Immigration: The Way Latin American Politics Works

protestor-san-cristobalI had an interesting conversation earlier this week about Hispanic politics and politicians. The discussion all got started over the Chiquita Banana Company being under fire from Columbians who want the company to pay out millions in compensation for their lost loved ones which they blame the company for saying the company supports “terrorist factions” in Columbia.

To make a long story short I ended up having to explain to my compadre that Hispanic politics do NOT operate on the principle he thought. That is, he assumed Latino politicians seek public office as an effort to change things in a Latino country and improve the lot of the people. Sorry but NOT SO! That’s not Latino politics at all in Latin America.

Fact is that most Latino politicians in Latin America seek public office in order to get a bigger piece of the burrito! That includes every public official from the dog catcher to the policeman to the el presidente. Bribery and payoffs are the norm not the exception in Latino politics. That’s the way “business” is conducted in Latin America and it’s the way “business” has always been done in Latin America. No true blooded Latino assumes any public official is there to improve their lot and make their lives easier. In fact, most assume just the opposite.

This is one big reason why Latin America including Mexico remain third world countries IMO. When you have public and elected officials who really don’t give a damn about the plight of the common people then how is that country suppose to move up out of poverty and into the modern age? When bribery and payoffs carry more influence than the demands of the common people it breeds mass corruption in public offices and that’s exactly what exists throughout Latin America. The plight of the common people is secondary concern at best IF even that.

This “culture” of public bribery and corruption has existed for decades in Latin America and it’s come to be the norm sadly. Problem is that it is the common people who suffer the most as their governments and elected public officials really don’t give a shit about their welfare or struggle. Oh yes, they see the poverty the masses live in and they see the hardship that the masses are made to endure but, frankly, they do not care. This is because what they care about most is padding their own bank accounts. So if you want a public official in Latin America to do something for you then it’s all about how big of a bribe you give them. Small bribes might get you a little but big bribes normally will get you a lot.

Latin Americas know all this and it is not news to them. That’s one reason why so many Latinos want out of Latin America including Mexico and South America. They know all about the corruption and they know that they are never going to have better lives because their leaders don’t give a shit about the people. So what is their next option? Illegal entry into the land of leche and honey called America! And that’s exactly what they do as we all already know.

I’ve seen the freight trains in Latin America. Hundreds of people are piled atop the freight trains that are headed north towards the US-Mexico border. They ride on top of the freight cars, on the sides, in-between, or anywhere else they can find a space. Some of these people fall off or have accidents and are killed or lose arms and legs. It’s a dangerous ride but in their minds it is a ride well worth it as nothing could be worse than staying in their own countries and enduring lives of gross hardship and poverty thanks to their public officials who don’t give a shit about them! Desperation does not even begin to describe what these people think.

Illegal immigration is a complex issue and the reason it is that is because in order to effectively stop it something must be done about the way “politics” are carried out in Latin America. Latino leaders are NOT providing jobs for their people because their primary concern is how much of a payoff or bribe they are going to get. But that is exactly what must happen in Latin America if illegal immigration is to be stopped. The people must have jobs and hope for better lives. That’s why they come to America. But if there were jobs and hope in their own countries most of them would not be coming to America but staying home. Sadly that is not the case.

It saddens me that this is the fact of Latin American politics. It saddens me that Latin America including Mexico has never had a leadership that actually gives a shit about the common people. It saddens me that these people are so desperate to escape the nightmare conditions in their own lands that they will risk coming to America illegally and risk their own lives trekking through the hot deserts just to get here. But, then again, people do some crazy things when they are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. They know well the risks they face crossing into America illegally. They know how hot and deadly the desert can be especially in the summer months. But they continue to come anyway out of desperation and hope for something better than what they had in their own lands. That’s very sad! Sad that these people care more about getting to the land of opportunity more than about their own lives!

I’ve long been an advocate that the solution to illegal immigration from Latin America is to change the politics and economics in Latin American countries. Of course I know that that solution is not very promising because I know the extend of the culture of bribery in those countries. As long as public officials continue to take and desire the bribes then nothing will change for the common people in Latin America and knowing that I’ve also advocated MASS REVOLUTION in Latin America! The way I see it that is the only way things are going to begin to change. When the common people rise up and throw out their corrupt public officials starting with the dog catcher and moving right up the ladder! Then, and only then, might these nations begin to get public officials who care more about the people than about bribe money. And then these countries might begin to build their economies providing jobs for their people. Short of these things nothing is going to change in Latin America and nothing is going to change in terms of the illegal immigration problem either!

Viva la Revolucion Mundial !!



