ISIS Leader Tells Members to “Flee and Hide”! But I thought they were macho men?

BaghdadiSeems ISIS is finally showing its true colors for the COWARDS they are and have ALWAYS been. Their so called leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has instructed his “warriors” (read evolutionary throwback cold blooded psychotic killers and perverts) to blow themselves up or “flee and hide.” LMAO so much for the noble brave radical Muslim warrior!!

His message comes as Iraqi and coalition forces are preparing to take over the western half of the city of Mosul. Iraq already has taken the eastern part of the city. ISIS is on the verge of defeat and Baghdadi knows it. Hopefully, he will be one of those who blows himself up and the world will finally be rid of this madman!

I do wonder what has happened to all of ISIS’ bravado. I mean they tried to portray themselves as righteous brave man man holy warriors and now they are being told by their leader to run ways and hid and/or blow themselves up. But I thought God was on their side and they were invincible? Well I guess NOT after all. Frankly, I hope the world hunts these people down like the DOGS they are! It’s time for the civilized world to rid ourselves of SCUM like ISIS!!


VP of Venezuela Implicated in Drug and Terror Activity by USA!

President Trump today slapped sanctions against the Vice President of Venezuela Tareck el Aissami (hmmm….doesn’t sound like a Hispanic name to me) accusing him of playing a MAJOR role in illegal drug trafficking. US law enforcement officers have targeted the VP for years now over his alleged close ties to the nation’s biggest drug trafficker and a Middle Eastern militant (TERRORIST) group. Trump directed the US Treasury to freeze any and all assets within US reach of the VP.

Trump also slapped sanctions on Samark Lopez who is a wealth businessman in Venezuela and who is believed to be the VP’s front man. The VP has denied any criminal wrong doing in the past.

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Vice Pres. Tareck el Aissami of Venezuela

Today’s sanctions prove two things. First, that the drug trafficking business reaches into the highest levels of several Latino governments. Allegations have been made in the past that even President Pena-Nieto is in on the action of one of Mexico’s drug cartels.

Secondly, the VP’s alleged close ties with a militant group int he Middle East is just more evidence that Venezuela is the delivery point for militants to get into the US illegally posing as Mexicans. It has been alleged in the past that militants from Middle Eastern countries are allowed into Venezuela where they are taught Hispanic tradition and Hispanic language so they can pretend to be Mexican nationals if they are caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

As for VP Tareck el Aissami and his name this is not a Hispanic name at all but it certainly is a Middle Eastern name. His full name is Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah. He is 42 years old and is said to have been born in El Vigia in the Venezuelan state of Merida. His father is named Zaidan el Amin el Aissami aka Carlos Zaidan who immigrated from Syria and who also supposedly was a military associate of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Zaidan even led a local Ba’athist Party in Venezuela! Ring a bell? That was the party of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein! The VP’s mother is an immigrant of Lebanese origins.

It has been allege that the VP has close ties to Hezbollah a Mid Eastern TERRORIST organization. It’s also been alleged that he provides passports for “terrorist organizations.”

Now I just said all this proves two things but let me add a THIRD thing it proves. That is that the TERRORISTS are at America’s backdoor closer than we think. They have and are in process of infiltrating Latino governments! They are using the money of the drug cartels for funding obviously. We’d better get serious about immigration and do somethings to protect ourselves as it may already be too late! Enough of the koom-bya already!! We are in DANGER more than we think!!!


PROOF Obama and Clinton DID Create ISIS just as Trump Claims!!!

There is no better proof of anything when you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and that was the case back in July 2015 when President Barack Hussein Obama speaking at a press conference said, quote:

“As I’ve said before, this aspect of our strategy was moving too slowly. But the fall of Ramadi has galvanized the Iraqi government. So with the additional steps I ordered last month, WE’RE SPEEDING UP TRAINING OF ISIL (ISIS) FORCES, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.”
(statement made by President Barak Obama, July 2015 press conference)

And here is the video PROOF:

Trump has taken a lot of heat for alleging that Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founded ISIS/ISIL but it appears TRUMP IS 100% RIGHT! And we know now just who has been financing ISIS/ISIL with new trucks and state of the art weapons. It’s the good ol USA under the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and his Sec of State Hillary Clinton! And this is not an impeachable offense???? And just not impeachment but imprisonment for sedition and treason with BOTH guilty as sin!!

