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The mistaken belief that male and female brains are the same is a nice Utopian idea but the scientific facts and findings DO NOT support the notion. In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies done that prove how the prenatal testosterone affects the developing male brain in the womb. A recent study published their results in the scientific journal “Nature” and that study found testosterone in the womb alters the “programming” of neural stem cells responsible for growth of the brain and gender differences.

Gender feminists allege that a child is born as a “blank slat” at birth and that it’s perceptions are formed by society and parents as the child grows up. In psychology this is known as the “Blank Slate Theory” or “Tabula Rasa” developed by John Locke a philosopher who postulate that the human brain is empty at birth. It can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Supporters of this theory typically use results of a 2015 study which claimed that it is impossible to tell males and females apart in terms of the brain. However, when this study was reanalyzed they discovered male and female brains COULD be identified with a 77% accuracy rate in terms of differences! In yet another study last years researchers used a large sample population along with higher neuro-imaging and participants were able to identify the sex of the brain with 93% accuracy.

Other studies have repeatedly shown that there are differences between males and females in a wide range of cognitive domains including mental rotation, verbal fluency, etc.

Many advocates of transgender rights ignore these studies and claim there is no difference between males and females in terms of the brain but that claim has repeatedly NOT been supported by numerous scientific studies that has shown beyond doubt that differences do exist. No matter how much one wishes to believe there are no differences and that one is born with the mind being a “blank slate” the science does not support the notion and, in fact, proves that just the opposite is true.

In relation to this issue I wish to also address the issue of youth undergoing transgender therapy. How young are we talking here? Does anyone know? I asked this because a few days ago someone told me that children as young as 5 can undergo transgender therapy if the parents are agreeable. If this is so then I must ask the question….Does a 5 year old have the mental capacity to make the decision to alter their gender? Does a 10 year old? Does a 14 year old? I’m sorry but children DO NOT have the same mental capacity and ability to understand as adults! And what happens when that 5 year old enters their teens and resents being altered? What then? Whose fault is it?

Supporters of this like to say that we are each “assigned” a gender when we are born by a doctor upon delivery but it doesn’t mean that’s what we are. Say what? I’m pretty sure if you are born with a penis you are born a male and if with a vagina then a female! This hearkens back to the idea that some people of one sex are born in the wrong sex body. Frankly, I’m not so sure about that.

I can certainly see why some people on this planet view the West including America as nations of “infidels” because in their minds we are opening and proudly fighting against the natural. Somehow in our own minds we think it is all ok but is it? Really? One thing I know is that every time humans try to defy nature no matter how long it takes NATURE typically comes out as the WINNER and humans as the LOSERS. I have a strong suspicion that this will also be the case here.

If a young person is a young adult and have the ability to make an informed decision to change their gender then go for it. But children, especially small children, I think is just plain wrong. Changing one’s gender is not something to be taken lightly and it must be taken seriously. It must be an informed adult decision in my opinion.

Of course I know some of you out there are thinking I just don’t understand the surrounding issues over all this such as bullying. Yes, bullying can be a very cruel thing for youths and children and I have no doubt about that. However, when I went to school our parents solution to a bully was to teach us to KICK HIS ASS! And that is exactly what many of us did and guess what? The bully wasn’t so big and bad after that! Maybe we need to go back to that because bullies seem not to have any respect for rules and laws but only respect it when someone stands up to them and kicks their ass!! Then MOST bullies leave you alone.

We live in a lost society in America and I have no doubt that someday, somehow we are all going to pay the price in some very big ways. On a society level we have made some very poor choices. Life is about choices and with those choices come consequences good or bad. Contrary to what we might think we ALWAYS pay the consequences sooner or later.

There are some things that must be adult choices and decisions.  Some things that most children do not have the mental capacity to decide.  We should look closely at this difference in adult/child capacity and perhaps make other choices.



