Court Thinks American Flag is Racist Symbol?

Dreamer1Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, commemorates the Battle of Puebla in Mexico which took place on 5 May 1862.  In that battle Mexican forces defeated a French army of Napoleon III considered to be the most might army in the world at the time.  Ironically, the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is bigger in the US than it is in Mexico!  In the US the celebration is less about the Mexican military victory over the French and more about celebrating Mexican heritage with muy grande parades and celebrations.

Before you get all excited mi amigos I must tell you that a federal court has stepped into the fiesta and they had something to say about it all.  I know, you’re thinking WTH?  Anyhow you might recall this past Cinco de Mayo there was a controversy involving the celebration at Live Oaks High School in Morgan Hill, California which is a suburb of San Jose.  This school has had a history of problems.  What school doesn’t?  Some students at the school celebration of Cinco de Mayo wore T-shits with American flags on them and school officials ordered them to take them off and turn them inside out in order to avoid potential racial problems.  Students sued the school and now the 9th US Circuit Court has ruled that school officials acted appropriately in ordering the students to turn the American flag shirts inside out during Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the school.

The court says school officials were justified in their concerns about possible racial violence exploding over the shirts and they say racial violence concerns outweigh the students freedom of expression by wearing the flag shirts.  School officials feared seeing students wearing American flag shirts at the celebration would inflame the passions of Latino students during the Mexican holiday.  The 3 panel judges ruled that due to past incidents of racial violence school officials acted appropriately by order the shirts turned inside out and they also ruled that schools have wide latitude in curbing certain civil rights of the students due to campus safety. Continue reading


Iran Executes Noted Poet and Activist!!

ShaabaniIran is a land of tragedy in many respects due to the fact that it is ruled with an iron fist by religious extremists under the close watch of a Supreme Ayatollah.  The regime persecutes the people of Iran under the guise of “religion” and, sadly, most of the world ignores what goes on there including the US.  Tragedy raised its hideous head once again in Iran this week when Hashem Shaabani, age 32, was hanged in the public square.  His profession?  He was a noted Iranian poet and human rights activist.  His crimes?  Sowing corruption on earth, propaganda against the almighty Islamic Republic, and acting against national security (oh si mi amigos there’s that catch all phrase again).  But his primary crime according to the oppressive regime was “waging war against God.”

Shaabani once wrote, “I have tried to defend the legitimate rights that every people in this world should have…full civil rights.”  And there in is his real crime as the murderous and oppressive regime ruling Iran today will not stand for civil nor human rights!  All of the religious talk is just a smoke screen in an effort to attempt to justify murder of innocents.

The Ahvaz Islamic Revolutionary Court handed down the sentence in 2012 for Shaabani to be hanged by the neck.  He was arrestd in 2011 and allegedly “confessed” to the crime of “terrorism” on Iran State television known as Press TV.  Problem is his “confession” came after months of Shaabani being tortured and interrogated in an Iranian prison.  Ah yes mi amigos this is Islamic “justice”!  In a letter to a news agency written in 2013 Shaabani said that he never took part in any armed activity against the murderous regime ruling Iran.  He believed his pen was mightier than any AK47 and wrote, “I have tried to defend the legitimate rights that every people in this world should have which is the right to live freely with full civil rights.  With all these miseries and tragedies, I have never used a weapon to fight these atrocious crimes except the pen.”  Shaabani was hung by the neck along with a friend named Hadi Rashedi.

Shaabani was outspoken against the treatment of Arabs in Iran’s Khuzestan Province which borders Iraq.  It may surprise you that Iranians are NOT Arabs.  They are Persians.  The ethnic fight between Persians and Arabs has gone on for a long while and Shaabani along with Rashedi are only the latest victims of the fight.  Last week Iranian President Hassan Rohani approved the sentence handed down by the kangaroo court in Iran and the two were hung by the neck for all to see.

The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center estimates that over 500 people were executed by Iran in 2013 and that number is sure to dim this year as Iran’s new president, Rohani, has already ordered the execution of 300 people since he took office in August 2013.  Although the Obama Administration and European leaders have attempted to paint him as a “moderate” it appears he is not.  In fact, it appears that Rohani is a murderous extremists far worse than Iran’s former president who repeatedly expressed his desire to wipe Israel off the face of the planet.  Oh and he’s also the one who told the American and world press “we don’t have gays in Iran.”  Of course you don’t because you KILL THEM!  In fact, Iran is constantly executing gay people whether they are gay or not!  All it takes is the allegation and if you live in Iran you’re pretty much guaranteed a hanging whether you are gay or not gay.