George Bush may have started the war with terrorists but Barack Obama has collaborated with the enemy! That is beyond astounding! And don’t believe for a moment the MSM doesn’t remember this press conference and Obama’s statements as THEY DO! They were hoping this vid would never see the light of day again but thanks to IT HAS for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE and PROVE TRUMP 100% RIGHT!!


Obama Admits 10,000 Syrian Muslim Refugees Into USA!

banana republicIt is now almost certain that the Obama Administration will hit its goal of admitting 10K refugees from war torn Syria by the end of next month into the USA. Last month alone the US State Dept says the administration admitted 2340 Syrian refugees! That’s more than the previous 7 months combined. Total admissions of Syrian refugees for the current fiscal year amounts to 7900.

The administration believes by reaching its goal it will give Barry O the needed influence when he speaks at the United Nations later this month to urge other nations to accept Syrian refugees and increase funding for relief organizations.

As for concerns that these refugees may have ties to radical Islamic terrorists the Obamy administration assures us there is nothing to worry about! US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US has “sufficient methods” in place to screen the refugees. According to the administration the screening process takes 12-18 months and includes in-person interviews, biographical reviews, and biometric information. Obama claims that this program focuses on only bringing in those Syrians who are in most desperate need of medical care and families with children or orphans. Kerry said, “We are very comfortable that we are bringing people in who will be a great plus for our country.” He notes that “not one event in the US, of terror” has been carried out by a refugee allowed to come to the USA. However, he ignored the fact that in 2011 two Iraqi refugees were arrested for plotting to fund and send weapons to al-Qaeda! Kerry said it is very important Americans don’t close their hearts to these “victims” of terrorism in their own country.  He also noted most of these refugees belong to the Sunni sect of Islam which is the dominate sect in SAUDI ARABIA!  You know, the ones who hate gays and kill gays and women?

Hmmm…..has he been talking to the German Chancellor lately because I think he’s stolen her story-line!

Now go away comrades! Nothing to see here!! Move along…..move along….

Oh one more thing……..Obama has repeatedly and consistently spoken of NATIONAL SECURITY and one now must wonder just WHERE IN THE HELL IT IS! How are they identifying RADICAL Muslims or ones with RADICAL tendencies? Or are they??? Sorry but I think America has ALREADY let the TROJAN HORSE through the gates!!!

US Backed Rebels Behead 11 Year Old Boy!!

Is the beheading of children a part of the US backed war in Syria for freedom and democracy? This became the question today as video emerged of US backed “rebels” (read “terrorists) in Syria graphically showing the beheading an 11 year old boy. The Neanderthal throwbacks who carried out this EVIL act claimed that the boy was a fighter for an enemy faction.

When the US government became aware of the video today US State Dept spokesman Mark Toner said in a press briefing that if this video was true it would give cause for a “pause” in US affiliation or cooperation with this “rebel” group fighting Syrian President Assad’s regime.

Frankly, this is nothing short of DISGUSTING, VULGAR, AND EVIL!! And these are the THROWBACK DEGENERATES the US is backing militarily and financially in Syria? One more example of Obama’s “foreign policy” which has been nothing short of laughable since day one!

See the story at:

Beheading of 12-Year-Old Boy by US-Backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Sparks Outrage

TURKEY Again! Now they are training ISIS terrorists!!

I’m getting a little tired of writing about TURKEY! However, it seems that the NATO member Turkey has a whole lot of irons in the fire. In other words, they’ve got their grubby little paws in just about everything when it comes to the terror group ISIS aka Islamic State! Must I begin keeping a running list?

