Clinton, Gaddafi, and the Ensuing Destruction of Libya EXPOSED!

Libya…..that once fairly calm and productive state shaped by the somewhat eccentric Moumar Gaddafi now lies in a state of perpetual chaos and, ironically, many Libyans are wishing they had Gaddafi back. Only problem is he’s DEAD NOW! And once they killed Gaddafi, Libya was taken over by rival gangs and ISIS and the chaos, murder, and mayhem began. But what happened to cause this behind the curtain?

Nixon_ClintonThere is a VERY interesting and telling report on right now that tells you all about just what went on behind the scenes before Gaddafi’s demise and at the center of it all appears to have been none other than HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON who was then US Secretary of State! Read this article carefully as you have a right to know just who you might elect as POTUS come this November…..

The report says that Col. Gaddafi had agreed to hold free elections after a peace deal was worked out with the US, BUT HILLARY CLINTON rejected the deal and this led to Gaddafi’s demise and murder and the rise of ISIS and its eventual takeover of Libya. All of which has resulted in Libya’s civil war, an international migrant crisis of astounding proportions, and thousands of deaths in Libya mostly of INNOCENT people!

Infowars says Hillary nixed the deal because she had a personal vendetta with Gaddafi. And this info comes via a whistleblower who PERSONALLY oversaw the deal negotiations with Gaddafi and the US State Dept under Clinton’s leadership!

Dr Kilari Anand Paul is a Christian Preacher highly respected by several past and present Mid Eastern leaders and he was personally invited by Gaddafi to Libya for peace talks. Dr Paul arrived in Libya in 2011 with his peace keeping team and when General Wesley Clark heard of Paul’s arrival in Libya he contacted Dr Paul and encouraged him to try and negotiate a settlement between the US State Dept and Gaddafi as well.

Within 10 days Dr Paul had reached a deal with Gaddafi and the US State Dept. Or so he thought! Under the deal Gaddafi had agreed to cease hostilities and hold democratic elections that would result in the end of his 42 years of rule. Had this deal gone through as agreed to it would have prevented he killing of thousands of innocent people in Libya and it would have also prevented Libya from becoming a failed state dwelling in the perpetual chaos, anarchy, and civil war it is today under ISIS. It would have also likely avoided much of the current migrant crisis in Europe and it would have likely prevented ISIS from becoming as strong as they are today. And, not only that, but the Benghazi Affair that resulted in the rape and murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens would have never happened!

Gen Wesley Clark was reportedly so pleased with Dr Paul’s deal with Libya that he arranged a teleconference with then Sec of State Hillary Clinton. However, there was a problem! Clinton did not want peace! She wanted Gaddafi DEAD!! The reason? Infowars says she wanted Gaddafi dead “for her own selfish, spiteful reasons — the fact that Gaddafi had favored Barack Obama over her campaign during the 2008 presidential election cycle.”

Reportedly, the 2008 Clinton election team had approached Gaddafi’s son Saif asking the Gaddafi family to invest in Hillary’s campaign and THE CLINTON FOUNDATION but the family REFUSED! And apparently Hillary held a grudge against Gaddafi thereafter.

Whe Gaddafi was murdered in Libya his death was celebrated by HILLARY CLINTON in the now famous TV interview in which she said rather joyfully of Gaddafi’s murder….”We came, we saw, he died!” And if I recall correcting she then laughed about the murder.

Dr Paul now says that video interview is proof enough for him that Hillary Clinton is “evidence of a pathology or mental illness.” Continue reading


El-Sisi Sworn in as Egypt’s President!

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Former Egyptian Defense Minister Abdael Fattah el-Sisi was sworn in as the country’s president today after having received 97% of the vote in May elections.  During a speech Sisi said, “We will solve the problems of the past and build an Egypt of the future.”

Many Egyptians expect Sisi to be a strong president and that is exactly what they want from him.  Many are tired of the recent upheavals over the past four years in Egypt’s government.  Many more are exhausted and disgusted as an astounding 40% of Egyptians live in poverty.  Egyptian voters want stability and they believe Sisi can provide that.

Sisi assured voters that his election was a “democratic, peaceful handover of power” and that it represents a “historic moment and turning point” for Egypt.  Sisi is now a retired Field Marshal.  He ousted President Mohammad Morsi last July and has led the charge to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood which Egypt has declared to be a terrorist organization.  Sisi is 59 years old and will serve a four year term.

Sisi went on to say that it is time for the Egyptian people to “obtain the fruits of their two revolutions….the time has come to build a more stable future.”  Sisi served as Defense Minister prior to being elected president.  He has a long military career specializing in military intelligence.  Ousted President Morsi named him as Defense Minister during his tenure in office.

Sisi said he wants his people to begin to enjoy a “strong, just, and secure” country and enjoy prosperity.  Turnout in the May election is reported to be 50% of voters in Egypt.   Continue reading

Egypt Hands Death Sentence to Muslim Bro Members!

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Egyptian courts have sentenced at least 528 members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to death. Charges stem from their part in the violent riots that took place in the south of the country in the city of Minya this past August. In those riots one police officer was killed. This is the largest death sentence handed down in Egyptian history according to sources there. Not all defendants are in custody and they can appeal their sentence sources say.





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FLASH: Obama Charged with Criminal Terrorism in International Court !!

Several prominent media sources in Egypt are now reporting that Egyptian lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against the president’s half-brother Malik Obama.







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Egypt’s Return to the Soviet Fold

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Anyone remember the Arab Spring?  Ah yes, the day that Egyptians gathered in Cairo and ousted their President Hosni Mubarak and then replaced him with President Morsi who was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate during Egyptian elections.  Yes that would be the same Muslim Brotherhood that was declared a terrorist organization and outlawed once upon a time during the era when Anwar El-Sadat was Egypt’s President.  The MB murdered Sadat in the end and after the Arab Spring in Egypt suddenly the MB was a ligit political party as their man Morsi skyrocketed to the top.  But, Egyptians soon found out that the MB was not all it was cracked up to be and so Morsi was thrown out of power and the MB was once again outlawed in Egypt.  And today in Egypt the de facto leader holding the real power is the Defense Minister General El-Sisi and he’s decided to make an alliance with none other than Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  Surprised?  You should be and here’s why.

When Morsi and the MB came to power in Egypt the move was praised by the Obama Administration.  When they were thrown out of power and El-Sisi suddenly took control of everything the Obama Administration criticized Egypt and when the general started to crack down on the MB once again the Obama Administration criticized the crackdown.  Obama’s response to all this angered many Egyptians who called for the complete ouster of all US officials in Egypt while many other Egyptians were astounded that the Obama Administration threw its support behind the MB, not only a known terrorist organization but one of the original terror organizations.  Obviously, the Obama Administration was on the wrong side as far as Egyptians were concerned and once again the administration showed the world that when it comes to foreign policy the administration is inept to say the least.

Obama’s foreign policy has been one of failure, repeated mistakes, and like a ship on the waters without a rudder.  Let us remember that Hillary Clinton served as his Secretary of State and that John Kerry is the current SOS.  Yes that same Hillary Clinton who is contemplating a run for the WH come 2016.  Under her watch US foreign policy has been a complete disaster and US dealings with Egypt are just one of many shining examples of that failure and misguided intentions. Continue reading