Shaabani taught Arabic literature in Iranian schools and helped organize “peace festivals” which have been outlawed by the Islamic regime.  He was highly educated and intelligent and held a Masters Degree in Political Science.  He had one child and his poetry was mostly published online under the pen name of Abo Ala Al-Ofoghi.

Once again a youthful bright light has been snuffed out by darkness!  Once again a voice of true compassion for all people has been ruthlessly and murderously silenced!  The world will now never know the full beauty of his poetry nor the full might of his intellect.  A beacon in the midst of a growing dark and evil world is now gone thanks to religious LUNATICS with NO CLUE!

Correct me if I am wrong but from what I’ve seen thus far of Sharia (Islamic Law) it appears to me that the primary and most used sentence is death.  And this is what radical Muslims want to live under and impose on the whole world?  Isn’t that like wanting to impose the laws and punishments in the Book of Leviticus from the Bible?  I find those laws not simply alarming but murderous as well and I would not wish to live under any of them.  The same goes for Islamic Sharia!

Shaabani is one of the most recent victims in an ongoing war between light and darkness, good and evil in this world.  Some among us go looking for demons but we seldom need to look beyond some of the human race who do more evil than even the devil himself could fathom.  That’s a very sad statement about the state of present day humanity IMO.  There was a time when men like Shaabani were held up as heroes and ideals to be emulated.  There was a time when men like him were hailed as great men and leaders.  There was a time when people listened to men like him, a true and real man because he cared about other people.  But all that’s changed today unfortunately.  Now the “hero” and “ideal” is the thug gang banger with his twice too big pants hanging down to his knees showing his disgusting little ass!  Yeah that’s the image to emulate all right even though the idiots don’t seem to be aware of the FACT that in JAIL a guy who wears his pants like that is deemed one of the “women.”  And you know what Bubba does then don’t you mi amigos?  LOL I thought so.


ObamaCare: Exploiting the Poor…..AGAIN?

obamacareI read an article last week concerning ObamaCare and the ramifications in states that chose not to set up a health care exchange or expand Medicaid.  It appears that in those states the uninsured are SOS.  They won’t have health insurance and they apparently will be fined by the IRS for not having insurance so they find themselves in a no win situation as they cannot afford to buy health insurance on their own either.  Ironically, the majority of these people are Black Americans!

Even though he’s the first Black POTUS in American history I’ve long said that most Black Americans need to ask the question of Obama, “What have you done for me lately” because from what I can see the honest answer from him would have to be “not much.”  ObamaCare in these states that have no exchanges and who have refused to expand Medicaid is a farce!  This segment of the American population is the very people who need health insurance yet can’t get it and still can’t get it even with ObamaCare in place.  March 31 is the deadline before the IRS starts fining people who don’t have insurance.  So what are these people to do?

Once again the minority poor in this country find themselves in a no win situation with no way out.  Once again the poor in this country find themselves being exploited and this time by none other than the US Government via the IRS itself.  This is beyond outrageous!  The whole idea behind ObamaCare was to provide insurance to those who couldn’t afford it yet that noble goal has not materialized in these states.  Thus, the poor will continue to be uninsured.  And what is the government doing about it?  Apparently absolutely nothing!

I keep recalling a speech made on the US Senate floor by Senator Bernie Sanders a few years ago that was quite an eye opener (you can find a video of him on YouTube).  In that speech Sanders said there was a war going on inside this country and it is a war being waged by the rich on the poor.  He gave several statistics during his speech pointing out how only a handful of people and corporations own most of the wealth while the majority of Americans don’t.  He also pointed out this war is directed on the Middle Class in an effort to wipe them out so that this nation ends up only having two classes, very rich and very poor.  His speech was an eye opener and a slap on the head with reality, sadly.

When I read the article about what is happening to poor mainly Black Americans in states that have no exchanges and who have chosen not to expand Medicaid I was reminded of Senator Sander’s speech and the reality of it.  I’m sure these people will be unable to pay the fine levied against them by the IRS as well as poor people have NO MONEY.  And what comes next?  Those who don’t pay are put in jail so this nation can make more criminals out of people that are not criminals?  Just how far does this rotten crap and exploitation of the poor go?

My positions on health care reform was that Medicare and Medicaid should be expanded to everyone in the country and thus we’d have a single payer system.  Of course that would have put the private health insurance companies out of business and my feeling is TOO BAD.  They exploit the sick IMO and need to be put out of business!  And EXPLOITATION is clearly what we have in the matter at hand.  Specifically exploitation of the POOR, yes again!

