Catalonia Declares Independence! And then Suspends it???

Regional Premier Carlos Puidemont declared the independence of Catalonia but then appears to have suspended the declaration as a move to gain dialogue with Madrid.  In a speech last night Puidemont unilaterally declared independence based on a ballot vote that was void of any democratic guarantees.  Although it is claimed that “most” Catalonians voted for independence that is NOT SO.  The majority who voted, voted for independence.  Problem is MOST people in Catalonia DID NOT VOTE!  The MAJORITY of people stayed away from the polling places.  And most of those who stayed away from the polls did so because Spanish police closed them down and fired tear gas into protesters.

Somehwat confused by the vote and the independence declaration and then its apparent suspension, Madrid has asked for clarifification from Puidemont.  Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked the premier to clarify whether independence was indeed declared and why it was then suspended by Puidemont.   Continue reading


Catalonia: Spanish King Takes Hard Line

King Felipe VI of Spain delivered a televised speech last night and took a hard-line on the separation of Catalonia from Spain which is scheduled for this coming Monday. The king apparently opened the doors for even stiffer action by Spanish authorities to keep Catalonia’s independence from happening.

King Felipe VI of Spain

The king’s speech was met with criticism by many with Catalonians surprised that the king did not offer a conciliatory tone nor did he suggest negotiations between Spain and the semi-autonomous region. Part of the criticism centered around the king’s future and the future of the monarch in Spain with some commenting that the king has now put all of his cards on one bet. And that bet is that Catalonia will not be allowed to declare its independence from Spain. Continue reading

The Modern Islamic Conquest of Spain

Two ways to conquer a country or region.  (1) Open War, (2) Massive immigration.  The Muslims finally figured out not only how to reconquer Spain but the whole of Europe via massive immigration.  I’m surprised the Spanish and European generals haven’t yet figured out what is happening.  Or do they have any REAL soldiers left?  Doubtful!  Get ready Spain!  This IS the 2nd Islamic Conquest and very soon the 2nd Emirate will be declared.  Franco is turning in his grave!  What in the hell is wrong with the Spaniards now????


Originally posted on Remember The 14 Words : ? 14,094 North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans invaded Spain in 2016, a figure nearly 4,000 larger than the Moorish army which invaded that country in 711 A.D., it has emerged. The 711 invasion led to an 800-year Muslim occupation of Iberia. Continued -?

via Spain: The Return of the Moorish Invasion — Brittius

In Search of Hans Kammler…..

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler

Nazi SS General Hans Kammler was in charge of Hitler’s advanced weapons from 1944 onward including the Me-262 jets, V-2 rockets, and more exotic weaponry. After WW2 he “disappeared” as in off the face of the planet! No one is quite sure just what happened to him but neither he nor his remains have ever been found anywhere on the planet. Theories about what happened to him range from suicide to escaping to Argentina, hiding out at a secret Nazi base in Antarctica, to using the Nazi Bell to get to another planet.  Some theories suggest that he may have been part of the US Operation Paperclick which brought Nazi scientists to the US after the war such as Werner von Braun.  I’ll address these theories later but for now let’s take a look at just who Kammler was.

Kammler was a long-time Nazi.  He rose through the ranks and ended up in the Office of

SS Gen Hans Kammler

SS Gen Hans Kammler

Economics and Administration (WVHA) of the SS.  In that position he was placed in charge of designing and constructing concentration camps and, indeed, that’s how he first came to the attention of Hitler and Goering.  Kammler had hand drawn plans for an extermination camp and those plans were shown to Hitler and Goering who ordered him to build it.  And he did.  Kammler was a university educated engineer and he joined the SS in 1942.  He was placed in charge of designing extermination camps including gas chambers and crematoria.  He later became a deputy of Oswald Pohl in the WVHA which oversaw the administration of the death camps.  Following the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 Kammler was put in charge of overseeing the demolition of the ghetto in retaliation toward the Jewish people there for their uprising.

Kammler was also put in charge of constructing facilities for various Nazi secret weapons projects which included manufacturing plants and test stands for the Messerschmitt Me 262 and V-2.  After the allies bombed Peenemunde, Kammler was given the task of moving this weapons production plant underground.  The facility then became known as the Mittewerk plant which also contained a concentration camp complex for housing slave labor used for production and construction.  Kammler also designed and constructed the facilities at Jonastal and Riesengebirge used for nuclear weapons research and the facility at Ebenee used to develop a reported V-2 being modified into an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) which would have been able to reach the United States.

