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The mistaken belief that male and female brains are the same is a nice Utopian idea but the scientific facts and findings DO NOT support the notion. In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies done that prove how the prenatal testosterone affects the developing male brain in the womb. A recent study published their results in the scientific journal “Nature” and that study found testosterone in the womb alters the “programming” of neural stem cells responsible for growth of the brain and gender differences.

Gender feminists allege that a child is born as a “blank slat” at birth and that it’s perceptions are formed by society and parents as the child grows up. In psychology this is known as the “Blank Slate Theory” or “Tabula Rasa” developed by John Locke a philosopher who postulate that the human brain is empty at birth. It can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Supporters of this theory typically use results of a 2015 study which claimed that it is impossible to tell males and females apart in terms of the brain. However, when this study was reanalyzed they discovered male and female brains COULD be identified with a 77% accuracy rate in terms of differences! In yet another study last years researchers used a large sample population along with higher neuro-imaging and participants were able to identify the sex of the brain with 93% accuracy.

Other studies have repeatedly shown that there are differences between males and females in a wide range of cognitive domains including mental rotation, verbal fluency, etc.

Many advocates of transgender rights ignore these studies and claim there is no difference between males and females in terms of the brain but that claim has repeatedly NOT been supported by numerous scientific studies that has shown beyond doubt that differences do exist. No matter how much one wishes to believe there are no differences and that one is born with the mind being a “blank slate” the science does not support the notion and, in fact, proves that just the opposite is true.

In relation to this issue I wish to also address the issue of youth undergoing transgender therapy. How young are we talking here? Does anyone know? I asked this because a few days ago someone told me that children as young as 5 can undergo transgender therapy if the parents are agreeable. If this is so then I must ask the question….Does a 5 year old have the mental capacity to make the decision to alter their gender? Does a 10 year old? Does a 14 year old? I’m sorry but children DO NOT have the same mental capacity and ability to understand as adults! And what happens when that 5 year old enters their teens and resents being altered? What then? Whose fault is it?

Supporters of this like to say that we are each “assigned” a gender when we are born by a doctor upon delivery but it doesn’t mean that’s what we are. Say what? I’m pretty sure if you are born with a penis you are born a male and if with a vagina then a female! This hearkens back to the idea that some people of one sex are born in the wrong sex body. Frankly, I’m not so sure about that.

I can certainly see why some people on this planet view the West including America as nations of “infidels” because in their minds we are opening and proudly fighting against the natural. Somehow in our own minds we think it is all ok but is it? Really? One thing I know is that every time humans try to defy nature no matter how long it takes NATURE typically comes out as the WINNER and humans as the LOSERS. I have a strong suspicion that this will also be the case here.

If a young person is a young adult and have the ability to make an informed decision to change their gender then go for it. But children, especially small children, I think is just plain wrong. Changing one’s gender is not something to be taken lightly and it must be taken seriously. It must be an informed adult decision in my opinion.

Of course I know some of you out there are thinking I just don’t understand the surrounding issues over all this such as bullying. Yes, bullying can be a very cruel thing for youths and children and I have no doubt about that. However, when I went to school our parents solution to a bully was to teach us to KICK HIS ASS! And that is exactly what many of us did and guess what? The bully wasn’t so big and bad after that! Maybe we need to go back to that because bullies seem not to have any respect for rules and laws but only respect it when someone stands up to them and kicks their ass!! Then MOST bullies leave you alone.

We live in a lost society in America and I have no doubt that someday, somehow we are all going to pay the price in some very big ways. On a society level we have made some very poor choices. Life is about choices and with those choices come consequences good or bad. Contrary to what we might think we ALWAYS pay the consequences sooner or later.

There are some things that must be adult choices and decisions.  Some things that most children do not have the mental capacity to decide.  We should look closely at this difference in adult/child capacity and perhaps make other choices.



“Rip in Earth” CONFIRMED: May Spell Doomsday!

Before you panic and pack up the old lady and babies to head to the hills you must first know that what scientists have discovered has been known for the past 90 years! So don’t head to that survival shelter just yet. 🙂

In the Pacific “Ring of Fire” there is a tear or rip that is approximately 60,000 square kilometers (23.2 sq miles) in size. It has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to be very real, indeed. The rip is just north of Australia and it is a matter of concern because it exists within the Pacific “Rim of Fire” which is the most active fault line on the planet not to mention the many volcanoes that exist along the rim. The Ring of Fire basically extends around the Pacific coastline from New Zealand to Asia to Canada and down to the US west coast and South America.


Every year there are significant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along this grand fault line and in many cases the earthquakes are very deadly such as those we’ve seen in just the past few months in Japan, Peru, and New Zealand. Scientists fear that some really huge quakes (mega-quakes) may be on the horizon. The rip or tear is actually an exposed fault and although it has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to really exist scientists do not know how it got there.

