Arizona STILL Doing Its Best to PERSECUTE the Working Poor!!

The Arizona Supreme Court is due to hear a case today filed by State Republicans over the Medicaid expansion put into place by former Az Governor Jan Brewer that gives healthcare to low income families and individuals.  It was put into place by Gov Brewer when Obamacare was passed into law and Arizona’s Republicans have been up in arms ever since!  That’s NOT surprising because, frankly, Arizona has a notorious reputation for trying any way they can to increase the burden on poor and working poor families and individuals in the state.  Of course, Arizona also has a notorious reputation for being unwilling to recognize such statesmen as the former Dr Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez too.  The state only recognized the MLK holiday when concerts and conventions began cancelling events in Arizona in protest of the state’s refusal to honor MLK.  Once Arizona legislators figured out how much MONEY would be lost they changed their toon rather quickly and recognized the MLK holiday.  A similar scenario revolved around the late migrant worker rights advocate Caesar Chavez.  The state reluctantly created a special day to honor him in the same tone with MLK.  Arizona should be ashamed but the state government in Phoenix is far from being so. Continue reading


AZ Corp Commission “Investigates” Self!

AZ Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns has hired Scott Hempling who is a lawyer in Maryland specializing in utility regulation to investigate whether AZCC commissioners are unduly influenced in their decision-making by outside influences. Sorry but isn’t that a bit like a burglar investigating his own burglary?

AZ State Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns

AZ State Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns

For many years now many Arizona residents have known that the Corporation Commission is nothing more than a rubber stamp for utility companies as they virtually automatically approve any and all rate increases without question! Yet, these JOKSTERS seem to think they’re fooling everyone when they’re NOT. Burns ought to save his money and the Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich SHOULD appoint an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate the REAL DEALINGS of the AZCC!

But, you see, this is the way MOST of the state government in Arizona operates! It’s the “good-ole-boy network”!! It operates using smoke and mirror parlor tricks in an effort to fool the general public and sadly most of the time their little show works. Arizona voters need to step up and take up their CIVIC DUTY and start holding state officials accountable. And if you think the AZCC is the only dirty department in the state think again. The Dept of Economic Security is apparently plagued with corruption and thievery committed from the inside by their OWN EMPLOYEES! Perhaps that special prosecutor can investigate them too!!

In my opinion OF COURSE the corporation commissioners are influenced in their decision-making by utility and other “special interests” and that is why the AZCC rubber stamps MOST utility requests for rate increases and this has been going on for a long time! Burns is wasting his time and money. I’m sure NOTHING will be found and the whole thing will be swept under that dirty old carpet and let me tell you ARIZONA’S carpet is REALLY, REALLY DIRTY!!

Election day is coming up and Arizona voters need to OUST EVERY one of the AZCC members and START OVER! And that includes Burns! IMO if Burns was serious about uncovering corruption in the AZCC he would have asked the State Attorney General to investigate rather than hire an attorney from Maryland. But, like I said, it’s all about the smoke and mirror show and protecting Arizona’s good-ole-boy network!


ASTEROID HITS ARIZONA!!! Formerly Entitled: What Did They Shoot Out of the Sky???

updated 6/2/2016 at 4:38 pm————-

Early this morning just before dawn a bright light in the sky lit up Arizona but that’s not all. A security cam owned by phoenixfirescan on Twitter in Phoenix, AZ captured the event that lit up the entire pre-dawn sky. And then there were loud booms heard in the Phoenix area (notice booms plural…not just one). I’m sure more security cams around Arizona caught the event also and hopefully those people will be posting their vids on social media for the whole world to see.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Smoke trail left by what NASA says was an asteroid (see update below) north of Tucson.

I was awake and outside at the time (a few minutes before 4am) and saw the light but did not hear any booms. The light was super bright and once the sun began to come up you could see contrails in the northern sky (see photos below).

The media first reported it may have been a meteor and then changed their story saying it may have been a missile test launch from White Sands Base in New Mexico. Then they changed their story for a THIRD time saying perhaps it was BOTH a missile and a meteor! A missile and a meteor? That could only mean that our military shot something out of the sky above or very close to Phoenix!!

So what was it? I’m sure we’ll never know as when it comes to TRUTH this government (including this military) SELDOM tells the truth about anything. The media also reported that White Sands had a launch scheduled for yesterday morning but due to weather issues it was cancelled. My ass!

Witnesses reported that they saw a really bright light coming almost directly out of the sky above and then an even brighter light. That would be what people would see if we shot a meteor OR SOMETHING out of the sky with a missile, in fact.