Security Without Freedom is SLAVERY!

security_1Esteemed Polish Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman has some things to say about the global situation today and the growing fear among humanity. He says that upheaval across the globe is symptomatic of the diffusion of fear. Bauman says people across Europe are on edge as migration and economic uncertainties continue to grow. He notes that the political landscape is changing as there is a growing feeling that the old social structures and paradigms no longer work. So they are being replaced or challenged by the masses. And the SAME thing is happening in the USA! A serious divide is growing along race and economics says Bauman.

Bauman has written extensively about the modern age and what it is doing to the masses across the globe. He coined the phrase “liquid fear” which he has defined as a tangible feeling of generalized anxiety that we see everywhere on the planet today. He says that the problem with “liquid fear” is you don’t know where it will strike from unlike specific fear and danger which you know.

In an in-depth interview with Al Jazeera, Bauman said that humanity is “walking on a minefield.” He went on to say that there are “no solid structures around us on which we can rely, in which we can invest our hopes and expectations.” He notes that even the world’s most powerful governments can no longer deliver on their promises and this only adds to the fear and growing anxiety we all feel.

“ON EVERY LEVEL OF HUMAN LIFE, YOU HAVE THE SAME SITUATION. UNCERTAINTY,” Bauman says.  He told Al Jazeera that today humanity is living in a “state of continuous uncertainty, which makes us afraid.”  He points out that there are two crucial values that are vital to human life and those are Security and Freedom.  Both are absolutely necessary to human existence he says.

“SECURITY WITHOUT FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” Bauman pointed out, and “Freedom without Security is complete CHAOS where you are LOST, ABANDONED, and you don’t know what to do.”  Today people find themselves “uneasy, lost, incapable of acting with certainty, with assurance.”  He thinks what we see happening all over the world today is the “turning of the pendulum.”  He notes that he believes people want politicians who assert “Give me the power and I will take responsibility for your future.”  In other words, people all over the planet today are looking for a magical SAVIOR!!

“People are looking for MAGIC in leadership,” he says, but notes that is a waste of time!  He also referred to the growing refugee problem in Europe and millions of refugees are flooding into Europe to escape war-torn nations in the Middle East such as Syria.  He specifically notes that these REFUGEES are NOT people who are hungry without bread or water BUT that they are people who only yesterday were proud of their homes, their social positions, and often were very well-educated and well off financially.  But now they are refugees and they “embody all of our FEARS.”  They embody our own fears of losing everything and he says that makes our own anxiety and fears grow and he says in his estimation the “SHOCK is only BEGINNING.”

This generalized anxiety is not something new in my opinion because I think it’s been around for a long time.  We felt it back in the late 70s for sure and since that time I think it has festered and grown.  Humanity has been uneasy or anxious for a long time now!  That anxiety is nonspecific meaning we can’t quite put our finger on it when it comes to identifying the source of our anxiety.  ANXIETY IS UNSPECIFIC FEAR!  That perhaps is the worst kind of fear there is. Continue reading

Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead by Police!

Police StateTucson, Arizona police shot and killed a mentally ill man they were conducting a welfare check on. The man was a mute but could hear and understand speech. Police were called to the residence by a family member who was worried about the welfare of 30 year old Abraham Smith. Police say a relative gave them a key to the residence and when they entered Smith came out of a back room with a knife refusing to follow their commands to stop and put the weapon down. Police and Smith ended up outside the residence and one officer, 4 year veteran Ryder Schrage, was backed up against a fence by Smith still coming at him with the knife. That’s when the officer shot him. Paramedics responded but Smith was dead at the scene. Tucson Police are conducting an internal investigation into the shooting.

So here is yet another example of American police firing a kill shot! Why was Smith not tased? Why was he not shot in the leg or arm? Why didn’t the officer shot the knife out of his hand? Why the kill shot???

You don’t need to kill a suspect usually. You can tase them or wound them! But our police in this country seem to go for the kill shot first and one wonders why? What is the problem?

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