The rip is known as the Banda Detachment and it is believed to have formed as the result of one tectonic plate sliding under another resulting in the Earth’s crust sinking into the mantle. The plate is now in a position where a sudden slip could lead to some of the largest earthquakes in history and, thus, cause mega-tsunamis that could cause disaster in ways we’ve never seen before.

Australian National University researcher Jonathan Powhall and his team have now found a 7 km (2.7 mile) deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea off the coast of eastern Indonesia and it may well be the plant’s largest exposed fault plane. This is in a region that already has an extreme tsunami risk. The results of a quick slip of the tectonic plate would be nothing short of disastrous.

This brought to my mind something archaeologist Jonathan Gray has said. That is, there are ancient stories about how the earth’s crust “ripped apart” causing global disaster long ago! Gray documents these ancient stories in several of his publications including “Dead Man’s Secrets” and “The Killing of Paradise Planet.”

Gray says these ancient stories speak of a time when everything in prehistoric human life changed within 24 hours! Gray also cites physical evidence around the world to prove this global disaster actually happened in our prehistory. The Banda Detachment may well be the “smoking gun” and the disaster may repeat itself anytime.

Ironically, when it comes to human prehistory we know our past BUT when it comes to human PREHISTORY we know very little as written records were not kept and most of human history was passed down orally from generation to generation. Human prehistory runs from the believed appearance of modern man (Homo sapiens) about 200,000 years ago to the invention of writing about 5,500 years ago (estimates vary). So basically anything before 5.5 thousand years ago is considered as “prehistory” and anything after that time is considered “history.”

Now…..I don’t know about you but I’m packing my survival shit just in case I have to go on a moments notice!  And btw whoever you homesteaders are who’ve invaded my bunker I’m coming to evict you!  Get the hell out!!!  Each man for himself!!!  Women and children last!!


References: (Dr Jonathan Gray’s website)

Dakota Showdown! Native Americans Resist…..again!!

Thousands have been gathered for the past few weeks in a makeshift camp along Highway 1806 near Standing Rock in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tensions have been building and now the US Army Corp of Engineers has notified the protesters that they must be gone by December 5. The Corp notified the tribe that anyone found in the protest area after that date will be deemed a trespasser and subjected to federal prosecution. The Corp says closure of the area is “necessary to protect the general public from violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement officials that have occurred in the area, and to prevent death, illness, and serious injury to inhabitants of the encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.” Say what? WTF?


Sounds like the Corp is preparing to send in the cavalry and clear the area one way or the other in the fashion of General Custer! Yet, they are trying to glaze their next move over by appearing to be “humanitarian” when, in fact, I’m sure they are NOT! In response Standing Rock tribal chairman Dave Archambault, Jr released a statement of his own saying the tribe is deeply disappointed by the Corps latest move BUT it does not change the tribe’s resolve to prevent the pipeline from being built north of reservation lands. He also said it was “unfortunate and ironic” that the Corp chose the very next day after Thanksgiving to issue its THREAT against encamped tribal members and supporters. Chairman Archambault also said in the statement that the Corps statement is “saddening” but “NOT at all surprising given the last 500 years of the treatment of our people!” He went on to say, “We have suffered much.” And indeed the Sioux have as have all other Native Americans under the Western Corporatist Jackboot!!

The Corp says they’ve set up a “free speech zone” nearby which is basically an absolute CROCK OF SHIT imo! Yeah you can go there and say anything you want and I guarantee you it will fall on completely DEAF EARS because the Fascist Corporatist behind the pipeline are going to build it no matter what! After all, they’re all about MONEY and could NOT care less about human lives ESPECIALLY NATIVE AMERICAN LIVES!!

Opponents of the pipeline have been protesting for months over the $3.8 billion dollar project. They say the pipeline could harm (poison) drinking water and will encroach on tribal Sacred Sites. Clashes between protesters and police have already taken place over the past few months and protesters have even been pepper sprayed by police.

The scope of tribal resistance to the pipeline is unprecedented exceeding almost all previous protests in Native American history in the US. But, Native Americans have been fighting the government for a long time now to protect their lands and THE LAND. In this current protest they’ve gained support from Code Pink and Black Lives Matter as well as support from environmentalists and several activists groups from around the country and world. They have also gained strong support from almost every other Native American tribe in the US. Continue reading

Is Yellowstone About to BLOW?

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Seismic activity along California fault lines has increased recently and also in Yellowstone National Park the home of the Yellowstone SUPER volcano.  Reports are that in the past few months the famous geysers at the park have been behaving oddly and in just the past week there have been 3 significant earthquakes in the region.  A magnitude 3.7 hit the area on June 9.  A magnitude 4.3 hit the area on June 13.  And today a magnitude 4.0 hit the area.  Quakes are common in the Yellowstone region but NOT of these magnitudes.  Additionally, some big quakes have also been striking Montana in recent weeks which is highly unusual.

