Racism in America

The demise of America as we know it is now in full swing just as I’ve been warning people about for several decades now. Racial tensions are brewing and those tensions have been the undercurrent of America since the 1960s civil rights era. Back then President Lyndon B. Johnson gave minorities just enough to placate them but he never really did give them equality. This was his solution to ending the race riots that swept across our nation back then but his actions didn’t solve anything. Racism in America simply went underground and silent. Silent? Well maybe not!

Racial discrimination peaked its ugly head every so often in the form of housing discrimination, job discrimination, equal pay discrimination, etc.  In subtle little ways it was clear to people like me who watch society that discrimination was still very much alive in America after LBJ.

Basically, what has been happening since the civil rights era is that racial tensions have been brewing ever so slowly but we’ve also added to the mix such things as religious discrimination, gender discrimination, disability discrimination, and discrimination against the LBGT community among others.  So all of these “ingredients” of discrimination have been brewing for many decades now and we have now come to a point in which that brew is about to over boil in ways we cannot even imagine in this nation.

Add to all of this the unbridled greed of the “haves” and the growing discontent of the “have-nots” plus a dash of hard economic times causing people to spend their savings and loose their homes and jobs and you’ve got the recipe for civil unrest across the boards to the point of outright violent revolution by the masses!  Don’t make the mistake of thinking the “powers that be” don’t already know this.  THEY DO!  That’s why they’ve spent the last few years militarizing our police, in fact.  It’s all designed to keep YOU in YOUR place no matter what your skin color, gender, sexual preference, or faith.  The 1% is NOT about to give up anything to the 99% without a good fight!

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Bring Back the Mooch!!

We want Anthony Scaramucci BACK!! The Trump administration needs some excitement and someone like the Mooch to set things straight. And while he’s at it he can bring in Rahm Emmanuel so he can once again have his little “talks” in the WH shower-gym room…..naked!!

Anthony Scarramucci

Scaramucci and Rahm would make a great team! Two gangsta’s in the WH not putting up with any crap! Two dudes that would definitely put an end to the leaks! Two guys who could very well “explain” to the leakers and anyone else for that matter to shut their PIE HOLES if they know what’s good for them! Yeah! A regular MAFIOSO! And just think how quiet that FAT BOY in North Korea might quickly become!!

Come on Trump! Get this team together and let’s see some ACTION!!!

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