Trump Scores a BIG FAT ZERO!

I think many of us will have to do some serious evaluating before we vote for Donald Trump and that is primarily because he has a bad habit of running his mouth and thinking about it later. He seems to do that a lot in fact and his latest bout with mouth diarrhea center around the family of Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala who are both Muslim Americans.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan at the DNC 2016

Khizr and Ghazala Khan at the DNC 2016

Khizr and Ghazala appeared at the DNC this past week. Ghazala was quiet and allowed her husband Khizr to deliver the speech about their deceased son US Army Captain Humayun Khan who was killed fighting for the USA by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004. He was 27 years old. The speech delivered by Khizr as Ghazala looked on was moving and tragic to say the least. You could hear the pain in his voice when he spoke about his son but you could also hear the pride in his voice when he spoke of his son having been a US SOLDIER. And Ghazala? Clearly you could see on her face that this was a mother still in mourning. Losing your child is something that parents do not give over quickly.

It was after this speech to the DNC that the controversy began as Trump suffered his latest bout of mouth diarrhea. It happened when he commented that he noticed Ghazala Khan stood by her husband at the DNC podium and never said a word. Trump assumed that she did not speak because she was not allowed to due to her Muslim faith! I guess “the Donald” never learned the great life lesson that when you “assume” something you typically end up making an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” And that’s exactly what Trump has now done. He has made an ASS out of himself with his assumption! Continue reading


Hillary: The Morning After…..

Hillary_11So I sat and watched Hillary Clinton’s speech to the DNC last night as she accepted their nomination for POTUS and frankly I heard NOTHING new from her even though I was expecting to. She spouted the same old rhetoric alluding to the speech police (read Censorship) as she remarked if elected she was going to end violent and hurtful talk. In other words she plans to curb the Free Speech Amendment in the Bill of Rights so get ready if she is elected! She’ll ensure that Americans are a reincarnation from the times of Soviet TYRANT Josef Stalin who invented Political Correctness! And I’m sure along with this she’ll fix things so neighbors RAT OUT neighbors just as they did in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And how many INNOCENT people went to jail as a result? MANY even though the reports were usually FALSE and were more due to neighbors not liking each other. Oh, and children reported their PARENTS too so get ready America! Under a Hillary presidency the first time your spoiled brat gets mad at you all they have to do is report you to the Gestapo and off to jail you go based on their word (lie) alone!!

Hillary also alluded to GUN RIGHTS saying she didn’t want to ax the 2nd Amendment but all she plans to do is curb gun violence and fix it so you aren’t killed by someone who isn’t suppose to have a gun. Righttt…………

FACT is criminals get guns all of the time on the Black Market which is HUGE in the American underground. In fact, one can purchase just about anything their heart desires nowadays. YES she DOES want to take away your RIGHT to bear arms and at the very least leave you with that old MUSKET and nothing more, just watch.

Two things that struck me as odd….no….no…WEIRD were Hillary’s dress and Slick Willy Clinton last night.

Firstly, can someone please tell me why Hillary chose to dress in all white like TV Evangelist Benny Hinn last night? Frankly, I was waiting for her to perform some faith healing! I was expecting thunderbolts from Heaven itself but they never came. I kept thinking….

“Ah yes here is the Great WHITE Savior! NOT!!”

Frankly, Hillary hasn’t yet figured out that America doesn’t need another hero or great white savior!!

And now regarding Slick Willy and his HIGHLY UNUSUAL behavior last night. WTF was wrong with him? Was he over medicated or under medicated? He kept falling asleep or so it appeared and at several points he looked ill. Towards the end of Hillary’s rant Bill’s mouth on the left side was slumping and I couldn’t help but wonder if he just had a stroke! He looked pretty mad and I think the man needs medical attention. OR was Slick Willy having visions of whores and young interns dancing through his head last night during Hillary’s rant? Was he having fantasies about his return to the WH and how this time around he could avoid getting caught with his…. well …. Slick Willy out of his pants LMAO.

And then there was Chelsea. She was actually the most BORING and unemotional public speaker I’ve heard in a long time! HORRIBLE! Trumps daughter gave a much more enthusiastic speech at the RNC that wasn’t bad but last night Chelsea’s was HORRIBLE to say the least. Continue reading

HILLARY LIVE!! Her Biggest Night! SHOW OF SHOWS!!!

It’s guaranteed to be the biggest SHOW you’ve seen in a long time so GET READY!  It’s HILLARY’S BIG NIGHT for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!  Hurry!  Get to your seats!  SHOW starts in 39 seconds!  Oh…ahhh…can somebody fetch my puke bucket I’m going to need it……………….

And now ladies and gents……..  HILLARY’S GREATEST PERFORMANCE!!


LIVE Commentary………………………

What’s up with George Stephanophos on ABC?  He sounds so excited he’s about to jump out of his pants complete with gasping!  