The thing is this…..we are NEVER told the whole TRUTH about anything in this country or anywhere else and one wonders why. What is the “biggie” that “they” don’t want us to know? It must be really big because the lies are really big and are most often laughable at best! And here’s something else………

Ironically, a few days ago I was thinking about meteors and wondering why one has never crashed into a major city or town. I find that amazing that this has never happened. It’s almost as if meteors have a mind of their own and avoid cities and towns for some “odd” reason. Again, MY ASS!!

Check out the video from phoenixfirescan and my photos below and tell us what you think and if you have pics of vids of this mornings “unusual” event in the sky feel free to post them here or give us your link to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever.

Oh one more thing.  Maybe it wasn’t a meteor we shot out of the sky at all but something else.  Something far, far more sinister………….


Video from phoneixfire scan on Twitter taken at 3:56 AM this morning in Phoenix, Arizona………..

Photos taken by me at the same time this morning……..

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera_ photo 1


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera_photo 2




The Huntsville, AL NASA Marshall Space Flight Center says the object was seen on Doppler radar and that it was a small ASTEROID about 10 feet in diameter weighing tons and moving in excess of 40K miles per hour.  Bill Cooke of NASA said there are most likely remains of the asteroid north of Tucson, Arizona.   An asteroid is a small rocky, iron or icy debris flying in space.

Other reports and analysis say that the object was at an altitude of about 57 miles above the Tonto National Forest east of Payson, AZ when initially spotted.  The object was moving south at the time.  It was last seen at an altitude of 22 miles above the same forest in the Payson area.  The flash of light left by the object when it apparently exploded was 10x brighter than a full moon.  The flash blinded NASA cameras at the Whipple Observatory on Mt Hopkins in Arizona.  This reported today on the website

Below is the video from that NASA camera at the Whipple Observatory:


Sooo now that problem is “solved” the trail left in the pre-dawn sky still looks like a missile launch to me but maybe not.





AZ Attorney General Seeks to OUST Corporation Commission Chair!!

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is seeking a court order to oust state Corporation Commissioner Chairwoman Susan Bitter Smith an elected official.  The AG says Smith being on the CC is a conflict of interest because she is a registered lobbyist and Executive Director of a cable communications trade group regulated by the Commission. Smith has not commented on the AG actions and the state’s Corporation Commission is refusing comment.  That body is made up of 5 elected PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Wow!  Talk about having all of the ends tied up!  Smith is not only a member of the CC but is also Chairwoman and she’s a lobbyist and Exec Director of a Cable trade group which must get CC approval for raising their rates to customers.  NOW I finally understand why the ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION has been nothing more or less than a RUBBER STAMP for the corporations!  What a RACKET!!  But this is the way the Corporatist operate.

For Smith’s bio see:





Court Rules in Favor of Nazi Arizona’s SB1070!!

Arizona2US District Court Judge Susan Bolton this past Friday upheld a controversial part of Arizona’s anti-immigration law known as SB1070.  Specifically, the judge upheld the part of the law that would allow Arizona police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop for any reason.  Opponents of the provision are calling it the “Show Me Your Papers Law” reminiscent of tactics used by the Nazi Gestapo during WW2.

Bolton said opponents failed to show the court that Arizona police would enforce the law differently on Hispanics than on non-Hispanics.  SB1070 was passed into law by the Arizona Legislature back in 2010 and has been repeatedly challenged in courts since that time.  Bolton’s ruling Friday was on the last of seven challenges to the law.

Bolton’s ruling came on the heals of another ruling by another federal judge who approved a deal (there’s that dirty little 4 letter word) between the US Dept of Justice and Maricopa County, Arizona which will resolve accusations of civil rights abuses against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies.

The National Immigration Law Center’s legal director Karen Tumlin said her organization is evaluating their options in light of Bolton’s ruling.  NILC was one of the parties in the suit challenging the Show Me Your Papers law.

What will now be interesting to see in Arizona is just how police in that state use the law.  Will they use it fairly without profiling or will they use it simply to check immigration status of any and all Hispanics in the state?  Or will they even use it at all?  One thing is for sure.  The State of Arizona is one of the most RACIST states in the union!  It always has been and always will be for as long as the state’s “good-ole boy” network remains in power.  Ironically, the state had much agriculture and growers use thousands of migrant workers to pick their crops during harvest season. It’s a bit like talking out of both sides of one’s mouth.  On the one hand the state wants illegals gone YET on the other hand they want migrants to pick their crops during harvest season.  Seems like Arizona wants it both ways.

I’ll wait until some statistics come out that PROVE police are not targeting Hispanics.  I’ll be VERY interested to see how many whites they stop and check immigration status!  Hey, maybe they are illegals from Russia, Germany, the UK, Australia, or a host of other nations!  Here’s what’s astounding, however.  Hispanics are soon to be the MAJORITY in Arizona and the US and it amazes me the CRAP LAWS like this get passed nowadays.  Maybe in the 1940s or 1800s but in 2015?  And can someone please tell me why Arizona with a rather large HISPANIC population has only had ONE Hispanic Governor (Raul Castro) in its entire history as a state?  The rest have all been WHITE males and women!  How’s that???????????????????????????