Let’s see….drug running, smuggling ISIS oil providing mega-funding for the terror group, and now comes even more. Let me start with this. According to the article linked below ISIS now has offices inside Turkey which sell SLAVES! Yes you heard me right I said SLAVES!! See how archaic these rejects are (ISIS)? They actually engage in selling slaves. But that’s just the least of it.

Seems that Turkey is harboring the enemy ISIS BIG TIME! In fact, ISIS fighters are trained inside Turkey according to the report! Turkey is OBVIOUSLY in bed hot and heavy with ISIS the terrorist org and the billion dollar question is why haven’t they (Turkey) been booted out of NATO? Oh wait, I know……MONEY!!

You see you must begin to understand the New World Order. It is an order in which global corporations and nations can do anything they want and get away with it as long as there is MONEY to be made. And I’d say the selling of slaves like the selling of ISIS oil is BIG MONEY. And the training of ISIS fighters? Why ISIS is just the latest boogey man designed to keep the people of the world in a perpetual state of fear so that they may be more easily controlled by the Corporatists and their NWO.


The Muslim Conquest of Europe is Underway!

There are two ways to make war. The most common way is to send in your army and invade the territory of your enemy with force. The other more stealthy way is to send in massive numbers of immigrants into your enemies territory. It seems that the Islamic invasion of Europe is taking place via the later way.

I’ve heard some European leaders say before that the massive number of immigrants from Syria and Iraq are NOT mostly women and children as the MSM claims. It now seems that the President of the Czech Republic has decided to expose the truth about these immigrants giving high profile status to the revelation that these immigrants are NOT mostly women and children.


Czech Republic President Milos Zeman says that the wave of refugees from the Mid East coming into Europe is “organized and MOSTLY consists of YOUNG MEN” who in his opinion should go back to where they came from, take up arms, and fight against ISIS.

Zeman goes on to say that most of these young men are in excellent health and SINGLE. The President also compares the situation to that of Czechoslovakia after Nazi Germany annexed it in 1939. Zemam says, “I am profoundly convinced we are facing an ORGANIZED INVASION and NOT a spontaneous movement of refugees.” If Zeman is right then Europe now faces the greatest danger it has faced in a long time because that would mean these so called “refugees” are not refugees at all but an INVADING MUSLIM ARMY!

Almost 70% of the Czech people oppose the refugees arrival in their country. The Czech Republic is an EU member and it has rejected mandatory quotas which would place these refugees among all EU member nations. Recently, Zeman accused Turkey of being an ISIS ally and suggested Turkey should not be a member of the EU. Zeman also believes that his nation should not have to accept refugees whose culture is distant from Czech culture.

The question now is, has Europe acted dangerously foolish by taking these refugees in? Syria has said that most of these young men are deserters from the Syrian Army who refused to fight ISIS or who were scared to fight. Should we believe Syria? They don’t have a good track record for telling the truth unfortunately.

There may indeed be some stealthy plan by ISIS or others to conquer Europe by flooding it with “refugees.” Refugees who will rise up and fight when ordered to do so by whoever controls the plan. That would be a devastating scenario for Europe. That COULD be the plan OR Syria may be right in that these young men are army deserters. What are we to believe?

One thing is for sure and that is that the MSM is LYING when it claims most of these refugees are “women and children.” The FACT is MOST of them are YOUNG MEN in perfect health as any good soldier should be!! I think Europe has made a very BIG mistake and apparently the Czech President is of the same opinion. Political Correctness always leads to foolishness and in this case I fear Europe has been very, very foolish. These young men need to be sent back to the Middle East NOW and they should go home and fight to protect their homeland from ISIS instead of running away!

And as for Turkey?  I think NATO has a Trojan Horse inside its gates as Turkey has been caught red handed consorting with ISIS the enemy!  Seems to me that Turkey is a PROBLEM!  And, in fact, it DOES appear that Turkey IS an ally of the Islamic State, ISIS!!!!