Chelsea you are making me PUKE!  Get the hell off the stage PLEASE…………..

Bill Clinton looks depressed!  What’s up Slick Willy???  Ah he looks like he’s spacing out or something.  Oh wait he’s still alive as now he’s smiling at Chelsea.  Oh no…Slick Willy is back to looking ill or something.  

Chelsea Clinton is a dull and boring speaker void of emotion.  She’s sounding like a robot or recording.  No expression, no enthusiasm, no emotion.  BORING!!  Get her off the stage!!

Hey Chelsea was your mother performing public service when she was SofS and gave TOP SECRET info out in her emails????  Is that what you’re calling “public service” Chelsea?  OMG this girlfriend doesn’t have a clue!!

Thank you Chelsea!  I’m now VOMITING!  TGAM (thank God Almighty) they took Chelsea off the stage!!!!!

And NOW ladies and gents HILLARY …… ONE NIGHT ONLY….. LIVE!!!……….

The stage is dark.  A video of Hillary’s life is playing.  All is quiet.  Ah yes….did the DNC learn this move from TV Evangelists???  Just askin’……..

One newswoman on ABC sounds like she’s about to break down in tears…WTF??  Hey lady!  It’s Hillary Clinton NOT God Almighty!  Give me a break!

Still waiting on Hillary….the SELF GLORIFICATION IS A BIT TOO LONG DNC!!

Sanders delegate says they don’t feel respected by Hillary.  Well DUHHHHH!  Hey buddy Hillary don’t respect no one, no how so why should you be any different?

OMG Chelesa’s back…..



Continue reading

Pelosi: STILL Out of Touch!

San Fran Nan is a special kind of stupid. Pelosi said Clinton can attract white male voters by focusing on the economy. Source: Pelosi: Clinton struggling with white men because of ‘guns,’ ‘gays’ and ‘God’ | TheHill

via Pelosi: Clinton struggling with white men because of ‘guns,’ ‘gays’ and ‘God’  — Give Me Liberty

Many of us have long known that former House Speaker and current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been out of touch with reality for a long, long time.  And her comments today reflect that she is STILL out of touch!  She acts as if Hillary Clinton is now the great Savior just as she acted with Obama but she seems to fail to realize after 8 years of Obama there are STILL NO JOBS!  The economy is STILL A WRECK!  And America is STILL coming part at the seams of our social fabric! Where has this lady been?  She speaks of dreamworlds and says nothing about the REALITY in America.  I have news for Pelosi………..

MANY Americans are ANGRY over the situation in our country today after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama!  The “economic recovery” is nothing short of a frickin JOKE!  As a society we are at each others throats over race, religion, economics, etc.  Those THROWBACK terrorists from the 8th century are now for some “odd” reason more powerful than ever!  Our foreign policy is a JOKE!  Our domestic policy is even a BIGGER JOKE!  People are no longer living paycheck to paycheck.  They are living DAY TO DAY after 8 years of Obama and the Democrats!  Prices are OUTRAGEOUS to say the least!  Barack promised JOBS.  WELL WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THEY?  At McDonald’s?  LMFAO seriously Barack????  

Throughout his tenure as POTUS Obama has spoken of job creation via the need to rebuild our country’s infrastructure but he has not done ONE THING to make that happen and NEITHER will Hillary!  Hillary is an ECHO of the SAME old promises made by Obama in 2008 and 2012 and LIKE Obama she will also NOT DELIVER!!  Enough of the Democratic Monarchy already!!  Four more years of another Dem isn’t going to change one thing in this nation for the better.  And don’t get me started on Trumpy!  I have a suspicion if elected his first move will be to say, “YOUR FIRED AMERICA!”.  Neither Trump nor Clinton deserve to be POTUS as IMO they are BOTH WORTHLESS CORPORATIST!  There’s only ONE PARTY today in America and it’s the Corporatist Party so why don’t we just call it what it is and stop the Rep/Dem BULLSHIT already?  

Oh and one more thing.  Back in 2008 I voted for Obama happy that he’d be the first Black POTUS.  I thought he’d really do something for Black America and the unity of our nation.  BUT he hasn’t done one damned thing for BLACK AMERICA in 8 years!  And he sure as hell hasn’t done one damned thing to unite our people in this country!  I thought he’d be the “Great Uniter” but he turned out to be “The Great Divider”!!  And now I’m suppose to believe that the CRIMINAL HILLARY CLINTON is the answer???  What a fucking joke!  Anybody know what kind of “medication” Pelosi is on cuz I want some!!


Outrage at the DNC!