Fact of the matter is this law SMACKS of RACISM period!  Good move Arizona!  When are you changing your state’s name to include the term “Nazi”?



Medicaid Worker Steals 1.5 MILLION Dollars!!

MedicaidArizona authorities have arrested a 63 year old man with 27 years of service for stealing $1.5 MILLION dollars from the state’s Medicaid program known as AHCCCS.  The embezzling all began back in 2006, apparently, when the state worker decided to help himself to some of the dough!  The worker was fired on August 18th and was arrested along with a compadre who apparently was not a state worker but was getting some of the action as well.

Radio station KJZZ 91.5 in Arizona is reporting that the state worker is Michael Veit and his apparent accomplice remains unidentified.  According to the report by KJZZ Veit oversaw purchasing for Arizona’s Medicaid program and is suspected of embezzlement and fraud to the tune of $1.5 million.  Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s office announced the arrest yesterday.  The question, of course, is why did it take Ducey about a month to announce this but the BIGGER question is how was this state Medicaid worker able to allegedly embezzled $1.5 million over a period of almost 10 years without Arizona authorities knowing or at least suspecting?

The Governor’s office refused to give out details about the scam and how it all worked for the past almost 10 years.  However, the Governor’s office said they are taking the matter seriously and called the allegations “unacceptable, appalling, infuriating and have absolutely no place in state government.”  The Governor’s spokesperson said the case will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Governor Ducey’s office said that the investigation began when authorities noticed “potential procurement irregularities.”  And it only took them almost 10 years to take notice????  Veit’s job was as a  contracting and purchasing administrator who oversaw facility maintenance and office supply contracts.  The investigation included the agency’s Inspector General who just happens to be a former FBI agent.  The Governor’s office also said allegations like this are “extremely alarming” and the state’s Attorney General will “move swiftly in the prosecution of individuals who violate the public’s trust.” Continue reading

MLK — A Time to Break Silence

On 4 April 1967 Dr Martin Luther King gave his first major public address regarding the war in Vietnam.  The address was delivered to laity and clergy at Riverside Church in NYC.  Sadly, he delivered this address only one year prior to his assassination.  In the address, commonly known as “Beyond Vietnam,” Dr King spoke out harshly against the war.  Many civil rights leaders at the time condemned him for his comments as they thought his comments would hurt their cause.  His words angered President Lyndon B. Johnson at the time to the point that Johnson revoked an invitation to the White House for Dr King.  MLK once said, “The calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak.  We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but WE MUST SPEAK.”

MLKDr King began his address by pointing to statements made by an organization of clergy and laymen concerned about the war.  He referenced one statement in particular which said, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”  Dr King said that time had come for us in relation to the war in Vietnam but it is just as applicable today in light of the present state of our nation.  The silence of the masses of Americans has come to betrayal!  No longer can we afford to be silent as we watch the Corporatist pillage our nation economically and in terms of basic human rights!  We The People MUST break our silence and SPEAK OUT in an effort to end this wholesale destruction of our nation and our society for the sake of PROFIT for the FEW!  Many of us wish to THINK we are “patriotic” but just how patriotic is it to be silent when you sit and watch the destruction of America and American society?  That’s NOT patriotic at all.  That’s BETRAYAL!  And that is exactly what Dr King was talking about because that is what many Americans were doing in the days of the Vietnam War.

Dr King went on to say that the mission to speak out is a “most difficult one.”  He said, “Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy…”.  Sadly, in America today we have an increasing system of Corporatism in which and through which government that is suppose to represent the people is used, instead, to do the bidding of the corporations.  Government policy is becoming more and more bent towards the corporations and less and less towards the common American living on Main Street.  We all know this because it is a truth within us that eats at us many times but, yet, we are reluctant to speak out, stand up, and oppose just as Dr King pointed out.  He went on to note that the human spirit does not move without “great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought…”.  Again, his words rang true and still ring true today.  We Americans have become a reluctant people.  A people perhaps with too much comfort and certainly a people with far too much apathy.  Instead, conformist thought is embraced because we have deemed it too risky, too difficult, to speak out and oppose the greedy Corporatists who now own and control our nation.  Sadly, conformism has never gotten a people anywhere worthy.  In fact, conformism has usually ended with the end of a people and the end of a nation.  Our spirits have been dulled and even quenched by our entertainments and we have become far to concerned about our cell phones and to less concerned about the plight of our fellow human being and our children! Is it any wonder Americans are so apathetic and lethargic to the issues that REALLY matter?  Not really.   Continue reading