Chiquita Banana Company Under Fire by Columbians


Chiquita Bananas is asking a US federal court to dismiss lawsuits filed by thousands of relatives of Colombians killed in a bloody civil war claiming that the cases do not belong in a US court and that US courts do not have any authority in such suits. Chiquita Brand International is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and they filed their request in the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Chiquita says any legal action by relative should be filed in Columbian courts not US courts. For decades Chiquita has operated large banana plantations in Columbia. The lawsuits allege that the company aided in the killings of Columbian workers by paying $1.7 million dollars to a right-wing paramilitary group labeled as terrorist organization by US officials. Yet, Chiquita says it only paid the money to the terrorist group because the group made threats against the company. The right-wing group is known as AUC which is a Spanish acronym for “United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia.”

This is not the first time Chiquita has been involved in controversy. Back in 2007 the company pleaded guilty to US criminal charges over the payments which resulted in a $25 million dollar fine and no company official ever went to jail for the criminal charges! In 2004 Chiquita sold its subsidiary in Columbia, Banadex. The company says the payments were made seven years before that sell.

The AUC is a right wing paramilitary terrorist organization operating in Columbia. It was formed in 1997 and united several right-wing militias in battles against left-wing guerilla groups. One of those radical left-wing paramilitary groups is known as FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia). During those battles an estimated 50,000 people were killed. They were mostly innocent civilians say Columbian prosecutors. Continue reading

Texas DPS: Gang membership has exploded past 100,000, most are Latino

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Texas DPS: Gang membership has exploded past 100,000, most are Latino

The Texas Department of Public Safety has declassified its 2013 state-wide gang assessment. There are over 100,000 gang members in Texas alone. According to the FBI, a large majority are Latino.

Four gangs are listed as “Tier One” gangs.

Tango Blast – Loose affiliation Latino prison gang
Texas Syndicate – Top level prison gang for US born Latinos
Mexican Mafia – Top level ethnic Mexican prison gang
Barrio Azteca – Ethnic Mexican gang that operates along the border. Thousands of members on both sides.

All four have thousands of members, and relationships with Mexican drug cartels. DPS believes that Barrio Azteca takes orders directly from a Cartel.

The report also cites several other well known Latino gangs as being on the rise, as possible candidates for “Tier One” gangs in the future.

Surenos 13 – California based Latino gang. DPS expects this gang to reach “Tier One” level soon. Affiliated…

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Time to Get OFF the Hate Train America!!

Just yesterday I posted about Senator Harry Reid’s noninvolvement in a Solar Farm deal with the Chinese which was contrary to much of what has been posted over the past week on the Alex Jones infowars website. You’d be shocked by some of the comments I’ve received ranging from outright racist to the psychotic. I have chosen not to approve those comments as they are seething with hate from right wingers who do nothing to bring me to their cause. But that is not what this post is about.

This past Monday April 14 a former leader of the KKK killed 3 people at a Jewish Center and retirement home two of which were Christians (a grandfather and his young grandson) and not Jewish at all. Now comes news that the accused killer Frazier Glenn Cross was barred from a website called Stormfront which is a radical neo-Nazi website and holds the distinction as the “murder capital on the Internet” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Apparently this website was not radical enough for Cross and he had disagreements with its founder who subsequently barred him from involvement on the website.

trainwreck2The SPLC claims that there are at least 10 murders linked to activities on Stormfront. They say Stormfront and websites like it are breeding grounds for people with extremist right wing views and racist views to commit murder or other hate crimes. The law center says Stormfront “helps them find the enemy…whether they are Jews, African Americans, immigrants….”. Heidi Beirich who is part of the SPLC Intelligence Project told the Guardian that it’s not very surprising that “people live in this kind of stew of violent racism” and “eventually pick up a gun and do something about it at some point.”

Although the website of Stormfront doesn’t get much traffic it is reported that it has a core dedicated group of active users and that “Stormfront’s bias-related murder rte accelerated significantly after Barack Obama became President.” The Stormfront forum was used by Anders Behring Breivik as well as Cross. Breivik ended up killing 77 people in a 2011 massacre in Norway and the forum was also used by Wade Michael Page who shot and killed 6 people at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin in 2012. Continue reading

Hitler died in Argentina NOT in the Bunker!

by Juan Carlos de Alvaro—

I just finished reading an excellent book entitled “Grey Wolf” by Simon Dunstand and Gerrard Williams. It is very detailed especially when it comes to the final days of World War 2 and what was going on in Berlin and Hitler’s bunker. Most of the world believes Hitler and his lover Eva Braun committed suicide in the bunker as the Soviet Shock Troops approached but, truly, there is
Hitlerno real evidence for that. In fact, there’s more evidence that they did not commit suicide and the charred bodies found were doubles which were frequently used by Hitler. Even the Soviet General doubted the charred remains were those of Hitler and Braun and Soviet leader Josef Stalin never believed they died nor did FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. In fact, they believed both Hitler and Braun escaped first going to Norway and then to Spain then boarding a Nazi U-boat to Argentina where they would spend the rest of their lives relatively quietly. There are numerous witnesses in Argentina who say they saw both of them after the war right up until the early 1960s. The preponderance of evidence alone strongly suggests that Hitler did not die in the bunker at the end of the war but that he and Braun, along with several other Nazis, escaped to Patagonia in Argentina.