In 1945 Hitler put Kammler in charge of all missile projects and a month later he was placed in charge of all Nazi aerospace programs as well.  Kammler was one of the main players who made the Holocaust possible and he was also one of the main players who made Nazi Super-weapons possible.  Kammler was also the man who designed and oversaw the construction of the massive gas chambers at the Nazi death camp known as Auschwitz.

One might say Kammler was the SS version of Albert Speer!  Kammler was known to be a somewhat ruthless and



highly ambitious man eager to get to the center of Nazi power.  He was along with Himmler (chief of the SS) when Himmler visited Auschwitz in 1942.  He was the man who explained to the SS Chief how the death camp would be expanded and how gas chambers at neighboring camps would also be expanded.  It was perhaps during that visit that Kammler learned rather quickly that Himmler was not a man who liked to be bothered by difficulties but one who wanted “positive and optimistic” reports.  In April of 1945 Hitler considered making Kammler head of the Luftwaffe (Nazi air force) but there was one problem.  By 24 April 1945 SS General Hans Kammler had already disappeared and was nowhere to be found!!

Kammler had a reputation among the scientists working under him for being somewhat ruthless, to say the least.  Nazi rocket scientists like Werner von Braun were thrilled when Kammler disappeared but they worried that Kammler might be up to something sinister.  They even thought at one point Kammler was going to have them all executed  so they wouldn’t be captured by Allied Forces!  Let’s face it….the Nazi scientists feared Kammler and they knew well how evil he could be! Continue reading

Felipe VI Crowned King of Spain

Madrid—Felipe Vi was crowned the new King of Spain yesterday in the Spanish Parliament.  The ceremony was low keyed with Felipe wearing a simple military uniform and his wife, Queen Letizia wearing a simple white dress and coat.  The Spanish Crown sat atop a pedestal along with the scepter.  The king did not wear the crown as no Spanish monarch has worn it since the days of the Catholic monarchs.  Instead there was a solemn proclamation and an oath taken by the new king.  Once the oath was taken Speaker of the Congress Jesus Posadas proclaimed Felipe VI as the new King of Espana.

Felipe VI

King Felipe VI said in his coronation speech that his reign will be a “renewed monarchy for new times.”  He spoke about unity but also about plurality in recognition of separatist sentiments in the regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country.  The king also underscored the importance of the Constitution and said his will be “the reign of a constitutional king is now getting underway.”  He expressed his desire to be a symbol of national unity adding, “The parliamentary monarchy can and must continue to provide a fundamental service.”  The new king also told his audience, “The Crown must constantly earn citizens’ appreciation, respect, and trust.”  Felipe also acknowledged Spain’s economic crisis and a growing widespread public dissatisfaction with politicians.  “Today, more than ever, citizens are rightly demanding that public officials lead by example, ” he said.  He called for a renewed spirit of governance based on the best interest of Spaniards and added, “today I would like for us to look forward to the future.”  King Felipe VI ended his speech with the words of Don Quixote saying, “A man is not worth more than another man if he does not do more than him.”  He expressed that he wishes Spaniards to be pleased with his day to day work.

King Felipe VI of Spain

King Felipe VI of Spain

The ceremony was simple which is just the way Felipe and his wife wanted it and live.  The couple are well known for their simple middle class style and tastes and they both tend to shun all of the pomp and glamour typically associated with monarchs.  Outside of a very large motorcade to the Parliament complete with limos, police, and horse mounted guards all else was simple.  Following the ceremony the Royal Family greeted crowds from the balcony of the royal palace in Madrid.