I find it astounding that the Obama Administration and the state government have put the poor into this position to begin with.  Double jeopardy doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I’ve always been a firm believer in the old adage “actions speak louder than words” and in this case the actions of government across the board speaks loudly and clearly to the poor.  That is, “We say we really care BUT WE DON’T.”  And they don’t.  The reason they don’t is because ObamaCare is a FARCE that has NOTHING to do with ensuring the poor are ensured and everything to do with Fascist Corporate PROFIT.  ObamaCare is a Fascist Corporatist PLOY nothing more!

I had health insurance at one time through an unnamed major insurance company.  When ObamaCare was enacted they sent me a letter telling me that my monthly premium would triple and in that letter which I still have it stated flatly that it was because of ObamaCare.  I was outraged and today that plan has tripled more than once!  And it’s a cheap health plan with limited benefits!  All across this country people have seen their premiums triple outrageously.  Obama promised that if we liked our health plans we’d be able to keep them but that turned out to be an outright LIE told by this president.  Monthly premiums are insane!  I think we all know now that there is nothing AFFORDABLE about the Affordable Healthcare Act also known as ObamaCare.  What it is is just one more gold mine for the rich to get rich and to make the middle class and poor even poorer.  It’s not about healthcare.  It’s about PROFIT and in case you didn’t already know it the health and drug industries now make more profits than the oil companies.  It’s BIG business and all at the expense of you and I.

If ObamaCare truly is about insuring the poor uninsured then why was this problem not addressed or foreseen?  Poor Black Americans in these states will continue to have no insurance and now they are going to be fined by the IRS and thus exploited.  They won’t be able to pay the fine and I’m sure some crack prosecutor will charge some of them with violating the law.  What a racket!  It’s a clear cut example of blaming the victim.  Why are these people not offered Medicare or why doesn’t the federal government offer them Medicaid without going through these states?  There are solutions to this problem but they are not being considered.  Instead Obama seems content with allowing these poor Black Americans to simply “fall through the cracks.”  Question……how many times are we going to keep allowing our marginalized and poor to “fall through the cracks”?  Haven’t they fallen through those cracks one too many times already?

The fact that these poor people will continue to be uninsured exposes ObamaCare for what it REALLY is which is yet another scheme and con-game designed by the Corporatist in order to maximize their profits at the expense of the conman man, woman, and child in this country.  To the Fascist Corporatist financial gain and profit are GOD and to hell with the welfare of the common folk!  It’s time Americans wake up!  It’s time Americans see through the games that are being played with them and against them!  The “caring” and the “affordable” in regards to ObamaCare is a con job and outright LIE.  If it were not then the poor would not be falling through the cracks again!  IF we truly are a nation of people who care about our fellow man and woman then it’s time we put our words into ACTION and PROVE IT.  If we are a nation and people of hypocrites then we are on the right track to prove that as well.  This exploitation of the poor must STOP!  We must no longer allow the Fascist Corporatist to plunder our poor and marginalized in this country!  It’s time to take a stance and shout out.  It’s time to hold the predatory Corporatist accountable.  Americans cannot and must not continue to put up with their schemes and con games!  Senator Sanders was absolutely correct and it’s time to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against such exploitation and human injustice!  We can start by defending the poor and exploited in this country.

VETO!! Arizona Governor Strikes Down SB1062

FLASH!!  —Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer has VETOED the controversial SB 1062 touted as the “Religious Freedom Bill” passed by the state legislature last week.  Opponents raised concerns that if enacted into law it would establish “State Sanctioned Discrimination” against LGBT and others.  The bill would have provided business owners a legal defense for refusing to serve someone based on the owners “sincere religious beliefs.”  There has been growing opposition all wek from gay activists such as George Takei (who played Sulu on the original Star Trek) to the NFL who was about to consider moving the 2015 Super Bowl from Arizona elsewhere if the bill was signed by the Governor.

Brewer1Brewer was at the Governor’s Conference in Washington when the legislature passed the bill.  She returned yesterday and told reporters that she would consider both sides on the controversy before making a decision as to what she would do.  This afternoon the Governor made the choice to veto the legislation.  In the past couple of days a number of state Republicans have “abandoned ship” even though they voted for the bill amid the growing national outcry.  Some were even urging the governor to veto it.

