Benghazi Report: Here’s What They Are Hiding

FACTS point to Benghazi’s use as a transfer hub to ship guns to ISIS by the USA.

Read the full report by Clifford Cunningham on at: Affair

Just more government corruption!  Just like Fast & Furious and the Iran-Contra CIA Drug Running Operation described by Col. Oliver North.  How much more corruption can we stand?



Eric RIPS Hillary over her HYPOCRISY!

Listen up all of you women and human rights activists! You MIGHT think Hillary Clinton in the WH is a dream come true BUT listen to what the son of Donald Trump, Eric, said on Hannity…………..

Eric Trump

Eric Trump

Eric Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being guilty of the “ultimate hypocrisy” in relation to the liberal positions she takes yet her foundation is supported by some of the most OPPRESSIVE REGIMES on the planet. The younger Trump told Hannity:

“How do you claim the mantle as a champion of women’s rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, religious freedom, as Hillary does (and then) take money from countries that execute gays and lesbians? That tell women how to dress, that tell women they can’t go to work or school unless a man approves….and never offer any criticism?” “It’s the ultimate hypocrisy.”

The younger Trump went on to say, “The country is fed up with this corruption. It’s crazy. I mean here’s somebody that between 2007 and 2014 made $150 million, all while being Secretary of State. How do you do that as a government employee?”

“You’re supposed to be looking out for the interests of the United States of America,” Trump continued, “Instead you’re profiting off of it.” He further noted that the Clinton Foundation has an extremely high expense ratios for what’s supposed to be an entity involved in charity work!

Saudi Arabia is a major supporter of Hillary. You know, our good old friend that Dumya loved to hold hands with their King as they walked down the paths at Camp David? FACT is Saudi Arabia might well be the MOST OPPRESSIVE regime in the Muslim World when it comes to women, gays, and lesbians. Women are seen as little LESS than personal PROPERTY and they are treated accordingly! They execute gays and lesbians often on the mere allegation that they are gay! How in the Hell can Hillary and Slick Willy’s foundation take money from these people? And need I mention the Saudi’s involvement in 9/11? The TERRORISTS who flew the planes into the WTC were all SAUDI citizens!

The young Trump is absolutely correct! Hillary Clinton is a HYPOCRITE! She speaks all the right words but the actions of her and her foundation prove otherwise!! And just how in the hell did she make so much money as Sec of State? Oh ya know…speaking fees, foundation donations, etc, etc, etc. FACT is Hillary Clinton is one of the Globalist Corporatists who are ruining this nation. As POTUS I assure you she will do anything and everything to promote and implement the agenda of the New World Order, the Globalists.

And then there is the matter of this weeks revelations in a new book by a former Secret Service agent who was assigned to guard the Clinton’s. According to him the Clinton WH was a den of cocaine abuse and a few other little items! And Hillary apparently has a temper that quickly goes into uncontrolled RAGE, according to this author/agent. Seriously? Do we want the leader of the free world to go off in a snap for no to little reason?

What Hillary Clinton does is pay LIP SERVICE to the masses but her actions and those of her foundation say DIFFERENT. IF she really supported women, gay, and lesbian rights then she would NOT be taking money from such OPPRESSIVE AND BARBARIC states as Saudi Arabia period! And I’m not even going to get into the Benghazi Affair and the Congressional report released this week as it is CLEAR Hillary was INCOMPETENT as SOS and STILL is! Her LACK of action got the sitting US Ambassador in Libya DEAD! Then she spun a LIE about some little known YouTube video causing the riots in Libya prior to Ambassador Stevens being killed when IN FACT she KNEW it was a TERRORIST attack and NOT a civil demonstration at all.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Hillary is NOT the answer to ANYTHING except the dreams of the FASCIST Corporatists!


Eric Trump Takes Down Hillary Clinton – ‘Ultimate …’

Serf’s REVOLT: The demise of democracy

The recent Brexit vote that ended the UK’s ties with the European Union has sent shock waves around the world among the global elite Corporatist who now find themselves scrambling to save their own necks. Clearly the masses are ANGRY! Clearly the masses are in REVOLT! This will become even more obvious come November when Donald Trump ousts Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

According to an article in the Washington Post the Brexit vote is not just a British problem but a reflection of growing discontent among the masses (serfs) and an erosion of confidence in democracies around the world. Clearly the common folk are sick and tired of immigration (legal or illegal)! Clearly they have had enough of “globalization.” And their growing discontent also stems from decades of empty promises and a lot of WORTHLESS LIP SERVICE from politicians who talk big talk but DON’T deliver JACK SHIT! These politicians are incapable of leading and the growing collapse in confidence in them is creating a goveRevoltrning crisis. The Post says, “…for which there seems no easy or quick answer.” Say what?

Here’s a clue Washington Post……….

We The People want these lying, snake jackasses OUT of government! We do NOT want their Nazi Fascist Corporatism! We do NOT desire to be citizens of the world nor do we desire to live among masses of immigrants from other lands who REFUSE to assimilate into OUR culture! We The People have had enough of the LIES and half-truths of CORRUPT politicians whom we KNOW no longer represent us but, instead, only represent their corporation overlords and special interests. We The People DEMAND representation and we DEMAND POWER TO THE PEOPLE be given back! Most especially we are sick and tired of being RULED over by an elite that is COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with the masses and reality! The GLOBAL REVOLUTION has begun and you the Fascist Corporatists know it!

You can read the Post article at:

BTW Iceland just elected an relatively unknown leader similar to Trump. No one thought he had a chance to win but he WON! He’s not part of the Corporatist elites either. So the REVOLT of the COMMON PEOPLE is spreading like wildfire.

We DON’T have democracy anywhere!  What the world has is a FASCIST CORPORATIST SYSTEM POSING AS DEMOCRACY!  The solution is to put an end to the Fascist system and REPLACE it with DEMOCRACY!!

I think all this is GOOD! It’s about time people stand up to these corrupt elites and break the yoke of serfdom they have put around our necks! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!! Because that IS where POWER belongs!

We The People REJECT Globalism!!!

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Clinton Gets BAD Endorsement!

Former US Treasury Secretary under Dumbya Bush 2, Hank Paulson has endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS. You might remember Paulson as he was the one who HELPED create the meltdown of the US economy and presided over the “bailouts” of his close friends (read: Sacking of the US Treasury!). He’s also the loser who tole Congress that if they didn’t immediately approve the bailouts there would be “Marshal Law” in the streets of America tomorrow! And, thus, Congress approved the bailouts WITHOUT even reading the bill which is typical of them.

Why has Paulson endorsed Clinton? He says because she is most likely to CUT MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY which he sees as top priorities to save the economy! Paulson is one of the elite globalists and Corporatist and he’s all about promoting the agenda of the NWO (New World Order) which people all over the planet are THANKFULLY starting to RISE UP against. And Clinton? Well IF you think she’s for the common man and woman (ie: YOU) THINK AGAIN! She is a globalist and Corporatist just like her friend Hank Paulson!!!

Now isn’t this ironic? The Democratic Party has turned upside down. It is the party that USED to be for the common people but now is for the RICH just like the GOP. So what the hell is the difference between the two???? America no longer has a two party system. In fact, what we now have is a ONE PARTY SYSTEM! That is NOT democracy folks! That’s called DICTATORSHIP!!

That’s about all I can say right now about Paulson other than the man makes me VOMIT! He’s a TRAITOR in my book and HILLARY MUST BE TOO!!!

Read more about this DISGUSTING endorsement at: