“Rip in Earth” CONFIRMED: May Spell Doomsday!

Before you panic and pack up the old lady and babies to head to the hills you must first know that what scientists have discovered has been known for the past 90 years! So don’t head to that survival shelter just yet. ūüôā

In the Pacific “Ring of Fire” there is a tear or rip that is approximately 60,000 square kilometers (23.2 sq miles) in size. It has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to be very real, indeed. The rip is just north of Australia and it is a matter of concern because it exists within the Pacific “Rim of Fire” which is the most active fault line on the planet not to mention the many volcanoes that exist along the rim. The Ring of Fire basically extends around the Pacific coastline from New Zealand to Asia to Canada and down to the US west coast and South America.


Every year there are significant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along this grand fault line and in many cases the earthquakes are very deadly such as those we’ve seen in just the past few months in Japan, Peru, and New Zealand. Scientists fear that some really huge quakes (mega-quakes) may be on the horizon. The rip or tear is actually an exposed fault and although it has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to really exist scientists do not know how it got there.

The rip is known as the Banda Detachment and it is believed to have formed as the result of one tectonic plate sliding under another resulting in the Earth’s crust sinking into the mantle. The plate is now in a position where a sudden slip could lead to some of the largest earthquakes in history and, thus, cause mega-tsunamis that could cause disaster in ways we’ve never seen before.

Australian National University researcher Jonathan Powhall and his team have now found a 7 km (2.7 mile) deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea off the coast of eastern Indonesia and it may well be the plant’s largest exposed fault plane. This is in a region that already has an extreme tsunami risk. The results of a quick slip of the tectonic plate would be nothing short of disastrous.

This brought to my mind something archaeologist Jonathan Gray has said. That is, there are ancient stories about how the earth’s crust “ripped apart” causing global disaster long ago! Gray documents these ancient stories in several of his publications including “Dead Man’s Secrets” and “The Killing of Paradise Planet.”

Gray says these ancient stories speak of a time when everything in prehistoric human life changed within 24 hours! Gray also cites physical evidence around the world to prove this global disaster actually happened in our prehistory. The Banda Detachment may well be the “smoking gun” and the disaster may repeat itself anytime.

Ironically, when it comes to human prehistory we know our past BUT when it comes to human PREHISTORY we know very little as written records were not kept and most of human history was passed down orally from generation to generation. Human prehistory runs from the believed appearance of modern man (Homo sapiens) about 200,000 years ago to the invention of writing about 5,500 years ago (estimates vary). So basically anything before 5.5 thousand years ago is considered as “prehistory” and anything after that time is considered “history.”

Now…..I don’t know about you but I’m packing my survival shit just in case I have to go on a moments notice! ¬†And btw whoever you homesteaders are who’ve invaded my bunker I’m coming to evict you! ¬†Get the hell out!!! ¬†Each man for himself!!! ¬†Women and children last!!




http://www.beforeus.com/first.php (Dr Jonathan Gray’s website)


Adam and the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur and Human footprints walking side by side!

Dinosaur and Human footprints walking side by side!

It’s claimed that dinosaurs “ruled the earth” for 140 million years until they died out around 60 million years ago. According to evolutionary theory that is BEFORE humans appeared on the planet. This is standard theory but there is an opposing theory that holds that man and dinosaurs coexisted at the same time and it was only around 6000 years ago that dinosaurs went extinct!

Scientists have found fossilized dinosaur bones and broken them open only to be shocked that they still contain soft tissue and flexible blood vessels. This is hardly evidence for something that became “extinct” 6000 years ago!

Since the 1820s dinosaur bones have been discovered on every continent in mostly what is considered to be water graveyards. Many of the bones are all thrown together as if some great cataclysm happened on planet Earth in the past. Some people think that this cataclysm was the infamous Noah’s Flood and others are not so sure. One thing is certain, however, and that is that SOMETHING happened on this planet of great magnitude and it wiped out the dinosaurs. Well, at least most of them…maybe.

Our English word “dinosaur” comes from the Greek word for “terrible lizard.” The English word “dinosaur” did not even exist in our language until 1841 when Dr Richard Owen who was a creationist scientist at the British Museum came up with the new term.

Some Christian Theologians and Scientists believe Adam and Eve DID see dinosaurs! They believe God created humans and dinosaurs on the same Day, that is Day 6 of Creation. Others hold the view that dinosaurs were one of the many “beasts of the field” created by God at the same time He created Adam which was before the creation of Eve. God brought all of the beasts to Adam so he could name them and that included dinosaurs. Continue reading