State Senator Steve Yarborough was the primary sponsor of the bill and defended it in a meeting with Brewer.  Yarborough said he just wanted legal protections for people who choose to assert their religious beliefs when it comes to providing services to gays and lesbians.  Democrats in the legislature all voted against the bill  and warned Republicans that it would be viewed as a discrimination bill against LGBT people and that there would be a national outcry.  They also warned that passing the legislation could cost the state millions in lost revenue due to cancellations of tourism, conventions, and the Super Bowl.  Republicans paid no heed to them.  The vote was mostly along party lines with only 2-3 Republicans voting against the bill last week.  Republicans control the legislature.

Brewer said in a Tweet yesterday that she intended on “doing the right thing.”  State Senator Bob Worsley of Mesa pointed out that even though the bill had not yet been enacted into law it had already damaged the state due to the growing outcry across the nation.  It is highly doubtful that had she signed the bill the courts would uphold it and this was yet another aspect the governor must have considered in making her decision to veto it.

Governor Brewer made the announcement this afternoon in Phoenix at the State Capital.  During her announcement the Governor said the measure had the potential to create more problems that to solve.  The Governor went on to say that the legislation did not address a “specific or present concern related to religious liberty.”  She noted that the bill was “broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences” for the State of Arizona and residents.

The Governor also said that she wanted people across the nation to know that Arizona holds religious liberty and nondiscrimination as “core values.”  She said she felt the bill would have divided the state in “ways we cannot even imagine.”  Brewer went on to say that she has not heard of even one instance in the state in which a business owner’s religious beliefs had been violated.  Both US Senators from Arzona, John McCain and Jeff Flake, had urged Brewer to veto the bill earlier this week.  Brewer urged legislators to move beyond the “ugliness” of the past few days.  She told reporters, “Going forward, let’s turn the ugliness of the debate over Senate Bill 1062 into a renewed search for greater respect and understanding among all Arizonans and Americans.”

Hopefully so Governor but I fear a great amount of damage has already been done.  Ultra-Conservatives got their message across LOUD AND CLEAR.  Once again Arizona has been given a black eye as it got over SB 1070 which was the anti-immigration bill targeting Hispanics.  This is an election year in Arizona and hopefully the good voters in the state will make massive changes in the composition of the state legislature that more accurately reflects the people of Arizona instead of neo-con hardline views.

Sadly, the Governor’s Veto did not come in time to save one convention scheduled to be held in the state.  The Hispanic Bar Association of lawyers announced that their Board of Directors had all voted to move the annual convention out of Arizona due to the fact that the legislature passed SB 1062.  The HBA said they view the issue as a civil rights issue.  For more on this go to:


Mexican Drug Cartel Operation Stopped by Pinal County Arizona Police!!

As Arizona legislators busy themselves with passing discriminatory legislation, and as I have stated several times on this blog, one would think that they would have more important and pressing matters to address.  But this seems, sadly, NOT to be the case in the Arizona Capital.  Yet, here is a prime example of what I’m talking about that legislators COULD concern themselves with.

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

Pinal County in Central Arizona has had a long and ongoing problem with drug runners and human smugglers moving in and out of the Arizona county via various corridors.  These drug and human traffickers work for the Mexican drug cartels out of Mexico.  They are armed.  They are well supplied.  They are dangerous and even deadly even to the innocent hiker or bird watcher who happens to cross paths with them.  They sit atop hills in Pinal County with fully loaded weapons, radios, and supplies watching the countryside for rival drug runners and police.  In fact, they operate much like the Taliban do in Afghanistan.

The situation in Pinal County grows more serious and more dangerous each passing day.  Leading the charge to rid the county of these criminals is Sheriff Paul Babeu and his Deputies along with agents from the US Border Patrol.  Both agencies work with limited resources and both agencies encounter much frustration in trying to make the county safe again.  More manpower is always needed as is more funding.  You’d think this would be a priority for the Arizona Legislature as Pinal County somewhat resembles America’s Afghanistan.  But that is NOT the case.  Instead legislators seem far more concerned with passing Jim Crow Laws that discriminate against certain groups of people like SB 1062 does against gays and which SB 1070 did against Mexican nationals.

The arrest of one Ramon Garcia illustrates a bit about these “employees” of the Mexican drug cartels NOW operating in Arizona and other border states.  Garcia was caught speeding through the town of Eloy by a Pinal County Deputy Sheriff and running a stop sign.  When the deputy approached Garcia’s car Garcia who was talking to someone on his cell phone abruptly hung up.  Garcia told the deputy he was talking to the “spotters” meaning the lookouts in Pinal County for the Mexican drug cartels.  Yes I know what you’re thinking……”Stupid Criminal.”  Well most are mi amigo.