Hitler’s secretary Martin Borman was in charge of the whole escape operation. He had transferred billions overseas including Nazi loot and Borman got out of Europe thanks to the “rat lines” operated and maintained by the Curia of the Vatican in Rome! I’ve heard about this before but was astounded after reading this book at the depth of the involvement of the Vatican in aiding Nazis to escape Europe after the war.

Argentina has a large German population during and after the war and still does. In some places German is spoken rather than Spanish and some of the towns are very German in their construction and not Spanish at all.

This book was very enlightening to say the least and some of the information contained in it I’ve heard before including Spain’s Franco and the Vatican helping Hitler and several other Nazis escape after the war. However, I did not realize the depth of their involvement until now. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why the Nazi hunters didn’t hunt Hitler down and bring him to justice after the war. Of course he was secured away in a highly guarded compound in Patagonia but why was the Argentine government of Juan Domingo Peron not pressured to turn him over to the Allies for trial? It seems that Hitler went about freely and everyone knew he was there yet there was no effort to capture or kill him. Had some sort of deal been made with the Allies at the end of the war? That is a good possibility. Was part of that deal the turning over of all top Nazi scientists to the Allies under Operation Paperclip which brought not hundreds but THOUSANDS of Nazi scientists and industrialists into the US after the war? And was part of the deal a payoff in the form of Nazi loot as well?

Most likely we will never know the truth about what happened to Hitler after the Soviets took Berlin in 1945. For decades the Soviets claimed to have part of Hitler’s skull with a bullet wound in it. However, the History Channel got to look at and take DNA from that skull in the Russian Archives not long ago and it was termed beyond doubt that it did not belong to Adolf Hitler. In fact it was the skull of a woman and it wasn’t Eva Braun either. The Soviet Shock Troops wanted to impress Stalin but Stalin didn’t buy it as he never believed Hitler was dead. In fact, he once told US President Franklin D Roosevelt that Hitler had escaped to South America.

Hitler led a quiet and secluded life once in exile in Argentina and he planned for a 4th Reich “of the South.” But that never materialized. Hitler was addicted to some powerful drugs thanks to his doctors and it is reported that he suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and lost his mind in the 1950s. Gradually, his comrades abandoned him and his plans for a 4th Reich of the South including Martin Borman. According to the book Hitler died in Argentina in February of 1961 and the death of Braun is unknown although it says she left him in the 1950s apparently tired of his insane rants and of taking care of him. The book says the couple had two daughters while in exile in Argentina.

The Western Allies needed for Hitler to be dead and most likely the suicide in the bunker story was a smokescreen. People were tired of the war and it was costing a bundle both for Europe and the US. Perhaps a deal was arranged to allow the madman to live out his life in seclusion in the Patagonia region of Argentina where his comrade Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron would protect him and keep him quiet at the same time. Winston Churchill once said that history would paint him in a positive light as he (Churchill) intended to write that history. As we all know history is written by the victors and in this case Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were the victors.

I think people around Hitler in Argentina (yes I believe he got away) gradually became disillusioned by him and perhaps figured out that the man was crazy in the head. They gradually abandoned him and his desire for a 4th Reich perhaps seeing the insanity in such grand plans and seeing those plans as not worth it. World War 2 cost a lot to the world not only in terms of money but in terms of human lives.

It is said at the end of the book that Hitler would spend hours gazing out into space unaware of anyone coming near him. It is also said he began to experienced nightmares of thousands of corpses laying on battlefields and bodies of millions of Jews killed by his henchmen in the death camps. Perhaps judgment for Hitler began in the last years of his life instead of after he died. It appears that judgment was horrible and I can only imagine what he got in the next life.

The Allies came very close to losing the war. Had it gone on for even a couple of more months the Nazis might have won as they were very close to deploying their experimental super weapons which the Allies had no match for. Interesting how fragile history can be. How one small thing can change it. I think governments should come clean and tell the world what they know as to the real fate of Hitler. The war is long over and people have a right to know for truth and history sake.


EPA Seeking Biggest Land Grab in History and Control ALL Water Rights!

Agenda 21 is growing in the US as the UN plan to control all wildlands is being carried out before our eyes. I have no sympathy for the UN as I think they are nothing more than a corrupt pack of nations bent on world government and I really question why the United States is still a member of such a corrupt organization. Now comes news that the EPA wants to control all water ways in the US which is one more demonstration of the Obama Administration’s mal-intent towards the private sector. That mal-intent is spawned by the fact that President Obama and his administration are Corporatist owned by Wall Street.

