Persecution of Christians Totally Inconsistent With Islamic Teachings — Dr. Craig Considine

Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon, as I wrote on Monday, has key lessons for our time. In the Sermon the Prophet of Islam provides an anti-racist stance that echoes Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Muhammad, like King, left humanity with a message of peace and goodwill. While history bears witness that Islamic […]

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A Religion of Peace or Violence?

commentary by Imam Abbas

Sadly once again a people, a nation and a world have been terrorized by extremists who honor death rather than life. Of course I am referring to the mass shootings this week in California which left 14 innocent people dead and many more wounded, some of them critically. These attacks were carried out by an American born young man of Pakistani descent by the name of Sayed Farook and his wife. Not only that but Farook gunned down in cold blood the very people he worked with as a Food Inspector for the county at a holiday party and banquet which he had attended then left abruptly returning dressed in assault gear and heavily armed. He and his wife were later killed in a gun battle with police not far from the scene of the carnage.

One thing that struck me in all of the reporting and mis-reporting was that Farook had recently had a heated conversation with one of his colleagues concerning Islam. In that argument Farook reportedly maintained the Islam was not a religion of peace while the colleague maintained that it was. Subsequently, we have learned that Farook was associating with known extremists on social media and had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to marry his wife. Neighbors feared reporting suspicious activity in and around their apartment out of fear of being called “racists.” We have also learned that Farook was normally reserved and kind always smiling and his family is in shock over his actions. He stopped going to the mosque he’d regularly attended and it appears he became radicalized recently.

So I want to ask. Is Islam a religion of peace as claimed by the media and others today? When I look at the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, the terror carried out lately in Paris and California, and all the rest it appears that today Islam is not a religion of peace but of war, hate, and death! That angers me because that is NOT what Islam is supposed to be! Yet, that is what the radicals have turned it into.

Muslims must awaken to the fact now that our faith has been hijacked and is being used as a cover and justification for human slaughter and hatred. These people who kill innocents and terrorize wear their faith on their sleeves because they have no faith, really. ISIS enslaves women as sex slaves! They kill their own! They have killed more MUSLIMS than any other group! That’s true of all of the other terror groups too. Yet, all these things they do are SINS! Murder is a sin! Suicide is a sin! Using women as mere sex slaves is a sin! Continue reading

I Cry for the Faithful

Commentary by Imam Abbas

My heart cries for the Faithful and most especially for those who are Muslims or claim to be Muslims.  What makes my heart cry is all of the hatred, fanaticism, killing, and violence that I see committed in the world today in the name of Islam.  But, before I continue I want to point out two very important teachings for the Holy Qur’an.

“Whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all mankind, and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all mankind.”  (Sura 5:32)

“….and do not kill yourselves for surely Allah is merciful to you.  And whoever does this aggressively and unjustly, We will soon cast him into fire, and this is easy for Allah.”  (Sura 4: 29-30)

Sadly, when most people now think of Islam and Muslims they equate both with murder, suicide, and terrorism.  In fact, many people assume that all Muslims are terrorists which, frankly, is far from the truth.  ISIS (the so called Islamic State) has now taken center stage and that’s all we hear about now in the media when it comes to Islam and Muslims.  What is seldom spoken of, however, is that ISIS fighters engage in rampant sex using women as mere sex slaves and executing those women who refuse.  They make their own homemade cocaine and other drugs and think nothing of killing people.  The truth about ISIS is that its young fighters are being manipulated by the self-proclaimed Imam Baghdadi and his cohorts!  These young fighters are ignorant and living in a state of idolatry and sin!  They are clearly being put on the wrong path!  They are taught by Baghdadi and his cohorts to be merciless, cruel, and brutal which just happen to be the opposite values of what the Qur’an teaches and demands of Muslims!  Young, easily influenced, lured in by unlimited sex and drugs, these young people are uninformed and badly in need of being educated by true Muslims who not only know the true values of Islam but live those values.

There was a time in Islamic history when things like we see going on today were not so.  In that time, not so long ago, Europe was in the Dark Ages while Muslim nations were at a peak in civilization, science, and technology.  Muslim physicians, medical schools, and universities were renowned for their intellectualism and scientific advances.  The great Muslim physician and scholar ibn-Sina was writing his treaties which were the most detailed and scientific medical texts of the time and which are still referred to in modern medicine.  Muslim scholars were making advances in astronomy, engineering, and other sciences and in most Muslim lands people lived in peace and in prosperity. Continue reading