Garcia didn’t have any ID or a wallet on him when the officer stopped him so the officer had Garcia exit the van he was driving.  Police found inside the van 24 trash bags filled with food amounting to about an astounding 600 pounds.  They found gas cans filled to the brims with gasoline and numerous cases of bottled water.  Inside the van Garcia was driving were also a pair of spare tires for a Ford truck.  Garcia was arrested by the deputy who stopped him.  Later about a half mile from where Garcia was stopped Border Patrol agents found a white Ford Super Duty pickup loaded with approximately 1600 pounds of marijuana.  Garcia told police that he had been paid $4000 to pick up the van he was driving in Chandler and drive it to Eloy.  He told them he was supposed to meet the “spotters” with the supplies and pick up a load of marijuana and then return.  All of Garcia’s and the drug smugglers plans went awry when the deputy stopped Garcia because Garcia had not yet gotten the phone call from the “spotters” telling him where to meet them.  Following Garcia’s arrest and the discovery of the pickup loaded with pot Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu issued the following public statement:

“The cartels of Mexico have between 75 to 100 lookout posts through this known drug and human smuggling corridor. They use these high vantage points to ensure their shipments of drugs or illegals make it through. Some of these shipments stop in Phoenix but many of them are sent throughout the United States. We will continue to bring a heavy hand of enforcement to those who think they can smuggle drugs or humans through Pinal County.”

Notice the Sheriff said the cartels have 75-100 lookout posts in his county?  Notice he says the drugs and people these criminals run through his county not only end up in Phoenix but the entire nation?  Considering that Arizona has been a drug corridor for decades now you’d think the legislature would focus on doing something about it instead of passing gay-hate bills.  The mere fact that these Mexican drug cartels have such a sophisticated operation going on in Pinal and other Arizona counties ought to alarm them and they are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to everyone who lives and travels through the state!  If not this or in addition to this you’d think legislators would be up in arms over the fact that large stretches of Arizona land are basically off-limits to the public because they are so dangerous that the police won’t even patrol them anymore as the drug cartels have taken them over.  Excuse me but has Arizona surrendered territory to the criminal elements in Mexico?  There are signs warning motorists to travel via a different route as these areas are so dangerous.  Now shouldn’t taking back Arizona land and doing everything they can to eliminate these operations from the state be a priority in the state legislature instead of gay-hate bills?  I for one would like to know just what the priorities of this legislature are!

Further, tax dollars would be better spent on fighting the Mexican drug cartels already operating inside the state instead of passing JIM CROW HATE BILLS that are going to end up costing the state millions or billions in revenue and tourism.  I guess the AZ legislature attitude to REAL issues and the PLIGHT of the states citizens is one of “let them eat cake.”  I think it’s time for voters in Arizona to impeach state officials and move into the 21st Century.  And I think it is highly time state officials start confronting these drug cartels out of Mexico operating in Arizona and giving police all the means they need to drive them out!  What are legislators waiting for?  For Pinal County to turn into something like we see in Juarez or Monterrey, Mexico where headless bodies are found hanging from bridges by the dozens?

George Takei Issues Open Letter to Arizona over SB 1062 !!

Actor and gay activist George Takei who played Lt Sulu in the original Star Trek series has issued a public letter to Arizona.  Following is the text of that letter:


Dear Arizona,

Congratulations. You are now the first state actually to pass a bill permitting businesses–even those open to the public–to refuse to provide service to LGBT people based on an individual’s “sincerely held religious belief.” This “turn away the gay” bill enshrines discrimination into the law. Your taxi drivers can refuse to carry us. Your hotels can refuse to house us. And your restaurants can refuse to serve us.

Kansas tried to pass a similar law, but had the good sense to not let it come up for a vote. The quashing came only after the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and other traditional conservative groups came out strongly against the bill.

But not you, Arizona. You’re willing to ostracize and marginalize LGBT people to score political points with the extreme right of the Republican Party. You say this bill protects “religious freedom,” but no one is fooled. When I was younger, people used “God’s Will” as a reason to keep the races separate, too. Make no mistake, this is the new segregation, yours is a Jim Crow law, and you are about to make yourself ground zero.

This bill also saddens me deeply. Brad and I have strong ties to Arizona. Brad was born in Phoenix, and we vacation in Show Low. We have close friends and relatives in the state and spend weeks there annually. We even attended the Fourth of July Parade in Show Low in 2012, looking like a pair of Arizona ranchers.

