ASTEROID HITS ARIZONA!!! Formerly Entitled: What Did They Shoot Out of the Sky???

updated 6/2/2016 at 4:38 pm————-

Early this morning just before dawn a bright light in the sky lit up Arizona but that’s not all. A security cam owned by phoenixfirescan on Twitter in Phoenix, AZ captured the event that lit up the entire pre-dawn sky. And then there were loud booms heard in the Phoenix area (notice booms plural…not just one). I’m sure more security cams around Arizona caught the event also and hopefully those people will be posting their vids on social media for the whole world to see.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Smoke trail left by what NASA says was an asteroid (see update below) north of Tucson.

I was awake and outside at the time (a few minutes before 4am) and saw the light but did not hear any booms. The light was super bright and once the sun began to come up you could see contrails in the northern sky (see photos below).

The media first reported it may have been a meteor and then changed their story saying it may have been a missile test launch from White Sands Base in New Mexico. Then they changed their story for a THIRD time saying perhaps it was BOTH a missile and a meteor! A missile and a meteor? That could only mean that our military shot something out of the sky above or very close to Phoenix!!

So what was it? I’m sure we’ll never know as when it comes to TRUTH this government (including this military) SELDOM tells the truth about anything. The media also reported that White Sands had a launch scheduled for yesterday morning but due to weather issues it was cancelled. My ass!

Witnesses reported that they saw a really bright light coming almost directly out of the sky above and then an even brighter light. That would be what people would see if we shot a meteor OR SOMETHING out of the sky with a missile, in fact.

The thing is this…..we are NEVER told the whole TRUTH about anything in this country or anywhere else and one wonders why. What is the “biggie” that “they” don’t want us to know? It must be really big because the lies are really big and are most often laughable at best! And here’s something else………

Ironically, a few days ago I was thinking about meteors and wondering why one has never crashed into a major city or town. I find that amazing that this has never happened. It’s almost as if meteors have a mind of their own and avoid cities and towns for some “odd” reason. Again, MY ASS!!

Check out the video from phoenixfirescan and my photos below and tell us what you think and if you have pics of vids of this mornings “unusual” event in the sky feel free to post them here or give us your link to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever.

Oh one more thing.  Maybe it wasn’t a meteor we shot out of the sky at all but something else.  Something far, far more sinister………….


Video from phoneixfire scan on Twitter taken at 3:56 AM this morning in Phoenix, Arizona………..

Photos taken by me at the same time this morning……..

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera_ photo 1


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera_photo 2




The Huntsville, AL NASA Marshall Space Flight Center says the object was seen on Doppler radar and that it was a small ASTEROID about 10 feet in diameter weighing tons and moving in excess of 40K miles per hour.  Bill Cooke of NASA said there are most likely remains of the asteroid north of Tucson, Arizona.   An asteroid is a small rocky, iron or icy debris flying in space.

Other reports and analysis say that the object was at an altitude of about 57 miles above the Tonto National Forest east of Payson, AZ when initially spotted.  The object was moving south at the time.  It was last seen at an altitude of 22 miles above the same forest in the Payson area.  The flash of light left by the object when it apparently exploded was 10x brighter than a full moon.  The flash blinded NASA cameras at the Whipple Observatory on Mt Hopkins in Arizona.  This reported today on the website

Below is the video from that NASA camera at the Whipple Observatory:


Sooo now that problem is “solved” the trail left in the pre-dawn sky still looks like a missile launch to me but maybe not.






Parallel Universe Crashing Into Ours?

Could a parallel universe be crashing into our own universe?  That’s what some scientists now think and they say they’ve found proof of parallel universes which is something long theorized about.  Astronomers have detected strange bright spots in our universe which they believe is proof that another universe is bumping into our own.  This finding comes from analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data which essentially is the Big Bang echo left behind.  The scientists are at the European Space Agency’s, Planck Space Telescope project.

These astronomers say they’ve noticed that some light spots in the CMB are glowing 4500 times brighter than is to be expected.  They think that the reason for this is due to another universe bumping or “leaking” into our own according to a report in New Scientist.  And they say such a collision is possible.  Of course, this is an unusual claim and requires more evidence BUT consider the possibilities.

If a parallel universe is indeed bumping into our own or visa versa is it disrupting the time-space continuum?  At some point will we all meet our “alternate selves”?  And what happens when the two alternate universes collide completely?  Do we all perish or do we all suddenly find ourselves in another reality?  Or, do we all cease to exist?

Although more evidence is required to verify this assumption it is interesting nevertheless.  For more on this story see: