President Obama isn’t that he’s a bad person….Our problem is that he’s a bad president!” The crowd thundered! Rubio made several references to God during his speech and spoke of the dreams and opportunity America offers. A few Cuban Americans and others teared up during the speech as Rubio spoke of the tyranny still going on in Cuba.

The mere appearance of Rubio as a keynote speaker at the GOP convention is a rebuttal to the Democratic charges that the GOP is anti-Hispanic and anti-immigration. Rubio went on to speak of the immigrant experience in America speaking of his grandfather and parents. He said his grandfather’s dreams of success were smashed in Cuba. At one point speaking in Spanish, Rubio said:

“En este pais, ustedes van a poder lograr todas las cosas que nosotros no pudimos,’ ‘In this country, you will be able to accomplish all the things we never could,”

Rubio also made mention of Romney’s family coming to America from Mexico escaping revolution. There were Mormons in Mexico who had settled there to escape US persecution at that time. He noted how Romney’s family encountered poverty and struggle in the US during the Great Depression and how Romney himself rose to become an admired businessman and public servant. Romney himself is a son of immigrants from Mexcio.

I was impressed with Rubio and what he had to say. Here is a young intelligent man with natural leadership qualities. The fact that he’s Hispanic and was given the prominent position of introducing Mitt Romney last night is significant for all Hispanic people. No longer are we being kept in the closet and ignored. Hispanics are coming to the forefront on a national level and Hispanic leaders like Rubio are emerging with good leadership skills and charisma. If I had to pick who will be the first Hispanic president of the US at some future point I’d place my bet on MARCO RUBIO. And that day IS coming soon! Many in the GOP wanted Rubio to be the vice presidential candidate but Romney chose Paul Ryan instead. I believe Romney, if elected, will put Rubio in a significant place in his administration and that will be a good thing for the freshman Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. I for one am happy to see Hispanics moving UP the ladder!!



Mexico’s Oil Industry Failing; Where’s Pancho Villa?

Back in 1938 the government of Mexico under El Presidente Lazaro Cardenas of the PNR party (National Revolutionary Party) nationalized the Mexican oil industry and since that time big oil companies such as Exxon-Mobile, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell have been prohibited from having any real investment stakes in Mexican oil production.  Petroleos Mexicanos simply known as PEMEX runs the show and it is the state-owned oil giant in Mexico.

Mexico has a growing problem now when it comes to oil production and investment.  The production of crude oil is falling quickly.  In 2011 Mexico produced about 3 million barrels per day and that is down from 2008 when Mexico was producing about 3.2 million barrels per day.  The reason is due to aging oil fields and underinvestment.

Experts in the oil industry are calling on Mexico to loosen up when it comes to oil and allow private companies to start investing in oil exploration and production.  What they are basically asking for is for the Mexican government to denationalize the oil industry and, frankly, the chances of that happening are about zero in my opinion.  Why do I believe this option has a zero chance?  Because of the gross corruption that exists within the Mexican government and the fear of corrupt officials being exposed.  Mexico is the third largest oil supplier to the US (after Saudi Arabia and Canada) and somebody in Mexico is making a lot of money off of Mexican oil.  And it is NOT the Mexican people!  Over half of the population of Mexico lives in gross poverty!  That in my opinion is disgusting!  Why are oil revenues not used for building the infrastructure that Mexico needs to raise the standard of living?  Any nation that wishes to improve the lives of their people must allow domestic and foreign investment.  So why doesn’t Mexico?  The answer is simple.  It is because the regime in Mexico does not wish to lift up the standard of living.  A basic premise of any good socialist state is to keep the people poor and stupid because once you start to educate the masses and raise their standard of living the potential for the masses exposing government and corporate corruption skyrocket.  And THAT is the problem in Mexico today and has been for a long while now! Continue reading

Spanish police thwart Mexican cartel attempting to set up in Europe

The plan to move-in on the lucrative European cocaine market, especially in Britain, was thwarted in an operation code-named Dark Waters, launched by Spain’s National Police counter drugs and organised crime unit and the FBI office in Boston more than three years ago, it was revealed on Friday.

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