Published on Jul 28, 2016 In this new video from Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe goes undercover as a Hillary Clinton supporter with outraged Democrats at the DNC. Angry protesters scream and shout about their hatred for Hillary Clinton and how they’ve been disenfranchised by the DNC, the Democratic Party establishment and political elites. James […]

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It’s about time all Americans, but especially BLACK AMERICANS, ask themselves, “What have the Democrats done for me lately?”.  After almost 8 years of the Democratic Obama’s presidency the answer is a resounding NOTHING! And now Hillary Clinton wants to extend that legacy for the next 4 years!  And in case you haven’t figured it out yet………………

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman was forced to resign last week after the Wikileaks DNC email dump in which it was clear that the Dem Party conspired and plotted against Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for the Dem nomination.  And what did Hillary do?  She IMMEDIATELY hired Wasserman for her campaign!  WTF?  Talk about BLATANT CORRUPTION!!!!


Clinton Hires Wasserman! WTF?

BY ASHE SCHOW PHILADELPHIA — Shortly after Debbie Wasserman Schultz abruptly resigned from the Democratic National Committee, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton named the Florida congresswoman to her campaign team. Wasserman Schultz will serve as the “honorary chair” of Clinton’s campaign, a move the candidate announced in a short letter to supporters. “I look forward […]

via Clinton hiring DWS: ‘Thank you’ or damage control? — tomfernandez28’s Blog

Wikileaks DNC emails reveal the the DNC plotted against Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for the Democratic nomination for POTUS.  Wasserman was forced to resign as Chairwoman of the party as a result.  Question is why the rest of the DNC leadership hasn’t resigned as well.  THEY ALL SHOULD!

And now Hillary has hired Wasserman as Honorary Chair of her campaign.  Is Hillary desperate OR is Hillary afraid Wasserman just might go bananas and spill the frijoles on Hillary?  I think the later may be near the truth.  Here’s something to think about….

Hillary Clinton hasn’t even been elected POTUS (and hopefully never will) and once again she is embroiled in controversy.  I can only imagine if elected POTUS what kind of controversies she’ll be embroiled in then.  Do we really need anymore controversy and incompetence America????

One thing that is now clear from the Wikileaks email dumps is that BERNIE SANDERS was RIGHT.  The system IS RIGGED!!  Proof positive!!


Security Without Freedom is SLAVERY!

security_1Esteemed Polish Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman has some things to say about the global situation today and the growing fear among humanity. He says that upheaval across the globe is symptomatic of the diffusion of fear. Bauman says people across Europe are on edge as migration and economic uncertainties continue to grow. He notes that the political landscape is changing as there is a growing feeling that the old social structures and paradigms no longer work. So they are being replaced or challenged by the masses. And the SAME thing is happening in the USA! A serious divide is growing along race and economics says Bauman.

Bauman has written extensively about the modern age and what it is doing to the masses across the globe. He coined the phrase “liquid fear” which he has defined as a tangible feeling of generalized anxiety that we see everywhere on the planet today. He says that the problem with “liquid fear” is you don’t know where it will strike from unlike specific fear and danger which you know.

In an in-depth interview with Al Jazeera, Bauman said that humanity is “walking on a minefield.” He went on to say that there are “no solid structures around us on which we can rely, in which we can invest our hopes and expectations.” He notes that even the world’s most powerful governments can no longer deliver on their promises and this only adds to the fear and growing anxiety we all feel.

“ON EVERY LEVEL OF HUMAN LIFE, YOU HAVE THE SAME SITUATION. UNCERTAINTY,” Bauman says.  He told Al Jazeera that today humanity is living in a “state of continuous uncertainty, which makes us afraid.”  He points out that there are two crucial values that are vital to human life and those are Security and Freedom.  Both are absolutely necessary to human existence he says.

“SECURITY WITHOUT FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” Bauman pointed out, and “Freedom without Security is complete CHAOS where you are LOST, ABANDONED, and you don’t know what to do.”  Today people find themselves “uneasy, lost, incapable of acting with certainty, with assurance.”  He thinks what we see happening all over the world today is the “turning of the pendulum.”  He notes that he believes people want politicians who assert “Give me the power and I will take responsibility for your future.”  In other words, people all over the planet today are looking for a magical SAVIOR!!

“People are looking for MAGIC in leadership,” he says, but notes that is a waste of time!  He also referred to the growing refugee problem in Europe and millions of refugees are flooding into Europe to escape war-torn nations in the Middle East such as Syria.  He specifically notes that these REFUGEES are NOT people who are hungry without bread or water BUT that they are people who only yesterday were proud of their homes, their social positions, and often were very well-educated and well off financially.  But now they are refugees and they “embody all of our FEARS.”  They embody our own fears of losing everything and he says that makes our own anxiety and fears grow and he says in his estimation the “SHOCK is only BEGINNING.”

This generalized anxiety is not something new in my opinion because I think it’s been around for a long time.  We felt it back in the late 70s for sure and since that time I think it has festered and grown.  Humanity has been uneasy or anxious for a long time now!  That anxiety is nonspecific meaning we can’t quite put our finger on it when it comes to identifying the source of our anxiety.  ANXIETY IS UNSPECIFIC FEAR!  That perhaps is the worst kind of fear there is. Continue reading