Today on his first day on the job as Spain’s new king, Felipe VI held his first official meeting with Spain’s embattled Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for about an hour.  Following that the King met with the cabinet in the La Zarzuela Palace.  His first official trip abroad will be with Pope Francis at the Vatican.  The new king and queen will then travel to Morocco, France, and Portugal.  Felipe is also scheduled to speak at the UN this September to defend Spain’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council next year.  While he was Crown Prince he visited every Latin American country except Cuba and the new king is expected to form close ties between Spain and Latin America including Mexico.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain



Monarchs tend to become stale after a few decades for Felipe is a welcomed breathe of fresh air.  He and his wife’s simple middle class lifestyle is appealing to many Spaniards because they believe the royal couple are more in touch with the common people.  Felipe is going to be a working king I suspect and I think he will strive his best to stay in touch with the common people.  That will be a good thing for Spain.  We will keep our eyes on him and Queen Letizia.

Viva la Rey!


Outgoing Monarchs King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia kiss on the Royal Balcony.

Outgoing Monarchs King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia kiss on the Royal Balcony.












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Update on Spanish Royals

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Ole mi Amigos!!  Outgoing Spanish King Juan Carlos recently attended a bullfight and received a roaring standing ovation from spectators on his final official visit to the Las Ventas ring as monarch.  For more on this go to:

Regarding the coronation of Crown Prince Felipe of Spain it will take place on June 19 according to palace officials.  The ceremony will take place inside the Congress palace in Madrid.

The Crown Prince’s coronation will NOT be the usual royal fanfare, however, as it will take place without the presence of foreign royals.  The royal palace blames this on the “lack of time.”  Further, no foreign head of state will attend either according to the palace.  Instead the ceremony will take place in front of a joint session of Spain’s Congress and El Senado (Senate) on June 19.  A royal household spokesman said there is simply no room for seating of foreign dignitaries.  Additionally, there will be no Catholic Mass after the ceremony as there was when King Juan Carlos was installed in 1975.  There will be military honors says the palace outside the Congress building.

Finally, once Felipe is crowned king little Princess Leonor will become the heir apparent. She’s presently 8 years old and once her father is enthroned she will begin preparations to one day become Spain’s Queen.


Pesonally, I think that some of the lack of grand and pomp is due to the bad economic conditions in Spain and Felipe’s middle class lifestyle.  Felipe and his wife seem not to desire all the pomp and pageantry of royalty.  I think that is a good thing and will give Spain a new breath of fresh air, badly needed.


Spanish King Juan Carlos to Abdicate!

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Spanish King Juan Carlos has announced that he will leave the throne in favor of his son Crown Prince Felipe.  Juan Carlos became king in 1975 upon the death of dictator Franco and he oversaw Spain’s transition from a dictatorship to a renewed monarchy.  The king was very popular among Spaniards when he was young but in recent years young Spaniards have begun to associate him with Spain’s ongoing economic collapse.  The king took an elephant hunting trip in the midst of Spain’s economic crisis and broke his hip.  He was severely criticized by Spaniards for his gross display of wealth and privilege.

Crown Prince Felipe will succeed Juan Carlos as soon as Spain’s parliament passes revisions to the nation’s constitution which presently does not allow for abdication of sitting monarchs.  Felipe is popular among Spaniards and it is believed he will give Spain a new face and new start.  Some Spaniards believe he will be a breath of fresh air and much-needed.  Others are questioning why Spain even needs the monarchy any longer and they are advocating the end of the monarchy upon Juan Carlos’ abdication.

In recent years Juan Carlos’ has suffered from failing health and the royal palace said his abdication is for “personal reasons.”  The king used to be very active in Spanish affairs but as he grew older he became less and less involved and assumed more of a figurehead role.  Some Spaniards liked that move.  Others did not and they criticized the king for growing weak and univolved in Spanish affairs.  His daughter and her husband are involved in a financial scandal claiming they took huge sums of public money from government contracts.  Somehow Prince Felipe has managed to stay out of the controversy.  Juan Carlos is 79 years old.

Like it or not the Spanish monarchy seems here to stay.  In fact a recent poll showed that an astounding 80% of Spaniards favor the monarchy continuing.  At least King Juan Carlos is intelligent enough to realize his time on the throne is over and is willing to allow his son to replace him giving Spain a breath of fresh air and a younger generation.  Although in recent years the king has made some poor decisions, IMO, we must remember how very popular he was when he came to the throne in 1975, put down a coup, and directed Spain out of the midst of Franco’s fascist dictatorship and into the realm of democracy.  That alone was a major achievement for this king and for Spain.  For that he is to be applauded and it should be his legacy for a long time to come.

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