Regarding fault lines in California this past Friday a 5.2 quake hit the region NE of San Diego and it shook across southern California.  This quake hit around 1 am NW of Borrego Springs which is in San Diego County, California. This quake was followed by an almost unbelievable 800 aftershocks!  Quakes have also been striking in Oregon and out in the ocean waters off the coast as well.  Some scientists are warning that a BIG quake is on the way to the tune of maybe a 9.0 magnitude!  Such a quake would devastate the west coast.

Returning to Yellowstone…. Yellowstone is a Supervolcano and thousands of years ago it erupted and basically devastated the entire west of America.  Should that happen in our time with all of our civilization and infrastructure it would effectively knock many of us back to the Stone Age!  Ash spewed into the upper atmosphere would cool the earth for a long time and have long-term global effects for all of humankind.  Keep an eye on Yellowstone and the surrounding region.  Yellowstone hasn’t blown yet but it sure is letting us know that it is very much alive and well as are the faults in California, Oregon, and the State of Washington.  Oh and that reminds me, there have been several quakes lately near the volcanoes in Washington State including around Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, and Mt Rainer.


Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy


The Cheetah Upsets What We Thought…..

Science is full of pet theories yet over time and with new research we sometimes find our pet theories don’t hold water and/or what we thought was, was not.  Such is the case when it comes to the infamous Cheetah. Thought to be a native big cat from Africa it’s now been determined that we could not be more WRONG.  The Cheetah actually came from NORTH AMERICA and migrated TO Africa!!

American Cheetah and Pronghorn Antelope

American Cheetah and Pronghorn Antelope

The Cheetah migration out of North America, across Asia, and into eastern and southern Africa is now believed to have occurred around 100,000 years ago sometime during the last Ice Age.  This migration, however, had severe consequences for the Cheetah as it led to a dramatic reduction in the animals gene pool as they were forced into incestuous relationships in order to procreate and survive!  This new data comes from St Petersburg State University in Russia.

The University sequenced the genomes of 7 cheetahs from Namibia and Tanzania.  Researchers found 18 genes in these cheetah’s showed damaging mutations especially AKAP4 which showed a large number of mutations that could harm sperm production and could explain why cheetah’s have such a hard time breeding.  It is now surmised that the cheetah encountered two bottlenecks that resulted in severely limiting the cheetah’s numbers during the Late Pleistocene about 100K years ago and another around 10K-12K years ago.  It is that second event around 12K years ago when the American Cheetah is believed to have become extinct.  Fossils of prehistoric cheetahs have been found in North America, incidentally.

Not only did these bottlenecks have severe consequences on Cheetah breeding and mate selection but it also resulted in the Cheetah loosing a large number of immune system genes.  Researchers believe this may in part explain why cheetahs today accepts skin grafts from unrelated cheetahs without a problem.

Findings were published in the journal, Genome Biology.  The study also revealed that the cheetah is related to the American Cougar (Mountain Lion or Puma).

According to the latest genetic studies Pumas (American mountain lion) and Cheetahs share many traits and they are

African Cheetah

African Cheetah

closely related.  However, it must be noted that study of ancient cheetah fossils suggest strongly that the ancestors of the American cheetah came from Asia and Europe and they appear to have migrated to North America.  The oldest prehistoric puma fossil remains date to 400K years ago but older primitive puma remains have been found in Europe and Asia.  So the big cat may be of Eurasian origins rather than African or North American.  And some studies suggest there were several migrations of the cheetah out of Asia into North America, Europe, and Africa.

So basically what happened in the last Ice Age is that the cheetah came very close to extinction but it survived by inbreeding!  And that is why cheetahs today have such a hard time breeding among other things.

The American Cheetah is known as Miracinonyx.  There were at least two feline species in prehistoric North America at one time during the Pleistocene.  Morphologically they did look like modern cheetahs.  The two prehistoric species are known as Miracinonyx inexpectatus and M. trumani.  A third species is also recognized known as M. studeri.  These species were larger than modern cheetahs weighing about 150 lbs on average with a length of over 3 ft and a height around 3 ft.  Large specimens could have weighed more than 200 lbs, however.

M trumani is believed to have lived on the plains and prairies of Western America.  The Pronghorn Antelope that roams America’s prairies and grasslands is believed to have been the American cheetah’s main food source.  It is for this reason that it is believed the Pronghorn developed the ability to run at high speeds that far exceed the necessity for outrunning modern American predators.  This species of the American cheetah was more like the cheetahs we find today in Africa.

M. inexpectatus was more similar to the American cougar in appearance.  It had retractable claws and was lighter built.  However, this species was more likely faster than the cougar.