The law is breathtaking in its scope. It gives bigotry against us gays and lesbians a powerful and unprecedented weapon. But your mean-spirited representatives and senators know this. They also know that it is going to be struck down eventually by the courts. But they passed it anyway, just to make their hateful opinion of us crystal clear.

So let me make mine just as clear. If your Governor Jan Brewer signs this repugnant bill into law, make no mistake. We will not come. We will not spend. And we will urge everyone we know–from large corporations to small families on vacation–to boycott. Because you don’t deserve our dollars. Not one red cent.

And maybe you just never learn. In 1989, you voted down recognition of the Martin Luther King holiday, and as a result, conventions and tourists boycotted the state, and the NFL moved the Superbowl to Pasadena. That was a $500 million mistake.

So if our appeals to equality, fairness, and our basic right to live in a civil society without doors being slammed in our face for being who we are don’t move you, I’ll bet a big hit to your pocketbook and state coffers will.

George Takei


You can find the original at the following link:

Personally I think the following words illustrate the REAL reason Arizona passed this legislation and it is to let it be known that Arizona dislikes gay people.  Like Takei says they legislators know full well the courts will strike it down but they got their message out which appears to be “If you are LGBT stay out of good-ole boy Hillbilly Arizona.”  PROBLEM is there ARE LGBT people living in AZ paying taxes and being good citizens.  What comes next?  Legislators pass a bill imprisoning LGBT or pass a bill giving them 24 hours to leave the state or face the NEW INQUISITION?

I heard several Arizona state Senators and Reps today say that when they voted for the bill they were not fully informed of the possible ramifications and they are now calling on Governor Brewer to veto it even though they voted for it.  WTH?  Let me see if I got this straight……you are supposedly an educated elected legislator and you need someone to tell you the possible ramifications over a bill like this?  You mean you couldn’t figure it out yourself?  Just what did these legislators think the ramifications would be?  Frankly, I don’t believe them as I think that those who voted for the bill thought nothing would happen and now that a fire has been lit in Arizona they are jumping ship trying to avoid controversy…..again!  And btw the Democrats in the legislature WARNED both House and Senate members in debates what the ramifications of passing this bill would be and everything they warned about has now come to pass!!  But the GOP in Az went ahead and passed it anyway and, as I stated, just to get their hate-filled, prejudice good-ole boy opinion out to LGBT loud and clear.  Every legislator who voted for this should be IMPEACHED as obviously they have now proven they are incompetent and lack any foresight whatsoever!  And if Brewer signs it into law she ought to be impeached as well.

Jim Crow Law?  You bet!  The New Segregation?  That’s exactly what this is!

Now shall we discuss a bit of theology and What Would JESUS Do????


It’s a SHOW DOWN in ARIZONA!!  SB 1062 the controversial “Religious Freedom Bill” passed by the legislature last week has hit national headlines and the big times!  Pressuring is mounting over it across the country and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is playing the drama card once again saying that she’ll decide to veto or sign the bill later this week as she’s in DC attending the Governor’s Conference which ends today.  Brewer assures us all that “I will do the right thing.”  But the fallout is already beginning even though signshe hasn’t decided one way or the other.  The spotlight is once again on Arizona as it was with SB 1070 which you may recall as Arizona’s controversial immigration law while others of us might recall it as Arizona’s “Gestapo Act.”  The NFL’s 2015 Super Bowl is slated to be held in Arizona next year and reportedly the NFL is considering moving the Super Bowl 2015 out of Arizona!  The Super Bowl is big money and big business and Arizona lost the Super Bowl once before over its refusal to sign on to the Martin Luther King Holiday.  It appears Arizona is about to have a repeat and not for the benefit of Arizona’s falling economy.  And there are other calls by various groups to cancel conferences in Arizona as well.  Arizona depends on tourism and conferences for its economy and cancellations could cost the state millions in revenue and all because of a bill passed by the legislature last week that, basically, establishes State Sanctioned Discrimination against Gays and Lesbians.  It it worth it Arizona????

Delaware Governor Jack Markell says the 2015 Super Bowl should be moved out of Arizona if Brewer signs SB 1062 into law this week.  And as Markell pointed out there are many more states in the country that would love to host the game next year.  Brewer can’t afford to do nothing in this matter as Arizona law stipulates that if she doesn’t act on the bill within 5 days from it being delivered on her desk it AUTOMATICALLY becomes law!  Personally I don’t think Brewer will choose that option but one never knows.  Continue reading