It’s being called the biggest land grab in world history by lawmakers and farmers across the nation. The EPA is asking Congress for jurisdiction over all public and PRIVATE streams in the US that are “intermittent, seasonal, and rain dependent.” That pretty much describes MOST streams and waterways in the US. The land grab is being supported by the EPA and the US Army Corp of Engineers. They say it is only an effort to clarify which streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. The EPA says the proposed new rule “will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act.” However, some lawmakers in Washington strongly disagree as to many farmers and ranchers across the nation.

Congressional budget testimony was given in Congress last week and it was revealed that the new rule would give the EPA authority over most streams on private land EVEN if they have been dry for the past hundreds of years! House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers R-KY said the economic impact of the new rule would be “profound.” He said that a community wishing to build on private land that had a stream on it even if that stream is dry would have to travel to Washington for get EPA approval and that would “absolutely freeze economic activity in this country.” Rogers added that the proposed new rule is further proof of the mal-intent of the Obama administration towards the private sector. Continue reading

Harry Reid NOT Involved in Solar Farm Deal! FACT: There is NO DEAL!!

Alex Jones’ website has been reporting that the real reason for the BLM “assault” on the Clevin Bundy ranch is that US Senator Harry Reid D-NV wants the land to put a solar farm on that will be built by a Chinese company. According to infowars Reid has a deal with the Chinese and infowars uncovered the deal. But there’s a problem with what infowars is claiming.

The Las Vegas Sun ran an article by Conor Shine published on June 14, 2013. The article was entitled “Company dumps big Laughlin solar project, says market won’t support it.” The original article is located here:

In that article the Chinese company ENN Mojave Energy LLC cancelled plans to build a solar farm in southern Nevada last year because they were unable to find customers for the power that would have been generated by the farm. This was according to a Clark County spokesman. ENN contacted the county in writing telling them that the deal was off and terminating an agreement to purchase 9000 acres of land near Laughlin. The company said that the market will not support the project. The company is a subsidiary of ENN Group which is the largest energy company in China.

The price tag for building the solar farm was estimated at between $1 billion and $6 billion dollars.
The county was prepared to sell the land to ENN for $4.5 million which was about 1/6 of the lands actual value. Senator Harry Reid appeared to NOT be involved in the deal other than supporting it as it would provide much needed jobs for people in his state. So what infowars has been reporting is NOT true. We had picked up the reports on infowars and reported that here but we should have checked it out a bit more. Turns out infowars is not exactly reporting the whole story or the full truth about the Chinese solar farm deal. They say they uncovered the story but the deal has been in the news for a long while now, in fact, for the past couple of years and it’s been reported on by other media. So infowars hasn’t really “uncovered” anything new! So our apologies to Senator Reid even though we’ll still call him Dirty Harry 🙂

As for Cliven Bundy and his cattle let me put it simply, Bundy is in the WRONG! In fact he’s breaking the law. Just because he doesn’t like the law doesn’t mean he has every right to disobey the law. This man has been ordered more than once by the courts to pay the grazing fees he owes the federal government but he refuses to do so and instead claims it’s his land because his family has run cattle on it for the past 140 years. BUT the FACT is it is not his land at all. The land is owned by the federal government and managed by the BLM. For some reason this rancher thinks that since his family has run cattle on the land for the past 140 years he now owns the land but he DOES NOT. So he doesn’t think he has to pay the grazing fees, he refuses to obey various court orders, and he claims he owns the land. Why has he not been arrested for failure to obey a court order one wonders?

Now all the hype is about the BLM stepping back and that any time now the BLM will launch a “Waco style” assault on the Bundy ranch. Sorry but I’m not buying that! Although perhaps federal marshals should be sent to the ranch to place Bundy under arrest for disobeying the court orders. But an all out assault on Bundy by the BLM? NOT likely.

A quick look at the infowars website has one article that says the BLM killed some of Bundy’s cows when they were rounding them up last week. But just a few days ago it was reported that the BLM returned Bundy’s cows to him unharmed. So which is it now? Truth is the BLM returned all of the cattle they rounded up to Bundy and not a single one was dead or harmed.

What this story comes down to is this. Some are hailing it as a “victory” for the American people but it’s not that at all in fact. What it is is a DECEPTION! Someone is trying their best to fan the flames or revolution in this country and most likely they’d like to see an all out war between the BLM and the Bundy clan. I’ve heard many people say that the ultra-left is “dangerous” and what people fail to realize is that the ultra-right is just as dangerous! Both are extremists and that makes them very dangerous left OR right! That needs to be kept in mind and what we need to do is look beyond all of the talk and find the truth. In this case a rancher is refusing to pay legal grazing fees and now says that federal land belongs to him. Not so and, in fact, Clevin Bundy has broken the law. So why is the man not in jail?

Sorry inforwars but you BLEW THIS ONE!